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Hi guys,

over the weekend I have been working on a mod that aims to make projectiles much faster ( In vanilla, I always found the ranged combat options (apart from guns) a bit lacking and imprecise due to the lack of speed of projectiles (enemies tend to move and wiggle around a lot).

In order to achieve this, I have to make changes to the vanilla .not files (Global.not, DarkAges.not, etc.) and I was wondering how to best "package" my mod so others could try it out. The two solutions that worked for me during development/testing were:

- having the changed .not files directly in the main game directory under VTM:R/misc/Templates/
- having the changed .not files in a seperate subdirectory for my mod (VTM:R/mymod/misc/Templates) and using the "-user mymod" option when launching the game

Unfortunately I could not package my mod as a .nob yet, as the newer versions of 7zip are somehow incompatible to VTM:R according to

My question is a bit more general though:

What is the best way to package a mod that changes the vanilla .NOT files so users would have the least trouble?

Feels good to play around with this game after like 17 years. :D

Best regards,


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