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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #30 on: August 28, 2006, 11:50:00 pm »
                Name: Tim
 Sex: Male
 Age: 30-something
 Country: Australia
 Job/education: I work in a hospital and help people and stuff.
 Picture: I don't do pictures.
 Favorite clan of VTM: True Brujah
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Ventrue
 Favorite band/music: Symphonic Metal, female fronted bands in particular.
 Favorite movies: Three Colours trilogy, The Shawshank Redemption, To Kill a Mockingbird, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Lost in Translation, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Fearless, Faraway So Close!, Aliens, Léon, Donnie Darko, Nikita, Lord of the Rings trilogy.
 Favorite vampire movies: Hmm... most are crap. Interview with the Vampire and Shadow of the Vampire were okay.
 Favorite book/writers: Non-fiction.
 Favorite games: Ultima series, Baldur's Gate series, System Shock (original), Deus Ex, Jedi Knight series.
 What do I do in freetime: Listen to music, go out and about playing with my camera, watch films, play games.
 I like/love: Music, sleeping, peace and quiet.
 I dislike/hate: Noise, cities, having too many people around.
 Before I die, I will: Smile and be content.
 Your dream: To smile and be content.                        



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #31 on: August 30, 2006, 12:14:00 pm »
                Name: Frank
 Sex: Male
 Age: 20
 Country: USA
 Job/education: Restaurant Operator
 Favorite clan of VTM: Old Clan Tzimisce, Tzimisce, Assamite, Cappadocian
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Giovanni, Tremere
 Favorite band/music: No real favorite bands, I like classic rock, some rock and rap
 Favorite movies: Steven Chow Movies, Kevin Smith Movies
 Favorite vampire movies: none, they're all crap
 Favorite book/writers: Anne Rice, Tom Clancy
 Favorite games: V:tM-R, Onimusha Series
 What do I do in freetime: What's that?
 I like/love: making my family happy
 I dislike/hate: having the people I care about being disappointed
 Before I die, I will: make it to the top of the company I work for now, see my kid's goto college
 Your dream: Making my wife and kids happy                        



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #32 on: October 10, 2006, 10:14:00 pm »
                In Reply To #1
 Name: Seamus O Broin
 Sex: male
 Age: 27
 Country: Canada
 Occupation: Bartender, Promoter
 Favorite clan of VTM: Tremere, Followers of Set
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Brujah
 Favorite band/music: metal and trad Irish music especially together. Opeth, Arch enemy, The Dubliners, the Chieftains, 6 feet Under, Immortal, Primordial, waylander, Mael Mordha
 Favorite movies: The life of brian, The holy Grail. The big Lebowski
 Favorite vampire film: Anything by Hammer Horror.
 Least favorite vampire film: Blade 2
 Favorite book/writers:  Anne Rice vamp chrons  Laurel K Hamilton anita blake series.
 Favorite games: Redemption,  Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
 I like/love: Gaelic Culture, Language and Traditions
 I dislike/hate: unrelyable people, loud mouths.
 Before I die, I will: Have sex again, have beer again, possibly work for the SPCA if I live long enough. Never can tell when that SUV is gonna jump the kerb and splaaaat!
 What do I do in freetime: socialise with pagans, eat fluffies.
 Your dream: A Politician Free World aka world Peace.                        


           Síol Éalaigh Abú!

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #33 on: November 21, 2006, 08:23:00 pm »
                Greetings! grin
 Name: Thom (pronounced Tom) S
 Sex: Male
 Age: 22
 Country: Australia
 Job/education: Multimedia Designer
 Favorite clan of VTM: Malkavian (of course) and Brujah
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Giovanni
 Smokes? No
 Drinks? Oh yeah, im aussie!!
 Favorite band/music: Amon Tobin, Various movie soundtracks (action films), Anything on Darkside radio!
 Favorite movies: Interview with a vampire, Johnny Mnemnonic, Ghost in the machine, Full Metal Jacket (I could go on for pages..)
 Favorite vampire movies: Blade 1, Bram Strokers Dracula, Vampire Hunter D
 Favorite book/writers: William Gibson, Issac Asimov, Timothy Zahn...
 Favorite games: VTM-R, VTM-BL, ELder Scrolls, System Shock 2, Point and click adventures (where'd they go?) and the Battlefield series (shoot me now.. yes)
 What do I do in freetime: Road trips, Gaming, Movies, Making short films and soundtracks, Reading (books and net).
 I like/love: Hanging out with friends/interesting people, Music, Good films, Exploring other peoples universes (video games), Cooking a great meal and enjoying it, Writing, Digital Drawing.
 I dislike/hate: Politics, Human nature aka greed, closed minded/one track mind people.
 Before I die, I will: exhale.. ok so seriously, make a small or big positive impact on the world.
 Your dream: For each person on earth to have the same oppurtunities, rights and chance at life. For humankind as a whole to improve and grow to the point of habitating multiple galaxies (securing our species mid to long term survival).



