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Tokyo by Night FAQ
« on: June 28, 2013, 11:02:20 pm »

Frequently Asked Questions

     1. How do I roll dice (in an In Character thread)?

Simple!  Start a new post, make sure to put the post inside spoiler text as it is OOC information, state what Attributes and/or Abilities are being used and for what, include the die roll and do NOT edit the post.  If you do not know the difficulty, simply set the difficulty to 2, using this format:
Code: [Select]
[ roll ]Xd10[ /roll ]   You should NOT use spaces in your [ roll ] or [ /roll ].  Fine details are here:

     2. What are wake/sleep times based on Humanity? 

The game never gave a definitive definition, leaving it simply as "earlier" and "later."  We will use this.  If you would like to discuss it or see it changed, please create an appropriate thread in the OOC section of the game area.

Code: [Select]
Humanity  /  Wakes up      /   Falls Asleep

10 - 60 mins before Sunrise, 60 mins after Sundown
 9 - 40 mins before Sunrise, 40 mins after Sundown
 8 - 20 mins before Sunrise, 20 mins after Sundown
 7 - At Sunrise, At Sundown
 6 - At Sunrise, At Sundown
 5 - 20 mins after Sunrise, 20 mins before Sundown
 4 - 40 mins after Sunrise, 20 mins before Sundown
 3 - 60 mins after Sunrise, 60 mins before Sundown
 2 - 65 mins after Sunrise, 65 mins before Sundown
 1 - 70 mins after Sunrise, 70 mins before Sundown
 0 - 75 mins after Sunrise, 75 mins before Sundown

Early Riser adds +4 to Humanity Rating for purposes of waking/sleeping, each point over 10 gives 5 more mins.

     3. Can I stay awake the whole day? 

By Scene: Humanity/Path Roll (Diff 8).  Each success means one turn awake.  Five successes mean the player can stay awake the entire scene (~30 mins). 

All Day: The player can choose to try and stay awake for the entire day, but must make an extended Humanity/Path Roll (Diff 8) each half hour until they have the number of successes that equal the total number needed (5 per half hour of daylight) plus another 5.  If they they fail at any point they fall asleep.  A botch indicates they cannot rise until their rising time.  Even if successful, lack of sleep *will* take its toll.

*No blood point is spent to stay awake.  One BP is required upon Sundown to be active for the following night if one has remained awake for the entire day.  Players' dice pools are limited by Humanity/Path as usual.
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