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Bloodlines Modding / Re: [WIP] X20 Mod
« Last post by IanW on Today at 07:04:25 PM »
You can find these in /vdata/system/charcreatewizard.txt. Look for "Bkg_Image" in the popup groups.
For New Game it's: "Bkg_Image"      "Interface/Pop_Ups/Pop_Up_1"

Ah, of course, "pop_up_1," what an obvious name.

Thanks! :)
Bloodlines Modding / Re: World War 2 Mod
« Last post by argikt on Today at 07:00:49 PM »
You're right, also light is not correct set.
But all of those thinks will be adressed eventually... :razz:
Nothing appears on the fireplace either. I've even made sure thast i have inspection 12 in case i missed it. I've noclipped around the whole chantry without finding it.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: World War 2 Mod
« Last post by Barabbah on Today at 06:39:20 PM »
Watching it I feel two thing missing: reel tape (like those of old cinema) as background noise (maybe optional or only during cinematics) and the black and white colors (but that can be done with a sweetfx profile)

For the rest, yet again you do wonders with maps
Bloodlines Modding / Re: World War 2 Mod
« Last post by argikt on Today at 05:44:09 PM »
Hello guys!
I would like to share the last video before 2.0 version will be released next month...
This is a early concept of Berlin (last hub), will be in 2.0 but any location will be accesible, you can speak with the car renting guy to go back to previous hubs.
As you can see, a lot of think should be done here, trolley is not moving already, npc must be adjusted, and some places are emply already, but you can take a first view.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: clan quest mod 4.0 issue
« Last post by Barabbah on Today at 04:53:16 PM »
Sorry for the delay, I had to underwent surgery....
Try to move the "Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines" folder to your users folder, create a new link to "vampire.exe" and add manually the "-game CQM" command
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 10.2 released!
« Last post by argikt on Today at 02:42:28 PM »
Downloading! :smile:
Bloodlines Tech Support / Unofficial Patch 10.2 released!
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 02:11:15 PM »
This time the release canditates are first available on the ModDB:

Version Changelog:

v10.2 12.12.2018
+Placed a dead dog into Fu Syndicate and filled Kamikaze Zen shelf.
+Made Sheriff laugh when conjuring bats and made them attack less.
+Added console key and all hotkeys to the controls options submenu.
+Fixed details in library level and text and dialogue details too.
+Corrected maximal ammo of flamethrower and made Carson pack stuff.
Made NPCs recognize the death of Misti, Venus, Mercurio and Knox.
Fixed female Tremere hair and sheet warform model, thanks DLLullu.
Restored Gangrels to Masquerade cutscene and added theatre email.
Made male Gangrel not crouch to fit transformation to warform fix.
Fixed Giovanni crypt line artifacts and armored a Venture bridge.
Removed basic discipline changes and restored bump mapping option.
Added a few weapon drop sounds and fidget and upset sound groups.
Removed weird tongue of Sheriff warform model, thanks to Barabbah.
Removed corpses of blood dolls and other NPCs on revisiting maps.
Improved python and loader file compatibility, thanks to Psycho-A.
Made video victim's model unique and corrected ghoul sound group.
Corrected mirrors and details on several maps, thanks to Psycho-A.
Fixed Milligan's business card and Dane screenshots, thanks IanW.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: CQM 4.0: Stuck in model citizen quest
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 12:47:42 PM »
That made the Model Citizen quest fail since Imalia got pissed that i tried to kill her boss i guess.

Hm, Imalia doesn't look to me as if she would be disturbed by this. I bet she hates Gary for turning her...
Bloodlines Modding / Re: Quest Code for Santa Monica Gallery Quest
« Last post by Malkav on Today at 09:45:29 AM »
I just checked the script. What you need is not the queststate but the variable G.Jeanette_Quest set to 1. And that as Wesp said before entering the gallery from the hub.
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