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Princes of Darkness, CK2 Mod
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:51:44 pm »
After only a hundred years, the Heiligen Nacth Reich der die Unbesiegt dissolves.  The pretext was a dispute between Invictus guilds of Florence and Pisa, but in truth the Kindred princes throughout the empire demanded independence to pursue their private wars against each other.  The Imperator abdicated. The Final Council’s decisions were simple. The Council accepted the abdication of the Emperor and dissolved the title. All Electors renounced those titles and renounced any idea of a central government for the Invictus. Instead, the Electors would return to running city fiefs as individual realms, so that a Guild recognized in one city had no claim vis-à-vis a Guild recognized in another.

Princes of Darkness is a New World of Darkness themed mod for Crusader Kings 2, that is currently in development (though a playable version has been released).  Focus starts with Requiem and expand from there.  Setting is 1250 AD, after the end of the First Invictus Empire.

You can follow the development log and download the development version here:

Canon is Requiem, then Vampire: The Dark Ages.
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Re: Princes of Darkness, CK2 Mod
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 08:23:56 am »
How about a little love?

Looking for some 2D portrait artists (for Nosfeartu and Werewolves), among other help.

Initial release:

Player custom vampires and werewolves:

Werewolf gifts:

(Unfortunately, editing the unit models requires mysticgd to create .XAC files)

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Re: Princes of Darkness, CK2 Mod
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2014, 03:05:47 am »
cool beans, dood

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Re: Princes of Darkness, CK2 Mod
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2014, 04:20:03 am »
Princes of Darkness Version 0.1.6

Change Log for Version 0.1.6

Mod greatly stabilized.  Should now run many centuries before a crash.

Unit types & Retinues: Reverted 0.1.5 changes to unit types and retinues.  Now like vanilla.

New Bookmark!  1142: Rise of the Invictus Empire

Unlike the 1250 shattered world bookmark, 1142 has several empires:
  • Das Heiligen Nacht Reich (Germany, Bavaria, Lotharinga and Magdeburg, Leipzig) led by the Imperator Hardestadt the Elder of Magdeburg (German Invictus Ventrue)
  • Adamantes Athanatoi (equivalent of the ERE) led by Basileus Michael of Byzantium (Greek Adamantes Athanatoi Daeva)
  • Ager Sanguinis (the Crusader states of Kingdom of Jersualem, Tripoli, Antioch, Edessa, Cilicia, Cyprus) led by Crusader Saint Baldwin (Frankish Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu)
  • Midgard (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) led by Odin the All-High of Uppland (Circle of the Crone Gangrel)
  • Duchy of Ireland led by Duke Palladius of Dublin (Irish Invictus Ventrue)
  • Kingdom of Hungary (Hungary, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Croatia) Monarch Bulscu (Hungarian Invictus Arpad dynasty Ventrue)
  • Voivodate (Wallachia, Bulgaria, Serbia) led by Voivode of Voivodes Vladimir Rustovitch (Vlach Circle of the Crone Tzimisce dynasty Ventrue)
  • Sea of Shadows (Sicily, Aragorn, Mediterranean Islands) led by Lord Montano, King of Sicily, Aragon, Cyprus, Sardina, Corsica and Crete (Italian Nameless Lasombra dynasty Ventrue)
  • Courts of Love (France, Aquataine) led by Queen Salianna of Paris (Frankish Lancea Sanctum Daeva)
  • Baronies of Avalon (England, Wales, Brittany) led by Lord Mithras of London (Saxon Invictus Ventrue)
  • al-Amin Caliphate led by Caliph Fadi, Sultan of Mespotamia, Syria and Arabia (Levantine al-Amin Ventrue)
  • Banu Shaitan Caliphate by Caliph Zubair, Sultan of Mauretania and Andalusia (Berber Banu Shaitan Mekhet)
  • Kingdom of Anatolia led by Sultan Tughril Ashina (Turkish al-Amin Gangrel wolf-blooded)
  • Kingdom of Egypt led by Sultana Nephthys (Egyptian Unaligned Mekhet Khaibit)
  • Kingdom of Volga Bulgaria led by Crone Baba Yaga (Russian Circle of the Crone Nosferatu Yagnatia)
  • Kingdom of Turkestan led by Sultana Ceylan (Turkish Ivory Claw Ashina)
  • Legend of the Bone Shadows, Illi (Berber Irraka Bone Shadows)
  • Legend of the Blood Talons, Freya Freki, Queen of Norway (Norse Rahu Blood Talon)
  • Legend of the Hunters in Darkness, Emir of Oman, Sanaa, Damman and Medina (Bedouin Hunters in Darkness)
  • Legend of the Iron Masters, King of Pomerania and Frisia (Pommeranian Iron Masters)
  • Legend of the Storm Lords, King of Rus and Ruthenia (Russian Storm Lords)
  • Legend of the Fire-Touched, King of Cumania and Turkestan (Cuman Fire-Touched)
  • Legend of the Ivory Claws, King of Malwa (Hindustanti Ivory Claws)
  • Legend of the Predator Kings, King of Perm and Finland (Predator Kings)
  • Legend of the Bale Hounds, King of Scotland, (Scottish Bale Hounds)

