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Author [EN] [PL] [ES] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [TR] [SR] [AR] [RU] Topic: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)  (Read 39204 times)

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #135 on: May 12, 2014, 06:43:41 am »
 Name: Mariana
 Sex: Female
 Age: 23
 Country: Portugal

 Favorite VtM clan: Malkavian, Lasombra, Toreador, Brujah, Ventrue
 Least favorite VtM clan/bloodline: Gangrel
 Favorite band/music: Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Alice in Chains, L7
 Favorite movies: The Shining, Mulholland Drive, IT, 25th Hour
 Favorite vampire film: Nosferatu (haven't watched that many)
 Favorite book/writers: H.P. Lovecraft
 Favorite games: Grim Fandango, VtM: Bloodlines, Neverwinter Nights, Demon's Souls
 I like/love: Clothes, shoes, music, movies, mermaids, vampires, writing, roleplay, fashion
 What I do in general: Procrastinate

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #136 on: November 20, 2014, 03:57:58 am »
If you like VTM - Bloodlines and WoW, a great open-world RPG is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's barely second place to my favorite RPG of all time (which of course is VTMB). And if you like THAT, you should give Fallout: New Vegas a try, especially it's DLC Dead Money.

Not that I'm biased or anything.
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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #137 on: November 20, 2014, 01:58:06 pm »
If you like VTM - Bloodline and WoW, a great open-world RPG is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's barely second place to my favorite RPG of all time (which of course is VTMB).

I think vanilla Skyrim is a pretty shallow RPG with a lower replayability value than Oblivion or VtMB. Thank the Divines that Bethesda released the Creation Kit which allows us to mod everything we want. And there's also the immense collection of mods on Nexus that improve the game in every possible way; last time I played, I had in my load order like 20 or so mods. That's what makes the game so addictive.
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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #138 on: January 28, 2015, 01:57:23 pm »
Name: Ryot
 Sex: Male
 Age: 29
 Country: Portugal

Favorite VtM clan: Brujah

Favorite vampire film: B.S. Dracula, Blade (I and II), Underworld series, Daybreakers, Interview with the Vampire... I am most likely forgetting loads atm.

 Favorite games: LoK Defiance, Soul Reaver, Devil May Cry Series, VtM: Bloodlines, SWTOR, Tekken series, Mortal Kombat series, Neverwinter online, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, MetalGear series, Silent Hill series, GTA San Andreas, The Secret World... I am most likely forgetting loads atm.
 What I do in general: Work

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #139 on: January 29, 2015, 05:35:41 pm »
This looks like fun! :D

Name: Valentina
Sex: Kinky. Okay alright, female.
Age: 22
Country: Serbia
Job/education: Project Manager/ PR Manager
Favorite clan of VTM: Malkavian (I mean seriously, the clan's got SO much potential, and YES I do like Malks as comic relief (so sue me :P), but then again, I like everything to have a little comic relief. But Malks can be so much more than that, the possibilities are endless really) and Tzimisce (I am almost dissapointed at how one-dimensional the Tzimisce are portrayed and understood, I would make an anti-hero Tzimisce in a heartbeat)

Least favorite clan of VTM: I can't say I hate/dislike them, but I just don't feel drawn to ever playing a Ventrue. I find other clans to be perfectly capable of doing what a Ventrue does, back when I wasn't too familiar with the clans, I kept forgetting the Ventrue even existed and when people asked me "is there a clan of aristocrats/stuck up/powerful/manipulators in the Camarilla" I would say "as far as I know, Lasombra are like that, but they are in the Sabbat, and as for the Camarilla....uhm...maybe Tremere? No, not Tremere....Toreador?" I just find Ventrue unnecessary and uninteresting, anybody can be stuck up and phony and smart enough to obtain power. Maybe I feel that way because I haven't read the books, but as far as the game goes, or at least how I would create a campaign, I wouldn't miss the Ventrue if I decided to exclude them.
Favorite band/music:  Industrial metal/goth/EBM/synthpop, melodeath metal, nu metal. Bands/artists: Samael, In Flames, Combichrist, Indra, Evanescence, Disturbed, Falling In Reverse, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Soilwork, Assemblage 23, Roman Rain, 2NE1 (yes, kpop is my guilty pleasure), Steam-Powered Giraffe, Voltaire...
Favorite movies:  Brazil. Really the only movie I can say left enough of an impression to be allowed the title "favourite". I don't even watch that many movies.
Favorite book/writers:  Neil Gaiman, Mina D. Todorovic, Edgar Allan Poe, Terry Pratchett, Dean Koontz.
Favorite games: VtM Bloodlines (my face is like this *.* when I play that game), Unreal (Tournament), Tekken, The Sims (yeah yeah, I can get away with that because bewbz) Spiderman Web Of Shadows, Legacy Of Kain series, Aion Online, WoW...
What do I do in my freetime: I write poetry, prose, lyrics, draw, train kung fu, read...
I like/love: My boyfriend who beats me up at practice! :D hot pink, leather, studs, chains, coffee, owls, raccoons, foxes, red lipstick, sitcoms and comedies, TV shows about food, any candy, gum, or cosmetic product with mint, black eye liner, red hair, sleeping, full moon, wolves, Santana's sound of "weeping" guitar, Dali, Hugh Jackman, Marvel etc.

