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     Nobody saw her step out of the glass door of the sleepy apartment building.  One minute the sidewalk was empty, and the next there was a weary-looking woman standing alone in the harsh orange glow from the streetlamps as they marched down the street from somewhere to nowhere.  She shivered despite the warm dry air, then pulled her hood over her head.  Resisting the urge to glance over her shoulder, she began walking down the street.  Her mind swam with troubled thoughts and half-remembered fears.  There was something very important that she must do, but she did not know how to do it.  Agitated, she began to walk faster.  The suburban streets melted into one another, each block looking exactly like the last.  She trudged through it all, struggling to find an answer to the questions that hung over her like the lingering smell of oil that slicked the dew-dampened streets.
       Finally she stopped at the corner of four equally drab blocks of faceless south-western suburbia.  She scowled at the hissing drone of a highway that was just far enough away that it sounded like a mockery of a waterfall.  Standing at the street corner, the intersection stretched to the horizon in all four directions.  The orange sulfur streetlamps marched along the road as they always did, both unnatural and vaguely irritating.  She closed her eyes and tried to push them away.  A long moment passed, and when she opened her eyes, the orange glare had retreated from the intersection, leaving it to bask in soft blue starlight.  The woman sighed, half in relief and half from exhaustion.  She pulled her hood back and looked up at the stars.  The moon was new, and it took her a moment to find it.  In another hour it would be directly overhead.  Disrupting the loathsome streetlamps left her feeling drained and mentally sluggish, but the stars brought with them a serenity that made it worth the effort.  For the first time in a long time, she felt ok just letting things be.  There would be sorrow, hatred, and war; that much was certain.  But tonight, this neighborhood and even its hidden elements seemed at peace.                        


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    Re: Lonely Road
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    Lonely Road
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     the neighborhood seems at peace until there is a loud shreik from one of the appartments. the pale moon is full and the woman sees a shadowy figure walk out of the building was it a dream or reality?