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #34 on: November 26, 2006, 02:34:00 pm »
 Name: John Doe (Secrets, secrets)
 Sex: Male
 Age: 20-something. (Avoid the gaze of the man, people!)
 Country: England
 Job/education: Painter & Decorator, Egg Salad Sandwich
 Favorite clan of VTM: Malkavian, Tremere
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Toreador
 Smokes? Nah, waste of money.
 Drinks? Yes sir! Shut up and drink your gin!
 Favorite band/music: Sepultura, Killing Miranda, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, Fear Factory ETC.
 Favorite movies: Highlander, Escape from LA, Silence of the Lambs, Evil Ed, Night of the Living Dead ETC.
 Favorite vampire movies: John Carpenter's Vampires, Interview with a Vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula, From Dusk Til Dawn
 Favorite book/writers: Matt Reilly, H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R Tolkien, B Mitsoda wink
 Favorite games: Metal Gear series, Resident Evil series, Deus Ex, Fallout, Fahrenheit ETC
 What do I do in freetime: Chilling out with my mates, watching movies, playing games or whatever takes my fancy.
 I like/love: Getting a good nights sleep. When things work out how you plan. Hot women who think you're cool. Working out.
 I dislike/hate: Extemely hot weather. Advertisements. Spam. Belligerent people. Painful injuries.
 Before I die, I will: Go down shooting.
 Your dream: To become a successful writer, or failing that, make fuck loads of money so I wouldn't have to worry about expenses anymore.                        



