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                The sun. Giver of life, bringer of death. The cruel unforgiving eye of an ancient god.
 It was disappearing. Sinking into the ocean while pulling the dark veil of night over the city.
 The people, well, most of the so called respectable ones soon vanished along with their treasured light as other examples of humanity took their place.
 Twisted shadow puppets dancing in a wicked parody of their counterparts.
 Merchants of human vice and greed soon appeared in every corner from the abyssal depths of Old Town's alleyways to the finely paved streets of Holier-than-Thou Winston, peddling their chemicals and flesh to those willing to pay the price of addiction and infection for the cheap thrills each had to offer.
 Others sought shelter from these events by finding their way to the very heart of the problem with no small sense of irony, spending the evening willingly in some of the worst dives known to mankind. They thrived in these places like a virulent disease and spent their short, eventful lives in the enviroment they deemed natural.
 Downtown had been littered with bars and clubs ever since before the Great Depression. What couldn't be found on the streets could be found there by those under the illusion that their desires were any more legit because they took place under coloured spotlights to the sound of music and primal noises. Once, Downtown had been the court of the royal families of the Underworld, The Mafia, their executioners tainting the streets daily with the blood of their own.
 The things that came from there had since been eating away at the city like a disease until only a corpse remained with the silvery finger bones of the Winston highrises reaching for the sky as if begging for salvation. None would come. Even leading politicians have their wants and needs and all who can provide gain what they want.
 Unknown to most, the city had come to house another form of vermin during these years.
 A kind that had brought with them a whole new vice to indulge. A thirst for blood dissimilar to the classical fashion long since established in the gangs of the area. A need to feed. Vampirism.
 Like all predators, they came to compete over the prey and willingly or not, they were driven off one by one in favour of the strongest until only a few remained. But these were older times when rivalries were excused and covered up as gangland assassinations between the Families. Old laws, new cities. Eventually, the old laws of conduct reached the chaos of Hawkport and with history written by the victors, all was well.
 As the decades passed, most of the remaining vampires learned to coexist in an uneasy truce like they had done in their respective cities before their arrival, hiding their natures from the watchful eyes of humanity. The others disappeared. Either leaving or ceasing to exist after flying the banner of rebellion. Decades passed with old hatred brewing underneath the surface, waiting to erupt in a shower of blood. Disagreements aside, rules are made to be broken wether by choice or accident and at times, mistakes are made. Even the ancient Greeks claimed that the younger generations acted in defiance. Old habits die hard...
 Now, one such mistake was slowly drifting away in the wind. A sad reminder that nothing should be taken for granted to the one that was left behind, watching the cinders dancing in the evening breeze from the relative safety of a doorway. The streetlights flickered for a moment before slowly growing in strength, shining down on the remains as if in silent tribute.
 The one responsible stood there, unable to move or even speak as the frightened group of mortal witnesses fled the place with their newly used cellphone cameras and excited, exaggerated records of the event fresh in their minds. This was to be a long night...


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Post by: [archive] RakishAzrael on December 08, 2006, 11:52:00 pm
                ((AT LAST!))
 Antonio Fabiano
 I pulled my Lamburghini up in front of the building. The ghoul valet came to park it for me as usual. "Evening, Mr. Fabiano." The ghoul said cheerfully. Oh for the innocence of mortality. I aknowledged him with a nod, and tipped him with a crisp 20. I stepped onto the pristine sidewalk of the Winston district and gazed up at the sky scraper before me. So peacful on the outside, i could barely imagine the turmoil within. There must be turmoil, or they wouldn't have called me. Someone had broken the Tenants, which means tonight, someone was going to die, Again. The council wouldnt waste my time with a mrotal, they had ghouls for that. I was for the real work, the enforcment jobs, the high profile jobs, the example jobs. I was the go-to guy. I stolled casually into the lobby, and the gaurd at the front desk buzzed me up with a nod. Another ghoul. I smoothed the front of my black Armani suit jacket and entered the elevator. Quiet still. I rode it to the top and got off in the marble anteroom. The fireplace in the corner was dark, the comfortable waiting chairs stren about the room were empty. Only a single guard was posted at the door to the council chambers. A vampire this time, like me. I knew him. I knew all the muscle in this town. I nodded to Adrian Cole and he nodded back. No words were exchanged. No words were necessary. Adrian was the personal guard and right hand of Nathan Brown, my benefactor on the council. Those two were the closest thing i had to friends in this bleak existence that would span eternity. Wow, that was dramatic. Was I always so dramatic? I cant remember... I strolled to the doors and pulled them open. Adrian didnt protest. I was expected.                        


