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My letter to Legal and CCP games
« on: November 22, 2014, 08:49:23 am »
"I would like to compliment you for a fail of spectacular proportions, as you redefine the concept of "epic failure".

Finally, when a group of volunteers decides to breath new life into a classic plagued by bugs and a terrible engine, absolutely for free, what do you do? you shut it down. Regardless of the tremendous benefits you could have reaped from it, not to mention the return in terms of imagery and reputation, you decided to behave like complete morons and do the only thing that could hamper your reputation and your sales, and make the highest number of people angry at once, and let your legal office talk.

A MUCH better solution would have been to contact the developers personally, and perhaps try to reach a solution, if it REALLY bothered you so much, that for once your intellectual property is used for something incredible, a product of love, with a small but enthusiastic fanbase.

In light of all this, I am not buying anything from you ever again, under any brand or series of products. Know that, in the next life, you all have a special place (something involving being seated and putting out fires).

As a final consideration, the original White Wolf would have never done something so unconsiderate and stupid. Sometimes, you need to look back to learn how to behave in future occurrences.

Domenico, a real Masquerade Fan.

Do I think it will change anything? no. Did it feel kinda good? yes.

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