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Re: City Discussion
« Reply #225 on: February 11, 2014, 10:17:32 am »
Post note: click on the thumbnails for a bigger image!

Quote from: Azeroth Geography Lesson by Rychan
You spend a lot of time in Azeroth, you should know some stuff about the world!
First, according to this globe in Booty Bay, Azeroth is a planet with only the two continents that we know and love.

Quote from: Azeroth Geography Lesson by Rychan

Now, lets talk size. How big is Azeroth?
The best way to estimate it would be something like this
I didn't actually try this method because I have a feeling
solar panels is the same everywhere in Azeroth. Does the sun set earlier in Tarren Mills than Barrensl? It should, but I doubt it does by any appreciable amount. In fact, according to the globe in Booty Bay, time of day should be pretty much opposite on the two continents
Conclusion: the globe is horribly wrong, the planet is massively larger than shown.
So how else can we estimate the size of Azeroth? Direct measurement. I can run a tape measurer behind my wolf as I cross a continent!
But they don't make tape measurers. So I did this-
Step 1- find a large, scale map of Lorderon.   is a good one. I assume everything is properly scaled.
Step 2- estimate run speed. To do this we need a fixed distance to measure travel time across. But I couldn't find any track and field stadiums in Azeroth. So instead I used the fact that entities magically poof once you are 100 yards away from them. I carefully found the exact spot where I could back up to and cause an NPC to poof. I assumed it was 100 yards from there to him. I ran and measured the time. 8.75 seconds to cover 100 yards on my wolf. Wolf speed, with carrot, is approximately 11.428 yards per second. Pretty fast.
Step 3- run a longer distance so that I can find out how many pixels on that map I am moving per second. Or, equivalently, how large a distance each pixel represents. I ran from the Stead to the Lake in Eastern Plaguelands in about 96 seconds (101, actually, but it wasn't exactly straight and i had to dodge a couple NPCs). So it was 1096 yards from the stead to the lake. that was about 125 pixels on the map. So each pixel is 8.768 yards squared.
How many pixels from top to bottom? It's 1808 pixels from Strathmore to Booty Bay (vertical component only). This comes to 9.007 Miles
So here is Lorderon next to Manhatten.


*obviously, all sorts of measurement error could have conspired to make this off by 25% or more.
Our next lesson will be on the crazy weather systems of Azeroth. No rain, but huge jungles! Transitions from jungle to desert in 20 feet! Craziness!
Quote from: Rychan
Someone else verified this :

and gave me credit for doing it first.

This is precisely the reason why multiple shards/cities is a bad idea; they'd be way too small! We're talking "cities" on the order of 200 acres here. The entire planet of Azeroth is about the size of San Francisco at scale. For reference, Daggerfall randomly generated a continent that scaled to twice the size of Great Britain.

EVE Online doesn't count because it consists almost entirely of EMPTY space. So any attempts to say it's the largest MMOG based on "being in space" fail because those distances only exist as algorithms. However, it IS a game where you can fly spaceships the size of Manhattan. A single titan is easily the size of Azeroth.

Exceptional game.. I have played it many a times and still love to enjoy it with my friends.. Thanks for sharing information.
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Re: City Discussion
« Reply #226 on: March 04, 2014, 04:04:56 am »
People think there will be a day and night cycle. That's cute.

There's a good chance, a very good chance that won't be happening.

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Re: City Discussion
« Reply #227 on: March 04, 2014, 04:39:35 pm »
People think there will be a day and night cycle. That's cute.

There's a good chance, a very good chance that won't be happening.

Its been confirmed as permanight, and its obviously the way to go in a game about vampires.

Mind you, this is a necro from 2010 so if youre reading early in the thread, there were still things like this in open discussion that got answered since.

Of course, given the way CCP handles the project, its a toss up whether it'll ever materialize.


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