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Chapters one
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                (Interact to the board and go along with the storyline openly and freely, in a serious manner add fiction fantasy and realism.)
 The Final Vampire Books told in a different way(Requiem).
    It was late at night and the troops were heading to Qatar, appreantly seven Russian operatives were selling Nuclear information to the Iranian Secret Service and the MI5 had got the information at the last moment and passed the information to the American Delta force team in the area to capture at attempt to atleats capture two of the three Russian scientist. I, Micheal Mcgreer, was assigned to command my five team delta force team. At this time the other members of my teams names make no difference, it is what happenned that night that makes this one of the biggest threats in United States history. About 0300 hours we had pentrated the meeting point wher ethe drop would take place with almost no resistance or heavy insurgence to protect the trade of information and plutonumium.  By 0332 we had launched a assulat on the iranian secret service and killed all iranian soilders and had two surving Russian scientist tied and bound and set to go to in route to the pickup. We begaqn to laod the scientist into the Black Suv marked.  The second vehicle with delta team B would follow incase we encountered resistance in route. As we got into the vehicles we noticed that one of the iranian secret service men was not dead and was in the process of getting up to stand open and open fire so we unloaded and dropped him, but to our surpirse he did not drop and fall he just keep falling backwards. He must have been platted with some sort of armor a new type of bullet proof vest tephlon with perhaps something else supplied by the Chinese, whatever it was it was nothing any of us ever seen. At the sametime both vehicles would not start, they were already sabotaged. Immediately I contaced our communication liasons for plan B. We began to evacuate from the vehicles with the prisoners to the second pickup route. The problem was we were still taking fire from the same iranian secret service man we... simply could not take him down.
 We could not corner him once he got ground behind a wall of a building, and we tried smoking him out but that didn't work. This may sound to dramatic Sir, but we had no choice but to choice a RPG in the area he was at. When it was all clear we hot wired two vehicles and here we our.
 "Laughing", General Dalton began to launch some harsh accusations. "Are you sure you team wasn't under the influence of some drugs, maybe somehow your team was comprimised", General Dalton expressed. "I replied, no General what my team seen and I was real, this man was wearing some sort of armor and was on something, .. it.. was as if he was on steroids", Sgt. Micheal replied.
 The genreal just gave a glance to the other debriefing members to leave the room and with a simple nod the door opened and they were gone, well atleats to my vision. "Look boy!, I do not have time for this bullshit, I want straight answers not this shit or I wil order you and your team for a full pyschiatric evalution and you know what that means right?". I knew what that meant, it meant that it would go in my permanant record and we would loose our top-mnsecret security level access and be off the whole assignment and probably everyone in the team demoted but what else would I say, I knew what I say, and we did recover two of the Russian scientist that was our objective, "micheal contamplated his next answer because he know if he doesn't give the right answer he would be dismissed and end up demoted along with his team."
    .... Back at Qatar Eastern providence....
    Enclosed by cryptic writing son the wall in the basement of some middle eastern bunker comes the Iranian, soaked with blood across his face and in his mouth and a outfit full of bullet holes he walked slowly down this corridor. Further down he went until he met this other, dressed in a long black robe and his hair was across his face. His rings created a glimmer from the small amount of light from the torches illuminating this place. "Sirius, what do I owe this pleasure?." My lord, Sirius responded," I have failed the tasks assigned to me but discovered something we have only heard of in our own legends for the last thousand years. The setting of room changed as Sirius could sense the anger from his Lord."Siruis all i have asked of you and once again failure, and you have this.... excuse... excuses! THEY ARE FOR THE WEAK! NOT US, NOT ME!..and for such....", Siruis suddenly interrupts, " My lord they have joined together, The brujah and the Tremere have formed a pact I have seen it with my own eyes working side by side fighting side by side." Then as if his lord was in awe he walked away with one command. "Sirius, you are forgiven, immediately show me the proof of this and if this is so and not a matter of covering your own failings, then we must understand that they have discovered our plan and the ICBM's that are in place must be in place to be launced as soon as possible. If they are on to our plan they have already alerted the Toreadors who have betrayed us all, and becomes allies with our food. And if the Humans and the toreadors destroy our plan we all shall become eliminated and the Mortals will be dissecting all of us.