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #35 on: November 27, 2006, 01:44:00 am »
 El Gostro
 I still got that thingie hangin tween my legs so I suppose I'm male!
 Yet another unpure descendant of Caucasus's childer
 The most discouraging omen of my birth occured in the nameless but widely known land sliced in a union of states,however the guilt of my not being cleansed of this world before reaching full development falls to the capital city situated in the most austral of decadent nations found in the domains from the house of the crab
 My faith has never broken,for it was never forged!
 Straight are my tastes,and womenfolk find it a depressive reality to live with,but the heirs of aphrodite are the ones that inspire my desecrations!
 68 kg
 1.77 m
 <white>Color hair:</white>
 I called it sandy for it brought me memories from a beach,however I ve discovered people define it as kin to that of ashes...
 <white>Color eyes:</white>
 My eyes,much like my mind,cannot decide their shape and nature,pariahs are this hazeled orbs,sometimes green as nature's veins,other times as brown as oaken nuts,most of the time they show their true nature,that of the consumed leaves of autumn,the season of the fall...
 My cerebral organ is named nimbus and he dislikes being second fiddle to other cloudy formations!
 I need not the assistance of spirits,my head is already full of them!
 Two decades
 An austral land little having to do with it's  silvery denomination
 My doubtable talents remain free and unburdened but without acces to the vile currency we so much need to continue our existential thread of life,perhaps it is time I return to the wicked house of learning that makes the third step in the triangle of imposed knowledge to increase my access to contractual slavery...
 <white>Favorite clan of VTM:</white>
 It is not neccesary to ask for it is clear as water wich of the clans has made it's calling heard to this wretched shell of a man
 <white>Least favorite clan of VTM:</white>
 This I cannot say,for they all provide me with quite peculiar amusement and interest!
 <white>Favorite band:</white>
 Iron Maiden;Manowar;Black Sabbath;Judas priest;Dio;Led Zeppelin;Deep Purple;Steppenwolf;Hammerfall;Rhapsody(of fire);Running Wild;Pink Floyd;Rammstein,Ratablanca(arg,band);Iggy Pop;Sex Pistols;The Libertines;The Police;Laura Brannigan;Foreigner;Scorpions;Bon Jovi(we share birthstate!);The Doors;Bowie;Rod Stewart;Springsteen;Bob Dylan-puff puff-among many more,too much more to type for this tiring digits!
 <white>Favorite movies:</white>
 Legend(I wanna big horns too!),Willow;Labyrinth,TMNT,ROCKY 1;Clockwork orange(=D);Fire and Ice(Frazzetta/bakshi movie);Monty Python movies;Coolworld;Ghostbusters;Tim Burton's Batmans;Nightmare before Christmas;Naked pistol;Airplane!;Spaceballs;Mel brook's pardoy o Robin hood;Fight Club;Baseket Ball,scary Movie 1&2;Team America n I better stops ere fore I cause grave mass text inundation!
 <white>Favorite vampire movies:</white>
 LOST BOYS!Oh n those movies with monsieur Lugosi,I so want a cape like that!One must also not forget the movie where Leslie Nielsen played Dracula!
 <white>Favorite book/writers:</white>
 Petronius;Robert Louis Stevenson;Edgar A Poe;Herman Melville,Joseph Conrad;H.G Wells,Earnest Hemingway;Gore Vidal;Jhon Steinbeck;Graham Greene;Jhon LeCarre;Morris West;Roberto Arlt;J.L.Borges;I.Garcia Hamilton among others!
 <white>Favorite games:</white>
 Monkey Island saga (exclude 4 thoughs,blasted abomination!),Bloodnet;DOTT,Full throttle;Quest for Glory;Leisure suit Larry saga;Blade Runner,Broken Sword 1&2;Sanitarium (artpiece!);Fallout 1&2;Planescape Torment(another artpiecey!);VTMB o course!,Arcanum;7th legion(why's?the cinematics n music kicked ass!),Warcraft 1&2;Wolfenstein 3d(Fear mini gun wielding fuhrer!);Duke Nukem 3d,Chronicles of the Black Moon;Dark Earth;Black Thorn;Diablo I&II,LIttle big adventure saga,ECO THE DOLPHIN!;Spyro; Halo;Max Payne 1&2;Summoner;Myth1&2;Prince of persia saga(n I still like heavy metal warrior within more than goodie boy two thrones hehes);Dungeon keeper;Anachronox,Shadowrun for NES;LOST VIKINGS!;Commandos 1,KOTOR 1&2;GTA saga including 1&2 (though the &gt;&gt;&gt;Insert previous game city here&lt;&lt;&lt; ones dont convince me muchs);Heroes III;Age of empires I&II;Legacy o Kain series;Morrowind;Clive Barker's Undying;lego starwars n there's an awful amount o more!
 <white>Favorite TV show:</white>
 Swim for adults in the network of cartoons(N my most beloved Robot chicken!)!Jhonny Bravo,Dexter's Lab,Ren&Stimpy;My Name is Earl;South Park;Tex Avery toons,The simpsons (not so much lately);Futurama,Family Guy,American Dad;MORK FROM ORK!Pinky & the Brain;Catscratch,Space goofs,Seinfeld n buncha other stuff I should type but won't due ta being lazy!
 Explore the vast endless twisted horizons of my mind!N Draw n Stun people with my gibberish and annoy people  in the unphysical digital spider's domain!
 <white>I like/love:</white>
 <red>CAFFEINE!</red>;Scratching my bellybutton,wasting time,attempt to get inside my head,form and twist images in my conciense,theorize about pointless subjects,drawing,reading,exhausting my lungs,playing with canines and warm weather!oh n beautiful specimens of the opposite sex as well!
 <white>I dislike/hate:</white>
 Sanity,Moral fanaticism,the image the mirror gives me,responsability,duties,(work)routine,society,the way humanity continues to blindly consume itself (along with yours truly in the process!),lack of vision,the language of fists,cold n of course rigidity!
 <white>Before I die, I will:</white>
 Never die!I shall be reborn to continue haunting humanity's existence!
 <white>Your dream:</white>
 Trascending my mortal state!
 And so yet another broken shard of the soul mirror is presented!                        



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #36 on: November 30, 2006, 01:06:00 am »


           and im less than impressed until the music puts enough pressure on my hips    

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #37 on: November 30, 2006, 09:57:00 am »
                Name: Adam
 Sex: Male
 Age: 19
 Country: Hungary
 Job/education: Was working on a construction, now learning english
 Favorite clan of VTM: Toreador, Ravnos, Malkavian
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Ventrue, Tzimische
 Smokes? Not anymore.
 Drinks? Not much.
 Favorite band/music: Acid Bath, Pearl Jam, Mos Def, Monster Magnet, Dean Martin, Sinatra, Cherry Poppin Daddies
 Favorite movies: Fight Club
 Favorite vampire movies: Interview with the Vampire.
 Favorite book/writers: Hunter S. Thompson - Fear and Loathing in L.V.
 Favorite games: Hitman series, Fallout series
 What do I do in freetime: Playing the guitar, taking photos, working out, playing poker
 I like/love: simplicity in art
 I dislike/hate: dumb people
 Before I die, I will: get married, have children
 Your dream: be successful in whatever comes in life                        



