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Camera Angle


Alright, I spent my weekend trying to make this work, but I can't figure it out.
I have been trying to edit the camera so it doesn't always look on the ground. I never liked that and this time, I wanted to finally fix it.
I thought I could hex edit the game and fix it that way and I can change it while the game runs, but it seems this information isn't stored in the vampire.exe
Below you can see the hex values to edit in order to change the camera angle:

8C 43 00 00 / AA 43 00 00

It looks like whereever this information is, it is transferred to ntdll. Finding where it is originally stored proved too difficult for me. Any ideas?

No one plays this game anymore? I have some ideas and I really could use some help.

I wish to make an overall improvement mod of sorts. Improving the camera angle so you can see what's ahead is just the first step. But I need to do it if the rest of it going to work.

I want to replace all in game models with better, higher detailed ones. Including character models, with actual hands and eyes.

I suck at rigging, so I was hoping I could get some help with that as well. Anyone?


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