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The Devil of LA - Part 1
« on: March 02, 2005, 07:07:00 pm »
                Up here, the streets look so small, I can see people rushing about their daily lives not knowing what sits above them. I look to the sky and feel the rain on my face, refreshing, washing away the blood of my enemies, thinking about why I am here. My name is whispered in the Cainite underground, of a Devil named Eldrac, striking like a snake and disappearing in an instant leaving a trail of blood in his wake, a red skinned daemon, with spiked black hair and eyes that can put fear even in the strongest willed peope, red and black, that penetrate into the inner reaches of the soul. I turn to look at my captive, a Sabbat minion, hanging by his throat over the edge of the building by my hands alone, his fate is decided, refusing to give up, refusing to die. I turn back to look at the sky feeling my fingers unclenching from his throat, hearing his screams and the sickening crunch soon after, music to my ears. I look back at the street, people swarm like fly's to where he lands, wanting to know why this has happened, Jump down off this roof and land as softly as a cat on the concrete slabs and enter the club across the street from me, The Asylum, I need a drink after a hard days work.
 Part 2 coming soon post your ideas and suggestions about the next part.                        




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