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[archive] Signothorn:
                Ravenmill is a medium-sized city, not far from the South Branch Reservation, in Hunterdon, New-Jersey. The name of the town reputedly came from an Indian tribe that held these grounds in times past.  Growing from a small logging town to a large industrialized city after the turn of the 20th century, Ravenmill began attracting new citizens. The Cainite society soon followed. The Sabbat was the first to enter the city, taking over the industrial area and the slums as it's own. The homeless soon began to disappear, but few paid attention. These things happened. No one really cared. The Camarilla made a pitch at the town pretty soon after the Sabbat expanded it's breaches of the Masquerade to unacceptable grounds. Unfortunately, they were too late to prevent the escalating damage. Several groups of hunters, the Society of Leopold being the largest, set up bases in the city, and began decimating the Kindred of the city. The aftermath of this three-fold battle resulted in the Sabbat being driven out of the city. The Camarilla ordered that a low profile should be kept, as the hunters weren't likely to leave a city they have marked as a 'den of evil'.
 The battle for the city ended 20 years ago. Today, it is all different.
 The city of Ravenmill is no longer prospering. The industrial boom is over. The decline set in ten years ago, and no improvement is in sight. The industrial area and the warehouses are half-abandoned, as business interests left the area, to look for cheaper labor abroad. The Kindred community has been having some recent overtures, as well. The Anarch movement has taken control of the slums and lower-class residential areas, and while it is not in open warfare with the Camarilla, the rumbles are already heard. The arrival of the Kuei-Jin to the town is not a good sign for the things to come, either. For now, they keep themselves within the confines of Ravenmill's small Chinatown. Attempts to discern the goals of the Kuei-Jin have so far met a fatal end, and few would agree to try, these days.
 People of Note:
  Faleramo Benedict
 Embrace: Unknown. Estimated to be around 1300 AD.
 Clan: Lasombra antitribu.
 Description: Faleramo came over to the Camarilla in 1734. The suspicion about his defection was greatly cleared by the information he supplied, and by the zeal he then took the Camarilla's goals as his own, but a few of the elders still suspect his defection. As far as the Sabbat is concerned, Faleramo knows more than most, and can expect the moves of several of their elders he had known in his time with the Sabbat. He had personally planned the eradication of the Sabbat in Ravenmill, and became Prince for his abilities more than for his age. He tends to wear dark, expensive, suits, sometimes of a style several centuries out of date. He has a small beard and moustache, and tends to wear a dark  hat at most social occasions. Like all Lasombra, he casts no reflections, and has several self-portraits of himself scattered over the Benedict Foundation building.
 Embrace: Estimated to be around 1920.
 Clan: Nosferatu.
 Generation: 10th.
 Description: Halton's an unknown. No one is sure who sired him, or where, but the few rumors that have reached the other Kindred's ears point to the vicinity of Chicago. For the disadvantages of his lineage, Halton has achieved much in both the Camarilla and Ravenmill. No one is sure when he met Faleramo, but he appeared in Ravenmill at the same time as he, and took an active part in cleaning the city from the Sabbat's presence. He soon became both the Prince's Seneschal and Sheriff, both roles being extremely uncommon for a Nosferatu. Halton's got his ear to the ground, even if the local Nosferatu aren't on the friendliest terms with him, and he mostly knows what's happening in Ravenmill before his clan-mates. He gives good, but rather straightforward advice, to the Prince, and takes the physical part of Sheriff seriously. If someone needs to die, then he dies, and usually few know of it. Halton prefers to keep his work as silent as possible. If he believes someone needs to be dragged to the Prince, then that someone will either be knocked out or staked, and brought to the Prince. If that someone is still capable of resistance, and tries to, then what is left, if there is, is dragged to the Prince. Halton might be a complicated person, but he prefers to work in uncomplicated ways. Simple works best, is what he always says.
 His clothing varies, although it tends to be flashy most of the time, but most can recognize him by the lack of his left ear.
 Embrace: 1862.
 Clan: Tzimisce.
