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Title: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Malavis on August 22, 2011, 07:38:53 am
For those of you playing in the interactive storyboard currently, I generally find a theme song for my characters as I am designing them.
I'd like to challenge you to find theme songs of your own for your characters! I'm interested to see what theme songs the rest of you come up with for your characters in the games above!
Mine are as Follows:

Gabriel Burke:
30 seconds to mars - A beautiful lie (
30 Seconds to Mars: A Beautiful Lie
Burke's life has been a beautiful lie. Desirable, but directionless. Hedonistic and meaningless. This song sums it up pretty well for me. Burke spends half his life trying to find meaning, and the other half convincing himself that "This is just a game."

Johnette Napolitano - Suicide Note (
Johnette Napolitano: Suicide Note
"I wanted to believe you would win that war in your head that I did not understand" pretty much sums it up for me. The character is very complex without much in the way of memories to give him depth- as a result, he feels and perceives many of the concepts that this song touches on.

The Used - Men Are All The Same (
The Used: Men are all the Same
Ashford hid in the shadows, watching his family, until they passed away from old age "You'll never make it on your own/it's easier to go/I'm not leaving, not kissing you goodbye" etc- Also, the character is a bit of a... Complicated individual.

That's what I've got so far! I'd love to hear what theme songs you folks have come up with!
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Isador on August 22, 2011, 02:46:48 pm
Heh, i do actually enjoy doing this myself. So here goes

Two Steps From Hell - Suburban Legend (

Two Steps From Hell: Suburban Legend
I feel the dark tone of this song fits Gary perfectly. Gary's the sort of person who's had several bad hands dealth to him in life and has come to terms with the fact that life will continue to do so. Gary's almost painfully aware that he if he wants success, luck or happiness, he's going to have to carve them for himself...and if the game doesn't work for him, he'll just have to change the rules.

As for the girl...not sure yet. Depends on how the character develops from here onward.
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Radical21 on August 22, 2011, 03:14:57 pm
Akeboshi - Wind (
Over the hills and far away (

Reasons: Mostly Nature and Demeanor. The Latter also because of vague Character history of overly-glorified/dramatized adventure, battle and honor
I didn't really design the characters based on a theme song and I tend to explore the characters as I go based on their background.

Adam Hughes:

07. The Outsider - A Perfect Circle (

Reasons: "It's just that this, this is not the way I'm wired" ."They were right about you" Sort of internal monologue , as  Adam is reminded he doesn't make the cut , not being specialized enough in a clear direction in terms of achievements, not good enough for the Clan , an Outsider,  he hides this while being hard on himself as one within the leveled playing field of the Pyramid, Something that he knows is not true and yet sometimes it gets to him , irrationally, This is then countered because self-consciously he hates that he lets it get to him, lying to himself in that way when reason says that he is perfectly capable , or is he?
Adam thinks he should pull himself together
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Aydoo on August 22, 2011, 06:52:01 pm
Oh how fun, this is easy. Don't think much explanation is needed, except for Anzu which I'm not telling yet :>

Dragon Half - My Omelet / Watashi No Tamagoyaki (

The World of Fog of a Mind's Eye
Darling Violetta - I Want to Kill You (

Anzu Sayuri (杏さゆり)
Best VGM 347 - No More Heroes - Pleather for Breakfast (Duel Against Ranked #2: Bad Girl) (
No More Heroes 2 - Margaret Boss Fight Theme (
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Malavis on August 23, 2011, 03:08:55 am
Freakin awesome call with "I want to Kill you"- great tune.
Your theme for Gwen hurt my brain, lol... I'm sure something must be getting lost in translation- It definitely needed some explanation >_<

Rad: That music fit perfectly for goat-man, and I LOVE APC's 'The outsider'- So so good. Fits really well with what little I know about the character too: The obligations of house and clan, and all...

Isador: You really love two steps from hell! But good tune. Very atmospheric. :D
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Aydoo on August 23, 2011, 04:20:52 am
Freakin awesome call with "I want to Kill you"- great tune.
Your theme for Gwen hurt my brain, lol... I'm sure something must be getting lost in translation- It definitely needed some explanation >_<

I think you just explained it yourself. HAH.

My Omlette was based on one of Beethoven's songs, with the usual JPOP random faire crap thrown on top. Basically its something deep and meaningful but with a whole bunch of crazy thrown on it skewing the sound for the listener.

If you want something more.. modern and listenable lets try this instead:

Badly Drawn Boy -Have You Fed The Fish ?, Coming Into Land ( Lirycs ) (


The Presidents of the USA - Lump (


Alice (Disney Remix) (

Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Friktion on August 25, 2011, 10:58:19 pm
This is a really cool idea!  This is kind of gut responses, I'll think about it more and change my mind as needed.

Adrian Dallas:

Hoobastank - Remember Me (


Disturbed "Meaning of Life" Music Video (

PS: Don't give Scar-Man a weapon.  :rock:

Oh and a spoiler warning - I'm thinking about making a new character with this as his theme-song.  (I think the character is going to be an Assamite)
Hollywood Undead - Bullet + Lyrics (
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: _username on August 28, 2011, 07:56:06 pm

Cursive - The Recluse Music Video (
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Voidshaper on September 02, 2011, 12:40:47 am

Welcome to the jungle By Guns N' Roses with lyrics (

Great ass-kicking music from her underground bar/fight club days. Lyrically appropriate too, funny enough!

Benjamin Lambert:

The Decemberists - I Was Meant For The Stage (

I imagine Ben up on stage singing this one himself to an empty theatre, after a show has cleared out and everyone has gone home. It speaks for itself.
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: Malavis on September 02, 2011, 01:03:58 am

Repo! The Genetic Opera - Gold (

I decided to change Ashford's theme song after playing him a bit.

Nice work by the way on the theme songs! :D They all really suit the characters and themes :)
Title: Re: Character Theme Songs
Post by: _username on September 03, 2011, 03:13:06 am
Perhaps a little after the fact...

Sherie didn't handle the divorce well, but (like most things), she prefered not to talk to anybody about it.  She was legally and financially capable of taking care of her two small children, but somewhere along the way she lost heart. It was easier to let them spend most of their time with their grandparents.  For reference, her Nature was Conniver.  This video kind of captures some of the inner bravado/resignation that was not often seen by those around her:

P!nk - So What (

It's just as well that she's out of the story.  Although she does have some maternal instinct that got jump-started after her Embrace (oddly enough), it was very difficult for me to write about it.  I have nothing of the sort, and at times it was hard to portray a sense of geniune concern without it feeling too forced.  While developing the character concept, I knew that giving her a strong (if neglected) anchor would allow a great deal of depth, even if it rail-roaded some of her flexibility.  At times, I felt a little like Stephen King when he realized half-way through writing Carrie that he didn't know jack or shit about the mind of a teenage girl.

Oh, and she had the Dark Fate flaw.  Debts are now settled.
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