I dislike/hate: The recent obsession with zombies and zombie apocalypse, the overdone hipster styling, gold sequins, pointy plastic nails, Twilight saga, getting up early, tea, having to raise my voice or having somebody raise their voice at me, Giger's paintings, pick up lines, the Kardashians, colour yellow...
Before I die, I will: Visit Japan, learn Japanese and learn how to wield a katana.

Your dream: Being able to travel through time and space via teleport (the fabric of space and time is more like a rug, really...nevermind)
Know your own limit in the use of power. Releasing all out is 90% of the way to defeat.

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #140 on: December 26, 2015, 09:16:49 am »
                Name: Caleb (Fenris)
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Country: US
Occupation: Journalist
Education: in college
Favorite VtM clan: Tremere
 Least favorite VtM clan/bloodline: Nosferatu
 Favorite VtR clan/faction:
haven't played
Least favorite VtR clan/faction:dunno

 Favorite band/music:
Mostly local stuff you've never heard of, but Red Herring, Strayer...and of course my own band, Haunting Grounds (we suck)
Favorite movies: Not a huge movie person
 Favorite vampire film: again, not a big movie person
Least favorite vampire film:...dude...
 Favorite book/writers: H.P. Lovecraft
 Favorite games: Soul Calibur, Zelda, Smash Bros.
I like/love: music, fine spirits, seafood
What I do in general: disappoint myself

 Before I die, I will:
make it

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #141 on: January 13, 2016, 04:19:23 am »
Name: Thomas
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Country: Virginia
Job/education: Barista, college dropout (Because it was too expensive ($1000 a semester for 2 classes? Fuck that.).)
Picture: I don't do pictures.
Favorite clan of VTM: Malkavian, obviously. They're the most interesting. Autarkis too, if possible. The idea just pleases me.

Least favorite clan of VTM: Hmmm... Probably the Caitiff. Yeah, I know, hating on the Thin Bloods. But they are just so boring to me.
Favorite band/music: Favorite band? Disturbed. Favorite music? Eh, changes based on my current mood. But usually it's some variation on rave music or heavy metal.
Favorite movies:  Vampire Hunter D.
Favorite book/writers:  Isaac Asimov, Lensmen, Cirque du Freak (the vampires are too unique not to at least enjoy), Mercedes Lackey.
Favorite games: Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Fallout: New Vegas, Dark Souls, Broforce, XCOM: Enemy Within, Assassin's Creed 1, Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age series, pretty much any game where I can play as an evil bastard.
What do I do in my freetime: I write, I read, I game. I usually do the first two at the coffee shop I work at after my shift is done and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee before the long ride home.
I like/love: Books, games, parties, coffee, hanging out with friends. Just general stuff.

I dislike/hate: Very little.
Before I die, I will: Dunno. I don't plan that far ahead. Also don't plan on dying.

Your dream: Very kinky.
Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand.
I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me.

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #142 on: January 13, 2016, 04:40:12 am »
Name: Walker Nóbrega
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Country: Brazil
Job/education: High School Graduate, going to College.

Favorite clan of VTM: Toreador and Ravnos.
Least favorite clan of VTM: I love them all in different ways, but i would say my least favorite is Brujah.
Favorite band/music: Belchior, Genesis and Men at Work. I would say my favorite song is either Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder or... damn, i have too many favorites, so i'll leave just this one for representation.
Favorite movies: 12 Angry Men (1957).
Favorite book/writers: Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. Jules Verne, Vladimir Nabokov and Sigmund Freud.
Favorite games: Almost every RPG i could get my hands on.

