Author Topic: Prince Rudolf Brandl Model, Finished, clean and Portrait Head added, NO Upgrades  (Read 1004 times)

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I've never found a finished Rudolf Brandl model, so I finished the original model; closing the holes getting the correct number of bones, and making a Portrait Head.

In the NOT file, I set  the castID as 'Brandl' so if you're playing AoR, the PC speaks instead of the NPC. The ermine cloak is a bit twisted at the clasp on the chest; it appears to be a bone issue or something; I don't know how to fix it.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to Publish this somewhere that interested folks can find it, or suggestions on how to improve it, please let me know.

[Edit] I fixed a few issues with holes in the knees and hips, and with odd colored lines in the hips/knees. Fixed the cape; tied it to better, more stationary, bones. Fixed texture edge lines in the cape, and on the limbs and head/hair.

This file is now the updated ver.; you 3 who d/l'ed the prev ver may prefer this one... [/edit]

[Edit 2] Figured out the 'disappearing' parts; if any groups use the same material, then they must all be grouped together in the list, or their alpha channels are messed up. The attached file is updated. [/edit]
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