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #38 on: December 12, 2006, 01:27:00 pm »
                Name: Creed [more than an online handle, half my real life friends call me Creed]
 Sex: Male
 Age: 30-something
 Country: Canada Eh!
 Job/education: Everything I know that's really cool, I taught myself!
 Favorite clan of VTM: Gangrel
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Ventrue
 Favorite band/music: Tool, Marilyn Manson, Kottonmouth Kings, DJ Tiesto, Lacuna Coil
 Favorite movies:
 Favorite vampire movies: From Dusk Till Dawn, Near Dark, Lost Boys, The Forsaken
 Favorite book/writers: Stephen King, James P. Hogan
 Favorite games: Blood, Painkiller, VTM: Bloodlines
 What do I do in freetime: Workin on my website, watching huge amounts of playback, and getting wasted with my friends!
 I like/love: The almighty buzz!
 I dislike/hate: religion, country music and bad movies
 Before I die, I will: Live a happy life/Take a lot of cops with me
 Your dreams: Monsters and creatures trying to kill me! Awesome!


           Have a good one!
 Creed Stonegate    

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #39 on: December 21, 2006, 10:05:00 pm »
                Why not to introduce yourself, so here it is my introduction too :
 <red>PHOTO:</red> Instead of photo I show here my autoportrait
 <red>NAME:</red> Patryk (Patrick in english)
 <red>AGE:</red> 22
 <red>SEX:</red> Male
 <red>COUNTRY:</red> Poland
 <red>JOB/EDUCATION:</red> Management And Marketing
 <red>FAVORITE CLAN:</red> Tremere
 <red>FAVORITE BAND:</red> KoRn, Coal Chamber, Mudvayne, Kittie, ''old'' Sepultura with Max Cavalera, Soulfly, (hed)p.e., Static-X, Lacuna Coil, Society 1, Crossbreed, Tool , Rammstein, Ektomorf, Dagoba, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack,      Deftones, Adema
 <red>FAVORITE MOVIES:</red> For me the best are: The Crow, The Crow 2: City Of Angels, and the other favorite movies: Alien (1,2,3,4), Predator (1,2), The Fifth Element, Highlander III, Assasins, The Hackers, The Fast And The Furious, Braveheart, Kingdom Of Heaven, Mad Max 2 & 3, Crank, Evil Dead 3, 60 seconds and... I don't remember now all.
 <red>FAVORITE VAMPIRE MOVIES:</red> Interview With A Vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Queen Of The Damned, Underworld 1 & 2, Blade 1 & 2, Vampires, Dracula 2000
 <red>LEAST FAVOURITE VAMPIRE MOVIES:</red> Dracula 3000, BloodRayne, Tale Of A Vampire
 <red>FAVORITE GAMES:</red> Gothic II, NFS Underground 2 & NFS Most Wanted, GTA San Andreas, VTM Bloodlines, Silent Hill 2, Alone In The Dark IV, Devil Inside, Heroes Of Might & Magic III & V, World Of Warcraft, Baldur's Gate 2, Ice Wind Dale, Fallout, Oblivion, Broken Sword, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Diablo I & II
 <red>IN FREETIME:</red> I'm doing everything except learning
 <red>I LIKE/LOVE:</red> Dark movies, bad characters, going on concerts, holidays water and sun, goth chics, spicy food, art, travelling, fishing, vampire stuff, tatoos, muscle cars and lot of things
 <red>I DISLIKE:</red> eleveting and sophisticated people, pop music, stupid girls, brigandage, bandits and thiefs, liers, racism, and stupid telenovels for womans
 <red>BEFORE I DIE I WILL:</red> be happy
 <red>MY DREAM:</red> to be someone, have own home, have good job to don't worried about material things
 <img>< ;/img>



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #40 on: January 21, 2007, 02:19:00 pm »
                Name: Joseph
 Sex: Male
 Age: 26
 Country: United States
 Job/education: High School Teacher
 Picture: One day.
 Favorite clan of VTM: Ventrue/Malkavian
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Tremere
 Favorite band/music: Billy Idol
 Favorite movies: Blade I and II, Lost Boys, Gladiator, Underworld: Evolution, Fright Night, Nosferatu, Shadow of the Vampire, Commando, Near Dark, Dawn of the Dead, Tango and Cash, Rocky.
 Favorite vampire movies: See above.
 Favorite games: Vtm:B, ES: Oblivion, Fight Night Round 3, Shadowrun(SNES), Chrono Trigger, Guitar Hero, Fallout 1 and 2, Crusader: No Remorse.
 What do I do in freetime: Hang with my friends, make love to my girlfriend, fight with my girlfriend, sleep, drink, and play games.
 I like/love: Open-minded people.  
 I dislike/hate: George Bush, politics, in general.
 Before I die, I will: Visit London.
 Your dream: Live my life to the fullest...until my new life in the after-life where I can once again see my father.                        