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Post by: [archive] ElGostro on December 10, 2006, 01:57:00 am
                In a run down appartment of a rundown building in a rundown neighborhood a party is going on.Petty gang members,neighbors,kids,cheap sluts,two bit pushers;The usual crowd.
 Dominating the conversation in the sofa is Archie Masters,currently the rising star in the local "subculture",Archie has done it all:
 Gang showdowns,muggin,armed robbery,car hijacking,murder and dealing,he passed the street's school with flaming colors,for he is bent on proving that he,Archie Masters,isthe toughest most able and 'coolest' son this inbound community has spawned

 "Yeah bitch,I smashed the motherfucker!Ain't no one can best this brother here,all youse dawgs are pussies!You bore me,fuckers!
 The dawn boulevard bunch?I fucked those niggaz!
 Shirley the bun,I screwed that ho!
 Car???!!!Fuck brother,I drive a caddie!"
 points to self in the hip hop hand sign language I never was interested in learning nor paying attention other than seeing someone look funny
 "It doesnt gets better than this mommas!"
 Everybody laughs as they drink,then Laurence's voice raises from the crowd
 -"Yo,yo,you say you don't back down,right brother?"
 Lawrence was once Archie's rival,outrun and shrunk to third place a long time ago
 "Damn right bitch!"
 Another funny hand sign accompanies the sentence
 -Well, I reckon there's one more thing you can do so that all of us brothers will honestly
 moves hands around the crowd,the people nod understandingly
 -An' we will honestly rek-recko-rekkin-gize that you really are Sunsquare's height bestest brother,we all will right?
 Various voices of varying drunken degree assent
 -The dockside dealers,we're always getting served at those mothers's turf!Two nights ago we lost Double D,Ramsey and H.T!
 "You darin' me nigga?"
 -You say you're the bestest aint it right dawg?We tellin-no,we callin you to leed the brothers,show the dockside bitchez the hood aint forgettin our boys!
 The whole party is focused on Archie now,they all excitingly yell and cheer for him to accept.
 Archie smiles obviously pleased by the attention

 "U got urself a chief my brother!"
 Cheers ensue
 "Ah say we show those crackerz!"
 hearthy celebration enusues                        


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Post by: [archive] Skinweaver on December 10, 2006, 07:01:00 am
 "I told you, there is no time! If we don't do it now we won't get a second chance... I know, I heared you the first time! Just... I don't know. Call Phil, I don't have time for this. Do I have to repeat myself? Do it!"
 Nathan was yelling into his cellphone as usual. Only, this time he had a good reason other than his puppeteering of his mortal interests. He was in his own little bubble, isolated from the world. Only he, his phone and the stressed voice on the other end. Everything on the outside came in second.
 "Don't give me that tone! You know exactly what to do so get to it! I told you, I do not have time for this nonsense! Enough! Now you're in my personal space again. Just shut up, do what you're told and get back to me. I have other things to do than to listen to your blabbering!"
 He closed the fold out phone and slipped it into his pocket before letting out a deep sigh. After regaining his senses, he noticed the visitor and gestured for him to sit down. Slowly, the living paradox that was Nathan Brown snapped back into his social mode and he walked over to the nearby window overlooking the city with his hands resting on his back.
 "Mr. Fabiano, is it? Welcome. As you surely know, there has been a... situation. The rest of the Council is currently working on resolving the issue and it has become my responsibility to handle the legal issues. This, naturally is where you come in. It is not my area to handle the media or spreading the news to the affected parts of the city. I... you are needed to seek out the one responsible for the initial breach in security and deal with the responsible party in a fitting manner."
 He chose not to face his loyal subject directly and kept looking at the glowing caterpillar of incoming traffic below. A habit developed to avoid showing stress and weakness in front of those he depended on but that beghaviour was now just as obvious and subtle as a 60 foot pink penguin singing the best of Cat Stevens.
 Nathan raised his hand in another gesture as if trying to point out the importance of what he was saying.
 "Information about the subject has been provided for you. I asked for the subject's personal file as soon as the news reached me. It's right there on the desk complete with address and bloodtype if needed."
 His pocket started to vibrate and less than two seconds later, Nathan was back in his bubble. Something had happened on the other line and he seemed much less distressed than before.
 "Ah, good. Everything is in order, then? Perfect. Let me know how it goes, I have a visitor. Keep your voice down! Do I have to point out every single detail?! Silence! Then do as you were told and stop bothering me!"
 The phone slipped back into his pocket just as quickly as before and he turned around, looking Antonio straight in the eyes.
 "There's no need for words, you know what to do. I have dispatched another colleuge to deal with another area outside your particular area of expertise that will be waiting for you in the lobby provided that the insufferable taxi drivers of this city has managed to locate these premises..."
 He said, fondling a bright blue stressball wilst never showing any sign of averting his rock hard gaze.
 A moment later he picked up the blue folder from his desk and handed it over. It was marked with a name. Kate Johnson.
 "I do hope that we have an understanding, Mr. Fabiano..."                        


