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Premise: talking about cashgrab sequels and spinoff crap and their backlash it came out the Solo spinoff of Star Wars....

The night after being forced to watch it I had the weirdest dream: since the movie ends with
Spoiler for Hiden:
Han winning on space poker the millennium falcon because he sabotaged Lando's ace dispenser on his sleeve and making a speech about he win and without cheating
in the dream I was the myself in it came up to the conclusion was the moral of this film was made because of the backlash on the star wars battlefront II remake and it's pay-to-win microtransaction schemes (on a game which already costs 60-80$) so kids will accept the concept of hazard gaming and fairness and indirectly these pay-to-win tactics. While I do a lot of weird dreams this was the only one about formulating a conspiracy theory.

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