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Does anyone recall special dialogue for the Brujah any where? (Other than presence and Betram's lines of course.) I don't think even the Anarchs of the last round comment on your shared Brujah blood with them. The Brujah might be the only clan without any special dialogue :-(.

I would at least expect a Brujah PC to get treated less well by the Camarilla characters due to the fact that many Brujah have gone to the Anarchs.
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: Favorite Quest and Why
« Last post by FleshArtist on November 10, 2017, 08:16:13 PM »
What do you think of adding more quests from specific characters?
Bertram, for example, could give the PC several new quests and not to act simply as an information purveyor. The same thing could be also said for Wong Ho or Nines (when I look back, Nines is one of the major characters yet you get no quests for him) and Hatter.
I wonder also if there was any cut potential quests that would be given by Nines, say, some sort of reconnaissance or sabotage mission if the PC is friendly to the Anarchs.

I wouldn't mind seeing more insidious side quests for LaCroix if the PC has proven their loyalty to him by completing new side quests after the Flayton review. Perhaps LaCroix can have the PC assassinate his enemies or spy on others.

Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: What aspect of VTMB did you disliked?
« Last post by FleshArtist on November 10, 2017, 08:09:48 PM »
To be fair, the Kuei-Jin actually represent a "mix" between Chinese and Japanese culture starting with the name itself. Kuei is a Japanese term and Jin is a Chinese term. In the lore, the Kuei-Jin aren't really represented the best to begin with in "Eastern Kindred". It is indeed silly to begin with, considering Sino-Japanese cultural relationships are usually poor.

Now as far the Chinatown levels themselves go, I agree, they're probably some of the most boring and repetitive in the game. I've resorted to no clipping through the Golden Temple each play through straight to the boss fight with Ming since the level's so bland. On the whole, Chinatown is very cliché and how it's portrayed in the game doesn't seem to fit other characters' descriptions of it as I've mentioned in other threads. You only fight 3 Kuei-Jin in the whole game, etc.

I believe that Troika, simply running out of time and funds did a rush job on Chinatown, and decided to make it more of a cheesy action movie type of setting similar to "Rush Hour". In general, Asian levels don't really generally work well in settings outside of East Asia. The same could be said about Middle Eastern levels.

Other than that, I can't complain too much about the game knowing that Troika just plain ran out of time and money, but I do wish there were much larger and more spacious hubs, and more outdoor areas. If VTM:B was ever remade, or a VTM:B 2 by some miracle ever came out, the city or map design should be similar to GTA or the Saints Row series; one big open world. That would also improve the Asian themed levels and remedy somewhat the cliché.

Bloodlines Games General Discussion / What aspect of VTMB did you disliked?
« Last post by DiamondBorne on November 10, 2017, 07:56:34 AM »
Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines is for me, dare i say it, the best Western RPG as far as story and writings goes. Along with many praiseworthy aspect and we already heard all of them. But what about the BAD things you don't like?

My nitpick with this game: Ming Xiao and her Golden Temple.

Like i said before, the writing of this game is top class, until it reached Chinatown. Once there, everything from setting, dialog and humor are gone downhill real fast until the final gauntlet section of the game where the overall quality bounced back to the top again. The most notable is about Ming and everything she's associated with. I suspected that Ming and her temple (and Chinatown in general) aren't bad by themselves but instead, they suffered from the writer's poor grasp of Eastern culture. Of course, i didn't expected Chinatown to be Jade Empire level of authentic (and even that game is still basically a western fantasy in China setting)

What makes her looks bad then? First and foremost, I am no real Chinese, just long descended from, and even then, China in Asia is equivalent to the GrecoRomans of Europe so everyone here knows alot about them. So here goes my Authenticity.

Firstly Golden Temple is an almost insultingly gross mismatched of an Asian Culture. The temple guesthouse is strongly Japanese while the inner temple housed a warped depiction of the Fat Buddha. No joking it's a goddamn fat demon statue, and not to mentioned the enmity between Chinese and Japanese, you know, Nanking massacre and stuff.

Another thing is Wong Ho the businessman said that Ming acts like a priestess that never let anyone inside the temple. Firstly there is no Buddhist priestess unless you counted female monk, ether that or the writer confused Buddhism with Japanese Shinto. And second, no self-respectable chinese (or any Buddhist) man or woman would be barred from entering the temple without losing all respect from the head monk (or in Ming's case, priestess), we're serious about these sort of thing.

Ming Xiao herself is very unrealistic compared to other characters, even some larger-than-life ones such as Andre the Tzimisce. Her design choice seriously contradicted with what Wong Ho described her above. Basically Ming wore heavy make up and open chest, high cut Cheongsum or Qipao. Even in Asian stereotypical culture this could only means one thing, Ming Xiao is a prostitute and how in the nine hell Wong Ho would trust a prostitute in a supposedly holy temple?

That's all the bad things i have to say about VTMB. What about yours?
Interactive Story Board / Vampire Dark Ages Chronicle ( Fictional medieval-inspired)
« Last post by Radical21 on November 09, 2017, 08:23:14 PM »
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: Favorite Quest and Why
« Last post by Raving_Neonate on November 09, 2017, 07:32:28 PM »
What do you think of adding more quests from specific characters?
Bertram, for example, could give the PC several new quests and not to act simply as an information purveyor. The same thing could be also said for Wong Ho or Nines (when I look back, Nines is one of the major characters yet you get no quests for him) and Hatter.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: Icicle's MOON MOD Thread.
« Last post by Icicle-Baphomet on November 09, 2017, 12:11:57 AM »
I vote for absolute randomization - everytime the PC enters a particular club it should play a different song. In the case of the Asylum if you follow only quests, you enter between 3 and 5 times and exit in the same amount. Or if you just like to loiter\roam\dance like me, the number of these visits at least doubles. Another interesting addition that would probably add to the "reoccurring returns" into clubs is the bigger number of NPCs and more need for blood dolls, but with the last I think that I'm blowing the current topic of randomization out of proportion into a modding pit. ;)

All right, cool. Randomized it shall be.
I'm interested, did it start yet?

No, it didn't start yet. I'm currently knee deep in work, but hopefully I'll have more time to get it started during the winter.
Off Topic / Re: Discord roleplaying?
« Last post by Clockwork Throne on November 08, 2017, 12:05:01 AM »
I think that sounds cool. I'm sure there are all kinds of bots and stuff you can implement to aid with the roleplaying.
Off Topic / Shadow's Kiss Development Thread
« Last post by Clockwork Throne on November 07, 2017, 11:59:59 PM »
Hey guys I was invited here by one of Kickstarter backers. So I decided to set to a development thread about our project Shadow's Kiss.

What is Shadow's Kiss?

Shadow’s Kiss is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game where you play a vampire, set on ruling the night and controlling the mortal humans of the daytime world. Players begin with a base of operations (lair), and set out to gain influence by controlling humans (thralls) or working with other vampires (allies) in a gothic, nocturnal Game of Thrones.

Please note we're early pre-alpha, so it's not going to look great until we have more time for development and raise more funds to keep us going. We do occasionally open up the pre-alpha servers for contributors who back the game to run around and explore.


Spoiler for Hiden:

NEWS [11/7/2017]

So we're currently running a Kickstarter to keep development of the game going. We got funded in just over 30 hours and we're trying to meet some stretch goals to help us implement more systems and features in the game. If you are interested please check out the Kickstarter here. Backers get access to the pre-alpha servers when they are online.


If you are interested in following this project check us out at these links here. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions give feedback etc.


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