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Re: How do you think they'll handle Celerity?
« Reply #15 on: May 16, 2013, 01:50:14 am »
Any smart vampire will always keep on him/her a ranged and a melee weapon.  Disciplines will make things much more different than an average shooter.  Celerity is obviously going to make things difficult to do (especially with the synergy power below), but celerity can't be maintained forever and when the vampire is low on blood he's going to feel the pain if his opponent outlasted the attrition battle that ensued.  But other disciplines should help one fare the fearsome flurry of celerity.  Fortitude instantly comes to mind if there is a reliance on bullets, and presence to shake up the currently fast sumabitch's aim and strikes.

Not everyone can really combat celerity, but the point of disciplines is to ensure that any situation is on the vampire's terms.  How it all plays out is dependent on how it's approached.

Auspex/Celerity synergy skill: Lightning Reflexes.  For a short time you are invulnerable to ranged weapons, because your going to dodge each projectile like Agent Smith from The Matrix.  Difference from regular Celerity?  This skill acts as a duration and your not constantly moving to dodge fire, but you can't use your super speed in movement for this short duration.  And of course long cooldown, don't forget Masquerade violation since you giving physics and Munitions Manufacturers the finger.
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