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I was wondering: how far in developement does a video game gets announced usually? After two years maybe? I guess in most cases rumors start to surface not long after the beginning of a developement, or would say that this isn't always the case?

I think it depends very much on the developer ... some announce as soon as they got design examples, some waits till they have a working if severely limited alpha (with loads of placeholder-art and little animation) and others wait till everything is designed and coded, but still got a bug-tracker list a mile long, and some waits almost till they can see that the pre-pre-release is done, and ready for first impressions and reviews...

And I'm inclined to believe that Paradox' (even its not their development arms that making it, in all plausibility they're doing the publishing) decision to wait for announcing for longer will have an impact on how fast we gain some factual knowledge beyond teasing rumorcrafting ... I'd wont except to see it before they have it working (if quite buggy) and the first act theoretically playable ... given that the rumours about Obsidian started surfacing around, January(?), I'd first expect it to show anything in April/May or some sort...
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: can't get past the guard in tutorial
« Last post by Zerosnepil on Today at 09:36:42 AM »
I do not know this before. But I feel that I learned about it.
Please advise me if anything to make me understand more easily.
In Character Scenes / Re: Timothy McDuncan - Prologue
« Last post by Nigama on Today at 04:56:21 AM »
"Fine, then," Bennosuke says, "I'll leave first. You two can wait a few moments after I leave before leaving yourselves. Wouldn't want to draw too much attention would we?"

He turns to look at you specifically, his face looking crazy in the wild dancing light. "I'll see you tomorrow. You have much to learn." Leaning over, he blows out the candles, leaving the place in darkness, takes the candles and throws them into a plastic bag. Without any further word he marches to the door, opens it and exits at a brisk pace.

Everything is still and dark. "I sense doubt in you," Ryu-sama states without emotion.
Interesting stuff where he talks about different types of blood that can be used to build your vampire in different ways. Kindof reminds me of Yin and Yang aspected Chi from KotE.
In Character Scenes / Re: Timothy McDuncan - Prologue
« Last post by Gurkhal on September 28, 2016, 07:19:00 PM »
"I understand." Tim has a rush of feeling like he was back on the schoolyard and warned about the local bully boys, but he had a feeling this could grow worse than losing lunch money. He takes the ring without further questions. "So what this it, or is there more for me?" I think you are hiding something from me. Why are we here and doing this in the place of a murder?
Bloodlines Games General Discussion / Re: Paradox buys White wolf from CCP
« Last post by Leorgrium on September 28, 2016, 05:36:13 PM »
The Grand Masquerade 2016 Keynote

Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Barabus Model Bug
« Last post by Wesp5 on September 28, 2016, 08:13:48 AM »
Hm, I think this has been fixed in the UP or at least improved as it was worse in the original game...
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Barabus Model Bug
« Last post by Trashica on September 28, 2016, 12:47:18 AM »
Never mind. From what I've read about models in this game, it wouldn't be possible to fix Barabus. He's not broken, he's unfinished.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: VTMB companion mod problem
« Last post by Wesp5 on September 27, 2016, 08:43:42 PM »
Is Steam "auto-updating" to restore files overwritten by CompMod?

I don't think that Steam does this as the UP runs fine on Steam versions.
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