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 ((c'mon CL, Nathan and Tony knew eachother when they were alive, they're on a fist name basis by now.))
 I listened to Nathan's tirade impassively. He was under a lot of stress. When he finished, I took the folder and skimmed though it. Kate johnson...Oldtown...1348 ironside the docks then...I raised an eyebrow when Nathan told me i would be having assistance, but said nothing. I left the chamber. I aknowledged Adrian, and got back into the elvaor, riding back down to the lobby. I got off the elevator and immediatly spotted the man Nathan has sent.                        


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Post by: [archive] ElGostro on December 14, 2006, 10:50:00 am
                Archie had gotten so enthusiastic at the prospect of finally and unanimously being recognized the best (or the influence of one too many shots of whatever stuff was it his gang mates brough that time) that he began recruiting people for his raid at the very party.
 A flickering sense of dread was soon swept away by the collective arousing,and anyway he was pretty wasted by then so it wasnt somthing unexpected...

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                (unless it turns out that I am disallowed from participating, I shall give my post)
 Tuloskiv sat in his stark apartment, gazing out of a long, thin window. A quick, triple-knock at the door was heard, which signified that one of his sirelings wished to come in.
 "Enter!" Tuloskiv commanded
 A youthful vampire entered and quickly rushed over, whispered in Tuloskiv's ear, and rushed off again.
 The news given was far from pleasing, and Tuloskiv called upon a ghoul standing outside. The ghoul entered
 "Kinar. I need you to find me a car so that I can travel to a certain location. I have just recieved news that there has been an incident, and I wish to ensure that I can contact the council representative who shall surely turn up"
 "As you wish, master" the ghoul said and shuffled off.
 He then spoke to the rest of his sirelings
 "As you all know, incidents tend to notify the hunters. I want you to be on the lookout for them in case they try to Interfere. I also wish to be notified of any changes in the plannings of the council representatives. I must meet with one of them so that I might inform them on some things."
 The vampires took off without question, and moments later the ghoul returned, notifying his master of an "accquired" car. Tuloskiv kitted himself up and then rushed along with his ghoul toady to the car. After quickly going through it to see whether there might be anything of value worth taking but finding only small change and a piece of lead piping, he and the ghoul sped off to where the incident had happened. Maybe some answers could be found there, and if nothing else, some hunters to kill.                        


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                Forty feet and seven storeys up into the night, a small dark figure stood still watching the scene below, a tiny silhouette against the light of an ivory moon.
 Beside the figure stood an empty watering can, the last of its contents shimmering as wet droplets against a bedful of yellow roses. The small balcony was lined with a row of such pots, first the blooms of white, then yellow, and white again, and on and on. A well-used spade and a half-opened bag of mulch stood in a dry corner.
 A wind whipped round, caressing billowing strands of jet black hair, like fine silk, into the night as the figure leaned silently over the iron railings. Dressed in faded ripped jeans and a warm blue turtleneck, the girl cocked her head slightly as the voices from the street filled her ears as if they were right next to her.
 Oh god, there's so much blood.
 Did you see him?
 Martha? Oh dear god, Martha...she's fainted...Somebody please call an ambulance!

 The voices carried on, dissolving into a loud monotone as the girl's vision blurred, the pupils of her dark brown eyes tightening themselves into slits, and then suddenly the very center of her vision cleared, leaving the rest hazy, as her world dissolved into vivid purples, yellows and reds. To the left, a distant figure whose aura screamed an angry purple-scarlet, growing smaller as it fled the scene. In the center of the dispersing crowd, the dead body lay in a pool of bright yellow and red.
 The girl blinked once as her vision melted, the pupils returning to their normal size. She stepped back from the balcony silently.
 Turning back to the doorway, she went inside barefooted to fix herself some food.


