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Zu "Gil Bates" und den Passwörtern:
Ich habe mir die Passwörter noch einmal angeschaut. Normalerweise würde ich sie so übernehmen, wie sie im englischen Patch sind. Das widerspricht aber meiner Entscheidung, Anspielungen ins Deutsche "herüberzuretten", sofern es geht. Das mache ich beim Rest des Spiels ja auch so. Darum übersetze ich die Passwörter. Ich müsste eigentlich alle Passwörter groß schreiben, die Substantive sind. Wahrscheinlich habe ich mich entschieden, alle Passwörter klein zu schreiben, damit es keine Probleme beim Spielen unter Linux gibt (wenn Leute z.B. "Autoschieber" als Passwort eingeben und sich wundern, wenn es dann nicht funktioniert). Ich müsste testen, ob die Emulatoren dort zwischen Groß- und Kleinschreibung unterscheiden oder nicht - und mit der einheitlichen Schreibweise sind wir da auf der sicheren Seite, egal, auf welcher Plattform und mit welchem Emulator Bloodlines gespielt wird.

Wenn ich "gil bates" schreiben würde, müsste ich auch "ich liebe gabe" und "auf holz klopfen" schreiben, aber ich traue Spielerinnen und Spielern zu, dass sie die Anspielung auf Bill Gates auch so herauslesen wie die einzelnen Worte bei den anderen zusammengeschriebenen Passwörtern.

Das Passwort für Scudmuffins E-Mails gab es in 10.1 nicht, aber im nächsten Patch gibt es das "fly" (das dann im Deutschen "fliege" heißt).
Bloodlines Modding / Re: Bloodlines SDK
« Last post by Barabbah on Today at 11:17:57 am »
hello !!
I have seen some models like the Lasombra 2 that are combined, the hat, the coat and the Character, they are independent of each other. How can I return the PC models in their entirety. since I can only transform the character but I cannot attract even the Hat and the coat.

 also when I use VAMPED 92 to export it to Blender.
Thank you so much !   :rock:

As far as I know:
The model you are talking about is one lasombra NPC from antitribu (based on the tremere regent's model). I suspect the modders of Antitribu use some unique/unusual modding tools so no idea on how to help you, sorry
Bloodlines Modding / Re: Bloodlines SDK
« Last post by Marius217 on Today at 04:46:01 am »

hello !! [/size]
I have seen some models like the Lasombra 2 that are combined, the hat, the coat and the Character, they are independent of each other. How can I return the PC models in their entirety. since I can only transform the character but I cannot attract even the Hat and the coat.

[/size] also when I use VAMPED 92 to export it to Blender.[/size]
Thank you so much ! :rock:

Well, I thank you very much, :rock:

I will try what that you tell me. A hug !!!
 :smile: !!!
Hey Marius, I know the struggle well!

Imagine you have a square created by two polygons. Because the edge where the two polygons fit together is shared, the vertex on that edge can also be shared. If this is the case then only four vertex are used to fully describe this square (two polygons).

If you now split the square into two separate polygons four vertex is no longer enough, you now need six and this is where the problems begin. You can not export this modification because the vertex counts no longer match.

If you look at this post near the end in the code block you will see exactly this case, two polygons (triangles) with two shared (2947 and 2952) and two unique (2951 and 2946) vertex for a total of four. Splitting these apart would create six unique vertex.

The export does not overwrite the original, it does create a new file but the rule about adding, deleting, or modifying vertex always applies. There is no way around it until we have a compiler that works with animated models. About the only thing you can do is move vertex around, sorry.

The good news is people have done some amazing things working with these restrictions but it might not always be as easy and straight forward as it could be. I don't have any good advice for you, I think you are doing the right things, try something like splitting and if it works great, if not now you know to try some alternate way.

Hola   Norrwin    
I understand that the Vertices do not match, what happens is that I use the SPLIT Tool and then I remove it (the bottom of the layer), I know that I should not do it so that the vertices cannot match when exporting it. But ... Even though I separated it and used the scale option to minimize it, I couldn't export it. I get the same: "The vertices of the non-Macth models ...." Can't I export the model without overwriting it on the original? I mean, can I create a new Model.MDL and then put it in the Vampire Directory? Thanks for your time my friend. I am sending you the File that I was working on in Blender (there are two One Original and the other with the Coat cut off) plus the textures and the Model.mdl. In addition to the Model that is Armor 0 (Tremere). In case you want to take a look. Stay safe [size=78%]Be save[/size]!
Vielleicht vergesse ich jetzt die ein oder andere Tür, wo es genauso "wichtig" ist, aber im Genaue braucht man
Schlösserknacken Stufe 10 nur für die Tür Fu Syndicate, um das Geheimnis zu entdecken das Wong Ho und Kiki rettet.
Vor Chinatown braucht man definitiv nicht Schlösserknacken 10.
Hello again, I know how frustrating it can be getting started. On my first model I probably made 25-30 mistakes where I had the vertex counts not match and had to start over. But it does get better  :grin:

