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Story time with Uncle Norrwin.
« on: January 05, 2022, 04:07:56 am »
When I was a little boy, my grandpa used to tell me a story about the three little pet guns. Their names were Glock, MAC, and Uzi.

The Glock being a modern design was able to take full advantage of the latest advances in ammo and uses JHP +p+ ammo, dealing significantly more damage than standard 9mm ammo. The downside of feeding the Glock this diet of extremely high-pressure ammo is that the Glock will burn out quickly and die early.

The MAC was specifically designed to use subsonic ammo, 45 ACP is naturally subsonic, but special reduced pressure cartridges are required to slow the standard 9mm down to subsonic speeds, which greatly reduces its damage potential. Also, the suppressor is an integral part of the MAC design and it was never intended to be used without a suppressor. But as Vampires we can regrow a few missing fingers, so it doesn't concern us about the suppressor. However, even as a Vampire, firing it without the suppressor is still a spray and pray proposition.

The Uzi being an older design is not able to take advantage of modern advances in ammo such as +p loads so must rely on standard 9mm. However, with a 10 inch barrel it is able to effectively use cartridges designed with a slower pressure curve peak, more similar to rifle ammo than pistol. So even though these are standard pressure, the Uzi is able to push them at much higher velocities than a pistol firing the same ammo ever could.

According to grandpa the moral to the story was to always be careful what you feed your pet guns because feeding them the wrong thing could give them a case of explosive gas. But as gramps was known to occasionally tell some whopper stories, I was never sure what parts were true and what was made up.

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Re: Story time with Uncle Norrwin.
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2022, 09:18:27 am »
"Some quotations," said Zellaby, "are greatly improved by lack of context."
― John Wyndham, The Midwich Cuckoos
"fuck the hole in the face"
― me

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Full size or compact?
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2022, 04:38:59 pm »
Did Troika intend the Glock to represent a full size or compact model? This mystery begins with an accidental discovery I made that the female wield model of pistol_glock is different from all the other models. Can we deduce anything from this?

Yes, all the models are scaled to represent full size Glocks regardless of the IRL textures/models they may be patterned after. Comparing the female and male wield models side by side shows this.

The male wield model (Glock 19 textures) has been stretched and scaled up in profile to be roughly identical to a full size Glock. But from a top view it has not been scaled, where the actual dimensions for both should be 1 and it is. Comparing the VTMB model dimensions to actual dimensions for these two models reveals this scaling.

3d wield model measurements for slide length, overall height, and slide width verses actual measurements.
female model:   7.128 x 5.445 x 0.978 model vs 7.32 x 5.47 x 1 actual full size
male model:   7.425 x 5.325 x 0.971 model vs 6.85 x 5.04 x 1 actual compact

The important thing to note is that the male model is only scaled in two dimensions but not from the top. This is because the goal is to make the slide look like a full size model in game, where the slide will be the most obvious and prominent feature.

Scaling the male wield model back to actual compact dimensions shows the male wield model in correct proportion to female:

What about the other models, are they stretched and scaled in this same way. Yes, in the upper left panel left to right are info, view, male wield, female wield. The ground model isn't shown, it is the same as the other three but is missing all details such as clip, levers, trigger, etc.

Previously I had posted: "The funny thing about the Glock is that it is one of the most convincing guns in the game to me based on the way you hold and shoot it, as a 17 not a 19. But looking at it in model viewer it SHOULD be more convincing as a 19 but it just doesn't look or feel like one looking over the sights."

In summary all the pistol_glock models in-game are designed to resemble a full size Glock. The compact model was scaled up and fudged to make it look like a full size Glock for all the meaningful ways a person using it in-game would see. Anything gained? No but it was a fun puzzle, I fell better, and my curiosity is assuaged.


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