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 I live again! Anyway, I'd like the bumps to go away and I'm not talking about some nasty STD here...
 There's a discussion thread for checking up on these things and this kind of stuff means disruptions. Like a tampon commercial in the middle of a cooking show. See?
 And no sigbanner, okay? Same thing.
 Voices. Always voices. Whispers of secret wishes, concealed hate and unspoken passion everywhere. The lobby was full of it like the thick cloud of flies over a decaying carcass. The woman leaving the bathroom had stabbed her boss with a letter opener an hour ago and had gone halfway across town to wash her hands in a stressed, poorly planned attempt to cover her tracks and the clerk at the reception still aspired to become the CEO of a large company after almost a decade of greeting strangers from behind a desk. Hope springs eternal...
 It was a grim sort of entertainment, focusing their jumbled whispers into coherent truths of thought and making them stand out from the other voices like a streetlight in a swarm of fireflies. Listening to them took the focus off the pain. A moment's respite from the constant reminder of those years of suffering.
 There was another voice among them now. The distinguished voice of one that used to live and now had its inner voice echoing against the hollow recesses of its soul.
 A fellow vampire. Lucas allowed the voice to slip into the swarm out of politeness and moved his hand through his dirty hair. He stopped leaning against the wall and stretched out a hand to greet his kinsman.
 "The Cop, is it? The name's Lucas. I'm guessing you haven't seen much of me since they usually send us seperately. I don't know how much you know about me but let's just say that I know what you're thinking even though I'd rather not know. Mr. Brown told me to accompany you to this... witness and have a little talk with her before you do what you have to do. They want as much info as possible and torture won't do enough this time."
 He said. He rummaged through his pockets as if checking and pulled out a notebook and a small tape recorder.
 "The Brass wants me to really go into detail for some reason and supposedly, if I do good, things'll be a lot easier in the coming night. Personally, I doubt it.
 Mr. Brown contacted me over the phone about an hour ago and appearantly, time is of the essence. We'll talk more in the car."
 Meanwhile, in the Council chambers:
 "But we do not control the media to the degree of our kin in Chicago. There's no way we can prevent this situation from being known. Besides, I have it on good authority that the word is already out and that Inquisition is already on it's way."
 The white haired vampire looked across the table where the others had gathered. The eldest of the city, and thus, the most experienced. Not as much of a ruling caste as they would have liked but they knew that their decitions would shape the fate of them all in the coming nights. Preperations had to be made because they knew that not all of them might make it through the crisis.
 A rather short vampire with black, combed back hair and a white suit signaled that he wished to speak and the upset chatter from the others at the table silenced.
 "I still have connections to the old gangs. With a little effort, we could easily ambush the hunters outside the city limits and silence them before any of our kind comes to harm." He said with a knowing smile, already fingering the cellphone in his pocket to make the right phonecalls.
 Another participant of the meeting gestured toward the man as he sat there, grinning like a wolf.
 "And then what, Nathan? More will come and then we will have to deal with covering up not only this mess, but the so called murder of the hunters. I think you have spent too much time on the streets to see the real problem. We need to consider the human factor here. They can and will fail with enough misdirection. Sacrifices will have to be made both in security, comfort and possibly human and Ghoul lives but we will survive this just as we always have."
 Nathan was obviously insulted by the woman's comment and slid his cellphone back into his pocket. It was his most trusted weapon, the puppeteer's razor sharp strings that had sent countless troublemakers to their early or long overdue graves. To be robbed of an opportunity to exercise this power he had become accustomed to filled him with an irrational rage born from his station as the closest man of the crime leader of the city. A spoiled position that gave him much more power and luxury than he deserved. He snarled slightly to show his miscontent before speaking again.
 "And of course your suggestions have more weight because of your closeness to the mayor of the city? Just because you sleep yourself to the top doesn't mean that you have the maturity to make actural decitions, harlot... I know what it's like on the streets while you spend your nights with that balding, perverted fool, twisting him around your finger as he's twisting your..."
 Ivan choked a smile but remained silent, choosing to take notes of the discussion for a later review.
 The white haired one turned toward Nathan and raised a finger to silence him. "That will be enough, Mr Brown. We all have our ways to keep this city under our control and there's no need to point out these things. Angelica is a valued member of this council and her opinions are just as important as any of ours. How we we use our power is at times more important than the way in which we aquire it."
 His voice had a certain unquestionable authority to it like that of a school principal telling the students to sit down and in some aspects, it was true. Julius was the eldest of them and the final word came down to him. They had so little time now and in the back of his mind, he knew that this discussion was pointless. The hunters would draw their first blood long before the council would make any effective decition. Still, they all had to maintain this position because admitting failure at this point would plunge the city into chaos again just like in the 30's.
 All Julius could do at this point was to stall the meeting for as long as possible because of his unpredictable peers. Their own agendas could possibly ruin all chances of solving the situation. If the situation could be solved at all... time would tell.                        


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Post by: [archive] ChaoticDrahauk on December 23, 2006, 05:57:00 pm
                "Drive slowly. Knowing the council, their representative has only just been dispatched" Tuloskiv said to his ghoul as he flicked through some of the previous owner's possesions. Some credit cards, a few reciepts, a pair of gloves, and then something much more intriguing: A thin piece of wood with a crucifix carved into it, and an eye in the centre.
 "Looks as though they have already appeared in our city. You did well, my trusted servant. This shall surely give call for me to gain an audience with the council"
 He sat there, thoughtful, anticipating the carnage which would inevitably ensue in the coming weeks.
 "Actually, ignore that command. I wish to be there with ample time to wait before the representative gets there. Drive like there's no today."
 And with that the car sped off into the night, the driver intent on pleasing its master.                        


