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Wandering why the game is not out yet


I myself thought the game would have been an extension of bloodlines. We saw the graphics and the character customization and we just want a place to kill mobs basically.
   I am wandering in which department lies the problem, could it have originated with the writers and game planers? From what I know the White Wolf people left because they we're unsatisfied in some fashion.
   And I think they where trying to intermingle how Eve functions and The WOD rulebooks. And I don't believe Neither of those things are too important. For the most part I think what we want its sort off, like a second life, with some objectives to pass the time. Just some Stats to mess around with, to get through a couple of Wold of darkness inspired quests. And some mobs to fight. Release it already in greenlight...
   The people that are going to play this game are already an established base, I don't know if it is necessary for them to release a game which tries to grab a large percent of the mmorpg market, or the survival crafting market. The people who want this game already have all the rules of the game in their heads, we just want a stage.
What do you guys think is the hold up?

The hold up is it was cancelled. White Wolf people were laid off, they didn't quit due to dissatisfaction.

Rick Gentle:
But they probably would have, if this had gone on for much longer.

Blood as currency... *shakes head*


--- Quote from: Rick Gentle on May 07, 2014, 06:27:47 pm ---But they probably would have, if this had gone on for much longer.

Blood as currency... *shakes head*

--- End quote ---

Vitae as currency. I still love it.

Currency is essential in a MMORPG, and using cash seems so out of touch with WOD lore. Cash are something only neonates cares about, every decently established Vampire has suitcases full of swiss bank accounts. What they care about is blood.

Plus the feeding animation when opening a trade window would have been hilarious.

I would still have put cash in, though, something thats just good to buy basic things nobody really cares about. So that when you start as a total fledgling and you're finding hundreds of bucks left and right you think you're making real progress buying basic weapons at the hardware store... only to realize a few days in that anything that can be brought with mortals' money is utter shite compared to Vampiric aspects and that the only things other Vampire care for is a share of the power in your blood.


--- Quote from: TwinPhoton on May 07, 2014, 06:03:00 am ---I myself thought the game would have been an extension of bloodlines. We saw the graphics and the character customization and we just want a place to kill mobs basically.

--- End quote ---

I didn't want those things, I wanted the sandbox, an open world with things to do on it, going places, doing particular activities in specific places, having a reason to explore the map and I wanted I had gotten to care about what other playable characters were doing, not about killing NPCs all the day, like the average MMO is all about.

One of the latest announcements before the cancellation was the PvE was going to work in a different way, you weren't going to be able to kill all the things that existed out there and you'd have to find out other ways to achieve something and that was good, because Vampires are not the most powerful creatures in World of Darkness and it'd have brought something fresh, compared to other MMOs.

It was just going to be a new game based on World of Darkness, that's your connexion with VTMB, same lore and same universe, it could have offer things that Bloodlines couldn't, in the same way Bloodlines offers things Redemption didn't have.

I suppose you read the article of The Guardian about the developer who wasn't familiar with the lore, so, he didn't understand why the rest of White Wolf employees were so excited about what they were doing and that's why you think they were unsatisfied, but as it was said, they didn't leave for that reason, it was they needed some more years to develop it and CCP was losing millions, so, they didn't want to finance the game anymore, they prefer "Project Legion".

If you have watched the previous presentations, they explained it was taking too much time to convert the EVE engine in a character based game, if you read the manual for the Alpha testers, it explains the game wasn't working well in certain parts of the map, there were just 4 Clans, character creator just allowed you to choose premade avatars, thus, game was far from complete and that was one thing CCP's CEO was sincere about.

I suppose, when they mentioned they were going to take inspiration from DayZ and Rust, they probably decided to make the game more focused in the sandbox and they'd care about traditional MMO game modes later, maybe in an attempt to release it early; the sandbox was the most important part for this game, because of the lore, also PvP goes hand in hand with it and it's not all about fighting, if not, trying to affect your rival in any way possible. Whatever they had in mind, they clearly stated the game wasn't going to be released in 2015.


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