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Re: Fantasy Lore
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See, I get "The Chantry is delusional and sucks" when I play Dragon Age.  Maybe its just a matter of perspective.  I know that the *Chantry* thinks that they need to be around to regulate the mages (unless Leliana becomes the new Divine, you can help her do that and she will announce many changes, including mages are now completely free to be their own individuals, all over Thedas) but to me that doesn't mean BioWare is trying to SAY this is the ultimate truth.  I love Dragon Age very much but they need to inject some fresh stuff into the franchise.

Interesting opinion of yours there. I'll reconsider.

As for what Dragon Age needs, I personally believe it needs to just screw up less.

I mean, the main story missions in Inquisition were outrageously amazing. Time travelling in Redcliffe, The Battle of Haven, the Coup attempt at Orlais, the Siege at the Grey Warden base. I don't think there was a single story mission I honestly didn't like from that game.

The problem to me was the sheer amount of boredom involving the sidequests. It was like playing a whole 'nother game while doing those chores in the Hinterlands alone, to not even mention all the other places where NOTHING was happening.

I agree, that DAI was too big. I love the game for it's great characters and interesting main quests (and even some side quests - I loved all of Crestwoods quests for example, my favorite map) and I don't have to spill out, how much I love the Redcliffe quest with Dorian for the Doctor Who vibes, but all the fetching quests were just too much imo.

Overall, the game is a triumph and certainly a financial and critical success, but I agree.  All the little hither and thither, collect 40 pieces of this and 100 shards of that and 30 of these statuettes and 15 of these coins, etc was massive overkill.