Yes it would be good to have a video tutorial for this part in particular, I should do that. I don't know all the tools (and some of then don't work on my system for unknown reasons) so I couldn't commit to that.

I have been thinking about your post some more and want to add a few thoughts that I hope will make my thoughts more clear. If not just ignore this part.

  • Begin by importing then immediately exporting your MDL.
  • If this works then it means your tools work and only the Blender file is bad, easy to fix.
  • If it doesn't work then the tools are not working and they need to be fixed, possibly more complicated to fix.
  • Either way you can not go forward till you resolve this step.
I don't know any way to recover a bad Blender save. The only way I know is to go backward in Blender save files until you find one that does export successfully, then move forward again with the changes you want. This is why it is important to not make a bad Blender save.

If the problem seems to be with your tools then I would still suggest trying the latest SDK tools as a starting point... I guess a video would be very helpful with this.

The second part of your question about hats and such I do not know. Some of the MDLs I made were a combination of Blender import/export plus HEX editing and some were a combination of Crowbar and HEX editing. If you run into this kind of thing you may need the original creator to explain it. There really isn't any way I know to answer this question except to go through each MDL file case by case. But I don't think this is a getting started issue so it can probably wait for some time.

When importing/exporting MDLs the Blender console displays messages about the MDL that can be useful for troubleshooting. I copied one for Ash below. Using the latest SDK the Blender console is always open and can be selected from the Windows task bar. As you can see the vertex match with 8717 each.

You can look at these console messages to get some ideas as to what might have happened. If it is only off by one or two there was probably just some small mistake in editing. If it is off by a lot then something much more serious is wrong.

Bloodlines German Board / Re: Inoffizieller deutscher Patch 10.1 erschienen
« Last post by GoodGamesPlayer on August 04, 2020, 06:14:21 pm »
Verstehst du das nicht? Du sollst da eigentlich gar nicht rein deshalb Level 10.
Achso hab verstanden jetzt, erst wenn man die Quest bekommen hat, wird die Tür frei betrettbar, komische Lösung, weil sonst immer unaufmachbarer Schloss steht, wenn man ohne die Quest nicht rein sollte. Naja egal, passt das alles mit der Belohnung :)

Wenn man die Quest in Giovanni, ohne den Bruno Giovanni zu töten, abschließt und dann nachher nochmal nach Giovanni geht und Bruno tötet, dann bekommt man die alte Quest wieder, wo dann sowas drauf steht "Bruno ist tot, jetzt muss ich nur noch den Sarkophag finden", das wohl nicht mehr erfüllbar ist.

In der Wiki https://vtmb.fandom.com/wiki/Teachers steht, dass man vom Beckett nur in der classic Version Investigation, oder Scholarship, oder Discipline beigebracht bekommt, aber habe von ihm neue Disziplin gelernt in dem 10.1 PLUS Patch.  :chinscratch:

Bloodlines 2 General discussion / Chinatown Hub DLC?
« Last post by Wilhelm-Streicher on August 04, 2020, 05:56:24 pm »
I read over the past days here in the forum that Chinatown is no surprising the least interessing hub in Bloodlines 1. Well everyone knowsthat Chinatown is an underdelevelop area so there could be a potential chance for the Bloodlines 2 devs tomake atleast Seattle´s chinatown worth the visit. Maybe Brian Mitsoda has Bloodlines 1 unused material to recreate in a Bloodlines 2 DLC.I am really not a fan of Bloodlines 1 Chinatown and it´s weird to write this suggestion in favor for other stuff but i not gonna liethe appeal of a Chinatown Hub done right is something that (some) Devs would atleast think about.

Last but not least why DLC? Well Chinatown is very likely not a part of the main game (hubs).These are Pioneer Square (Bloodlines 1 starting hub similar to Santa Monica), South Lake Union (similar to Hollywood but now as Camarilla area),
 University and Aurora (new Downtown?)

Sorry couldn´t find a larger pic than this at the moment.
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