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Re: Bad Night by Dante
« on: March 10, 2007, 08:02:00 PM »
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  •                 Ok, I`m not used to this, (writing something coherent) but I thought 'what the hell'. It`s not much and isn`t really special. Just thought I`d post it.
     Bad Night.
     "It`s raining again, not such a surprise really..."
     The sound of the rain clopping on the roof of my apartment is getting deeper, I look out the window and see that the cloud is darker now,
     this storm is on for the night. A flash of pain, the migrane returneth...
      I thought you were used to the rain by now, Dekland..
     "Get out of here dammit, I don`t want you near me you scumbag."
      Is that any way to treat a friend Dekland? I thought you liked my company, nothings changed I hope.
     Between the head and this jerkoff harping on at me I`m not sure what I should do. I have to get out of here.
     I grab my coat - the heavy one - and head outside. I still hate the rain, but at least being out in it means I`m away from him.
     Nearing the store I stop and gaze through a window, all manner of items and junk are displayed here - childs toys,  books, media products. I move on, there`s nothing here that holds my interest... As I walk away a movement catches my eye. A young girl is nervously trying to catch my attention from the doorway, I step over and ask what`s up.
     "Hi, I don`t mean to be rude, uh, but can I bum a cigarette from you? I forgot to pick mine up and I`ve no money to get some. Sorry to be a pain."
     I fish around in my coat for my pack, find it and drag one out. A decent one, not the bent or smashed things I choke people with each night. Then I realise I`ve left my keys on the hall table. Damn.
     Passing her the cig I offer a light, she accepts and thanks me. I continue moving on my way down the block, it`s still raining hard.
     As I`m passing an alleyway I witness something that really I had no reason to keep watching but did anyway. There were two guys kicking the living daylights out of some poor shmuck near the trashcans of the local smut store. Should I help? Nah, I`d get my ass handed to me.
      You`re forgetting something buddy boy. I`ve got ya back, again.
     No, where`d he come from this time? Well, I suppose we could make a move now, numbers being better. I head down the alley fists clenched.
     "Leave him alone you two! Get lost!"
      Atta boy, you tell `em.
     One of the thugs moves towards me, grinning his junkie grin. He`s high as a kite and it shows... Dumbass. He pulls a switch out of his pocket and waves it in what must seem a menacing way in his view. He`s near to dropping the thing, that or spiking his leg with it instead. His buddy gives the poor beaten sap a final kick and joins his drugged up comrade in staring me down. I move.
     "WHAT THE FUC....!"
     A sickening crack and a dull thud tells that this one is down - back broken -  he might live. I don`t think he seen me coming at him really, just the feeling he was in trouble.
     his knife happy partner is still waving his toy around, we can take him for sure now.
     I was right, a few moments later there`s a nearly dead,  and an actual dead thug lying in the rain giving the alley floor a Crimson watercolour wash.
     His knife still lodged in his throat.
     "Never mess with ex-military you assholes."
     I pull their victim to his feet, he`s quite a mess but I`m sure he`ll be fine when the pain stops. Which is sooner than I thought, and unfortunately where his pain stopped, mine began.
     "Uuugghhh, wha...where.. I`m home?"
     I`m back in my apartment, it`s still raining. How`d I get back here, last thing I remember is the twin thugs and helping the guy up.
      Mindfuck huh? expected really.
     "Did you bring me back here?"
      Me? Nah - the bum you saved did, when he was done with you. Even asked your little girlfriend in the store`s doorway where you gave from.
     My head hurt, this wasn`t making sense, and why was it so bright in here?"
     "Why don`t I remember that?"
      You were out cold of course you clown, that`s why you don`t remember it. Now get up and clear up this mess.
     I look around, and feel sick. The entire place is painted deep red, and there`s at least four corpses lying on my rug. I`m hungry.
     Despite the feeling of disgust I`ve seen the dead before, so clearing this up won`t be too bad, but what happened?
      You still hungry? weren`t they enough?
     My mind screamed a memory into my vision, knives, no.. Fangs, blood, screams, a struggle, death and a satisfied feeling for a time.
     This is crazy...
      Your the crazy one Dekland, you killed them, and you didn`t even need to.
     "Fuck off you, I don`t need your crap right now."
      Fine, but it`s your final death buddy boy, I`m the only one that knows what`s happened to you and where the last three days have gone, it`s Tuesday by the way.
     I sit up at the comment, surely not? I would know if that much tiem had passed, wouldn`t I?
     "Your serious, are you?"
     Like Death, if that still applies to you that is. Welcome to the darker side of nightlife pal, this is gonna be fun to watch.
     Then I realise what he`s talking about, the images in my head make sense now, the hunger and the bodies. The feeling of power and control, and a deep fear of something completely horrifying, a beast within myself, in place of my soul... I slump to my knees on the floor.
     "I`m a Vampire..."
      BULLSEYE! How`d you feel now recalling that little gem?
     "Like shit."
      Huh, no change there then, you`ve been a Vampire for a lot of years Dekland, just each night when you wake up you forget about it, but I don`t...
     "Fuck you."
      Heh, you wish you could. You`d better get moving, there`s someone at the door.
     He was right, there was a knock at the door. Faced with my new existance and what it would mean I wasn`t sure if i wanted to be this way. I had no answers, hell I hadn`t even thought of the questions yet. The knock became a bang, then a louder bang. Someone wanted in.
     "Open up you soulless monster! Meet your death at our hands and be redeemed in the eyes of the lord!"
     Just turned and already I`m being hunted down by some stranger or strangers, by the sound of it.
      What you gonna do Dekland? Run, hide or face them. They`re proper Vampire hunters you know, the real deal. I don`t have much hope for you buddy.
     "What about you? What`s your plan to get out of this?"
      I`m good with whatever you decide, just don`t take too long, ok?
     I sit, think about what has happened and watch the door splinter before me, three armed men enter and stand blocking the exits, they don`t look happy at the scene before their eyes.
     "By the grace of God almighty, he`s killed so many already, he really is a Devil this one."
     I stand up, walk over to the minibar next to my freezer, and pull out a bottle from beside it. I`m watched the entire time.
      Hey uh Dekland?
      What the fuck are you doing?
     "Bye, you fucking lunatic."
     I smash the bottle and flick my lighter into life while dousing myself with the contents.
     The flames do their job, my spirit starts to float away from the charred remains that used to be me. The hunters poke the ashes a bit, disrepectful bastards.
     "He is gone, should we report this in?"
     "Yes, but say we got him, can`t have the boss thinking we let one do himself in."
     I watch them leave, the last one goes to close the door, he mutters something:
     "I`ll never understand Malkavians... That was fucked up. Is it still raining outside?"
     "Yep, not such a surprise really, what a bad night."
     I`d laugh if I could...


