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Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: Please look at past sucesses and build from them! (Long wish list)  (Read 740 times)

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                I had this thought run through my mind, and then I go and look and this game is under development! Nice, nice! But...
 I have played a good many MMO's, and the majority of them are not designed to treat newbies, low levels, or casual players well. Most games have very poor teaming options, bad player chat methods, and also revolve around being wealthy in order to survive.
 From my experiences, I would very much like to suggest some things that I would like to see in this game that would make it unique, and a success in my own eyes.
 Game play
 The chat system is nearly as important as the game mechanics. This is an MMO. People play to be with others. Make sure that they can communicate with one another easily and without any special training. CoX has seemingly the best communication system out there because of the customizable tabs, colors, size, and also because of the detail in stats that the system will display. Also remember some of us are blind, allow the text to be sizable please.
 Instanced buildings and locations that reset after few hours (maybe 6), so different players can come upon other players, offer good RP chances, and the effect that the world is not waiting for you to come get it, but you need to be assertive if you want anything. Make the maps vertical! Buildings are many many floor with basements, stairs, elevators, rooms, etc. They should also interconnect with nearby buildings so that players can choose to not come in through the front door, but through multiple means. This will allow a vampire to move about the city in the day time. Maybe some don't like instances, but it's a good way for developers to change the city in future releases (Replacing maps when things become tired, instead of remaking the whole thing), reuse code to make the game creation more practical, deeper, with more buildings to explore, and offer a place for those who don't have the best connection to play with little lag.
 The streets of the city should be like any other MMO where everyone can interact without incident, except at night (Day and night is very important, this is a vampire game after all) where the vampires can come out and wreck havoc if they so desire. There should also be a sewer system underneath so vampires can move about in a similar fashion. Travel by cab or subway through the city. An activate-able sign on street corners to call a cab or bus or stations. No walking the streets for half an hour to get places. Have trains to transport players to different cities.
 A havoc bar. The more you defeat (Anyone, not just vampires), the more you are ambushed by police, ghouls, vigilantes, vampires... Killing people on the streets is possible, killing innocents adds to this bar, and it rests every morning (real time).
 Spawn rates are very low (10 minutes or more, maybe an hour) so that players spread out. In compensation, XP is higher. NPC's don't attack people far lower then themselves, and all levels are present in the city, no zoning level specific areas. Also NPC's will sometimes call for backup, and have a very far line of sight so you can't beat up a person, while another is 20 feet away. Human characters will be able to use this same ability to call on them to help in a fight against a vampire. Pulling NPC's from an instanced map to fight on their side.
 Skills are the power of the races, not gear! For the love of all that is good, stop making people farm for a viable character. Have skills apply to normal items to upgrade them, not farm 1000 ghouls to get their teeth to use as bullets.
 Missions are given out by either finding contacts hidden away in instanced buildings, or listening to the radio for reports of strange events. There should also be a bulletin board accessed from a players home, that offers highly difficult missions. Reward players who complete missions or quests with XP cards like Sword of the new world. Missions should also automatically adjust players by adding a buff, or adding a debuff based on the skill points so you don't out-level the story.
 Player housing which allows you to store gear or refit, is specifically located somewhere in the city, and can be located by setting a quest for it. This should be a reward for people who complete that city story line. A free safehouse for helping that city. This should also be a place to buy transport to other cities instead of having to go to trains. The home can be broken into in PvP mode and looted (Partially, one item maybe per week), though that player will be notified it occurred and be able to track that player, and upon defeat reclaim it. The Bioshock mini-game system would be a phenomenal way to accomplish this. Inventors should be able to (Through a bulletin board) Be able to perform commissions for improved weapons and gear without having to be logged in. Sell security systems for the home, or launder items (Remove non-tradeable status). They set a price and collect money once a week or so, the system automatically makes whatever change is asked. In the future endgame, maybe NPC's can rob a player and set up a quest for that player to have to regain those item(s).
 Players in an organization (Guild) may use the services of a fellow member at cost instead of the stated amounts.
 Greatly limit how much a player can carry. They can steal all the items a fallen foe had, in a limited time, but not being able to carry it all, they can not farm, and all items are non-tradeable. Money has no weight, everything else does.
 Offer a market for money, not items. A stock market would be fine, where diplomatic characters are able to get lower prices on stocks to trade. Just follow the real market instead of allowing players to alter it.
 Give special quests and missions to diplomatic character that normal hack and slash players will never find on their own. And possibly missions that are solely diplomatic so they can gain in level as much as anyone else.
 Stealth is extremely important in this genre. Do it justice. LotR and CoX have good stealth mechanics already worked out.
 Allow all people to team together. CoX has the best teaming system I have found so far.
 Raid instances. Malls, police stations, government offices, military bunkers, etc.
 Stats are picked by the player, not pre-generated. Don't limit the skills in available points, just make it very expensive.
 Save Werewolves for an expansion. There is so much injustice that will be done them in a new game that it would be criminal to offer a 3rd race on the onset. And I would put werewolves into a third class
 Not much to say here. They are humans. They are able to carry items, cast spells, weaker than vampires, but not weak to any items that Vampires, and in the future, Werewolves are.
 Vampires have a bonus to all abilities, HP, mana/essense whatever. Depending on the base type of vampire you pick, you get additional bonuses to Havoc bars. They also heal in the opposite of humans (A blood bar that depletes in correspondence to regeneration), and need to drain blood from humans (Who only need bandage themselves) to regenerate HP. And as they drain humans, their Havoc status rises, so the more they do this, the more difficult it is to move about, and if they go on a massive killing spree, vampires come to hunt them.
 I read someone mention death being permanent. I like the idea that players would be cautious and not come to this game as hack and slash. But perma-death is not really conducive to people wanting to play for extended levels. Instead, have them start with a limited number of respawns, and upon completing missions, give them bonus resurrections. A reckless player will soon slow down and take in the game at a more measured pace, and veteran players will have a means to keep going but without the feeling that they are invincible. Possibly offer an ability of medically focused characters to trade resurrection points to other players.
 When it comes to non fighting based characters, they should be able to create/ hire minions. A pet, an army of 5 men/ghouls, or such, that would be based off diplomatic abilities. Diplomatic characters are going to have more money (Because they get discounts on everything they buy), they should be able to hire mercs to fight for them.
 Regardless the race:
 The city end game for diplomats gives them a company in the market that they gain profits from, and a home as a governors assistant.
 The city end game for a fighter would be the standard save/conquer the city, and player housing in that city. Plus access to an inventor who will give special weapons (non-tradeable).
 The city end game for the thief gives them a player house, access to a map of player houses (PvP) or treasure spots (PvE). They can also remove the non-tradeable status off any gear.
 I would love to hear what you all think of this kind of set up. I really love Vampire, and have never had a bad experience with the PnP game. A MMO would be wonderful if they avoid the pitfalls of nearly all the other games out there. I don't like to play a game that makes you work for it like a fastfood employee, nor do I want to be limited in what I can do or how I succeed. The option to diplomacy your way through to the highest levels, rob your way to the highest levels, or fight your way to the highest levels should be available.                        



Offline [archive] icthulu

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Please look at past sucesses and build from them! (Long wish list)
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2008, 05:05:00 pm »
                Oh right! Almost forgot. Customizable characters please. None of this 6 options of 8 models that have to look like the armor they wear.
 Maybe facial, hair, and body sizes, then allow them to buy clothing of various styles to give everyone the feeling they are as different as their skill allocation.                        




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