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Age of Redemption 2017 v1.1 Has Launched!
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:01:16 PM »
Here's a list of all the changes 1.1 adds to your experience:

Version 1.1 2017 BUILD 6


-Firearm sounds now use only one sound stream rather than two to reduce sound issues from the game's limited channels.
-Rebalanced the Quietus ability of Scorpion's Touch to no longer stack on attackers. It limits one per attacker with 3 second cool-down.
   *This is also to hopefully address a stack-crash issue that might be occurring due to enemies auto-firing at close range.
   *Duration of Scorpion's Torch extended to 1 minute to make up for the nerf.
-Buried Cappadocian are now stunt doubles that get replaced with a normal fledgeling model after using their awaken animation.
   *This is to address a long term animation issue that occurs when enthralling buried Cappadocians.
-Fixed some logic issues in the vanilla region trap script. Now utilizes the unused [scatter] variable along with other fixes.
-Fixed more scene data bugs found in several modern day levels.
   *Some region data bugs were referencing non-existent scripts in Setite Haven.
   *All non-cutscene related AI pause regions were removed. No more free target practice!
-Fixed Hank's Gun Haven shop to sell grenade launcher as well as ammo.
-Adjusted the weapon ammo float texts so they wont overlap effect icons.
-Turning off helmets in the config app should now work properly for all players.
-Polished up more of the ammo overhaul scripts related to secondary ammo types.
-Moved the Ammo: #amount float text out of the description box. Now appears above the item name in the console box.


-Enhanced the traps at the Monastery levels to be deadlier. Exploding barrels are very dangerous.
-Rockets are now faster projectiles with additional flame trail effects and sound.
-Fireballs are now faster projectiles with additional visual smoke added.
-You can now stack certain stackable [non-magazine based] ammo using the toggle stack ammo icon that appears when correct ammo is detected.
-M4M209 Automatic Rifle with grenade launcher attachment added to AoR from the Firearms mod. Includes ammo overhaul rules.
   * Can be found on enemies and in Gun Haven during modern times.
-Greater variations in modern firearm loadouts for npcs. Much deadlier loadouts.
-Updated all ammo descriptions to include better information about how it works with the ammo overhaul system.
-Updated several firearms to describe modifications or secondary functions. Be sure to read the weapon descriptions for details.
-Ammo type now included with firearm names to help users associate the correct ammo types to each firearm.

Application Fixes

-Addressed an issue with non-english systems formatting numbers in a way that the mod cannot recognize.
   *This issue was what caused decimal values to return 0 and not antiviruses.
      (ex: non-english was formatting numbers like 0.2 as 0,2 - this threw off the mod and the config app's reader)


Age of Redemption v1.1 BUILD 6 should be compatible with v1.0 BUILD 9 saves. Some firearms might not update correctly if in inventory at
the time of updating. To solve this problem, go to a shop to purchase the new firearms or find the updated firearms off of respawned enemies.
Fixes to scenes wont update if you already been to those locations on your saved game.

You can find the mod here:
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