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Post by: [archive] RakishAzrael on January 02, 2007, 11:30:00 pm
                Quiet. It was so quiet. The building looked like it was waiting to be torn down. The front door lock had already been broken from when the police or whoever kicked it in, and the floors groaned with the weight of my steps as I walked. My suit was getting dusty. I hate that. Now we were standing outside a room door. Me and the poker. The interrogater. Take him alive. Funny. Like he'd let us. But i do my duty.
 The door flew of its hinges when i kicked it, simotaneously drawing my 9mms and sweeping the room. Silver hollowpoints, deadly to us. I held my fire. It was still quiet. As if she thought not making a sound would convince us she wasnt here. I knew she was hear, he told me so. He could FEEL her here.
 "Come out, come out, wherever you are, little mouse. We just want a word."
 Silence. That one never works. I turned to the poker, and he paused, as if listening to something, before pointing to a dilapatated wardrobe on its side in the corner.
 "Last chance little mouse..."
 Still nothing. That one never works either. This is why I never take them alive. Damnit.
 I shoot the brass lock of the wardrobe. The soft silver of the bullet manages to bust it without peircing the wood. The wardrobe fell open with a clatter, revealing the petrified form of a young female vampire. She apparently knew who i was, but seemed to scared to scream. No surprise. I'm usually expected.
 "Now, little mouse, about that word we wanted..."                        


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                The chaos died down as quickly as it had begun. Outside, it seemed as if the night air had chilled several degrees lower in mourning for what had passed. The cops had arrived sometime ago, well-prepared for a rough night's work in their thick officer's parkas, and what remained of the gruesome scene earlier were now whispers in the wind and bits of litter scattered across the pavement.
 Mei had fixed her tea after swallowing some spoonfuls of savoury porridge. She was never able to eat as much as she once did when alive, but she didn't care. The tea provided a comfort to the nausea induced every time she swallowed food which was once palatable, and even the actual tastes were becoming a distant memory. In a vain attempt to hold on - what exactly, she did not know - Mei had made a routine of having three square "meals" daily and some of Grandma's red medicinal tea to qwell the vomiting.
 She retreated back to the living room where her laptop stood on a low table by the wall. She checked her email - nothing, save for a hello-where-the-hell-you-been-let's-get-some-coffee from Jennifer, one of her friends from her former profession. There was another, from an address she didn't recognise, though judging from the subject title it was an appointment for tomorrow. Someone wanted a tattoo done, and it looked like he had money. Lots of it. Mei glanced at the altar diagonally opposite from where she sat. The carved serpent statue upon which it sat seemed to rear forward, and its obsidian eyes glowed in the candlelight surrounding its base; in dimness of her apartment, it seemed to come alive - a reminder of who she was and the price she had paid.
 No amount of money she could earn tomorrow would ever buy back what was lost.
 Mei forced unpleasant thoughts elsewhere and sipped her tea. She decided to check up YouTube; perhaps she might be lucky today and find a funny one that would make her week. Surprisingly enough, there was a video in the featured and most popular section, hitting close to 1,000 views. Submitted today, just slightly over an hour ago. Its hits were growing by the second. She clicked on it.
 She took a deep breath as she recognised the screams that filled her speakers.


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Post by: [archive] ChaoticDrahauk on January 03, 2007, 08:43:00 pm
                Tuloskiv stood outside the car, waiting, twiddling a dirk between his fingers.
 "This isn't the first stop it seems. But I must find the council agent"
 Suddenly Tuloskiv heard a loud bang in the distance. Normally he would not regard this as out of the norm, but tonight was not the norm.
 "Quick, Ghoul! Drive like the wind!"
 "Yes master"
 Tuloskiv and the ghoul jumped into the car and sped off in the direction of the gunshot.                        


