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Our fav music we didn't heard in Bloodlines clubs / our favourite music

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Hi guys, and girls, and everybody around. Its my first topic over there, but I was in Vtm here and beyond for some time.
 So, You have some favourite music albums or songs, wich sounds like they would be played after Isolated in Asylum?
Let's share music that sounds like something You dance to in that weird night club in the dark alley.

I'm big fan of electronic music and I think "Will they take it to Bloodlines 2?" every time I hear "Black Earth..." from White Ring. Especiallly that track

Second track that always reminded me on all that weird night clubs where weird pale people are walkin around is that track

How about You? You have some music on that? Or just wanna share Your Favourite music? Lest'slisten to each other tracklists  :haw:

I hope that topic will be alive. Or dead, but same way that walkin corpses like   :vampsmile:

One of my favorite bands is this canadian jewel right here. I think a lot of their tracks would be amazing for a goth themed club.

I'm a metal head.  So anything metal especially 80's metal like Mercyful Fate/ King Diamond, Metallica, or Slayer.  I can see Smiling Jack banging his head to any of them.

I have a very limited knowledge of electronic music.
But one of my favourite singers had an electronic side project and well, since we are here....

@Talyn82 about heavy metal one thing always were on my mind while finishing Bloodlines. Why there is no one Ghoultown's track while Ghoultown's posters are in almost every city's part  :undecided:

Also Rob Zombie's tracks are pretty t h a t


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