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Spoiler for Description:
"Three months ago, you died. And in that moment you were reborn as something new. A monster. A predator. Not a creature of the night, but one of its masters.

Unfortunately, things aren't simple as they used to be. Vampires have finally been exposed, and though your existence is tolerated, your new nature is not. You came to the City hoping for a new start, but found only suspicion and starvation. Now you stare at the ceiling of your cheap hotel room as a penniless outcast, suckling on rats and destined to wither away.

But every new era brings new opportunities, and in the political chaos of a world gone mad, even an outcast may rise. An outcast can change everything.
This is the story of how you rose.

Nighthawks is the brand new urban fantasy RPG from Wadjet Eye Games (The Blackwell Legacy, Unavowed, Technobabylon) and writer/designer Richard Cobbett (Sunless Sea/Sunless Skies, The Long Journey Home).

Nighthawks is a mix of story-driven RPG and undead life-simulation, where every decision you make is another move in your chess game against the world. Invest your time into learning new skills or honing your fighting style as you uncover the city's mysteries and venture deep into its darkest secrets. Gather fellow outcasts to your side, binding them with favours and choosing when to cash in. Manage your eternal thirst, legitimately, or balancing the risks of being caught stalking unwary victims and working the black markets.

And of course, what would a vampire be without a few secret powers? Choose from a range of dark Gifts, including Corpse-Talking, Tenebraean Form and Mesmerise. Be careful to hide all evidence of them from the authorites, while keeping them ready as your ace in the hole.

Structurally, think a freeform RPG core, with stories branching off it - some funny, some tragic, some horrific - where your decisions are always bleeding together. Get caught lying too often and your untrustworthy reputation will follow you around, while raising suspicion will draw the attention of first mortal, and then darker authorities. Do you, for instance, break a window and hurriedly search a crime scene while the alarms wail, pick the lock and explore at your leisure, or use vampire powers to impersonate the security guard and walk right in? The choice is yours, and all part of learning the beat of the city, developing new skills, and building up favours and contacts to help seize the day by the throat.

Companions here don't just fight for you. Take part in their lives as they work on their own problems, have them look into rumours with their own contacts and social circles and dive into their deepest secrets with interactive flashbacks set in locations like 17th century Nassau, Las Vegas, and the corrupt European courts of the Eternal Dynasties. Help them handle their demons, and they'll help you deal with yours. But good deeds rarely go unpunished, and everyone has their own agenda that consumes their endless nights.

Games like Sunless Sea and 80 Days and Cultist Simulator have repeatedly demonstrated this over the last few years, and we intend Nighthawks to be seen in that company - a deep, wide, replayable RPG in which a favour can be the ultimate weapon and the friendliest smiles often have the sharpest teeth.

Text-driven gameplay lets us really focus on details and mechanics, including bringing you a living city with little seen features like NPC scheduling (you might, for instance, know a guy who'll slip you blood from the hospital blood bank, but he only works Tuesdays to Fridays and it's Saturday), varied stories, incredibly reactive characters, and most importantly, player freedom. You're planning to head out on a quest you were expecting to pay for your hotel room this week, but the friend you wanted to bring along isn't available. Do you wait? Take someone else? Risk going alone? Hope for another opportunity?

We're drawing inspiration from a wide range of RPG classics, from Baldur's Gate 2 to Yakuza to Bloodlines to Fallout to Quest For Glory, and in particular, their sense of freedom and focus on letting you live in their worlds. In Nighthawks, you're in charge of your destiny, whether it's running your nightclub sanctuary, playing politics, or plunging into stories that range from light-hearted adventure and modern political intrigue to blisteringly bleak horror."
On PC/Mac in May 2020. Their games:
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Re: Nighthawks - The Vampire Text-Based RPG (Kickstarter from Wadjet Eye Games)
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Thanks for the link, it look very much like a game I would try. I contributed, hopefully they will get to their objective in a month.

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It looks interesting, looks like a visual novel, I don't see any website though.  The demo is pretty good.  I've started to get into visual novels these past years.
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Perhaps I'd like it a bit more if it had slightly more interactivity. Like Disco Elysium.


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