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Post by: [archive] Skinweaver on January 25, 2007, 12:03:00 am
 She was afraid. He didn't need to see her face or the raw, animal instinct of escape in her eyes to tell. This... man at his side was a predator, she was the prey and everything that remained of her mortal sensibilities told her so. She could run on clumsy, cloven feet but no matter how far she would run, the wolf would be there to tear into her throat. The air was thick with it. A thrilling perfume of emotions mixed with the heavy dust of thought.
 Lucas stood there, in the maelstrom of impressions and sensations that the girl's mind spewed forth. Her desperation overpowered the whispers of the executioner's mind like a roaring waterfall.
 "I'll have to ask that you leave the room. You're making her nervous and to me, that's like drawing on every page in a dictionary. I know she'll talk but I need some time alone with her. Bah. I wonder why they sent us both at the same time... makes this so much harder."
 He whispered. Lucas gave Fabiano a look and walked over to the girl as she sat on the chair with her hands cuffed behind her back. The executioner seemed to object but his words were drowned out by the thousand whispers of the girl. Lucas tapped the side of his head with two fingers and muttered.
 "Let me do my job and then you can do yours."
 Fear was one thing. Fear of death, another.
 It brought with it not only the animal desire to run, hide or fight but also a sense of reflection. Chaotic contemplation of the past like skimming through one's own autobiography whilst judging every action and intent but going too fast, skipping parts, choosing memories, struggling to justify survival. In that situation, the ego would enter with heavy steps and usurp the throne from its weakling relatives and with Ego came the jester. Hope.
 If only this or that was said and if enough was explained, maybe these terrible people would go away?
 Lucas reached into his pocket and pressed the Record button on the tiny machine. The recording was needed to combine his own memories of her hidden thoughts with a more coherent, personal interrogation for the final report to the boss.
 "Kate, I need to ask you a few questions and I need you to be completely honest with me. First, I'll be honest with you to make it fair. You've done something wrong here that has upset a lot of people. People are in danger because of you but you have a chance to set things right. If you tell me what you know, things will be alright. Tell me what happened earlier."
 Kate shook her head violently. An act of defiance. She was crying and tried to pull herself free from the handcuffs but the titanium wouldn't bend even to her undead limbs.
 "Easy now. Shh... I know that you're scared but you don't have to be. If you talk to me and help me fix this mess, you'll be alright."
 She was sobbing. Her shoulders jerked up and down in response to her forced breathing and her brown hair hung heavily over her lap. She knew. She had seen Death as the doors to her sanctuary were broken and nothing she would say could change the fact that she was dead. She had been dead earlier but that time, she escaped Him. Now, Death had found her and was getting ready to take her away. This disgusting, condesending creep was lying to her! Nothing could be fixed! This bastard was just trying to milk her of information before her execution! That's exactly what she told him.
 "Propaganda. Do you really think the Council would have time for all this? No, they're busy with more important things. I'm not going to lie to you, you've messed up majorly but that guy is just here for the scare factor. Mr. Brown wanted to try some new good cop, bad cop approach to this but it sure as hell isn't helping. If you take the time to tell me what happened in your own words, we can use it to stop this mess from getting bigger. If you play along, you won't end up as the hero of all this but you won't end up as the villain either. This is big but if we manage to sweep it all under the rug as soon as possible, it won't matter."
 Safety. This appealed to her more. Most likely due to the stress. Double messages and a more equal standpoint. Same message, different wording. Her stressed mind didn't bother to filter it. Lucas smiled as the whispers from her mind went from hostility to reluctant cooperation. She wasn't planning on telling him the whole truth because what she didn't say wouldn't hurt her.
 She could lie her way out of this! She would only tell him enough to earn her freedom. If this creep thought he could manipulate Kate Angela Johnson, he was wrong!
 Ego took the throne with his jester by his side but as the words started coming, her emotions took over.
 A few minutes later she had passed through serveral stages. Fear, defiance, agression, regret, blame and other tidbits on the mental buffet. The final serving was guilt.
 "I loved him! That bitch, Nancy didn't deserve him! Fucking whore! I wanted to be with him but I killed him! I thought he would understand..."
 Kate seemed to shrink in her chair and started sobbing again. Lucas had stopped recording after she had revealed enough but he allowed her to rant for a few minutes after that. It eased her mind. Gave her a sense of peace that he could sip from as the liberating feeling of venting her emotions faded. He didn't want to finish the evening with her fear fresh in his mind. It was better to let her vent and let those thoughts of freedom wash away the guilt over the lies he had told her.
 "It's alright. You've done well, Katie. I'll go and tell my friend to come in here and open up those cuffs."
 She nodded in response and Lucas walked into the kitchen where Antonio was leaning against the fridge, fondling his gun absently.
 "I have what I need. If you don't mind, I'll step outside for a few minutes and try to think of how to word my report back to Mr. Brown."
 He sighed and gestured toward the living room door.
 "She's all yours..."                        


Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] RakishAzrael on January 25, 2007, 01:21:00 am
                I left the poker in the kitchen and pulled one of my 9mm's back out. I flipped the safty to off and cocked the barrel. I started to enter the room, then hesitated. Though the slightly open door I could see the girl, a sobbing pile of hair and torn clothes; she was a mess. No big thing. I'm used to it by now. This is the job. I pushed open the door. The Girl looked up. She looked from my face to the gun at my side, then back to my face. Her tear-glazed, reddened eyes widened, and she began to scream.
 "Now now dear, none of that."
 I spoke the hollow words and stalked into the room. She started to stand. I pushed her back into the chair.
 "You wont feel a thing, love, I prom-"
 Those eyes...somthing about them...that face...NO! She was dead.
 "On you're knees now, love, it'll all be over soon."
 I grabbed her by the hair and flung her to her knees. Her screams grew in volume and in frequency. Such strong lungs. I'd forgotten how to breathe. I stepped behind her and leveled my pistol at point blank to the back of her head. Close enough to take it off. Part of me wondered vaguly what she had done, and why, and why she was here now, on her knees, in this abandoned building, with a gun to her head, screaming for mercy. But I learned long ago before I'd even entered this freakshow, not to ask questions.
 "Mercy sir! PLEASE! Mercy!"
 Poor girl. Mercy is out sick today. It's death that's come to visit. I turned my face away as I pulled the trigger. I didn't want to watch this one.


