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Good news regarding WoD Online!

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I remember that morning when they announced DUST and many of us were expecting the announced to be WoD. If it had been, or if they'd just licensed an engine for ours too, we'd probably be playing it right now. Developing three games was too much for them. Trying to homebrew an engine too, forget it.


--- Quote from: Rick Gentle on May 02, 2014, 08:12:21 pm ---The WODMMO failed because they couldn't STOP focusing on the EVE Online universe... Starting up Valkyrie right in the middle of the WODMMO's development? Really?

CCP can make all the PR-acceptable excuses it wants: the fact remains that EVE Online players still have a game, and we don't.

--- End quote ---

Get over it Rick, it has become obvious that if the WoD community wants a game we are going to have to make it ourselves. and its not going to be WoD exactly because CCP sits on the license but that's ok, there are plenty of similar supernatural IPs they don't own, so it lets us know how far we are allowed to go on similarity to WoD. (because Vampire Diaries, Tru:Blood and Supernatural would have gotten a CCP lawsuit by now if it was forbidden)


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