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Darkchest Another dimension
« on: July 03, 2006, 08:02:00 am »
                My name is Caine Doomsday i was a future troops but i stumble upon
 a great journey to the space i found another dimension
 luckly i was about to survive a struggle battle at the
 unkown airspace believe it or not i am still alive in one piece
 but yet its still furies me to go there again but i'm not sure i will return ...
 2010 A.D - before the incident
 the space the amazing creation of the  gods not sure how the miracles made space so wide it can fit another human to live with a limited population
 however the space doesnt sound so safe an epic battle is launched every year yet i'm just an ordinary man with a gun on my hands
 episode 1 chatper 1 : prolugue
 this is where i began as a  private of the earth federation
 army many men is sacrifice their own soul to get the victory .
 i meet up with a strange soldier with a tatoo on his left eye " so you the new green dog here "said the strange man
 " yes ..i'm new here " . " listen dont try to get in my way if you do i will shot you my self ".
 i wonder why does he act so offensive to me maybe hes just bluffing i heard the rumors that the people in earth federation talk highly to him a legendary unkown soldier
 maybe if i had a time i will ask his name
 to be continued
 [added Jul  3 2006 10:23AM]
 Chapter 1 part 2
 Remembering the past.
 December 9 2000 *sigh* i never forget it as a survivor from another federation my ship and my whole troops dies
 at the attack the anthrax war ... man what a disaster
 luckly i was able to survive the attacks the virus
 spread on my troops body ...
 the horrible attacks .... i'm not sure where it began
 it began from no where a its spreading like a locust from air
 as i woke up on the tank i began to look on the sky  good thing i wear protection one of my troops are relaxing outside  the tank and get infected after 2 hours  
 the infection are starting to react  and they die
 why me !
 as i look on my troops Feeling guilty i  dont warn them in the first place i been expelled from the federation
 December 10 .2000  the locust is attacking again the earth
 are officially Quarrantien for inspection  .. over 10 hundred people moved away to space thats where its all start the Earth colony 1919 The space......
 to be contineud
 [added Jul  4 2006 11:57AM]
 Chapter 2 verse 2 The indicent
 *shout* i have that dream again
 Flight attendant: are you ok captain ....  Caine: nah i'm fine ..oh my head  ...Flight attendant :hey captian look at that we reach 1919 wohoo we're safe .. Caine : wait look
 Flight attendant : what captain ? ... Caine: a blazer what the hell is it doing on here
 Hq: Caine do you ... hear me ... Caine : yes i hear you Hq
 HQ: Caine you have no clear permission to land ... retreat to a nearest Safepod a blazer ... launch ... a war ...
 Caine: uh flight attendant set the horizon warp we dont want to get ...  Soldier : Sir ... the engine core is busted we cant activate the warp engine  Caine : damnit
 ok soldier brace your self main the guns ! fire the tornados  
 Caine thoughts :
 A war is this what i'm watching or i am just lost between
 the lines or its just my dream *chuckles* maybe i was just crazy to think  
 Soldier : Sir The Weaponry is block we cant get any access unless we make our escaped pod immdieatly  ...
 Caine: ........ ( what do  i do know )
 soldier: sir we cant let it happend a blazer is infected the ship
 CAine: launched the pod ...
 To be continued                        


           thy will be done    


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