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Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] Skinweaver on January 25, 2007, 05:06:00 am
                "It's not impossible to trace. Just give me a minute."
 A pale man in a plaid shirt and short, blonde hair hammered furiously at his keyboard. Operating screens and measurements flickered back and forth on his monitor at an incredible speed. He knew what he was doing and this was just routine at this point. Soon the already familiar video clip of the burning vampire showed up once again on the screen accompanied by various statistics and timetables.
 "Got it! I've traced the original upload of the video to the system of a certain Matthew Robertson, 36 Valhalla avenue of Hawkport. Less than nine hours from our current position." He gave his fellow teammates a reassuring grin.
 One of them cleared his throat and stood up, his deep bellowing voice that had earned him the nickname "Big Cat" echoed in the mostly empty locale.
 "Yeah, but how can we tell that this thing is genuine? You know they stage these things once in a while to throw us off track. Remember what the Cardinal told us about that thing in the 18th century and how the Ancients supposedly sparked the whole Dracula thing to make people think of them as fairytales. They did a pretty damn good job from what I can tell, Blondie."
 Another of the hunters mumbled something under his breath and Big Cat nudged him with an elbow to encourage him to speak up. "I *said* that I've seen enough of these unholy shitsuckers burn to recognise it when I see one." He said.
 The others knew that it was true. They couldn't deny what they had seen. Blondie picked up a black cellphone and dialed.
 "Cardinal Vivaldi? We've found another nest. The freaks really screwed up this time so finding them won't be a problem... yeah we're sure... so we'll go with the usual fifty cheese per head and the standard bonus for any Elders we ash in the process? Alright. I'll get back to you, Cardinal. Arrividerci."
 He turned toward the rest of the team who were already reaching for their weapons.
 "Alright, gentlemen. You know the drill. Get your stuff and we'll meet at the van in 15 minutes from now. No exeptions, no bullshit. I won't let this turn into another Salt Lake City incident..."


Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] ChaoticDrahauk on January 25, 2007, 03:36:00 pm
                Tuloskiv's car screeched to a halt outside of the block where the apartment in which the newest execution had been performed. He stepped out of the car and took out a packet of cigarettes. Slowly, he removed one, and took out a lighter, lit up, and inhaled deeply. Despite the fact that it had no effect upon him since he was dead, it still felt somehow, relaxing.
 "They shall be out soon...I hope."
 From his pocket he removed an old, moth-eaten pamphlet, with an eye within a triangle gracing the front, and slowly read through it.
 "Hopefully this should prove of interest to the council if my soldiers do not."
 Any minute now the council representatives would emerge from the block of apartments. He inhaled deeply...
 Suddenly Tuloskiv realised something
 "Shit! Quickly ghoul, contact the brothers. Command them to congregate near the council chambers. We cannot let the hunters near to the elders!"
 "As you wish, master."
 The ghoul took out his mobile and made several quick calls.
 "If I can stop the hunters from getting to the elders maybe...maybe my people can be saved."                        


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Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] RakishAzrael on February 04, 2007, 09:28:00 pm
                ((a thoroughly annoyed Azrael resolutly punches C-L in the nose and grabs the proverbial tiller of the story.))
 There was blood on my suit. I wiped at it passively, to no avail. I'm used to getting some blood on me every once and again, but I liked this suit.
 I looked dispassionatly down at the pile of ashes that was once a scared confused girl named kate johnson. I felt nothing. All of my feeling went with her golden hair, plummeting off the balcony and bursting into flames, illuminating the night.
 I flicked the safety back on on my 9mm, and holstered it back into my shoulder rig. The poker was waiting just beyone the door. I didn't say anything. I didn't have to. He knodded to me, and i knodded back. The job was done. Time to go report. We walked back down the percarious staircase and through the dank foyer, out the shattered door. On the street, beside my own car, another was waiting. sitting on the hood was a man.
 No, not a man. A thing. A thing like me. Blood of my blood. Standing next to him, chattering away on a mobile telephone, was another man, this one more human, but not completely. I reflexivly reached into my jacket, feeling one of my 9mms in its holster. The poker sensed my tension and spotted the two. He took a step back and to the side from me, towards my car. The thing sitting on the hood, smoking a cigarette in a thin parody of moral habit, noticed us at last and, dropping hte carconogen and rubbing it out with his heel, walked brisquly towards us. I grew more tense, and studied his body language, his face, to see what his intentions were. He had unremarkable features, save for a thin scar running across his face on one side, and the way he moved, i could see he was carrying. I steeled myself for a fight, and spoke.

