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Interactive story play
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:42:00 am »
                The rules of this will begin simple and I will add them later of course in a equal system judged by all people. I will start by description of my character and would then like the rest with others. Please note that the timeline will be reflected in my own charcaters information so let us stick to the ungoing timeline.
 Another decade has passed me by again and why I lay here in the dark forest of the town Iltha, I wonder in self reflection," Will I change as I see another moon in yet another cycle on once again another rainy night. Will I ever understand how it is to feel the emotions of something I have not yet learned or find something I have not yet experienced?". Obviously once again I will stop these thoughts before they become stuck in a never ending self battle of unweilding answers. My name is Cyril of Trudesta, and I have traveled such a long ways from my home in Hybrenia(Roman word not latin for Ireland. I would have stayed with the others like I, but the Viking Invaders had began a hunt upon our kind. One of the first humans to understand what we were, so like many I fled knowing to stay would end this so called existance.
     I have nothing here in Macedonia. Iam not a lord or a Master of anything. A gypsy traveler at most that has no others to be found of like I yet. LIke most Macedonians I have built a place of shelter atop a hill where I have established for now peace. For my kind Iam weak now, and have no understanding or ambitions to ponder such things. But I plan for such things to change in time. All that I have done to give clues that only other kindred could understand was create tablets in various temples I passed through, that I knew the humans would keep as treasure of knowledge and the kindreds would know another had wrote on this to give a location of where Iam at. It is time for me to feed and I must do this carefully. Unlike to what I have seen many years ago to the east, their is no writing systems here, just mainly word of mouth. But in such a superstitious place Iam in that is much deadlier and faster so I hunt with the blessing of the Creator of myself and our kind.
 Veci: XVII Ma' I Moon.                        




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