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Question: Diablerie = Tzimisce Diablerising Tremere
« on: May 10, 2017, 04:43:37 am »

I've had a story-line kicking inside my brain for a while now: Something down the lines of a renegade (or rather independent) Tzimisce embracing a young WW2 field surgeon.

This Tzimisce having one purpose: to prevent Gehenna. And how would he do such a thing? Well, Gehenna keeps mentioning, as one of the upcoming signs, the dilution of Cainite blood and as another, the rising of the Antediluvians. So his idea would be to unify the bloodlines, one way or another, to prevent Gehenna or even perhaps to match the antediluvians and therefor saving all cainites and ensuring their future, hence therefor progress, change... Sort of. This tzimisce, this sire, would be aware of the new age of modern technology, science and medicine, and he would also accept his "inability" to adapt (like most of his clan in this 20th and 21st century), a keystone motto of the Tzimisce clan, rendering him "unacceptable", unchanging, like a stagnant pond, where once water streamed through it, and now it is faced with the dread possibility of drying up. So his plan would be to let his childe learn all he can from him and if this childe is deemed worthy and well versed in the new ways of kine, the sire would give his strength willingly to his childe, all for the greater good and mostly for the progress of change, as Abel and Seth's Children are going trough... Now the childe would learn all he has to from his sire for this purpose;  the history of vampires, their origins, the different clans, past and present, and potential future threat: the Antediluvians or, in other words, Gehenna. Also, this childe, as early mentioned, would be a WW2 medical officer, but he would have be somewhat similar, by personality, to the ideals of the Tzimisce: driven so much by his... Profession, by the desire to preserve or even ENHANCE life, that he would willingly ignore the Hippocratic Oath, no matter the price : "First do no harm" (somehow, after much consideration, I feel such resolve and ideals would be appropriate for a member of the Nazi's SS, or at least someone somewhat embracing or at least considering the concept of Arianism, in one way or the other, or maybe Darwinism, as in "survival of the fittest"). Anyway, with all this said, this "childe" would be taught of the other clans and would probably seek their help or... their blood.

Now my question is this : Would it be possible for a Tzimisce to diablerise a member of the Tremere in order to gain thaumaturgy? I don't know why exactly, but I feel that in my "story-line", it would benefit the new tzimsce, or at least, getting the cooperation of a tremere, even though I am aware that cooperation may not be an option, hence the primary idea of Diablerie, would be beneficial for his (or his past master's) purpose.
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