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Kevin Sorbo - for the longest time I thought Andromeda was a Star Trek movie based in pre-warp drive times and laughed the Hercules was a star ship captain.  :)

My favorite sci-fi show was Lexx - so imaginative!
"Besides, I happen to know the law here in Cananananadada. And I happen to know that's it's not rape if it's dead!" (cit. GWAR)
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Site Question
« Last post by Zanderat on July 18, 2019, 01:06:50 PM »
Not sure where to post this or even contact the admins, but somehow I am registered to the forum but not the main site?  At least, I can't login to the main site.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Тема переноса моделей в Bloodlines ограничена компиляцией простых статичных моделей окружения. Но для этого сперва декомпилируется оригинальная модель, т.к. форматы очень разные.
Снова всем привет.
Как-то читала, что существует такая суперская игра, куда можно переносить любые карты/модельки сделанные на sorce. Она называется Garry’s Mod, возможно вы про нее уже слышали...
Мне стало любопытно вот что:
Некоторые люди смогли перенести карты/модельки из VTMB в Garry’s Mod, а мне вот интересно, можно ли перенести модельки из Garry’s Mod в "вампиров"? Или же там тоже все грустно и печально?!
...Besides, the last time I fed on a bum, I puked up his blood! :D...

....He is not a bum, so you can feed as a Ventrue from him.

That was a joke. :) Although, the rest is true(about feeding on a bum and puking and having a micro-freak out cuz I though my Char was about to die, lol.)

That's kool you're writing your own story and thanks for sparing me the Post-Hollywood spoilers, :)

I'm still in Hollywood. I haven't really played it much more than 15-20 mins a day this past week. Trying to teach myself C and C++ in my spare time.

I plan to set aside some time tonight, and into the early morning, to sit down and make some progress. I've actually been looking forward to it, haha.

Edit: Well I beat the Tzime-something guy down in the basement of the Kings Way mansion - he was actually kind of easy - then I went into the sewers and hacked the backdoor and immediately got my butt kicked by the two new enemies thrown at you back to back(the dude with the green spell that slows you and the spider lady). Neither one killed me but each came close! Good thing I learned during the fight in the basement that blood packs heal your life, haha.

Anyway, I was thinking: while it's nice that you fylimar are willing to forgo spoilers simply because I may click on this thread, you, and everyone else, shouldn't really have to do that because of me. I think I'm just going to leave this thread until after I finish game. I just figured I'd let everyone know so you guys could have a little spoiler-party :)

@Happydeathclaw - I found that Ginger, what a looker!
Myself I've only made that discovery I've posted in that other topic, nothing else :/
And I started writing a VtM novel - a crossover with my own world. It is just some kind of exercise for another, bigger story, that I'm writing, that has nothing to do with WoD, but with lovecraftian horror...

Speaking of Vampires and Lovecraft, I heard that these are connected in VtM V5. Does anybody know anything specific about this?

No, but I like the idea. The V5 rulebook is next on my list, now I'm even more excited
Speaking of Vampires and Lovecraft, I heard that these are connected in VtM V5. Does anybody know anything specific about this?

I hope it will deal less on the derived and bladant show off of tentacles and fiendish stuff and more on the principal aspect of Lovecraft's art: the psychological and atmospheric tension where you fight to keep your mental sanity.
Bloodlines German Board / Re: Inoffizieller Fanpatch 10.0 erschienen
« Last post by Wilhelm Streicher 19 on July 17, 2019, 08:26:05 PM »
Das ist schon ein wenig Schade, aber ok.

Und lies mal deine PM hier...
Gesagt getan und leider ausgeschlagen. :)

Ach ja @Voerman
10.4 ist fertig. Vielleicht kannst das ja als Grundlage für deine deutsche Version nutzen?

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