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Project Vaulderie is a project that aims to recreate the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game to Unity. The goals we try to achieve with this tremendous effort are many. First and foremost is fixing a lot of bugs and glitches which can’t be fixed by normal fan made patches simply because they are caused by the protected executables and the Alpha state of Source Engine used by the game. Secondly, taking advantage of new features available in Unity engine as well of the new development toolkit planned along with it that allows anyone to mod it. Third, updating the game to up to date graphics and technology.

Bloodlines Resurgence was originally the project that aimed to recreate the game in Source engine. Due to the nature on how Source works the attempt of porting to Source was tremendous and strenuous for our team. After seeing the incident with Dear Esther with porting their game to Unity, gave us enough reason to remove the skepticism regarding Unity not being the perfect substitute engine. The source port, Bloodlines Resurgence, has been discontinued regarding the recent communication with White Wolf and in favor for the switch to Unity.

Our intention is to bring the best possible version of Bloodlines that many have dreamed for a very long time now. We've chosen Unity for a lot of reason, both benefiting for our production needs and to deliver the expectations for this rather ambitious project. We're be focusing on the single player aspect of the game, but in the mean time we also implement multiplayer support from the beginning as we go, to remove any issues that would appear later on. It will have modding support but any current mod will require to be converted to properly work (including maps).

Current plans for the project:

* Windows, Mac and Linux builds, including 64-bit support
* Improved graphical assets, shaders and DX11 support
* Implement proper real-time shadow rendering and deferred lighting
* Storyteller mode, in the spirit of Redemption
* Revamped disciplines system
* Multiple character profiles, meaning you can play between characters without interfering with each other
* Each hub map now have the building interiors integrated, eliminating waiting time
* Proper dialog system, with more in-depth facial expression
* Level editor and other modding tools to create new mods or alter the current game
Long term plans:

* Multiplayer between Camarilla, Society of Leopold, Kuei-Jin and the Sabbat
* Integrated with Steamworks for achievements and storing contents online
* Full character customization, from customizing outfits to body parts
* Full co-op support for single player campaigns
Be sure to check out the following links for more information:

* Frequently Asked Questions:
* Development blog:
* Video Media:
* Facebook Page:
* Facebook Media:
We don't have any release date specified yet, but we're working hard to get a functional demo as soon as possible. Expect more to come on from us soon enough.

Sincerely, the Vaulderie Team.

Good luck =)

Its a shame world of darkness never got made because they're scummy company was just using them to promote their utterly garbage game.


--- Quote from: terror13 on January 02, 2016, 10:59:17 pm ---Good luck =)

--- End quote ---

This is a little outdated. Project Vaulderie team was sent a Cease and Desist letter by CCP in 2014. Development was cancelled.

It is a shame, i expect an official game to make up for this, at least.

Bohemian Toreador:
With the IP in new hands, perhaps things might change. I for one would love, even if a new official cWoD game comes out this year (which it most probably won't), VTMB on an updated engine. It could also serve as a kind of a promo for an upcoming official cWoD game.


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