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Title: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on November 09, 2010, 05:11:38 PM
Charles and the Woman look at the five figures that emerge from the simple-looking elongated wooden crates stationed from across to them at the far side of the room.  Charles , the one man in the room whos name the fledglings have heard thus far turns his gaze sideways in a critical expression as he extracts a blackberrie from his pocket and begins texting something into it.. The black haired woman ignores him, she still seems to stare at the five figures.

The bodyguards draw away the coffins to the wide double door and out of the boardroom.

The Man in charge had since moved to the side, and seems to be looking at one of the oil paintings depicting a dusk over a shipwreck lying on a stone riddled shore, as if pondering something or waiting for it to happen..

OOC Note: you all have One level of Blood-bond towards the one who fed you blood to awakened you
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Post by: Malavis on November 09, 2010, 10:07:58 PM
Staring disbelievingly at the hole in my chest, I slowly step free of the coffin and look around. Not sure at this point whether to think I'm dead, a captor, or a committed mental patient, I speak slowly and in a soft voice, trying to remain calm but still likely quavering, and with barely restrained anger due to my hunger:

"I'm not sure what you meant by a necessary precaution... And I'm not sure which of my many questions to focus on first... How about I start with THIS."
I point to the giant hole in the center of my chest and gesture frantically.
"How EXACTLY is it that I am still alive? And who are you people?!"
In terms of appearance, the man speaking is a tall, wiry, good looking young man in his mid 20's. His hair is cropped short, and (unless our clothes have been changed) he is wearing a dark blue button-up long-sleeve shirt, and black dress pants. His shoes, his ring, and the chain around his neck, as well as the high quality of his shirt, all indicate expensive tastes. His voice is strong, and despite his fear and confusion, he masters himself very quickly. There is a feeling of having seen him somewhere before, much the same as if you were to encounter a TV celebrity or local news anchor- You may not be able to place it right away, but he looks very familiar from something.

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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 09, 2010, 11:27:13 PM
I stare at the people infront of me while trying to supress the newfound hunger. (ST should roll my self-control to see if i frenzy due to hunger and confusion)

If anyone cares to look at him he's about 6'1 with gaunt features but muscular torso and arms. He's in his early 30's with brown hear and hazel eyes. He's wearing a sweaty tracksuit as if he were jogging when kidnapped.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 10, 2010, 12:44:16 AM
The 1 dice roll was a retroactive roll to determine if you managed to feed and kill someone before getting caught.
No self control is needed since the provokation of blood already happened while you were staked.
However if you think that your character would feel irratable as result of upset over a shocking revelation you are welcome to roll self control.
Character descriptions:
The Woman She has Black long silky hair, pale skin , physically she looks about 25 years of age, average height. she is good looking and move with a kind of alluring gracefulness, she seats with her leg crossed, her hazel eyes look at your general direction with interest that seems almost predatory. She wears a grey purple women suit vest over a white blouse and dark coloured skirt.

Charles look like about 18 year old , his blond hair is brushed to one side in an old fashioned manner, he wears a black tie over a grey shirt covered with a royal blue matching business elegant jacket and pants. Despite appearing young and handsome his expression and some kind of parlor to his skin implies some kind of grimness about him. his blue eyes seem to be motionless and cold as he push the buttons of his blackberry device ignoring you entirely.

The other Man in the room is wearing black formal buisness suit with a black tie and jet colored shirt underneath, he  has Average more mascular build that make him seem around 25 or nearing his 30s, his brown hair seems slightly longer, his features handsome and charismatic and rough on the edges with his unshaven look.
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Post by: _username on November 10, 2010, 01:52:51 AM
Crunching some numbers, to see how she reacts...
Rolled 3d10 : 8, 9, 5, total 22
at 5
-- if successful,
Rolled 4d10 : 9, 9, 2, 9, total 29
at 7
Rolled 3d10 : 5, 4, 9, total 18
at 8
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Post by: _username on November 10, 2010, 01:59:19 AM
One of the abductees, a woman in her 20s, looks around the room.  She appears stiff and agitated, but sharp.  Her eyes dart from one person to the next, pausing momentarily on the man with the short hair and blue shirt.  She narrows her eyes at him, and continues looking around the room.

The woman is wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans.  When it comes to appearance, demeanor, etc. she looks exactly like this obscure actress who fits the part.

