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Bloodlines 2 General discussion / Re: VtMB2: Top 10 Wishlist
« Last post by vampiredave on Today at 03:43:00 AM »
I'd argue that FFVII is a cyberpunk game and that it's predecessor was steampunk.

Especially the Midgar Zone. Hi-tech, low-life as the saying goes. It also has an unusual amount of horror elements (most of the Sephiroth pursuit). Add genetic experimentation (Red XIII, Jenova, Hojo, Soldier), police states, capitalist governments, and cyborgs (Barett). End of the world. Hell, you play as environmental terrorists.

Both games are masterpieces in their own right (with outstanding soundtracks). 7 years isn't that much of a gap. I played both at their respective releases.
Bloodlines Modding / Re: World War 2 Mod
« Last post by Marius217 on October 15, 2019, 09:50:06 PM »
Saludos Argikt

Comenzando con una Duda , podria empezar con el parche 9.2 ? o solo el parche indicado para este Mod.

PPor otro lado,  ahora estoy en la mission del tren ahi es donde tengo un problema , cada vez avanzo para ir matando a los enemigos , automaticamente salgo del juego. no se si se puede hacer algún cambio o que debo hacer, por otro lado me acuerdo que anteriormente cuando llegaba al final y de "matar a todos", aun si me parece que no ubicaba al jefe final ( y no se por donde esta) . y siempre me quedaba en elimbo buscando alguna salida para terminar la mission del tren. no se si me podrías ayudar con eso.

asimismo por las misiones secundarias especialmente la del carfaix,,,es fenomenal, . de verdad la trama que colocastes es digna de una obra de vampiros tipo anne rice justo hay una trama algo parecida en su libro "Blackwood Farm" . jajajaja.

Por otro lado, hay alguna manera de entrar al mansión de la logia ? usando persuasivo alta o que habilidad social? ..o no se ... esta una de mis espinas en este juego jajajaja

y ya para terminar , me encantaría que utilices a tu plena disposición los modelos que hago e incluso cambiarlos a tu gusto,. me encantaría contribuir.

Saludos y excelente día Amigo. Gracias por tu esfuerzo, y valgan verdades...sueño con haya versión 5, 6, 7 etc jajajaja y enemigos vampiros Muy antiguos , hombres lobos,...
Classic World of Darkness / Vampires from the Second World War
« Last post by Avadonica on October 15, 2019, 12:19:57 PM »
Hi Kindred!
My question here is somewhat unconventional.
So, I am writing my quest for vampires of the Second World War and I am interested in the following:
Can I say attract Russian intelligence vampires to my story? In theory, I can do this, but will it not be a violation of the adopted canon, or should I start from a certain sect rather than from the origin?!
After all, it would be realistic if one could add to the plot a Russian vampire - a scout from the Second World War.

Thank you in advance for your answers!
Bloodlines Modding / Re: Need a little help in the right direction
« Last post by argikt on October 15, 2019, 10:37:53 AM »
1)- I tried using healing for several ww2 mod bosses, as far I know it's not possible, but you can use several tricks to simulate it, like "on half-health command" you can kill npc1 and spawn npc2 with a full health bar. I know that it's not what you want, but a progressive healing is not possible.

2)- no idea...

3)- the room map is not a good place to do jumps, the effect won't be good. Also you will need to change the template to make her use the jump_nodes.
Bloodlines Modding / Need a little help in the right direction
« Last post by Lightningbolt on October 15, 2019, 10:07:05 AM »
Hello all, I'm trying to give the Jezebel Locke scene a little more impact and I was wondering if I could get a little help on some things. I'll try to respect everyone's time and keep this brief and directly to the point as possible. I'm also not wanting to ask for too much, so I've listed the things I'm needing help with in order of importance, so please don't feel obligated to look at them all. Any help at all is appreciated.

Some (simple) things I've gotten right so far:

I've got her using unarmed attacks (hand to hand) instead of a knife (simple change in the .bsp file.)

I've got her using Celerity 4 during the fight instead of Presence (another simple change in the .bsp file.)

I've got it to where she bursts through her door and actually meets you in the hallway as soon as you approach to make it seem like she can sense another victim coming and simply can't wait for you to enter. I know this obsoletes the key card, but that's what I want as it kind of adds weight to it. (Another simple change in the .bsp file)

I made her a lot more resistant to player powers by giving her discipline strata 6 in her npc template (and then tweaking strata 6 a bit.) (Some simple edits to the vdata files)

What I need help with:

(1) Is there any way to get an npc's health to heal back up? I'm wanting Jezebel to heal back up over time or when she attacks the player, or maybe both. I just need a friendly shove in the right direction here. I'm not sure if this is a function that would be done in python and then called in the .bsp file, or done in hammer, or in the console, or a little in all of that. I've searched for the variable to experiment with in the console and I've lowered her blood pool and watched it lower her health, but it does nothing when I try to raise it. I'm not sure what the variable I need to change is.