I like/love: Almost everything related to the 80's, Music, Psychology (Psychoanalysis mostly), Cinema.
Before I die, I will: I don't know when or how i'll die, but i hope i can build a family and be a father before that happens.
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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #143 on: July 11, 2016, 08:09:00 pm »
Name: InTech
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom
You'll have to use your imagination.
Job/education: Nose adjacent to grindstone

Favorite clan of VTM? They are all awesome but generally my default tends to be Malkavian

Least favorite clan of VTM? I don't know, I've never played Ravanos...

Favorite band/music: This is the sort of question I used to answer easily, now not so much. I like Mastodon I guess but I also like a lot of 60's/70's music.
Favorite movies: Pretty much every Quentin Tarantino movie ever.
Favorite book/writers: Arthur C. Clarke/Terry Pratchett/Douglass Adams/HP Lovecraft
Favorite games: I like good video games, I play some good video games on my YouTube channel.
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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #144 on: January 24, 2017, 03:34:59 am »
Hi. I don't usually go on forums, but maybe this'll be fun?

Sex: M
Age: 18
Country: USA
Occupation: Ack
Education: Art stuffs
Picture: It's Kick-Ass, from Kick-Ass.

RQ I haven't lurked at all so shoot me a PM about the jargon here? If I'm doing anything wrong?

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #145 on: January 26, 2017, 08:08:20 pm »
Sex: M
Age: Getting too old
Country: Sweden
Occupation: Grocery store
Education: A little bit of this and that
Picture: <insert your favourite image here>

Favorite clan of VTM: Haven't decided yet.

Least favorite clan of VTM: Still haven't decided.

Favorite band/music: Nothing in particular. I fancy several.
Favorite movies: Hmmm..which one to pick ?
Favorite book/writers: R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan (the ones I can think of).
Favorite games: For now mostly Neverwinter Nights 1

As of right now, pretty new (virgin) to all the WoD stuff. I fairly recently got hooked on the VtM
franchise and watched a couple of sessions on Youtube, as well as played Bloodlines and
reading up on all things VtM, while also working on my project (read more about it here:'re-waiting-on-more-from-white-wolf/)
Spreading the word about it so people can come have a look :)

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #146 on: February 02, 2017, 12:14:33 pm »
 Name: Andrew
 Sex: Male
 Age: 26
 Country: Ukraine
 Job/education: Software programmer
 Favorite clan of VTM: Malkavian.
 Favorite band/music:All of classic rock
 Favorite movies: All episodes of Star Wars, True detective
 Favorite vampire movies: Blade, Interview
 Favorite book/writers: varies... bruce lee's tao of JKD, the bible, memnoch the devil, sun tzu's art of war, stuff about psychology... so on and so forth.
 Favorite games: Bloodlines, Starcraft, GTA.
 What do I do in freetime: play wih my sone, meet my friends

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #147 on: March 12, 2017, 09:39:08 am »
Name: Chelsea
Age: 30
Country: Australia
Occupation: Administration, Accounts, and Reporting Analyst.

Favorite clan of VtM: Tzimisce, Lasombra, and Cappadocians

Least favorite clan of VtM: Toreador, Gangrel, and Brujah

Favorite Music:
Mainly Synthwave, Retrowave, and Darkwave artists.

Especially Perturbator:

Favorite films:
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
The Thing (1982)
Valley Girl (1983)
Aliens (1986)
Drive (2011)
The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
Nightcrawler (2014)
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017)

Favorite books:
The Pursuit of Laughter by Diana Mitford (Published 2008)

This will probably make me sound like a complete philistine, but I don't overly enjoy reading books. Film is more my preferred medium. Though if I am reading it's likely just online articles, et cetera.

Favorite games:
System Shock 2 (1999)
Deus Ex (2000)
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (2004) I realise it goes without saying but even typing those words felt good.
The Cat Lady (2012)
Downfall (2016)
And various game series including Nancy Drew, Fallout, Borderlands, Saints Row, and Mass Effect.

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #148 on: August 16, 2017, 02:00:45 pm »
Right, now I discovered the topic and since I'm a bit at home here, I'll fill in the gaps.

