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This was posted in a WOD Facebook group and I'm just drawing attention to it. I feel like there could be more going on at CCP than we know about concerning the WOD MMO development and though I doubt it'll change any minds over there, it may be a good place to let them know there is still great interest in the MMO and that we'd like to have updates on a more frequent basis. We, the community, were basically told production would pick up after Dust 514 came out and we've heard virtually nothing since, except about the layoffs.

In my personal view, CCP hasn't worked with an established IP before and may not be used to Vampire's fanbase constantly wanting info, they are used to building IP's from scratch. I don't see this petition as a protest, as much as letting them know we'd like more info to flow in, and ultimately we want them to finish the game and not be left in the dark so much.

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Re: Petition for CCP to Prioritize WOD MMO Development and Release Date
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 11:28:43 pm »
Now only 25 more signatures needed!

Also, they could've shot for a higher number. 100 should be easy on the internet; it just needs exposure. I'm gonna roll my Contacts and see if I can get this posted on WoDNews. If we could get something more like 10,000 signatures, then CCP will have to pay attention.
If they don't...
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Re: Petition for CCP to Prioritize WOD MMO Development and Release Date
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2013, 01:22:36 pm »
I'm afraid I won't be signing that petition, guys.

I understand that the community's morale (and by community I not only mean us here, but also those in other forums and sites) is at an all time low after the recent layoffs and months of silence (what are months to us who have been waiting years?! At least now we have Fanfest panels, for god's sake!). That's pretty much the only reason I can come up with to explain why people took the MMO Troll article so seriously, by the way. With that in mind I fully get why some of you feel out in the cold right now, feeling completely out of control when it comes to something (the WoD MMO) most of you guys feel really invested into (writing articles, talking about it to friends, posting in forums...), so a petition to make CCP hear the voice of the community more clearly makes only sense.

Problem is CCP already knows. They know, you guys. They've known for years. It's not a problem of willing, but of funding. And I mean real AAA-game-studio funding, not the "petty cash" you can muster up using Kickstarter (although I would gladly throw some cash at a WoD Kickstarter... CCP, make it happen!). Right now CCP are juggling three games (four if you include Valkyrie!), of which only one, Eve Online, is bringing good enough revenue. Think about that for a second, guys. Eve Online is an MMO, that means its players expect regular updates and expansions and events and god knows what else! They can't put Eve Online in the freezer till WoD comes out... two or three years from now. Where do they get the money to fund WoD development then when the Eve players RIGHTFULLY pull another Summer of Rage and unsubscribe en masse?

I agree with the sentiment behind the petition because it's also my own (and, I suspect, of many WoD devs as well), but I don't think trying to pressure CCP into turning WoD into its "first priority" (whatever that might mean) will do us any good in the long term. Ultimately what you're doing is forcing WoD devs into crunch mode so they can meet unreasonable deadlines set by a community that campaigned for an official release date for a game that hasn't even reached alpha. The game will be either rushed out or will result in a subpar job.

CCP knows we're here. Knows we've been waiting for years. We all want more news, more transparency, more info to discuss. It's ok to ask for it. Hell, it's ok to ask REALLY LOUD for it. But I don't think it's wise to expect CCP to cater only to our needs when they have other games to worry about. And those games are the very reason we got so excited about WoD in the first place, guys! What if, a decade from now, CCP buys a new IP, announces an MMO for that IP and its fanbase organised a petition to turn that new MMO into CCP's first priority because WoD and Eve were getting too much attention and money?

All of us here knew that this would be a long, long wait. We're anything if not patient. Fanfest is around the corner. I'd suggest you to sit down, play other games and wait for news. As always.

P.S. Merry Christmas, you Wyrm-tainted leeches! And a Happy New Year!
- Cahalith.

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Re: Petition for CCP to Prioritize WOD MMO Development and Release Date
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2014, 04:10:10 pm »
I said two years ago that I didnt think CCP have got the chops to deliver this, the last two years seem to confirm that


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Re: Petition for CCP to Prioritize WOD MMO Development and Release Date
« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2014, 08:54:32 am »
I doubt a petition will do anything.

If they aren't lighting a fire under this project to get it into something presentable while vampire popularity is at its height, nothing will.

If I trusted them to deliver a product if presented with the amount of cash they need to get it delivered and decent incentives I would encourage them to use kickstarter. Influx of cash. Unique features for initial supporters and we can be assured that the product is on the way, but again, I don't really trust them. The longer they take the more likely it is they'll have to change the engine over to something more recent delaying it even further. Meh.


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