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Post by: Isador on November 10, 2010, 09:49:45 AM
I clutch the side of my coffin with one hand, and my stomach with the other, as i try to step out of my coffin. I mumble to myself "What the hell have i been drinking last night..." as i manage to scramble out.

As i see the man in the dark blue shirt pointing to his chest, i slowly move my hand up from my stomach to my own chest and am suprised to find a hole there as well. I look at it in disbelief, trying to figure out why i'm not bleeding to death, then i look at the woman staring at us, saying: "What the hell is going on?!"

Anyone who cares to look at me will first notice the grey buisiness suit i'm wearing, which has certainly seen better days. His shoes are black leather which seem to have gone through the same ordeals as the suit itself. As for the man himself, he appears quite old, in his fifties at least, and he appears to be quite ill as well, his skin appearing red and peeling away at places, as well as showing multiple varicose veins. His black hair looks unkempt, and probably hasn't been looked after for a while. His face, besides also showing signs of whatever he appears to be suffering from, is already showing wrinkles from his old age.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 10, 2010, 01:12:16 PM
The man stares at his chest, then the people around him, then back at his chest. "What the hell is going on here? where am i? what have you done to me?"
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Post by: Malavis on November 10, 2010, 03:00:25 PM
As the others begin to speak, I finally notice that they are there- I glance back, startled, for just a moment but quickly regain my composure; I notice that they too have matching holes in their chests. Checking my pockets for my car keys/cell phone as I turn back to face my fellow captives, I mumble "Ah shit..." and turn back to look between our captors insistently, awaiting an answer.

As he turns back to face you, you see that the stranger has intense blue eyes, blazing with a fury that startles even him, and a firmly set, strong jaw that betrays the aggression just below the surface that has not yet found a target.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 10, 2010, 04:45:41 PM
Rolled 3d10 : 5, 4, 3, total 12

Rolled 3d10 : 3, 1, 6, total 10
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Post by: Aydoo on November 10, 2010, 04:53:18 PM


"Yeeaaaaaaaaaaarrghh!!" screams the girl in the furthest coffin after having a long shaft of wood pulled from the center of her chest from the only working internal organ. The light of the world returns to her eyes abiet much dimmer than that of the world she was used to. The room seems a blur of emotions and agendas and a sense of overwhelming dread consumes her.

"SSSSSSS," she hisses as she bears the fangs she doesn't realise she's instinctually showing, then scurries to the nearest corner and attempts to conceal herself. The thin young woman with short auburn hair curls up and clutching her chest, stares at the going ons of the room with her sunken hazel eyes.

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Post by: Malavis on November 10, 2010, 04:59:07 PM
Allowing a look of resignation, and a "You'd better have some fucking answers for me" look, directed at the man, I let my shoulders drop and appear nonthreatening. I prepare to bring up the rear of the five as we make our way into the other room.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 10, 2010, 06:06:52 PM
The Man notice the Hissing Fledgeling starting to act up for some strange reason he moves to try to restrain her but she swiftly escapes to the corner still hissing.

Another woman opens the double door and stands on the threshold of the room. Her light brown hair long hair falls to just above shoulder length of her 1.70m figure, her eyes and most of her expression are hidden behind a pair of large dark shades and wears T-Shirt and Jeans with tears that probably went out of style in recent years.


The Man tilts his head to look at her  momentarily before returning his attention to the aggressive fledgeling. "Is it ready?"

"yes" she says impatiently turning to glace back to the hallway that is past the doors.

"Thank you" he says while holding his hands to try and confine the fledgeling to the corner.

The young woman leaves

"Charles, Ana" the Man speaks to the two others seated at the far side of the room while holding defensive position against the troublemaker " I think it is best if they go through the next phase with as little distraction as possiable, but please stay, I wont be long..."

"Of course" Ana says smiling politely.. she and charles seem unphased despite the hissing commotion

Charles doesn't say much, his eyes simply glance up from his blackberrie for a moment.

The Man turn his attention back to the fledgelings, mustering his patience and sympathy under.
"Please, I can contain this but until she calms herself go to the door at the end of the hallway".

Beyond the doorway you can see a hallway , its walls are coated with plates of polished wood and the floor and cieling are made of wooded parquet. The hallway is dimly lit by wall lamps similar to the ones in the expensive boardroom and at the far end you can see a narrow open door at the side of the corridor flooding the coridor with brighter light.

