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Buck the Clan Stereotypes! <Vampire>
« on: February 02, 2012, 03:57:02 am »
But I had asked for a Malkie concept !

"You can't always get what you want..." - Rolling Stones


Dammit! I've got the scoop of a lifetime, and I can't publish it! "Scoop of a lifetime", heh, that really says it all...

This is what I get for listening to that skanky tramp... Ok, I shouldn't be so hard on her, she is my friend. Still.

"Come on, you work tou hard. Let's go party! I met this really, really nice guy, and he's kind of wild too. It's not like whatever it is you write about will be gone in the morning. Let's go!"

Mindy's a nice girl. Bit of an airhead though... "Whatever it is I write"... She'd know if she could ever bring herself to read anything. The way things worked out though, maybe it's better that she didn't: I'm an investigative journalist. Corruption in politics and business is my daily bread. I work freelance, and I was never exactly pushy about getting my name or face in the public eye, which was just fine with my editors, and may have turned out to be my saving grace.

So I go out with Mindy to meet this friend. We barhopped a while. Looking back, he was probably trying to shake me, but Mindy was so excited to have me coming along. It was her "idea" that the three of us go back to his place. I'm not normally into that sort of thing, but I was drunk, and it had been a while...

Now I'm dead.

I've got these new "friends". Also dead. Party animals. Some of them make Mindy look like a nun. "Life" is just one big bacchanalia. Hell, they probably know the guy who invented them. Maybe he's still around. I've learned a little bit about my new "society" - covenants and clans and blood.  Secrecy and shadows. All Mindy really knows about my writing is I wrote childrens books. I did. Years ago. Let them all keep thinking that.

My new "friends": they are Carthians. Trying to make the world a better place or some shit. Mindy don't care as long as she's having fun. Me, I learned that knowledge is power a long time ago, and I don't have enough of it yet. But I can get it. Spent my life learning how to find out the secrets everyone thinks they can hide. And now I've got time on my side.

Name:  April Montgomery
Age: 35 (when Embraced) - probably owe her a few dots for life experience, but kept to the "new character" template
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Unaligned
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Power: Intelligence - ****, Strength - *, Presence - *
Finesse: Wits - **, Dexterity - *,  Manipulation - ***** (5th from clan bonus)
Resistance: Resolve - ***, Stamina - *, Compusure - ***

Physical: Drive - *, Firearms - **, Stealth - * (anyone who makes enemies needs to be able to protect themselves)
Social: Expression (specialization - Journalism) - ****, persuasion - ***
Mental: Academics (specialization - Research) - ***, computer - *, investigation (specialization - "white collar" affairs) - ****, politics - ***

Contacts: **** (she still has many ties in the business and political world)
Allies: *** (many owe her favors, a few owe her a lot)

Blood Potency: 1

April was an "impulse" Embrace (sort of a two for one special with Mindy). As such, the other Kindred didn't know as much about her as they normally would, and April does her best to keep it that way. She's shifted he focus from the politics and government of the living to the unliving, but hasn't severed all her ties with the mortal world yet - her network of resources and information is too good to let go to waste. Being freelance, she can still keep tabs on the mortal world and submit stories without having to ever enter an office or meet with people.

She never was the social type to begin with, and kept face to face contact to a minimum, so that's not much of a change to the people who dealt with her professionally. With email, internet banking, direct deposit, and automatic billpay, why does anyone need to see anyone these days? Of course, there's always the "dinner meeting" after dark available. Mindy has turned to her even more in "unlife" than she did in life, and April has welcomed that - giving them each one comforting constant and "safe haven" in their new world.

Her neighbors never knew her anyway, so for now she's living in the same small house she lived in when she was alive, using a large walk-in closet to sleep in during the day. Lawn service keeps getting paid, so everything looks normal. She knows that will have to change at some point, and she does know a few "hidey holes" in case of emergency, but she wants to make every move carefully - 'look before you leap' could be one of her guiding mottos. Except for that one night...

Insanity Mod: If you're not dying, I'm not trying.

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Re: Buck the Clan Stereotypes! <Vampire>
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2012, 10:11:12 pm »
Well said, sir.


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Re: Buck the Clan Stereotypes! <Vampire>
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2012, 11:11:53 pm »
I concur.

Well, said. *listens to the song again* EDIT: that really is amazing.  No idea why I have never heard this version before. This should be the main version.
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