Most empires have some degree of centralization.  Most empires have some variant of elective (a few have seniority or tanis).  There is a new holder maintenance event which will cause a titular empire to be destroyed if held by the wrong supernatural type, religion or culture.

Note: in the 1142 bookmark, the recommended characters are largely the only playable characters.  If you want to play a duke or count, select the 1250 bookmark; or start up at 1142, let the game run a few turns, save game, load save game and pick anywhere on the map.


Set all cultures to not use dynasty names for primary title.   If you want to see dynasties, there is a map tab for that!
Made Hungary have Hungarian characters.  Moved some Pencheng to former Hungarian territory, north of the Black Sea.  Decreased Avar characters.  All of dejure Wallachia is now Vlach and Circle of the Crone. Increased Invictus and Circle of the Crone vampires in Hungary, reduced Fire-Touched Werewolves. Added Hungarians to Ungvar, removed Croats. Removed some Bohemians for more Hungarians.
Add Seljuk/Turkish migration to Anatolia.  Adjusted religion, culture accordingly.  Lancea Sanctum now dominates the crusader states, while al-Amin and Ivory Claws followed the Turkish invasion. There is some character work left to do so that we don't have Greek al-Amin.
All Norse Storm Lords replaced with Norse Blood Talons.  Dutch Lancea Sanctum replaced with Dutch Iron Masters. Blood Talons, Storm Lords in Scotland and Ireland replaced with Bale Hounds.
Created 5 holy sites for every religion to address 2.1.6 bug (too differentiate holy sites later).

If supernaturals convert to "innocent", they will subsequently become unaligned or ghost wolves. 


Forsworn/Belial's Brood: now a significant Covenant (religion group).  Actually exists as religion group with various factions as religions:
  • Nameless
  • Mercy Seat
  • Roaring Serpent
  • Throne of Smokeless Fire
  • Pandaemonium

Djinn has been eliminated a separately religion, with holdings distributed to Smokeless Throne and Unaligned.
Increased county holding substantially. They are smaller than Lancea Sanctum or Invictus, about the size of the Circle of the Crone, al-Amin, Ivory Claws, Mara-Dharma--they are spread over a wide geographic area. 
Forsworn unholy orders:
  • The Hidden
  • Archons
  • Antinomians
  • Faustians
  • Djinn
  • Hyletics

Forsworn mercenaries:
  • the Black Hand
  • Manus Nigrum
  • Talmahera
  • Baali
  • Sabbat

Therion dynasty will appear for some Forswon.
Forsworn also have their own revenant families who are hireable as mercenaries and have ancesteral county holdings, the Duolosi:
  • Androphonis
  • Anleemoni
  • Avigsonne
  • Carcassonne
  • D'habi
  • Diakonos
  • Schiavari