Name: Karolina
 Sex: Female
 Age: 23
 Country: Poland
 Occupation: Still studies.
 Education: Transport/logistics studies, before that common high-school and primary school.
 Picture: Before your mind's eye.
 Favorite VtM clan: Gangrell, Malkavian, Tsimitse.
 Least favorite VtM clan/bloodline: Tremere, such jerks!
 Favorite VtR clan/faction: Well, I haven't finished the game yet. I quite like the Aneska and the chivalry attitude of our main character, Christof. Would be Tsimitse, too, but they do nasty things to people, including mad women in Prague.
 Least favorite VtR clan/faction: I think Cappadotian. But I played only as far as Nosferatu Lier and haven't seen much, right?
 Favorite band/music: KingCrimson's 'Three of the Perfect Pair', PoC movie OST, new Alien:Covenant OST, Motzarts' 'Turkish March'
 Favorite movies: PoC, 'The curse of the Black Pearl' the most; two movies you most probably don't know about, but are impressive: Krauze's 'Smoleńsk' (Smolensk if polish letters won't be read right) and 'Zerwany Kłos' (Zerwany Klos, where L and S are different); Alien: Covenant (like four alien movies together and with spice of LoTR); specific kind of document movies which are wholly composed of media relations made at the time the presented event was, no lector-like commentary, just compilation of these source-media. These are the best, because with every ordinary fiction movie you know it's not for real, but there... well, there it is.
 Favorite vampire film: Well, that's difficult. I love 'Young Frankenstein', but it lacks vampires. Watch it anyway! I liked the old Hellsing anime due to music and old-style, and grim mood.
 Least favorite vampire film: Interview with the vampire and Underworld.
 Favorite book/writers: Authors: Antoni Gołubiew (Golubiew), Stanisław Lem. Books: Bułhakow's 'Master & Margherita' (heck, things I considered to be fully fictional there sadly turned out to be creepy contemporary), Dostojewski's 'Crime and Punishment', Golubiew's 'Bolesław Chrobry' (Boleslaw Chrobry) - I don't expect you know this one, it would be hellishly hard to translate as it is written in stylisation of old-fashioned Polish language, it's about Poland around 1000 year.   
 Favorite games: TES II: Daggerfall, Bloodlines, Planescape-Torment, HoMM 2.
 I like/love: Discuss endlessly, walk by-foot in forests, play video games I'm too old for.
 What I do in general: Learn of the world, try to understand.
 Before I die, I will: Breathe a lot, right? There's a saying: The only thing you have to do is to breath, and only if you wish to keep live up.   

I've just come up and edit to let you know one great vampire movie: Daybreakers (2009) which is clearly superb. Vamps there aren't, at last, the superheroes with superpowers. It's simmilar to Matrix in the air and tune, but better. Story is well-told, characters are well-shown, I can't recommend it too much!

And never forget, anytime you feel old-fashion, the Murder, Inc. (1960) because it's this much good. Forget Godfather.
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"Having created something so extraordinary one would die happy, if one died."

"One is the path of a man, straight and plain: the never ending Crossroads."

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Re: Member Introduction Make Your Presence Known (Stats Only Please)
« Reply #149 on: August 16, 2017, 03:37:40 pm »
Since I've been on here a while now, I guess it's my turn  :chinscratch:

 Name: Vanessa
 Sex: Female
 Age: 38
 Country: Australia
 Education: Yr 12
<img src="">
 Favorite VtM clan/sect: Lasombra/Anarchs
 Least favorite VtM clan/sect: Tzimisce/Sabbat
 Favorite VtR clan/faction: N/A
 Least favorite VtR clan/faction: N/A (never played Requiem, and don't know much about it)

 Favorite VTMR character: Christof Romuald
 Least favorite VTMR character: Archbishop Geza (creepyyyy *shudder*)

 Favorite VTMB character: Jeanette Voerman  :vampwink:
 Least favourite VTMB character: Brother Kanker (ew lol)
 Favorite band/music: Korn  :rock:
 Favorite movies: Stargate, Sahara, Serenity, James Bond: Goldeneye
 Favorite vampire film: The Lost Boys  :cometome:
 Favorite TV shows: Stargate SG-1, Firefly, Once Upon A Time, Criminal Minds
 Favorite vampire TV show: Blade The Series (even though it only lasted one season lol)
 Favorite book/writers: Vittorio The Vampire by Anne Rice, Inca Gold by Clive Cussler
 Favorite games: VTMB, VTMR, Wolfenstein, Goldeneye 64, Mario Kart 64
 Favorite sport: AFL (Australian rules football)
Now you officially know a little bit more about me  :justabite:


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