The other woman who called the guy 'sire' from before can be seen leaining against the wall by the other doorway at the far side of the corridor.


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Post by: Malavis on November 10, 2010, 06:09:14 PM
Confused, and downtrodden, I comply, mumbling quietly as I go by:

"Were those fucking fangs??? What the hell is going on here??"
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Post by: Radical21 on November 10, 2010, 06:12:14 PM
Rolled 5d10 : 4, 9, 6, 5, 7, total 31
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Post by: Radical21 on November 10, 2010, 06:18:28 PM
The Man doesn't turn doesn't turn to look at the Guy in the Blue shirt instead he seems to focus on the fledgeling who tries to conceal herself his expression is intense. "Go all of you! I can handle her but she wont calm down while you are around" his tone sounds of genuine concern for their well being.
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Post by: Isador on November 10, 2010, 06:34:38 PM
I slowly begin walking towards the hallway, mumbling: "Fangs? What the hell is going on...dunno what i drank last night, but i get the idea i need another drink..." Soon i again look distracted with something, and place my right hand on my stomach.
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Post by: Malavis on November 10, 2010, 07:01:00 PM
Never turning my back on the possible confrontation, and with my desire for answers momentarily overshadowed by raw terror, I motion for everyone to get out; I slowly back out of the room, bringing up the rear of the group.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 10, 2010, 11:29:27 PM
I follow the others while i stare confused at the person who just bared a pair of fangs. "this is just wierd." is uttered from my lips.
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Post by: _username on November 12, 2010, 02:48:52 AM
The Flegling in her 20s watches, visibly shaken by the frenzying creature's appearance.  She watches as a man examines the hole in his chest, and then she slowly looks down at her own torn shirt.  Dried blood cakes a ragged tear in her Treble Charger t-shirt, and a single cracked rib protrudes from a gaping wound beneath.  She makes a conscious effort to control her breathing, but her only reward is the muffled crackling sound of air leaking out of her punctured left lung.

"This is...this is really.  Bad."  She mutters between breaths, speaking to nobody in particular.  A single drop of blood falls from her wound, and lands on her left shoe.  The drop is somewhere between dark red and a blackish brown.  Dead blood.  She slowly looks back up, baffled, and looks to others for cues as to what has happened, and what will happen next.
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Post by: Malavis on November 12, 2010, 03:23:41 AM
Glancing back from the confrontation, as much to ensure that I'm not in danger of backing into the door frame as anything else, I allow my eyes to lock briefly with the young girl, and give my best reassuring half-smile, knowing full well that it is likely useless with the combination of fear, anger, and confusion that knots most of the rest of my face. I dart my eyes to the open doorway, implying that we should go along with the man's request and head for the hall. I briefly try to make eye contact with the others, sizing them up as I do, gauging facial expressions, and nervously cocking my head towards the door as a signal that we should go.

Looking back at the man and the crazed woman with fangs, and with a pang of sympathy for his genuine concern for our safety, I ask softly, while still backing up slowly:
"Do you need a hand with her? We can.. Hold her, or..." I throw my hands wide to show my utter lack of any clear way to help, but continue to back slowly towards the hallway.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 12, 2010, 07:46:22 PM
Rolled 5d10 : 2, 3, 5, 9, 6, total 25

Rolled 3d10 : 2, 1, 5, total 8

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Post by: Radical21 on November 12, 2010, 08:54:31 PM
For Brief moment onlookers could see the Man's caring expression twist into a kind of feral rage as his hand slammed onto the fang bearings fledglings neck, lifting the squirming body and pinning her against the wall with surprising amount of force. His rage fades almost as quickly as he regain his composure.

Charles seems mildly amused but says nothing while Ana still watches the two other fledgelings.

The Man uses his other hand to grab the fledgling's arm, she hisses and bares her fangs and he struggles with her while she is trying to bite him as the man tears her off the wall and locks her in hold. Less than pleased now, he moves to carry her out of the room.

