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[archive] Year_of_the_Scarab:
                Pretentious thread title for some sketches, eh? Well, no matter. Seeing as the Discussion thread is all kinds of broken, and posting images doesn't work, I figured no one'll be particulary upset if I start a thread for this.
 Planning on getting the entire cast, some are already in the works. For now:
 Prince Faleramo, the Lasombra
 Dustin, the Gangrel
 Lars, the Toreador
 Opinions are welcome as always

[archive] AlienSlof:
                I love 'em! Looking forward to seeing the rest!                                                                            

[archive] Killer39787726:
                Same here.                         -----signature-----           Cant we all just get along?...No? Ok...then i will just rip your head off.                                                       

[archive] Grendel8101:
                Cool stuff.  Are you going to do all the characters, or just the ones you've done sketches for already?                                                                            

[archive] RomanK28488471:
                Nice. I approve.                         -----signature-----           Roman K
 "This isn't life in the fast lane, it's life in the oncoming traffic."
 (Terry Pratchett)                                                       


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