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Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Bug reports, Issues and Solutions
« Last post by tarulu on Today at 02:05:01 PM »
no he is trying to play on laptop keyboard which has no numpad at all
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Bug reports, Issues and Solutions
« Last post by Malkav on Today at 01:28:26 PM »
Just to make sure, you don't use the numpad keys? They don't work in dialog.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: World War 2 Mod
« Last post by argikt on Today at 01:19:55 PM »
I want to share a video with you, is an early concent and won't be present in WW2 mod (first release) but let's see animated traffic in the third hub...
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Bug reports, Issues and Solutions
« Last post by tarulu on Today at 12:28:16 PM »
he did several times but didn't seems a strange problem i mean if keyboard works in game it should work fine everywhere are you using a usb keyboard?
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 10.0 released!
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 11:41:19 AM »
That means that, while you basically break even with Prodigy, you lose a lot more with Addicted to Magic. Would this qualify as "unbalanced"?

You are right. I had to make that history up, as Troika accidentally copied a wrong description over. I have now replaced the penalty with higher scholarship costs! Also not all histories are supposed to even out, some should give a new challenge I believe.

And by the way, has it ever been established WTF the Malk history of "Deaf" is all about?

Not really, in the file you find the description "Deafness? (-Perception?) Luck modifier?" As there is no deafness or luck in the game I raised Humanity and added a max limit of 3 for Perception...
Bloodlines Modding / Re: Bloodlines Prelude
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 11:20:08 AM »
Will the prelude be completely standalone/separate, or will we be able to play the prelude and move to the main game keeping stats/items earned there?

As you obviously won't play the same character as in Bloodlines it will be a separate story.
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Bug reports, Issues and Solutions
« Last post by Wesp5 on Today at 11:05:36 AM »
so one of my friends is trying to play vtmb on windows 10 however he gets stucked on the first conversation which he must press the 1 button in order to talk to jack the problem is nothing i read this seems to be a rare problem is there anyway to fix it?

Hm, this happened lately to me on Windows 7 too, but I think restarting the game fixed it...
No, the rise of smartphones and CCTV should not provide much of an impediment to the Masquerade. Why? Simple - because people are putting less and less faith in what they hear and see.

Here are two short phrases which justify this opinion: "Hollywood" and "fake news". For the first, remember that, in the game itself, pawn store owner Trip sees even a Nosferatur face-to-face and he just puts it down to a cool makeup job; why should the general public behave any differently? Don't they see much weirder, scarier and horrible stuff all the time in their popular media?

As for the second term, we are seeing how the North American culture seems to be growing more and more disenchanted, disconnected and disbelieving of the news media in whatever they report, especially if what they report (no matter what kind of proof they may have) goes against our personal beliefs. When people turn to evangelists or politicians to decide whether or not science is accurate, there's a major problem. In a world of Alex Jones, "deep state" conspiracies and arguments over whether a recent President was a "real American" or even a "real Christian", the Masquerade could not be safer.

Again, the same postulates and values are not the same for all nationalities... where one nation is easily susceptible to religious changes, the other falls maybe far more easily into an economic crisis - generalization is the arch-enemy of any given regime if it wants to preserve its power it should seek various ways to maintain a notion of sensibility and balance in the sea of volatile radicalism and stupefying liberalism.

As for the Trip theory, I don't live in North America and if I would see a Nossie, I would reach for a 12-gauge and try to put up a fight. It is not because I know about the nosferatu or WoD, but because I am not interested in the world that from my point of view is another planet - I couldn't care less for what happens on the Hollywood catwalk and what are the newest changes on Wallstreet, latest celebrity selfies or whatever. It is a matter of priorities and outlook on life.

I always advocated the importance of one's environment and circumstances in which one grows up and matures. A youth in an economically stable and safe country that never felt the burden of war and sanctions on its soil is inherently more prone to be unrealistic in his expectations from the world (I am not saying that all are, but there is a probability) than the one that grew up in a war-ravaged country with huge unemployment rates where your number one priority is to find a remotely decent job and survive. The latter would find the existence of kindred far more easily since his view is more realistic and whole lot harder to manipulate by the social networks.

For user Aurelian: unfortunately yes, the radical voices are usually the strongest but they lack reason to see wrongs of their policies and stay aloof of any requests/demands to mend their ways. Such dissonant voices, should they remain unchecked for a long period of time, can seed hatred and madness within peoples, cultures, societies and in every other aspect of one's life throughout several generations. That is why I am an enemy of every radical movement in any given sphere... simply because of their conveyor belt logic and default blindness.
I'm a little torn that Grout's mansion wasn't on the list.
I considered it during the creation of the poll, maybe instead of "Ghost haunts at Midnight", but the latter won due the atmosphere. In my opinion Grout has a mysterious vibe going for it, while suspense was on the side of the "Ghost"... like I said it comes down to personal preference. What did you like about it, if you don't mind sharing?
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: Extension of the Favorite Quest
« Last post by Griezz on Today at 03:11:03 AM »
I'm a little torn that Grout's mansion wasn't on the list.
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