The dim lit form of the brown haired young woman who is leaning against the far doorway fiddling with something in her hands that is hard to discern from far away, she lifts her head to see her 'Sire'  and the fledgelings and lazly stands to walk past the far turn in the hallway and out of sight leaving the Door at the side of the dim hallway open , its intense light causes a cone of bright light to cut into the shadowy floor and project onto the wooden walls.
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Post by: Malavis on November 12, 2010, 09:07:01 PM
Upon seeing the man's expression twist, being the closest one to him, I cry out softly in fear and stumble back into the door frame, nearly slamming into the young woman in the process. Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I head down the hall towards the other room, trying my best to remain composed. On the outside I may not be doing so badly, on the inside, I'm failing miserably. As I walk by the others still frozen in the boardroom, I am mumbling unintelligibly, clearly bordering on shock.
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Post by: Aydoo on November 12, 2010, 10:28:40 PM
Just as quickly it came, the overwhelming feeling of dread washes away from the forefront of her mind; only to be replaced with an awareness of the predicament she has now found herself in. Her eyes dart to the nearest people as they leave the area, noticing the man nearly falling on his ass as he tries to escape out of the room.

".....!! Hee--rrgk--lp-gllch," she manages to squeek out her crushed throat, but falls silent staring into the man's eyes terrified. With no other options she hangs limp in the man's grip and is carried down the hall.
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Post by: _username on November 12, 2010, 10:57:15 PM
Staring numbly as the man-handled Flegling is carried off, the woman in the Treble Charger shirt whispers "wa--water?"  She closes her eyes for a long moment, then blinks rapidly a few times.  As if returning from a daydream, she hesitantly takes a step toward the rest of the group.  If they are to be ushered elsewhere, she gives no indication of causing any trouble while complying.

( This dice roll has been tampered with!
Rolled 4d10 : 1, 1, 2, 5, total 9(see PM)
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Post by: Isador on November 13, 2010, 10:32:58 AM
The old, Ill looking man watches with a degree of panick as he sees the hissing woman being restrained. He starts to pick up the pass through the hallway, looking around nervously like he's expecting to get the same treatment.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 13, 2010, 10:49:23 PM
The Man does not relent despite the restrained fledgeling's feeble attempts to speak, in slow heavy stride he carries her down the hallway to the enterance of the other room. He extends his arm still gripping the fledglings neck and drops her on the floor inside the room.

The room itself is a small liberary, an old one. its floors built from old style dark wooden parquet and walls coated with old white paint and supported by decorated wooden beams and elongate thin wooden rims, along the dimmed walls are wooden closets with shelves that look like they have seen a decade or two filled with books of various kinds and other reading materials. There is also an old study desk with a quill and a black painted carved wooden chair resting at the corner . at the center a Round wooden table surrounded by similar old black painted chairs , The only lightsource in the room comes from a mockup wooden window frame on the back wall but careful look immidiatly reveals that the bright light it projects come from a strong artificial planar shaped lamp that serves to mimic daylight protruding into the dusty room, lighting the round table and the enterance.
Resting at the center of the Dramatic anachronistic liberary on top of the round table is a very Modren looking grey plastic cooler with a medical symbol on it, it is open and its top resting on its side. At the center of the Round table you can also see a White Lab Rat, for some reason it doesn't run when it sees you but rests passively next to the box.

The Man stands by the open door and waits patiently for the fledgelings to enter.
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Post by: Malavis on November 13, 2010, 10:58:34 PM
Moving cautiously into the room, and taking care to put at least one person between myself and the crazed woman, I study the medical cooler. I let my eyes wander over the book titles on the wall, searching for some kind of clue.

(Is there any central theme to the types of books on the shelves? Anything special about the room that might give me some clues to the personalities or inclinations of my captors?)

Per+Investigation Roll:
Rolled 3d10 : 6, 10, 8, total 24

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Post by: Malavis on November 13, 2010, 11:04:44 PM
Deciding that discretion is in order, since something VERY strange is going on, I remain silent, scanning the room carefully with my eyes, while glancing back periodically to the prone figure on the ground and the man who dropped her.
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Post by: Aydoo on November 14, 2010, 01:29:46 AM
The short haired woman falls to the floor after being released from the man's grip, her face meeting the hard surface before her arms with a muffled thunk.


Slowly she lifts herself up so that she is sitting abiet slumped.

"Hrrk.. hrrrk.."