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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #41 on: February 01, 2007, 01:24:00 am »
                Well, I might as well make this formal....
 Name: Nick
 Sex: Male
 Age: 17
 Country: New Zealand
 Job/education: Tertiary student (2nd year university)
 Favorite clan of VTM: Ventrue
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Giovanni
 Smokes? Nope
 Drinks? I will when I'm 18
 Favorite band/music: I hate music; it bores me
 Favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Diehard series, Broken Arrow (basically any action film with Travolta), anything with Jack Nicholson
 Favorite vampire movies: don't really watch them; I should watch Blade sometime
 Favorite book/writers: Umm, myself? Well, I like Clancy and Dale Brown.
 Favorite games: Deus Ex, Act of War, Lock On: Modern Air Combat, Vampire - Bloodlines
 What do I do in freetime: Writing a novel, gaming, general normal social stuff
 I like/love: Women! And my friends too, but not in that way
 Your dream: the gradual phase-outt of religion (I'm an atheist, ok?)                        


           "Prolonged exposure may damage the bronchial pathways"    

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #42 on: February 03, 2007, 02:46:00 am »
                Also easier:
 Don't be surprised
 Favorite clan: Toreador
 Least Favorite: Nosferatu (so uncultured lol)
 Favorite music: Thrash Metal, Acoustic Rock
 Favorite Movies: Post-apocalyptic zombie movies
 Vampire Movie: Interview With the Vampire, Blade Trilogy
 Favorite Book: Anything Anne Rice or philosophically radical
 Favorite Games: KOTOR, ES4, NWN, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (classic)
 What I do in freetime: Student. Immortalize myself in theatre and philosophize on human existence and reasons for. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.
 I like: Swords, Preternatural occurrences, Flintlock pistols.
 I hate: people, plain and simple.
 Before I die... wait I won't die.
 Your dream: Living in Japan.                        


           "Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!"    

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #43 on: February 28, 2007, 09:31:00 am »
                Name: Mick (picked an original handle)
 Sex: Male
 Nationality: Australian
 Religion: WCOTC
 Sexuality: Straight
 Weight: 140 Kgs
 Height: 5' 11''
 Color hair: Fading to grey
 Color eyes: Light blue
 Smoke: no
 Drink: very rarely
 Country: Australia
 Job/education: Post uni-degree
 Picture: Sure there is one of me on the internet somewhere
 Favorite clan of VTM: Nosferatu
 Least favorite clan of VTM: Brujah
 Favorite band: Mostly prefer classical music, otherwise : Hate Society & Queen
 Favorite movies: LotR Trilogy, Clint Eastwood's Western Trilogy, The Name of the Rose
 Favorite vampire movies: Lost Boys
 Favorite book/writers: Ancient authors (Aristotle, Julius Caesar, etc)
 Favorite TV show: Dr Who
 Freetime: Play D&D minis
 I like/love: my cat, my nieces
 I dislike/hate: rap & hip-hop and associated culture
 Before I die, I will: continue my understanding of all things geological
 Your dream: world wide peace through Faith !                        


           "The price for survival is eternal struggle."    

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #44 on: March 20, 2007, 04:32:00 pm »
                Name: Joern G. T.
 Birthday: 26-01-77
 Sex: male
 Sexuality: straight
 Hight: 192cm
 Weight: 98kg
 Hair: blond
 Eyes: blue
 Race: human
 Legacy: viking
 Foto: if I figure out how
 Country: Denmark'
 City: Copenhagen S.
 Education: metalworker and mechanist (and various 1 month cources)
 Job: Marine-over-konstabel (seaman 1.class aprox.)
 Soon to be: aprentice electrician
 Hobby: matial art, bikes (mc) and rpg
 First rpg session: juli 85 (VtM may 92)
 Favorite music: Ramstein, Metallica, Iron Maiden, D-A-D, Volbeat and such
 Movies: blade 1, matrix 1, star wars, x-men
 Books: farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb and sequels, and many more... my cellar´s filling up.
 Rpg system: white wolf and gurps
 Smoking: quit 2 packs a days january
 Drinking: I´m from Denmark...
 Hopes: not fucking up my kid(s)
 Most scarry expirience: saving 9 american fishermen west of greenland 3 a.m. in hurricane
 (nature can REALY make you feel like gnat)


           "Trying is the first step towards falling"    


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