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Bloodlines German Board / Re: Inoffizieller Fanpatch 10.0 erschienen
« Last post by Wesp5 on October 16, 2018, 06:32:31 PM »
Hallo zusammen, ich habe es jetzt doch geschafft, die Giovanni-Sarcophag-Verlade-Szene woanders hin zu bewegen :)! Ist zwar ein bisschen improvisiert, aber mit etwas Phantasie kann man sich vorstellen, dass es irgendwo beim Hintereingang zur Krypta ist...
Recently I was reading about the nWoD and I thought, how much different would Bloodlines be if it was based on VTR instead of VTM?

Would it be better or worse? What about the ambient? Would It be more dark and unsettling instead of humorous?

What do you guys think?

Would you like a videogame based on VTR?
Bloodlines Modding / Re: New mod under way
« Last post by xMirage on October 16, 2018, 12:17:34 PM »
Wonder if this is still alive. Would love to see this project completed. I always thought the models in VtMB were good but needed a few more tweaks to make them look good in today's standards.
Like the modding toolkit for example. To open up modding to a wider variety of people.

I would guess the Vaulderie toolkit was just the Unity Engine toolkit. If you are looking to mod Bloodlines, everything you need is included in the Unofficial SDK which you can find here or on the ModDB...
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: How many vampires dwell in L.A.?
« Last post by deicide on October 16, 2018, 09:26:19 AM »
Or maybe like something that usually happened next after getting drunk?
Just found out about this after getting an itch to mod VtMB. I wonder though, would it not be possible to release some content if everything isn't possible? Like the modding toolkit for example. To open up modding to a wider variety of people.
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: How well Wod is presented in bloodlines?
« Last post by Nanaloma on October 16, 2018, 03:55:05 AM »
Werewolf is nice because he is invincible.
Tricky thing, there are two major plus-sides of WOD Masquarade, as far as I can tell with my limited expierience. Both are more-or-less contrary to each other. I guess it is up to what a fan seeks and expects, anyway.
First, the Masquarade gloomy-moody air of despair. This side I personally rather dislike. It is making the WOD look like in constant depression. A place where you're bound to feel eternal sadness because of fact the world is so cruel. Especially if you're a vampire there. In Bloodlines this kind of attitude is represented by Ash (quite unlucky name for a vampire). The best remark against it is what the PC can say talking with him, goes like: Being vampire is great: you got superpowers, live forever, sleep all day long. During whole gameplay there are marks of this 'over-dark' atmosphere, e.g. with feeding Phisha (not mistake with feeding fish!), Imalia quest, Lily quest (if you are low on Humanity). Tzimitse makings are quite sick, in gore way, and the story behind tape is rather depressive, too. On the other hand, beachside vampires love-story and multiple rather comic remarks during the game make the air not all-serious, like it was in Redemption. So, this aspect of WOD (its darkness) is present, but not so overhelming to drag us down.
Second rather obvious trait here is its delusive air. Idk if its common to all WOD or is limited but to Vampire part of the series. Still, many situations, people and so on do have second, not so obvious meaning. You do something and later on you discover that you were completely wrong with interpretation all way long. Or up to some point. Malcavian PC breaks the bank here, his madness makes quite charming and usefull hints though dialogues. But most of the time you're likely to not notice their deeper (and wiser) meaning. It's very striking expierience during first gameplay or in case of re-play made late enough to not-really-recall the story. This ascpect of Masquarade (delusive, second-meaning structure) I immersely love and prefere it far over the previous, depressive one. Both are in-game waiting there.
I'll tell as far that if game makers/storytellers put too much emphasis on one WOD:M ascpect, they quite eliminate the other one. I guess in a depressive, awfull 'reality' even complex, mistaking illusions are not that much fun.
And there is the last, overlaping trait of WOD:M. It's one big great pastiche. Or maybe patchwork made from scraps, motives, and so on, taken not-so-serious and with much simplicity. It basically consist of different, loose 'pieces' of vampirism-ideas to be found in culture, put together with other culture links so that there's more fun. This linking trait is also in-game, mainly in dialogues. It's a bit clowny, insanely contrary to 'depressive-air' some players may value, yet is brilliant and is necessery.     

Ash and the unfortunate name:  true, but he was likely named after Victoria Ash (Prince of Atlanta, I believe) and later offered Prince of New York City but refused). 
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: How many vampires dwell in L.A.?
« Last post by Nanaloma on October 16, 2018, 03:47:59 AM »
So you speak Spanish? Great! I did research them but could not find what you mean. The words do not have any extra meanings, whatever those meanings are supposed to be in this context. Furthermore, those are basic dictionary words which make no sense in the context World of Darkness uses them.

Lasombra is literally Theshadow, which just comes across as weird. It makes sense as the name of a personage or a syndicate if rendered correctly as La Sombra or The Shadow like the alias for Sauron and Morder in The Lord of the Rings, but not as what World of Darkness uses it for.

I would suggest using, just for example purposes, names like Brouhaha, Tombeur and Los Sombres. These sound loosely similar while having appropriate meanings.

Brouhaha sounds a lot like what I drank at Penn State University parties.   :cometome:

Topics include:

-Widescreen Support
-Running at higher resolutions
-Windowed mode for twitch streamers ect
-Using reshade
-Fan made mods and skins that improve or modernize game play.

Bloodlines German Board / Re: Inoffizieller Fanpatch 10.0 erschienen
« Last post by Wilhelm Streicher 19 on October 15, 2018, 11:26:25 PM »
Dafür bräuchte ich aber zuerst das englische Original.
Lade dir doch den englischen Patch runter und installiere ihn irgendwo außerhalb des Vampire-Ordners hin, dann kannst du die Dateien direkt vergleichen. Das sind alles Texte (.txt), die du ganz normal mit dem Windows-Editor (oder einem anderen Texteditor) öffnen und lesen kannst. Dazu musst du nicht extra das Spiel starten.
Gut das mache ich dann mal, wenn Patch 10.1 sowohl in Englisch als aber auch in Deutsch draußen ist.

Vorschlaghammer: Ja, da steht im Original "that song" - ich könnte es mit "dieses Lied" oder "diesen Song" übersetzen, aber "Ohrwurm" ist aussagekräftiger. Das bezeichnet eben perfekt einen Song, den man nicht mehr aus seinem Kopf bekommt. Außer eben mit einem Vorschlaghammer ;)
Hier brauche ich es genau was im Englischen da steht bevor ich mich festlege.
Ich habe die Vermutung das sich "That Song" möglicherweise auf die sehr bekannte gleichnamige Nummer von Peter Gabriel bezieht.
Nämlich Sledgehammer.

Nahezu ausgeschlossen ist es aber das sich das auf die geniale Serie Sledge Hammer abspielt.
Ich verlinke das also nur der Vollständigkeithalber und weil es immer eine gute Sache ist
auf diese Serie aufmerksam zu machen.

Würde ich vom Kontext her nicht sagen, es ist ja nicht so, dass der Spielercharakter an dieser Stelle schwer von Begriff wäre. Er weiß einfach nicht, wohin er fahren muss, darum sagt Gary: Zeige ich dir. Das haben andere Spiele auch so umgesetzt, um darauf aufmerksam zu machen,
dass man auf seine Karte schauen soll.
Ich bin noch nicht so überzeugt, da Gary den Spieler an dieser Stelle schon leicht herabblickend und genervt behandelt.
Das kann auch nur meine persönliche Wahrnehmung sein.
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