She coughs attempting to catch her breath, while gripping her neck where the man had squeezed to carry her down the hall. It is to no use though, as the only thing that comes is a small splatter of blood upon her hand most likely from the damage to her throat. As others enter the room, she looks up slowly and watches them, a hurt look in her eyes.
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Post by: Isador on November 14, 2010, 05:29:17 PM
The ill-looking old man carefully steps into the library, taking only a brief glance around the beatiful room before reverting back into his nervous stance. He avoids making eye contact with anyone, and though he's continiously looking around himself he seems loathe to leave the man who was wrestling with the hissing woman out of his sight.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 14, 2010, 06:32:27 PM
While entering the room, he keeps a sharp eye out for the hissing girl and her assailant. Eyes scanning the room and the others while he remains silent.
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Post by: _username on November 14, 2010, 08:45:19 PM
Treble Charger lady walks into the room, glances around, and then lets her eyes settle on the cooler.  After a long moment, she turns her attention to her captors.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 14, 2010, 09:49:37 PM
Satisfied that everyone are inside the room The Man's body stands in the middle of the narrow doorway his gaze move from their fearful or curious expressions and land upon the White Lab Rat that is waiting on the table by the Medical cooler.

He looks at the Lab Rat  for a moment and his eyes narrow and brow frowns slightly before returning to look at the fledgelings.

He pauses in thought as if thinking of how best to form his words
"I wonder how much do all of you remember of what transpired just before arriving here and your questions will be answered, though for now all of you must understand I must be cautious , you see These fangs, This raging behavior that you withnessed before is in every one of you and any one of you may fall prey to it, The Beast which cries to consume blood. would be wise to sate its thirst but you must be careful not to fall prey to its call."

He pauses again
" Know that I am not without care, I was once like you, I know it is alot to take in. Perhaps Once you are better you might seek an old book by the second shelf on the right corner call 'The Testement of Alister' which may be of use to you.
I will go now and you probably wont see me for a while. For now,  for your own good, you will be confined to this chamber for a time so try not to kill eacher..."

At that he leaves and shuts the room's door . the sound of a complex door locking mechanism can be heard.

-The Door on the inside is made out of old looking Iron reinforced wood

-Everyone who sees The Medical Cooler may notice that it is stocked full of Blood Packs like the ones found in Hospitals and Blood Banks.

-Please roll Self-Control for Frenzy check..

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Post by: Aydoo on November 14, 2010, 09:55:36 PM
Rolled 4d10 : 1, 1, 3, 7, total 12
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on November 14, 2010, 10:12:17 PM
Rolled 4d10 : 4, 9, 8, 1, total 22
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Post by: Malavis on November 14, 2010, 10:19:27 PM
Noticing the blood packs before the others do (due to that amazing perception roll :)) I am already moving towards it when the man begins to speak. Completely unsure of how or why this is my overarching priority, I am drawn in, enthralled by the medical box. Out of courtesy, I manage to restrain myself long enough to listen and make eye contact, but before he has even fully closed the large door, I have snatched two blood packs from the cooler and retreated to a far corner of the library, clutching the packs tightly to my chest.

Feeling my fangs distend for the first time, and trying my best to fight the urge to just tear into these packs filled with human blood, A strange kind of melancholy flows over me. I take a seat on the floor in the corner and appear to be fighting tears: Eventually, after a valiant resistance, the beast's call proves too strong, and I tear into the first blood pack, watching the behavior of the others like a caged animal, as the ambrosia of my first taste of Vitae washes over me.
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Post by: Isador on November 15, 2010, 10:42:23 AM
Rolled 3d10 : 7, 9, 4, total 20
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Post by: Isador on November 15, 2010, 10:51:59 AM
The old man walks over to the cooler and with shaking hands, picks out one of the blood bags. He takes a few steps back and just shakes his head, like he doesn't believe what he's holding in his hands. Before he himself realises it however, his fangs have extended instinctively and he has already bitten a hole in the plastic. Though his initial thought it to toss the bloodbag away and scream, he just suckles gently on the bag, the first taste of the blood washing away any doubts or other thoughts.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 16, 2010, 07:17:49 PM
Self Control rolls:
Skyra's Character:
Rolled 3d10 : 7, 8, 6, total 21

Cad's Character :
Rolled 3d10 : 5, 1, 5, total 11

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Post by: Radical21 on November 16, 2010, 08:10:32 PM
The Androgenous Female's madness builds up again as her eyes open wide and her nostrils flare up, her mouth open in a bloody hiss revealing extended fangs as she charges onto the door that has locked and scartch it before turning pressing her back and. the bright halogen light falls upon her dark ravnous expression of insanity , she cringes hides from it covering her eyes, it drives her mad and she lunges desperately forward, blindly onto the general direction of the old man and the smell of blood.