 Generation: 10th.
 Description: Former Bishop of Ravenmill, Revikal has been trying to restore the Sabbat's power ever since he was driven out. His failure to keep Ravenmill in the Sabbat's power, which resulted in him being one of the few survivors of Ravenmill's Sabbat, and several subsequent failures to retake Ravenmill, have left Revikal a bitter man. It has also left him a worried one. His Lasombra superiors have told him that destroying the Prince will earn him much prestige within the Sabbat. They left him to figure out the consequences of failure for himself. Revikal knows that his next chance might very well be his last.
 Revikal is an expert of the Tzimisce Discipline of Vicissitude,  and his appearance shows it. From the bone protrudes on his hands to the prolonged skull, Revikal has reshaped his body to fit his needs.
 Clan: Brujah.
 Description: O'Neil's loud, charismatic, and extremely paranoid. The ideal Brujah Anarch. Formerly a member of the IRA, he was on a fund-raising trip in the US when an Anarch saw the abilities O'Neil possessed, and decided they would better serve the Anarch cause. O'Neil leads the Anarchs in Ravenmill, and often talks loudly of trying to reshape it in the image of LA. So far, it has been mostly talk, and there have been only a few clashes between the Anarchs and the Camarilla. O'Neil is a large man, with a striking personality. If he can convince you to join the Anarch cause, so much the better. If not, then he'll likely strike you.
 Places of Note:
 Industrial Area: From run down factories, to abandoned warehouses, the industrial area is a Kindred's dream if he wishes to stay undetected. It was formerly held by the Sabbat, and there are rumors that several warehouses and underground complexes still hold undiscovered… experiments.
 The Hole in the Wall: A large biker bar on the fringes of the slums, this place is the watering hole of the Anarch Movement.
 The Slums: The poorest area of Ravenmill, this area is filled with poorly-built and half-ruined residential blocks. The homeless fill the alleys and streets, and few would reside here by choice.
 Residential Area: Residential blocks, a few stores. Nothing fancy, really.
 Downtown: Corporate sky-scrapers, office buildings, nightclubs. This is the heart of Ravenmill. Melbourne Museum, a large attraction for both locals and visitors, has it's place here. Few know about the large underground complex, marked in the blueprints as 'storage', which holds the city's Tremere Chantry. This area is also the location of the seat of the Prince's power, the Benedict Foundation sky-scraper.
 Pete's Gun Shop: "Come right in, kid. Don't worry, I know the deal, and I ain't got a problem with serving your kind. So, what'll it be today? Desert eagles, MP's, precision rifles, AK's, and I've got a few grenades in the back. Careful with that one, kid, that's imported. Where do I get all this, kid? Echoes of the cold war…"
 Moor Avenue: The high society residential area, this is where the richer people of Ravenmill live their lives. Or Un-lives.
 Outskirts: Few of the city's Kindred choose to live in the outskirts of town, as the close proximity to the reservation, grounds overrun with werewolves, makes all but few of the Cainites extremely nervous. The outskirts hold the Ravenmill Mental Institute, an old, run-down, insane asylum that is now the home of the Malkavian Primogen and his bizarre experimentations.
 This is the setting of the story, if you haven't figured that out yet. ;-)
 Please post your characters here for my approval. If you believe you need to ask me something about your character, please PM me. I'll only allow a character from a Bloodline or independent Clan if you can convince me that this char would have a reason to be in the city. For example, setting up a backround for a Giovanni character isn't too difficult, as the Giovanni have business interests just about anywhere. Playing as Nagaraja, on the other hand, will be a bit more difficult. Just so's you'd know, I don't allow the players to be members of the Sabbat. Plot reasons, you understand. You can forget about True Brujah and Old Clan Tzimisce, too. If it's any consolation, I'll probably allow a Lasombra antitribu.
 Anyways, I'll be writing down the first post of the story, and start it officially in the next few days, possibly tomorrow even. For now, post your characters.
