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I tried asking the same thing in one of the Steam groups, but I couldn't find much by way of an answer. Basically, I'm trying to find what I already found at one point but lost.

So I do have the Vampire video games out so far, but I always wanted to play a campaign of the tabletop version. I own a copy of 5th edition and I remember making an online account to redeem the digital copy and wallpaper pack that came with my purchase, as well as using my account to connect to Steam that took care of a really good HumbleBundle (It had a mountain of the older books for the tabletop game and a copy of Judas Goat for my videos section.)

It's been a while and I'm finally getting around to where I was reading this manual cover-to-cover and thought it'd be nice to do a little character creation when I hit that section of the book. I remembered when I made my account online that there was a place in your profile that would let you fill out a character sheet, or multiple, online and save them to your account, probably for easy notation for people with a good handful.

But when I tried to go back to it, I think I lost track of what website it was? I've tried World of Darkness, White Wolf, and Bloodlines 2 sites, but I couldn't find any of the features that I was remembering.

Can someone help me find the link or general website I used to redeem my product? I stupidly took that sticker off my book and now I can't find that site again.


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