The brown haired man in the Jogging suit also seems to be going berzerk, holding his head and then looking up roaring in rage he flails his arms to try and shove back the Treble Charger Lady onto the wall as he mindlessly charges onto the cooler tearing into it and blood packs with great force brutally grabbing a number of them in his hands and mash his head and fangs into the pile of blood packs in his hold.

Since both Cad and Aydoo botched the self control their characters were frenzied were temporary under storyteller control  though past this point they may roleplay their character's frenzy as they see fit for one more post before Frenzy ends.
Aydoo's character is blind for one more turn

Also note that all characters are Injured and have -1 penalty to physical non-reflexive actions but it doesn't affect characters with Frenzy active
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Post by: Malavis on November 16, 2010, 08:15:25 PM
Wide-eyed with terror, I freeze in place and try to make myself look unobtrusive from the corner of the room. I move from a seated position into a low crouch, trying to look unthreatening but also ready to make a run for it if the blood doesn't calm them down. I instinctively chug the rest of my blood packs quickly, rather than suckling on them, some new instinctual side of me suddenly becoming aware that I need this blood to bolster my strength.
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Post by: _username on November 17, 2010, 12:47:25 AM
Shocked by the crazed behavior overcoming the people around her, Treble Charger girl slumps back against the wall.  Her jaw drops and she can only stare.  After a moment, she clutches her own stomach and licks her lips.  "Infected.  We're...we've been infected with something awful!" she stammers in a harsh whisper.

Stumbling to the heavy door, she pounds on it with a closed fist.  "Let us out!  For fuck's sake, please let me out of here!"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on November 17, 2010, 03:00:54 AM
Breaking away from my meal and gesturing emphatically, I speak anxiously:

"Shh! Don't do that! I don't know what the hell is going on here, or what they are... But those assholes outside are probably going to leave us in here." I gesture to the people attacking the cooler.
"They seem to be ONLY interested in the blood, though. Don't draw attention to yourself! Move slowly.. Very slowly. along the wall, around the outside and come over here by me. That way if they DO try anything we can at least face them together. Here- if you're feeling anything like I am, the urge to bite into these things is pretty much overwhelming. I have no idea why though."

I gesture to the remaining half-full blood pack that I was chewing on, shielding it a little with my body so the freaks attacking the cooler have less chance of spotting it, and motion for the girl to move around the back wall to where I am seated in the corner. I glance around the room for anything I can possibly use as a weapon in case they come after us.
Banister, paperweight, anything.
Perception+Inv Roll:
Rolled 3d10 : 1, 1, 9, total 11

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Post by: Isador on November 17, 2010, 10:04:49 AM
The ill, old man runs away from the cooler, trying to get out of the way of the crazies as they rip the cooler apart. The old man tries to speak but doesn't realise he cant seem to let the bloodbag in his mouth go. He cowers in a corner of the library, shielding his head with one hand, while holding the bloodbag in his other.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on November 17, 2010, 04:10:00 PM
Realizing that the older man isn't among the crazies, I motion to him to come over as well.

"I honestly have no idea what's going on, but there's strength in numbers. Three of us can take two of them, if it comes to that."
I try to sound convincing, but looking in their eyes gives me chills, and suddenly I'm not so sure.
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Post by: Malavis on November 17, 2010, 05:08:20 PM
As I wait for the two strangers to make a decision, I keep nervously glancing at one book on the shelf. It is a black-bound leather one, but from where you are you probably won't be able to make out the title. Darting quickly to grab it, I pick it up off the shelf and return to my crouched position, tucking it behind me and off to one side.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on November 17, 2010, 05:32:18 PM
The old man looks at the guy offering to help him, and pauses to consider for one second. After appearently making up his mind, he walks over to the man, keeping his back to the wall and his eyes on the ones at the cooler. The old man looks fairly panicked, but still clutches the bloodbag as he continious drinking from it.
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Post by: Radical21 on November 18, 2010, 09:39:09 AM
To be clear at this point Cad and Aydoo have control of thier characters again. They are still in frenzy and would be nice if they could make a post that has them come out of the frenzy
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 18, 2010, 06:11:09 PM
(sorry for the long wait :P)