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    Re: Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #1 on: March 10, 2007, 10:45:00 PM »
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    The Vampire Dante.. posted:

     It`s not much and isn`t really special. Just thought I`d post it.

     Give yourself some credit, this was good.
     I'm not sure of one or two details, which could perhaps use clearing up (unless the uncertainity was intended), but other than that, liked it a lot. Got to appreciate the final twist during the last confrontation.



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    Re: Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #2 on: March 11, 2007, 06:11:00 AM »
                    The big bad scribe o the divine comedy finally be showins us once agains his hidden literary sidey!!!!
     Great workies mon,gotta try drawin this!                        



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    Re: Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #3 on: March 11, 2007, 03:02:00 PM »
                    Loved the twist at the end, Dante. It was a killer. I loved also the gritty style of your writing, keep up the good work. Write more!                        


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    Re: Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #4 on: March 11, 2007, 03:03:00 PM »
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    La posted:

     Give yourself some credit, this was good.
     Thanks man, the confusion in that was a partially deliberate thing, Dekland himself can`t remember the details, so things are fuzzy all round.
    El Gostro posted:

     The big bad scribe o the divine comedy finally be showins us once agains his hidden literary sidey!!!!
     Great workies mon,gotta try drawin this!
     Cheers Gostro, it`s not often I do this, and it`s been quite a while.
     <quote by="El Gostro">
     Great workies mon,gotta try drawin this!

     I hope you meant you by that, I`m not having much luck on the artsy side right now. Too much happening here to concentrate on image ideas for long.
     Valoris: I`ll see what happens. I might have a few ideas that could work out.                        


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    Re: Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #5 on: March 11, 2007, 03:30:00 PM »
                    Ayes that s what I meant,but meanwhiles I be finding myself overwhelmed by this despicable rat race...                        



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    Re: Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #6 on: March 11, 2007, 05:32:00 PM »
                    Hmm, not at all bad.                        



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    Bad Night by Dante
    « Reply #7 on: March 14, 2007, 05:14:00 AM »
                    Hehe, Malkavians, tought it was a nosfaratu till after the blackout part.
     Nicely done.                        


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