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PV Guide to: Rolling Dice


We have a dice rolling script integrated into the forum.  Here's how to use it.

1. Syntax

To submit a roll, use the format
--- Code: ---[ roll ]XdY>Z[ /roll ]
--- End code ---
, where
- X is the number of dice to roll
- Y is how many sides the dice has (WoD uses 10-sided dice almost exclusively)
- Z is 1 less than the difficulty required for that roll.

Example: the Storyteller directs you to roll Perception + Empathy at a difficulty of 7.
Your character has Perception 3 and Empathy 2, giving you a dice pool of 5.  This value (5) is your X variable.
Suppose the game is standard VtM, and you're using 10-sided dice.  This value (10) is your Y variable.
The difficulty has been set at 7, so for convenience you want the script to only list the results that meet or exceed 7.  This means you'll put 6 (i.e. your difficulty - 1) as variable Z.

You type
--- Code: ---[ roll ]5d10>6[ /roll ]
--- End code ---
and when you Submit your post, the forum will render that as...
Rolled 5d10>6 : 9, 7, 2, 1, 10, total 26

The dice that turn up as lower than the specified difficulty will be lined out.  The remaining dice should be counted up (the number of successful dice; not their total value) and considered as the number of successes.  The dice script returns a "total" value, but for most World of Darkness games, that value means nothing.

2. Editing

To prevent cheating, the forum will recognize attempts to repost the same roll (presumably to get a better result than before).  If you edit a post that contains the dice roll tag, that roll will be negated, followed by a disclaimer that the roll has been tampered with.  This post probably contains such a disclimaer, since it was edited at least once in order to tweak the syntax examples.  So don't be lame and try to cheat; everybody else will know.  There are times when you need to edit your post without meaning to disrupt the roll.  If that's a possibility, I recommend putting your roll(s) in a different post as the rest of your actions/descriptions.

3. Etiquette

Remember that the Storyteller has final say on what mechanics, dice systems, etc. are appropriate for whatever game they are running.  Since each game (and ST) has its own style, make sure you know what is expected of participants before you start throwing dice around.  If you aren't sure, PM the ST or ask in the designated Out of Character (OOC) thread.

NOTE: Our dice system was not developed specifically for World of Darkness, so players and STs will need to manually check for botches.  That is, every die that turns up as a 1 should be subtracted from the total number of successes.  If there are no successes, and one or more dice turn up as a 1, then the roll is a botch.  That's when you lose a permanent point of WP (Thaum), or your target becomes immune to all future attempts at Dominate, or whatever specific mechanic is related to the action that you were attempting.

Rick Gentle:
I have a MicroSoft Excel program for rolling d10 dice that DOES count 1s and subtracts them, if it'd be any use... You can set the difficulty and everything!   :cometome:


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