The Man in the tracksuit tears into the bloodbags with a zeal, taking as many as he can and retreats into a corner where he munches on the bags, spilling and slobering all over his face and shirt. After a while when he's done with the bags he looks around searching for more blood. You can see the bloodmadness in his eyes. He then settles on the ill-looking man and makes himself ready to jump at him. But right before he leaps, there is a change in his eyes and he crawls back into his corner, whimpering and sobbing. "" "I...I was just about to... I couldn't control myself...forgive me...Oh God, whats happening? *sob* *whimper*. As you can see the man looks more ashamed and regretfull now then crazed. He clutches the empty bloodbags in his arms, rocking slowly back and forth sitting in the corner.  After a few minutes he looks up at the others and softly says "I...I didn't hurt anyone? Did I?"
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Seeing the man in the tracksuit focuss on him, the ill old man hides behind the man that offered to help him. He seems to about to panick when he sees the man in the tracksuit calm down. The ill looking old man releases the now empty (and mostly vacuumed) bloodbag from his mouth and says "What the hell is going on, did they drug us or something??"
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I stand up slowly, keeping my attention on the man in the track suit, trying not to make eye contact with the other crazed woman.
You can now see that I'm holding a leatherbound King James Bible in my right hand, but looking a little bit sheepish about having it.
"You gave us a bit of a scare, but I don't think you really hurt anybody. Ok. Let's all just calm down and try to run through this whole thing rationally. I know I felt some kind of fury running through me when I saw those blood packs... Almost like, I wanted them and didn't want anyone else to get them before me. The only way I was able to control that feeling was by grabbing them before any of you. It was strange. Instinctual somehow. Is it possible we've been injected with some kind of amphetamine? or some kind of time-release adrenaline shot?
If that's the case, how can we explain the fact that we're drinking HUMAN blood?" I take a look down at the half-full blood pack that I was offering the girl:
"Type O, RH Positive. This IS human blood. and all I could think about was chugging it." I look down at the hole in my chest, noticing that it has gotten noticeably smaller.
(in my panic I've healed a point of damage with one bp without realizing it)
"And how can we explain these?? we should all be dead..."
I drop the bible on the floor and run my hand through my hair, leaving a tiny red streak across my forehead where a drop of vitae has gotten on my hand.
"Ok. Let's think about this rationally here." My voice is clear, but my hands are visibly shaking. Finally I groan in exasperation.
"How the fuck CAN we think about this rationally? Fangs? Blood drinking?? Did someone slip us some really weird acid while we were out or something?"
I take a deep breath and try to relax.
"Ok. everyone think back. What do you remember since your abduction? All I remember is getting in a fight with some crazy asshole in a Ski Mask. He was fast as hell, I remember that- and hit like a freight train. After that it's just flashes of blurry images, I can only assume I've sustained some kind of minor brain damage, or a concussion or something. What about you guys?"
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In case there is combat , The Initiative Order top to bottom:(rolls and Initiative modifiers are in the PM)
There is no need to coordinate all this stuff in a PM, if you want to attack state that you want to attack IC and roleplay that attempt including your own attack rolls in a spoiler.(or you can PM me and the relevant people the attack rolls.)

Ill try to get around to updating the guidelines on this on the rules thread to hopefully prevent future confusion about this.

About PMs Everyone Change your PM Preferences so that by Defualt it saves sent Messages in your out box
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The maddening smell is all around.  It surrounds her and she cannot get the thought of it out of her mind. Its as if some great creature wants to claw its way out of her chest through her mouth and devour it all.

"Fe--rghh--rdd," she gurgles out as she wildly thrusts herself across the room into the direction of the medical case of blood. Scrounging animalisticly she claws at the table, at the case until she feels the sticky wet substance she craves.  Ripping open any of the packs she manages to grab onto and trying to devour the contents within, blood splatters outward arcing across the room towards the sealed door.


Licking at her hands trying to savor the last of the substance but it isn't enough, the scent surrounds her and the creature calls to her. It wants, no, NEEDS to devour. Blood soaked she lunges in the direction of the old man and the guy in the suit holding the book in an attempt to take the source of the aroma from them.

Dex + Brawl Difficulty 9 (Blinded) 3d10>8 : 5, 5, 4, total 0
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Having totally missed everyone possibly in the room, she crashes into one of the book shelves with many of the books falling and burying her. Up she sits sort of bewildered at how she managed to get in such a predicament and why she is so covered in a red sticky substance. Looking around the room she seems confused to why everyone is staring at her so frightened and defensive.
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When the maddened woman makes her intentions clear, I drop into a crouch quickly, and snatch up the King James bible. I hold it defensively in front of me, Shouting at almost a roar. Noticing at the last second that she is not in fact LOOKING at me, but rather following the sound of my voice, I duck back a step from where I was, and watch as she crashes into the bookshelf beside me. still holding the bible out in front of me like a weapon, I rush in behind her as I see that she looks dazed, ready to start swinging.

