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Would Project Vaulderie be possible now with Dark Pack?

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I've recently found this:

Do you guys think it'd be possible now to resume the Project Vaulderie, from a legal standpoint?

Are the devs of said project still around here?

(also if there's another board better suited for this post, I'd humbly ask the mods to move it accordingly).

The Shadow Man:
I would like to be so but I fear that it will not be so. Project Valuderie always seemed like it would make the ultimate version of Bloodlines, bring it forward to modern capacity while encapsulating all that was good about it originally. I fear the Project was a dream that will never come to pass.

Sadly that wouldn't be nearly enough because Activision owns the full rights to the game. And yes, the whole idea for Vaulderie was to be the definite version of Bloodlines, a complete game as Troika envisioned but didn't get to make. Full modding and a rich multiplayer would have been only one of the features implemented.

All I can say is we tried numerous times but with no avail, hence the long radio silence from us. I can't comment more on the specifics, other than we didn't want to break anyone's heart. It's safe to say it'll be staying in torpor for good.

Hi !

Maybe i'm not the first to ask this (and i'm sorry if some people will do answer again this type of question) but you really can't transform all your work into a mod o various mods (model of menu, quality textures or even these awesome posters) ? :o

This is such a waste to throw all these amazing stuff... :c

I think at some point assets were being converted on Unity.. But it looks like it's not enough to avoid Activision.


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