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Need help finding multiplayer campaign mod
« on: May 01, 2017, 10:35:21 AM »
Hello everyone,
I need your help for finding a suitable mod.

With Steam releasing this gem, I wanted to convince my friends to play it together.
We want to play the campaign and for starters tried to Age of Redemption mod..
However this mod changes too much to the worse (at least towards our taste) - and the config patcher appears to be bugged for quite some people.. (.net framework errors not being able to customise the amplifiers - tested on several pcs with different setups)

We therefore would like to switch to another mod.. (fun for sp yet not so much in mp)
I know there have been some even in 2004.. yet I can't find a single one not leading to already offline websites..

Can you provide me with a link if you know one of this kind?

The mod may have additional features outside of it as long as those features are explained somewhere or can be disabled
 - best would be if the chronicles are combined (meaning you dont have to exit the game to load from prague to vienna f.e.) and that at least one person can see the dialogue scenes with sound and do the choices. (absolutely best if all would hear the audio -- simply due to more than 1 not having experienced this game.)
The AoR provided one being able to fully see those scenes while the others have subtiltes appearing. Yet the map is hidden inside the configs so we can't even test it without mods.

Also if there was a mod that supports more than the 4 maximum players I would welcome such aswell (though its likely we dont play more than with 4 anyway)

Hope there are still some alternatives out there : )
Thank you in advancce,

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