Author Topic: Come Out Comeout Wherever You Are! aka "The Epic PV Historian thread"  (Read 12741 times)

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There was an Offkorn sighting in the Chatango channel yesterday.


But made me laugh though, as if it was somesort of mythological creature. I guess in PV history he is.
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Re: Come Out Comeout Wherever You Are! aka "The Epic PV Historian thread"
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This is insane ! I love forums especially because of the legacy it brings within, it's so nice to see some roots from the veterans !

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Re: Come Out Comeout Wherever You Are! aka "The Epic PV Historian thread"
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This screenshot is of the admin system at the old Gamespy hosted PlanetVampire. It was shortly after this incident that it was decided to get away from gamespy before it died for good. It was a risk in the sense that IGN/Gamespy had a lot of favorable traffic benefits with search engines, but the alternative was to let the community die. The problem was, we didn't have access to the site or forum databases. I backed up the old ftp, but that's it. Thankfully Burgermeister devised a plan and wrote a script that spidered the old forums, and attempted to associate names with posts. We had to create new accounts, but the posts were mostly transferred to our current site, thanks to him. We've all been through a lot together over the last few years, and I was recently about to throw in the towel completely and move on until LAbyNight showed a glimmer of hope. Now the new game is coming. Weird how shit happens like that. I hope PlanetVampire can continue to be a neutral meeting ground for modders to collaborate for years to come. 

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When will your plan be exposed Signothorn.

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Using a different browser that internet virus explorer may be a start :razz:
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