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Re: New Play by Post Roleplay
« on: February 28, 2010, 05:35:00 pm »
                Inspired by some of the thoughts about the new WoDMMO that have been running around the forum lately.. so I thought about exploring some of these ideas through Play by Post roleplay.
 I host this on Myth-Weavers, tell me what you think.
 The current game ruleset, settings and guidelines:
Suiton posted:
[COLOR="Blue"]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------[/COLOR]
 *Age: Only players of ages 18+ are allowed to participate since the game contains mature content.
 *Basic knowledge and understanding: of WoD settings and gameplay or greater.
 *Some small measure of sanity and recognition that this is only a game.
 *Respect for other people
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="Red"] Settings:[/COLOR]
 World of Darkness, Hunter and Vampire the Requiem with elements inspired by Vampire the Masquerade.
 The game will be structured as a sort of presistent world sandbox with storytelling events, occuring characters and social roleplay.
 The game take place in 2020 in a fictional city called Fiction city on the shore of the pacific ocean within the state of california with a core population of about 124,000 people.(I try to avoid a real city here as to not make it a study in history and geography). Historically-wise its relativly new, started as a town and relativly big construction work and habitation effort i made it into the status of a full fledged city in roughly 15 years.
 The player characters start out  as the only supernaturals in the city which means they make the core balance of power in the city,  More supernatural creatures may enter the city as part of a story, new players and maybe embraced NPCs.
 This give the game a more interesting edge that inolves the players.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="Red"] Goals and Story:[/COLOR]
 The Story varies according to events.
 To kick things off and establish interaction between the players, the settings and characters I will introduce a starting story that brings them all to be aquiented with eachother.
 The primary goal of the game is to have fun with the secondary goal of building an interesting story, adventure and exploration of ideas.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="red"]Character Creation:[/COLOR]
 Standard fresh WoD characters only according to WoD , VTR or Hunter's Character creation rules.
 You can have Clans from the oWoD as long as the Disciplines needed to portray these clan exsist.(examples: Lasombra and Obteneberation)
 *Since there is a well known balance problem with fightining styles , Fightining Styles are not allowed to go above 2. (ever)
 **I will support most Offcial supplements but fan-made supplements are forbidden (the kind that are on WoDWiki's and so on)  since they defy the balance
 The character sheet must be believable and reasonable.
 Character background is not mandatory unless you want some things about the character's past to be recognized by the storyteller.
  the character can be you reimagined as a vampire , however even if you dont write a background you must answer these simple questions along with the character sheet:  
 [COLOR="Lime"]-[/COLOR] If you are a vampire, who embraced you? what happened to them?
 [COLOR="Lime"]-[/COLOR] Why did you come to be in the city? were you born there?
 [COLOR="Lime"]- [/COLOR]What are your character's ambitions?
 [COLOR="lime"]- [/COLOR]What does your character do for a living/unliving? (job etc)
 Once you are done send me the character sheet via PM.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="red"]Titles/Positions and Law:[/COLOR]
 If a character wants to declare himself prince of the city or primogen of whatever the only thing stopping him is other characters.
 Characters are also encouraged to create their covenants.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="red"]Haven + Assets :[/COLOR]
 The character's haven,assets and equipment must be in accordance to the character's resources rating.  
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 There are some locations in the city characters might want to hold control over. they give bonus to resources, herd, status, influence,  allies or retainers that may help your character.  Also controlling these central locations may give your character other common sense advantages , for example a kindred who controls the police department is in theory able to send the police on rivals.
 However to gain the full benefits , a kindred has to be the sole dominator of a location, kindred sharing influence in a location will cause the bonus to merits it gives to be divided evenly amongst them.
 Police Department : bonus: Influence + Allies
 City Hall: bonus: Influence + status + resources
 Psych ward: bonus: Haven + herd
 Hospital: bonus: herd + influence + allies
 Docks: bonus resources + influence + contacts
 Airfield: bonus resources + influence + contacts
 Banks: 2 banks give resources
 Nightclubs/Pubs : 2 nightclubs and 3 pubs  gives resources
 Gaining influence in a location:
 Other Locations:
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 Points that need be emphesised
 -Mature realistic roleplay
 -no meta roleplay, describe to other players only what you think they would be able to hear and see. Narrating your character is ok as long as you do not reveal things other players should not know
 -Do not have your character act according to OOC knowledge if you come across it, instead imagine how they would act with the knowledge they would realisticly possess.
 - Characters can only be at one forum thread at a time , meaning that you have to RP your character's exit from a thread in order to have it in another(cant be at two locations as once)
 -Discreet actions(obfuscate, etc) should be done via PM to the Storyteller.
 Good Roleplay will be awarded.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="red"]PvP, Death, Embrace:[/COLOR]
 PvP is allowed, players are allowed to attack eachother as long as they have an In Character reason to doing so. be warned though that attacking another will probably put you at risk and has its own political implications.
 Death: From the moment s/he enters the chronicle the player accumulates special freebie points that may be spent when creating a new character in event of his character's death, the number of these freebie points = number of days played but they can only be used after your character dies.
 Embrace: Ghouls and Mortals can be embraced and to make things interesting, if you want to play a vampire after the initial start of the chronicle you have to have another Player character embrace you. (RP it with him/her in a seperate thread).
 Vampires of Blood Potency 3 or higher are  allowed to embrace 1 NPC.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="Red"]Retainers:[/COLOR] Each character is premitted a maximum of 2 human  retainers at start(must have the merit), The retainers character sheet are to be made with the same points as the character and the player may spend the special accumulating freebie points on them(see Death), in event of Death the character will play the human retainer.
 -The Advantage is having a character to help you.
 -The Disadvantage is you are forced to start with a Human or Ghoul character in event of death since retainers must be human.
 -You cannot embrace your own Retainer, you are only allowed to Embrace or Ghoul other people's retainers.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="red"]Feeding and Sunlight (For Vampires only):[/COLOR]
 Feeding can happen via roll or using a thread, posting about it and having a more detailed interaction:
 *Roll means rolling (Manipulation+Persuasion+Herd) or Alternativly (Strength+Brawl+Herd) when blood is needed, the Strength based roll is aggressive and using it requires the user to make a seperate 1d10 roll (difficulty 8) to determine if it caused a breach in the masquerade.
 *using a thread for feeding means feeding is more detailed, the player describes the situation and the storyteller decides on a more appropriate roll and interaction.
 Feeding in general can only happen if the character is able to get to where he wants to feed and able to find prey there.
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]
 [COLOR="red"]Character Advancement and XP:[/COLOR]
 XP can be gained from accomplishing significant tasks or/and from roleplaying in forum threads and will be awarded once per week .
 [COLOR="Blue"]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------[/COLOR]




