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« on: December 25, 2006, 12:12:00 am »
                (If you will forgive me, I'm rather new to all this, the following excerpt is a brief preview of a rather long story that I have dangling around the excesses of my mind, I intend for it to become interactive at some point.
 I'm not entirely sure whether or not it's in OWOD or NWOD as of yet, or what clan/gen etc the main character is, let's see how the story evolves shall we?)
 "Please, slow down, you're asking me so many questions I can't keep up with you and that's not why I found you, if you forgive my bold assumption that it was I who found you.
 I know why you're asking so much of me, you want to see how much I know don't you? I need no preternatural abilities to work that out friend, perhaps you've been inhuman so long you've forgotten our...better traits?
 Suffice to say, I know nothing, although I'd happily tell you of the strange events of late, hopefuly my mind will be able to make sense of it.
 Yes, that's it, I know I'm no much more now, yet, I fear, that I am also so much less."

 The man flexed his hands together, as if doing so out of habit rather than ay physical discomfort.                        




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