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                She had been alive for only seventeen years, yet everyone was after her. She was a mage, and she also taught herself to become a hunter. This was before she had been bitten. Her dark black hair had turned darker, and her crystal blue eyes had become bluer, when she was bitten. It had been a man whom had bitten her, very strong and very pale, as pale as the moon light, and thats how pale she was.
     Tonight she was out hunting for an animal to be her pet. A hunting pet. Something like, and nightsaber. A nightsaber would be perfect because they were strong and they were killers. On the girl, she had her dead father's cloak on, which the hood was covering her face. Under the cloak she had a pair of warriors pants on, and a man's shirt, which it was a man she had killed and stolen from. She also had black gloves, and high warrior boots. Her choice of weapons were bow and arrows, and a long sword, she also brought along a rapier, and four throwing daggers, She had many weapons because she had encounterd many people trying to kill her. Well, that's what she thought they were trying to do, none had succeeded.
     In the distance she heard a noice unmistakably a foot fall. Of a human no doubt. She had skilled herself in knowing every animanls, and what a humans, foot fall is. They were very close to her. She climed a tree very quickly and got her bow loaded and ready to be shot. She saw a man come out into the opening after a few minutes waiting. While looking around, he spoke to himself, "She was here, I know it, I could hear her silent movements." As he stepped into the open even more, she pulled the arrow back, pulling on the strain. She aligned it with the man's chest, where his heart was and shot it perfectly. He moved, having heard the sound of the tension of the bow. The girl in the tree jumped down and put her bow back on her back and pulled out her sword. "What is it that you wish to see me about, sir?" He smirked at her, "Who said that, I, a wonderer would want something to do with you, a young  beautiful girl?" The girl bowed, " I have this feeling. Or maybe it's the fact that three people this week wearing those same shades of blue as you have on you there." His eyes never left hers as he answered, "Aye. You are very observant. Yes I have come for you. If you go by the name of Antoinette." It was her turn to smirk, "It is, and since you know my name, you certainly know I killed the twenty men in the whole, all larger than me, that you sent. Or your leader sent." She took one look at his neck and knew he was a vampire like her. She took her sword and shoved it in his heart. He seemed not even to have been noticing her when she did it, and it came as a surprise when she did. She looked into his eyes, " Next time, don't even bother." He laughed, "There won't be a next time. Aye, Life is hard. " She gave a sad smile, "Compared to what?"
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 Antoinette was setting off to whatever was left to happen to her. What the man, whom she had just killed, had said was true, 'life is hard.' Though, her response was even truer. You couldn't compare life to anything. Antoinette set off towardds the center of the woods. Spotting a black and white nightsaber, she crouched slightly to have the advantage over it. Once it had caught onto her scent she started to use her mage powers. She twisted her wrists as though cracking her hands. A green light source of power was building around them, she could tell the animal was going to be a perfect hunter. The power had built eough pwer to where she could use it. Antoinette slowly walked towards the beast, it growled soflty at her. She kneeled beside it and began to stroke its head, her hands still glowing with a strong power. Slowly the power from her hands was going into the animal, until all the power had ceased to excist in her plams. She had to test out her work to see if it had been down correctly. She walked slowly away, and the animal hesitated for a moment, and then followed her. Antoinette went back to the animal and resumed her kneeling position beside it. She began to pet it again and spke softly, "I will name you...Raja." She smiled for the first time in awhile. "You are my only friend Raja."
       She had set out for only half of an hour, when she spotted an older man, in his late twenty's. He seemed to sopt Antoinette too. She told Raja to stay, and to stop growling which she did reluctantly did. The older man headed towards her, she headed in his direction also. Once they were only a few feet from one another, the man spoke, "I am Caiano. I am looking for a specific rosebud, it is black, have you seen it." Antoinette shook her head thoughtfully and spoke softly, "What if you cannot fund the rosebud? Must you be content with violets, or nothing? Violets or nothing..." She trailed off. He smiled, "Yes that is how it looks doesn't it. Aren't you looking for something too? You neet not be our here for nothing."                        


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