(2) I'm trying to get Jezebel to run faster. Celerity 4 makes her ~fight~ faster, but it doesn't boost her movement speed. I took a look at Bishop Vick to see what it is that makes him move so much faster, and noticed that he's actually registered as a Sabbat and Sabbat speed is set to x 3. I could simply change Jezebel to a Sabbat in the .bsp file, but I'm wanting to move her at speed 4 to match her Celerity and also for her to remain a threat to high Celerity users. I found the 'npc_ground_speed_scalar' console command and could set it to 4, but I have to type this in on the console in game when I enter the level. I would truly appreciate knowing how to get this to load on its own, specifically after the dialogue has ended rather than on level load, if possible, because otherwise she comes running up to the character so quick that she flies right past him/her and has to double back (looks kind of silly). This over-shot isn't a problem during fighting because she actually needs to over-project the character's position to account for the pause she takes to swing at the player.

(3) Is there any way to get her to jump up on the bed when the player jumps up there? I've taken a look at the Vamparena.bsp file to see how the keu-jin in there is jumping all over the boxes and ledges, and noticed that the file uses jump-base and ledge nodes. Is this possible in Jezebel Locke's room? I haven't had much luck with it. I'm starting to think there's a good reason the people who made the unofficial patch just made her whip out a gun or run and hide instead, but I still want to give it a try.

(3) Jezebel runs away and hides outside of the door when the player jumps up on the bed and this I don't mind. But the thing I DO mind is when you're fighting her in the bathroom, if you run into the toilet she runs out and apparently forgets that you're in the bathroom. She just walks back to her resting spot and stays there, I'm wanting to implement something that makes her hound the character no matter where they're at. I know the game knows the way to the character at all times simply because of how the dialogue start command will direct the npc to a player from anywhere. I've tried everything from making the dialogue start fire repeatedly to trying set up a patrol path (which actually worked once, but only once). Any ideas on how to make her chase the character constantly would be much appreciated.

That's about it. Like I said, any help at all is greatly appreciated, and if not, I understand. Take care and happy gaming!

Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 10.5 released!
« Last post by Wesp5 on October 15, 2019, 08:53:20 AM »
Made Serial quest independent from Muddy.

Can you elaborate?

The Serial Killer quest and the Find Muddy quest for Arthur Kilpatrick are not really connected, but in the original game you couldn't finish the Serial Killer quest if you didn't finish the Find Muddy quest. I fixed that...
Bloodlines Tech Support / Re: Unofficial Patch 10.5 released!
« Last post by Pumma on October 15, 2019, 03:06:42 AM »
Find it here:

Small Update to RC 2...

v10.5                                                  10.10.2019

Made Serial quest independent from Muddy.

Can you elaborate?
Yet again (at least on initial release) we're limited to the clans we can play, and it's even less than in VTMB1. In that case, I understand that it had to do with copyright, but in this case, isn't that reason out the window?

This had nothing to do with copyright. Bloodlines 1 is a story about a Camarilla vampire that might have worked a bit for the Anarchs in a situation where both were forced to tolerate each other anyway! To add special clans the main story would have needed a lot of changes, and all mods doing this, like TFN, ATM and even the CQM when you play as a Sabbat, take the easy road and make very little changes. The CQM does it best with the new ending, but even there Diablerie should be game over in a Camarilla/Anarch city!

So why can't we have all the Clans? Why can't we have Bloodlines? Why can't I play as a Tzimisce? Or a Baali? Or a Daughter of Cacophony? Or a Giovanni? What's stopping them from going all the way, here?

See above. You can use the same main story line for common Camarilla clans, everything else would need more work and time which they probably don't have...

You make a fair point, Wesp. Granted, since Lasombra and The Ministry (Followers of Set) are being allowed into factions in V5, I think it wouldn't be too bold to ask that they include those two clans as playable in Bloodlines 2 DLC.
Bloodlines 2 General discussion / Re: VtMB2: Top 10 Wishlist
« Last post by DarkProphet on October 14, 2019, 11:24:53 PM »
Ff7 as DIRECT competition? Ehhhhh I wouldn't even begin to try to claim those games have much of anything in common. Cyberpunk 2077, on the other hand...
Yeah i would compare both this way. Both are RPGs in general and build on nostalgia. Also like Bloodlines 2 people want to play a FF7 Remake for decades.

"RPGs in general" holds no water when you're comparing a western-style immersive sim, rewarding XP only for completion of quest objectives with no ability to grind, vs. a JRPG which greatly encourages you to run around in circles triggering several encounters repeatedly to get stronger. Also infinite money and little to no quest outcomes that vary from player to player.

As for your nostalgia argument, those are going to be two different generations considering FF7 came out in 1997 while Bloodlines came out in 2004, not really becoming quite as popular with the majority of people who liked it for a few years, so there's about a ten-year gap in most of the interest.

Of course, I pre-ordered my Bloodlines 1 copy and picked it up on launch day like the superior fan that I am, but I can't hold others to my lofty standards.
Bloodlines 2 General discussion / Re: Pick your team baby, it's the Faction Topic !
« Last post by Wesp5 on October 14, 2019, 08:50:41 AM »
So maybe they should do future DLCs featuring not just different clan, but different gameplay based on those clans?

Exactly. I fondly remember the Half-Life expansions Opposing Force and Blue Shift, which instead of cutting a piece of the game out for latter as many current DLCs do, showed the same events from another perspective with new gameplay and story. Something like this would be cool in Bloodlines 2!
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