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Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
« on: September 08, 2017, 02:33:17 AM »
 :rock: :rock: :rock:

Age of Redemption 2017 has launched. Here's a list of things that were done from the ChangeLog.txt:

Version 1.0 2017


-Feed rats are now included into the blood quality rules.
-Polished up the AI to be more consistent about logical behavior. Still somewhat quirky, but getting better.
-Fixed an issue that can cause players to be unable to talk to Fred Varney to purchase Orsi's Penthouse in NYC.
-Fixed a bug with the setite who catches Lucretia's heart during the setite mission in London.
-Fixed bad scene data at the Club Tenebrae location.
-Fixed major lag issues in the Teutonic Knight Base lvl 4.
-The First Gun item in Society of Leopold should now process a cutscene.
-Fixed an issue where Serena wont commit an action in cutscene during the Society of Leopold chapter.
-Fixed issue with certain npcs not showing blood attributes when they have them.
-AoR shops cannot be exploited by manipulation (buying low and selling high). AoR shopkeeps are now greedier.
-Vampire AI shouldn't consider feeding on vampires unless they are frenzied or a diablerist
-Several fixes done to the combat system script to assure proper damage distribution.
-Fixed an issue where Feral Whispers can be used on Erik during the Haus De Hexe conclusion.
-Fixed a crash issue with the Haus De Hexe lab and library caused by bad scene data.
-Fixed a bug with the copies of the Nod Fragments that caused a loop conversation to permanently shut off the AI.
-Fixed an issue with the respawn system randomly failing due to AI protocols.
-Fixed an issue with firearms that caused sound and muzzle flash effects to not show or be heard properly.
-Fixed a bug that causes ammo to be lost if a player uses the ammo while a viable weapon is in inventory, but not equipped.
-Combat stats will be hidden during cutscenes.
-Bosses can no longer be bloodbound.
-Eyes of the Beast illumination now fixed for AoR 5 minute duration.
-Fixed potential issue where the show combat messages might still show even when turned off in the config app.
-Weapons now give more accurate info as to their damage potential


-Most vampires now have blood quality effects applied to them. Could be of use to diablerists...
-Diablerist are now permanently addicted to kindred vitae. Might want to read up on FOLLOWERS, HAVENS AND BLOOD DOLLS in the readme.
-Aura Perception given new description to reflect its hidden armor piercing function.
-Helmets now show on the head when worn.
-Daggers can now apply critical bonuses if target is unaware[distracted], under negative mental effects, or attacker is using obfuscate powers.
-New console command added - stcmd sethumanity # [where # is the desired stat; typical range 0 - 100]. Built to work in the single player mode.
-All scrolls now cast at level 5. Originally set to 2.
*Several quick use weapons like daggers, grenades, and rare artifacts [e.g. Waxen Poetica] have been altered for enhanced damage and effect.
*Modifications done to several unique holy artifacts that were hidden content in the single player campaign.

*[Note: additional items may be regularly available at shops if [Vanilla] Shop Inventory is turned OFF]

Config App Additions

-Helmets Show on Player [SP/MP] option added to config app for those who want an option to shut off the helmets [in case clipping is a bother].
-Door Collision Fix can finally be toggled in the config app. Check readme for details.
-Additional Loot Drops feature can be toggled in the config app. Check readme for details.
-Under the Enemy tab a new feature called AI Pets Summon Pets has been added and is off by default on all difficulty presets. Check readme for details.
-[Vanilla] Shop Inventory feature has been enabled in the config app to allow purist restoration of vanilla shops. Check readme for details.
-The [Vanilla] Discipline Functions option in the AoR config app now restores many more disciplines back to their vanilla functions & visuals.
[Some discipline descriptions have been updated - also fixed typoes]
-Christof no longer starts with 1000 gold with [Vanilla] Quests Format enabled. Also achieved using Vanilla difficulty preset in config app.
-NPC item drop chance can now be set in the config app [under enemy tab]. Check readme for details.
-NPC XP Bonuses can be adjusted in the config app under enemy tab.
-You now have the option to keep your coterie from using alternate ammo types with the ability to toggle AI Switches Ammo option in the config app.
-You have the option to turn off the helmets appearing on player's heads for multiplayer in the config app.
[This was originally a stability feature, but most likely will be removed in later releases of aor]


AoR 2017 v1.0 is not compatible with AoR 2015 v1.3 or below saves. You'll need to start a fresh game.


You can download the mod here:
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Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2017, 03:56:58 AM »
Gratz and thanks for all your hard work!  :rock:
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