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Title: Vampire: Origins
Post by: Radical21 on October 28, 2010, 10:43:15 pm
I forgot to present this option in the previous lineup of chronicle settings options so consider it an addtion

Vampire:Origins initially puts the players in the role of Vampire Progenitors in the beginning and follows the choices and legacy which shapes following generations of vampires.

Goals: Explore Vampires evolution as a society from origins and build a new mythology.

How does it work:
Each player creates a New Character and choose three disciplines(From most VTR books) they think suit their character's persona and preferences.
Next you work out how you think your vampire came to be a vampire, is it a divine curse? did he eat some bad fruit? did he become possessed by an evil spirit? every Kindred would find a different way to rationalize the mysterious transformation from human to vampire but the truth about it is unknown..

You can create your character to closely resemble one of the exsisting clans in Masquerade or Requiem but keep in mind that even though it use VTR's rules for mechanics it is neither Requiem nor Masquerade.

Note: The Role of Progenitor is the initial starting phase, eventually in according to in game choices and consequences each of the beginning cast of players may move to the next phase of playing a child sired by this first generation and so on.(I will explain more about how this takes place if this idea actually takes)

Players who join late in the game will start as humans and may be sired by exsisting vampires or be some undiscovered clan depending on how far the game progressed when they join.

I may elaborate more if everyone like this idea better, if not Ill just continue with VTM MD as Im excited by idea of running either one of these games.

Either way please continue to build your character sheet for the VTM MD chronicle and if somehow this radical idea is accepted you can simply shed away most of the character history background and I can help you to quickly adapt the background parts concerning its personality to use in this setting..
Title: Re: Vampire: Origins
Post by: _username on November 02, 2010, 03:11:15 am
Interesting.  It sounds fun, but very involved compared to other types of storylines.
Title: Re: Vampire: Origins
Post by: Radical21 on November 02, 2010, 02:53:24 pm
Mostly something experimental .

I'm not sure how you mean that its more involved? that the plot centers on the PCs?
Title: Re: Vampire: Origins
Post by: _username on November 03, 2010, 02:21:37 am
It just seems to require more brain bytes per post per user.  Just my initial perception.  Not a bad thing, just perhaps a little different than what most people would be looking for in a play-by-post chronicle.
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