 "I am an offical of the high council. This site is off limits to all kind, mortal or otherwise. State your buisness, or prepare yourself."                        


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Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] ChaoticDrahauk on February 05, 2007, 02:38:00 pm
                In Reply To #23
 (Just for future referrence, the scar is on his throat)
 Tuloskiv rose his hands slowly, open, as a sign that he meant no harm towards the representative.
 "I know who you work for, kindred. That is the very reason for which I have come here. I believe that we can assist eachother in this little...situation. I have my brothers stationed at specific points in this city, keeping watch for hunters. I will help you in your plight, but you must promise me that I can meet with the council afterwards."
 The ghoul finished chattering on the mobile, and whispered to his master, "It is done"
 "Thankyou" Tuloskiv responded, and promptly lit a second cigarette in anticipation of the answer he would recieve


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Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] roolegion on February 06, 2007, 10:08:00 am
 The noise rattled through my head, like fingernails down a blackboard. I turned around in my hovel under the subway, looking for the source of the sound.  Maybe dinner has come to me for once ...
 The hobos are not stupid any more - seeking an easier resting place under the iron rails no longer appeals to them of late.  
 Jesus H. Bloody Christ !!!!
 "What are you doing to me !?!?!?", I cry out, to the uncaring cosmos.  There was only silence to return my primeval call of anguish, as there always is for these many years.  Silent noise, a noise only I can hear.  I hear the noise.  Only I can hear the noise.
 Maybe the noise is meant for me to hear then ??
 "Concentrate !!  Stop thinking of anything else, you stupid fuck !!"
 The sound is more distinct as it echoes off into the eternity of night.  It is as if sibilant syllable whispers its shout into my mind.  
 Silly bulls !!  
 Hahahahaa !!  The hobos are scared !!  My herd is scared.  Their minds are whispering, screaming, whimpering something so important to them that they cannot help but tell me what it is !!  Let us listen to the chorus on Radio HOBO !!!
 "AAAAAAAre ..."
 "baaaANNNGG ..."
 Oh, the pure chaos is coursing through my lifeless brain, feeling its way in my blood, tingling with all the sensations that I once knew.  Christ is back and He is packing. Hahahahahaha !!!!  Prince of Peace with a .38 !!
 What to do now !?!?
 Scared and lonely, I am.  Must hide, I must hide from the Avenging Angels of the Lord !!
 ..... Or shall the Bogeyman slide his way along the shadows, seeking the eternal Damnation that only he can provide ??                        


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Title: Re: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] RakishAzrael on February 06, 2007, 07:12:00 pm
                ((thinks about that little guy from the wizard of oz "nobody sees the wizard!" rofl))
 Who does this stray think he is? I almost laughed. Almost. I dont laugh.
 "Nobody sees the Council, unless the Council asks to see them. Period. Now vacate the area."
 The stray looked genuingly suprised by my response. I never looked genuinely anything. He opened his mouth to protest.
 "If you have intelligence to share, share it with me, and I will report it to the Council. If there are hunters abroad, the council will issue a lockdown, in which case you should barricade yourself in your haven and await further information."
 The stray almost looked outraged. His pet shrank back from us, and I felt my power as a tingle in my fingertips, and the soles of my feet.
 "Share whatever intel you posesses, or if you possess none, BLOW."                        


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Title: Covering Tracks
Post by: [archive] ChaoticDrahauk on February 06, 2007, 08:06:00 pm
                In Reply To #26
 Desperate to find a way in which he could see the council, but ensuring that this was not visible to this...this hitman, not even a true assassin, Tuloskiv took out the pamphlet and handed it to the representative.
 "Give that to your superiors. Do not read ANY of what is held within, lest you wish to understand that which you truly could not handle. We shall meet again, I can assure you of that. But remember, I and my kindred are not under the council's jurisdiction, so their lockdown shall mean nothing to I or my brothers"
 Tuloskiv sniffed the air suspiciously, extended his index finger, and broke of the nail completely. He subsequently drew a circle around him using the nail.
 "Do not cross through this circle. Contact with my kindred, even verbal, requires protection. This circle is all that does thusly. Pass through it, and you shall become of our cursed blood"
 Tuloskiv sniffed the air again, and went towards his car, followed by the ghoul. He abruptly stopped before going in, holding up his hand.
 "Soon this city will be crawling with hunters. I advise that you gain your allies where you can find them"
 He quickly disappeared into the car, his ghoul closing the door and going into the front, and the pair sped off.                        


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