 I'm adding a Clans Link and a Discipline Link, so you will know what your character will be capable of:
 Clans and Bloodlines
 Vampire Disciplines
 A good character template would be the following:
 In the Disciplines section, you need write down what disciplines your character is focused on. What's it capable of, sort of thing. Other capabilities, such as focus on melee over guns, likable personality and so on, should be written down in Personality, or  History.
 Get to it. ;-)                         -----signature-----           Roman K
 "This isn't life in the fast lane, it's life in the oncoming traffic."
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[archive] Grendel8101:
                Name: Dustin Walking Hawk
 Gender: Male
 Clan: Gangrel
 Sect: Anarch sympathizer
 Age/Embrace: b.1960, embraced in 1985
 Generation: 10th (unknown to him; see history)
 History:  In life, Dusty was born on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota to a white mother and an absent Lakota father.  He ran wild in the dusty prairie all through childhood.
   Dusty briefly joined the American Indian Movement before falling out with the organization, and with Indian society in general.  He viewed his people as having a broken spirit and this disheartened him.
   On a winter day nearing dusk he was out hunting.  He was tracking what he believed was a coyote when he was attacked.  He awoke embraced, though he didn't know this word, and alone.  His sire, like many Gangrel, had abandoned him.
   For the next 20-odd years he haunted the plains, living wild and hunting deer and small animals for blood.  Occasionally he would feed off a human, but generally avoided contact with them.  Rural adolescents constructed the myth of the Coyote Man around encounters with and sightings of him.
   Brief encounters with other kindred have given Dusty vague impressions of vampire politics and practices, but for the most part he is ignorant of these things.
   *In late 2004, Dusty started receiving messages from someone claiming to be his sire.  These messages have lead him to Ravenmill.
   Since coming to the city, Dusty has had a difficult time adapting.  As he has learned more about the politics of Kindred, he feels drawn to the Anarch movement, preferring their love of freedom over the cold rule of the Cammarilla and the sadistic practices of Sabbat.
 Appearance:  Dusty has yellow eyes and dog-like fangs, curving back rather than pointing straight down.  He has black hair.  His face has started to become more dog-like.
   Years of living wild have marked him.  He occasionally forgets to wear shirts and shoes, and will run on all fours if he forgets he is in a city.
   He paints his face black when he knows he will be in a fight.
   His Protean wolf is tawny, looking more like a coyote except for the size (part of the myth behind Coyote Man)
 Personality:  Dusty is plane-spoken and dry.  He keeps his thoughts to himself for the most part.  He does have a mischievous streak that can get him in trouble.
   He has a peculiar relationship with his Beast.  He recognizes it as a part of him, and allows it some influence in his thought.  The Beast's Frenzy and instincts have saved him numerous times, but surrendering to it would get him killed.  If he feels the need to Frenzy, without cause, he will hunt down animals and act out the Beast's brutal desires.
   Dusty's theory is that the best way to deal with the Beast is not to overcome it and drive it out, nor to give in to it totally, but to someday merge with the Beast until there is no separation.  Whether this is wisdom or idiocy remains to be seen; however, he has unintentionally Frenzied relatively rarely in his life.
   Dusty is good with a knife or a gun, but best with his claws.  He carries an old Colt SAA revolver, passed down and rebuilt for several generations of his mortal family.
 Disciplines:  Protean(4) Dusty can turn into a wolf or a black vulture.  Animalism(5).  Fortitude(3).

[archive] Year_of_the_Scarab:
                Lars Mahn
 Clan: Toreador
 Sect: Camarilla
 Embrace: sometime in the late 1910s
 Generation: 9th
 Appearance: tall fellow, wears hair in a braid, simple garments, reasonably good looking, kind of "Joe Average" in a crowd.
 finally finished portrait
 (edit - no use in reposting it again, just go to the artwork thread instead)
 History: Eastern culture enthusiast, born in 1882 in Vienna, Austria. Fascinated by the recently abolished at the time samurai philosophy traveled all the way to Japan in order to study the philosphophy behind martial arts.