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Re: New Play by Post Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2010, 12:34:00 pm »
                Damn, sometimes I forget this board even exists! Hope it's not too late to reply! worried  
 Anyway, I've toyed for a long time with the idea of running a game like this one with my group, but never got the chance. Still you know how we nerds are so that didn't stop me from writing down some ideas and simple plots. First of all, if you want to focus on the relations between all the players and how they eventually start to grow apart for different reasons, you really should stay away from cities. As a setting, a city is big, impersonal and frequently dangerous, and while that's cool for your average Requiem chronicle, that's not the case for yours. You want to run a game like that in a small town for many, many reasons.
 The main one is that small towns are the opposite of cities: they are small, which means your players will bump into each other eventually even if they don't want to, which is great for you; what's more, in small towns everybody knows everybody and this is something very interesting, because unlike a big city, if one of your players wants to embrace his new lover another player may want to stop him because that girl is the daughter of the local sheriff and that could get everybody in trouble; and of course, small cities are usually safe, so if a corpse shows up or the husband of the local doctor is kidnapped, the players surely have something to do with it. If you are feeling particularly artsy, you can switch the small town for suburbia, it's the same thing.
 All of that is great if you want to keep the focus on your players, but another good reason is that unless your players are elders with hundreds of years on their backs and with all the contacts in the world, it doesn't make sense for them to control a whole city, no matter how new it is: someone bigger and scarier is going to show up there and claim what's hers.
 I don't like the idea of using oWoD clans in the game, but if your players just can't have fun without them then I guess it's ok. And PvP? In my games players backstab each other without thinking twice; IMHO if you need to comment that PvP is on, you are 1) suggesting players not to trust each other and thus stopping them from developing meaningful relations between one another, and 2) dissuading more social RPers from playing your game.
 But whatever, at the end all that matters is if your players are having fun or not, and I'd say your game looks great and has a lot of potential. Yup, the kind of game you keep talking about years after it's over because you had such a great time playing it! Just remember to keep the focus on the players and their relations, everything else is secondary.                        


           - Cahalith
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Re: New Play by Post Roleplay
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2010, 02:48:00 pm »
                Well thank you for your opinion but it seems there is little interest anyway so I gave up on it by now.
 I did consider a small town for the very reason you mentioned but it has other limitations and I figured not every city is as big as Chicago NYC or LA so I thought small city.
 I say PvP is on mostly because I know some storytellers kind of block that option(or the grave outcome of it) in their RP so even if it seems trivial to experienced roleplayer It seems that in most games (troupe games) this option is often overidden by the ST..                        



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New Play by Post Roleplay
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2010, 08:09:00 pm »
                Sorry to hear it was put down. I was kind of looking for you on Myth Weaver, untill I finally saw this thread. If you'll give it another go, it would be appreciated if you PM:ed me. Can't promise I can play, but I damn well want to.                        



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Re: New Play by Post Roleplay
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2015, 06:15:09 am »
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  • I want to get this thing long ago.


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