Revenants/Ghoul Families

Added all named revenant families from OWOD and NWOD.  They exist as hireable mercenaries, dynasties, an as well as often claiming single counties for their ancesteral homelands. 
The families:
  • Asmundarson
  • Basarab
  • Bratovitch
  • Crassus
  • Cult of Nirriti
  • Danislaw
  • Enrathi
  • Grimaldi
  • Khazi
  • Krevcheski
  • Marijava
  • Narov
  • Obertus
  • Oprichniki
  • Premysl
  • Rafastio
  • Rustovitch
  • Ruthvenski
  • Szantovich (Zanatosa)
  • Vlaszy


Some clan specific mercenaries added:
  • The Carnival (Daeva)
  • Larvae (Gangrel)
  • Angustri (Mekhet)
  • Noctuku (Nosferatu)
  • the Last State (Ventrue)

Added some Ashirra/Islamic/Arabic mercenaries:
  • Assamites
  • Ashirra
  • Banu Haqim
  • Bay't Majnoon
  • Bay't Muirim
  • Bay't Mushakis
  • Bay't Mutasharid
  • Qabilat al-Khayal
  • Qabilat al-Mawt
  • Ray'een al-Fen
  • Wah'Sheen
  • Walid Set

Added some Dark Age Inquisitor supernatural hunter mercenaries
  • House Murnau
  • Oculi Dei
  • Sisters of Saint John
  • The Red Order
  • The Order of the Poor Knights of the Passion of the Cross of Acre

Rebels: Rebel Dukes now are supernatural as appropriate; as are their courtiers.

Sped up Technology/Influence Level Increase


Massive building overhaul:

  • Bribed (Level 1):  First stage of controlling a resource.  Quick and cheap to do with small reward.  1 week, 10 gold.  +1 light_infantry
  • Influenced (Level 2): Second stage of controlling a resource.  Moderate time, moderate cost with moderate reward.  1 month, 50 gold. +10 light_infantry
  • Controlled (Level 3): Third stage of controlling a resource.  Large time, large cost with large reward.  1 year, 500 gold. +100 light_infantry
  • Ghouled (Level 1.G): For vampires only and costs province blood. Quick and cheap to do with large reward.  1 week, 10 gold, +100 light_infantry.  But costs 1 province blood every month, and has a trigger of a high provnice blood to do.
  • Conditioned (Level 2.C): For vampires with Dominate IV.  Large time, moderate cost with a large reward.  6 months, 250 gold. +75 light_infantry.  This will give Ventrue a subsantial edge over other vampires in influencing society.

Not all building/influence will have these options and paths; but most will.

Example of levels for a Brothel:
  • Bribed Whore (Level 1)
  • Influenced Pimp (Level 2)
  • Controlled Brothel (Level 3)
  • Ghouled Madam (Level 1.G)
  • Conditioned Whores (Level 2.C)

Kinds of buildings/influence:
  • Castle Guard: heavy infantry, pikemen, garrison
  • Knightly Order: knights, light cavalry
  • Militia: light infantry, archers, garrison
  • Inn: gold, blood
  • Bandits: light cavalry, gold
  • Brothel: gold, blood
  • Tavern:  gold, blood
  • Night Watch of the City Guard: pikemen, heavy infantry, archers, helps masquerade, garrison
  • Street gang: light infantry, gold, influence spread, economic influence, garrison
  • Temple Guard: light infantry, heavy infantry, garrison
  • Monastery: gold, blood
  • Convent: gold, blood
  • Smugglers: ships, gold, light infantry
  • Haven: add fort level, garrison, 5 levels
  • Elysium: reduces vampire frenzy, helps masquerade
  • Hell Hound Kennels: fort level
  • Nosferatu Warrens: fort level
  • Kinfolk: special influence that adds light infantry for werewolves to balance vampire ghouls.


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