 Embraced in the first years of the XX century by his sensei, the meanwhile deceased Nakamura Yana. Interested mostly in the (sword) arts, kenbu (a style of swordplay closer to dancing than actuall combat) in particular, doesn't concern himself with Kindred politics, though seeing Camarilla's code of conduct as a honorable path (more than the Anarchs or Sabbat alternatives anyway) abides by the rules and aids the Prince's people without much arguement. Currently owns the Kenjutsu Ryuha martial arts school located in the Ravenmill Residential Area.
 Disciplines: the typical bunch - Auspex (6), Presence (4), Celerity (3), with an emphasis on Auspex, for the insight it provides.
 Personality and Traits: Likable fellow in general, if a bit aloof. Takes the "self perfection" element from Iaido philosophy seriously, though not quite to the point of egomania. Occasionally spends entire nights meditating, or quite frankly, doing nothing. At such times all calls and interesants are redirected to his secretary Martina or personal assistant Markus.

[archive] RomanK28488471:
                In Reply To #2, #3
 Both characters approved. Go and post your introductionary post now.
 I won't be around for the next couple of days, so apologies in advance for not answering anyone.                         -----signature-----           Roman K
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[archive] archy_bold:
                Name: Jacob Saunders (?)
 Gender: Male
 Clan: Malkavian
 Sect: Camarilla/Undecided
 Age\Embrace: 22/1996
 Generation: 12th
 Appearance: Jake has long brown hair that is just left messy and unstyled, his face is a little chubby with many imperfections, but he is by no means unattractive, he just doesn't care much for his appearance. He has blue eyes that many have commented on and said look almost hypnotic. He is of medium build and is 6'1" tall, he looks a little weak, but his strength is deceptive. His clothes do not tend to differ much from day to day, he wears scruffy t-shirts and jeans and not much else.
 Personality: Because Jake carries the cursed blood of Malkav, not only must he prowl the night feeding on the blood of others, but he is incurably insane. His derangement is Multiple Personality Disorder, and so does not appear to have a single personality, he appears to suffer from random mood swings, either when provoked or seemingly pointlessly, at times he can be very aggressive and has been known to kill in fantastically brutal ways, he prefers to fight, a hammer being a favourite, with a melee weapon over a gun or his fists, but he often does not seem at all violent. His most prominent personality is very inquisitive and questions the very fabric of the world around us, he may often see things that others do not, but it is often unknown as to whether this is a hallucination or if it is real. His (or their?) name is thought to be Jacob Saunders - he has been recognised by some mortals - but often doesn't answer to that name. Apocalypse, Black Jack, The Screen and Vitreous are thought to be the names of some personalities, but there are thought to be a great deal more.
 History: Jake's first memory is his embrace, the whole of his life is a mystery, although he has met some people who claim to have known him in life, they are quick to get away from him when he starts to talk to them, he makes them feel uneasy. His embrace was brutal, his sire used many implements to drain his blood, blades, power tools and even guns were used to break the skin away. His sire was experimenting with the embrace and didn't realise the terror he was unleashing on his victim. His ignorance was his demise, as shortly after becoming a vampire, Jake frenzied and fed on his sire to final death, an act he has not spoken of to anyone. The trauma left Jake with multiple personalities to cope with the pain and humiliation. Jake then wandered the streets of London for almost 9 years, having been cast out of both mortal and Kindred society, feeding on rats and the homeless to survive. He knows only of the masquerade, and the history of Kindred by what the odd Nosferatu told him. He has been told that he is a Camarilla and must report to the Prince, but he has never wanted to be a part of the Kindred society. Recently he heard The Call and became aware of The Cobweb, from then he found himself obliged to travel to the US and Ravenmill, but is he the one who controls his own feet?
 Disciplines: Obfuscate, Dementation, Auspex. All disciplines are equally concentrated on as Jake has little use for disciplines, he uses Obfuscate when needing to hide, Dementation when manipulating foes and Auspex when in his inquisitive mind. His disciplines are not used very often and so are underdeveloped.                                                                            


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