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Off Topic / Suggestions of stuff to look at
« Last post by The Shadow Man on Today at 03:13:52 PM »
I've been meaning to get a list of things to look at. I've haven't always had the such a keen interest in the supernatural and so I've been wanting to get a wider exposure to what exists. I have tried looking myself but there's a lot of stuff out there and I'm not sure what is best to look at then I realised I could try asking here since these are such good forums.
I asked a little while a go about video games, don't worry I  have the list of people's suggestions all saved and I will look at them in due course, I finally have enough free time to look at it all.

Below I have a list of things I'm interesting in looking at:
Vampires, Magic-users (Let’s not get caught up in nomenclature), Were-creatures (especially Werewolves), Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Gods, Angels, Supernatural Sci-Fi, Changelings/Demigods/And the like, Dreams/Nightmares, (primarily) Adult (read mature) takes on fairy tales, Clowns, Ventriloquist Dummies, Imaginary Friends, Supernatural objects and finally interesting takes on people who hunt Supernatural creatures. I think that’s everything.

I will look at all suggestions. Video games, comics, books, etc. - anything really, whatever you want to suggest I will look at. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks in advance.

- Note I use the term 'supernatural' in the generic sense, not in the sense of the TV show named 'Supernatural'.
Redemption General Discussion / Re: VTMR - Click on locations bug
« Last post by fetfreak on Today at 10:00:57 AM »
Alright, it seems I was just stupid and I was not supposed to go there in the first place!
Redemption General Discussion / VTMR - Click on locations bug
« Last post by fetfreak on Today at 09:48:48 AM »
Hey all,

Did anyone encounter a bug where it seems that the game just does not register when you click on a location? Therefore you can't progress forward.

My specific problem is with the gate down to catacombs when I'm going to recover a nod fragment. When I hover my mouse over it, it turns yellow but when I click nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Redemption General Discussion / Re: Bug in Vampire Redemption
« Last post by fetfreak on Today at 09:46:12 AM »
Did you menage to fix locations bug? I have the same one, except in golden lane when going down to catacombs.
Thought the readme was included into the archive.
Spoiler for Hiden:

**Requires Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption v1.1 Patch**

Run the msi file to install the mod. Be sure the mod installs into your main
Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption game folder. The installer only works with
Windows 2000 or above operating systems. If you are still using Windows 98...

Please stop using Windows 98. Thank you.

The install directory inputted into the install application is assumed and is
NOT CORRECT FOR GOG USERS. Be sure to use the Browse function of the app to find the
correct location of your Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption game install.


Windows 8 users will have to run the MSI file "As Administrator". But the option
might be missing on newer releases of Windows 8. Please copy this link into your browser

As the above link contains a workaround for the "Run As Administrator" issue.
You may also have to run the uninstall as admin as well.

****Do not run the Vampire_aor.exe executable****

Run the shortcut that has been created in your start>programs>AoR Mod location after installation.
The AoR application runs the mod. The application requires that you have:


If this application is giving you trouble, you do have workaround options. The mod can be ran through 2
other shortcuts that run the mod directly [through vanilla exe and aor exe]. Be sure to run the shortcuts because
these shortcuts have command line values that tell the VTMR game to run the aor mod. If you wish to configure the mod
without the config application, you'll need to do this manually. There is a shortcut to the config.txt file located
in the same shortcut menu everything else installs into. You can edit this config.txt using standard Notepad.
I didn't know there was patches. Is there one that stops it being hard as fuck?
The one that fixes the hands of the person who coded the fvcking AI?
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: Jack as a Sabbath
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 08:32:18 AM »
In game terms, Jack was sneak killed.

And again, can you believe the Jack of Bloodlines to trust anyone enough to be sneak killed? No...
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 10.0 released!
« Last post by Raving_Neonate on Today at 07:45:55 AM »
Just to complete my post above: the problem I am having appears to be the same as the one IanW had described above: when I move my mouse and click, the tutorial window disappears relatively fast. I guess it's a Windows 10 glitch.
I have tried compatibility mods with administration rights, from win 98 to Vista, but nothing changes. It's Win10 programming or something.
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 10.0 released!
« Last post by IanW on Today at 03:33:59 AM »
One odd thing I've noticed from the last couple of version of the patch -- it may go back further but I only noticed it recently -- sometimes it won't register a mouse click by itself, but if you're moving the mouse and clicking, then it registers.

That's the Windows 10 issue that the file I mentioned above should fix!

Ah, perfect. Thanks! :)
Is the AoR patch just a exe file that you download and execute or is it more complicated than that to install?
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: Jack as a Sabbath
« Last post by Nanaloma on Today at 01:26:07 AM »
I might have missed something but it seems to me that Jack simply trusted "Samuel" who himself was insane after being locked in a cave with Caine in Turkey.  Everything thing this Nossie did, once a close friend of Beckett, was to frame Becket (he killed Victoria Ash too) who he thought took his good time in getting him out of the cave.  In game terms, Jack was sneak killed. 
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