"Hold still. Don't fucking move...!"

Realizing that the Bible doesn't seem to be provoking a reaction of any sort, I throw it across the room. Eyes brimming with the kind of fury that only comes from total confusion and an animalistic hunger that I don't fully understand, I grab a handful of her shirt and draw my arm back as if ready to punch her in the face.

"Are you in control of yourself? ANSWER ME!" In my fury, my fangs distend and my eyes blaze. You can see as you look into them that they are bloodshot, irritated, and on the edge of control. At the last second, I seem to relax a bit, something in my voice becomes solemn, pleading.
"I swear to god we're going to put an end to this insanity or the four of us are going to put you in the ground."
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The old man has put his back against one of the bookshelves, his eyes switching frantically between everyone in the room. He looks like he's about to lose it, like an animal driven into a corner.
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Shaking her head in disbelief, Treble Charger pokes gingerly around the edges of the hole in her shirt.  She looks at the cooler and scowls.  "I don't think we should eat or drink anything these people have laying around...if we've been drugged already, it would probably just make things worse."
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Not taking my eyes off of the woman that I am ready to punch, and with only a subtle slackening of my muscles, I get a resigned look on my face, and realize that I've been holding my breath.

"This is going to sound strange. But I don't think they're to blame for whatever is happening here. I saw the look on the guy's face in the boardroom. He's got some genuine sympathy for us. They may work for some asshole who wants to put us through hell, but he definitely wishes we weren't in this situation. Also, he apologized on behalf of.. Shit I can't remember what, but he worded it as if it was something done TO us and we were found somewhere, yknow?"
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Post by: Aydoo on November 20, 2010, 12:53:14 AM
-1BP to heal throat reflexively

Slumping under the pressure of the books covering her, the light slowly returns to her eyes and [malavis' character] comes into view blurry moment after the next. Staring at him inquizitively she tries to ask, "Wh-rghk--" but stops and concentrates as if clearing her throat and continues.

"Wha-gh-t--What are yo-rgh--you doing? What's going on here?" she says looking down at his hand grabbing at her shirt which is now stained with red.
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The White Lab rat escapes to the south west corner of the room away from the people and climbs into the bookshelf.
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As the old man sees the (formerly frenzied) woman and the man standing by her calming down, he calms down too. Letting his shoulders slump down he looks at the empty bloodbag in his hand and just drops it. He runs his hands through his hair, but stops abruptly as though it hurts to do so, saying "Oh god...why are they keeping us here...and why are they making us drink...blood"
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"They didn't make us drink the blood. We did all by ourselves. But why?" All I remember is leaving my house for a run, and then my mind is blank, not just hazy, but totally blank. Next thing i know i woke up here, in some wooden container unable to move. Then i saw those people, and you. And now this."
He points at the now partly healed puncture wound in his chest.
"And that" He now points at the empty cooler.
"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here? Whats with the fangs? And the rage? And that hunger, i've never felt such raw instinct before and the pleasure of draining that blood"

-2bp to heal the stakewound.
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About the Medical cooler:
To clarify The Cooler is not empty, blood packs are fairly compact and looks like someone put a commercial amount of Bloodpacks in it, something like 30 or maybe more some of which have since slipped down on the floor by the table

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Post by: Isador on November 20, 2010, 11:29:43 PM
The old man looks worried, saying "I dont know...maybe they infected us with something? Rabies? So you wont feel the pain, and go berserk over nothing? Whatever it is they got me good...feels like someone tried to skin me and didn't finish the job, and i think something's wrong with my gut...hurts like a son of a bitch.  All i renember is going home after getting something to drink...and some punk showed's a bit blurry"
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Turning her attention away from the other people, she squints at the rat just as it disappears into/under/behind a bookcase.  She walks over to where she last saw it, crouching down to see if she can see it.  "Where'd you come from?" she mutters more to herself than from the animal.
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Post by: Aydoo on November 21, 2010, 12:32:00 AM
Still trying to comprehend the situation, "Who--who the fuck are you people?"

She turns to the old man who seems to have some kind of skin rash, "What is--- is this blood?! Oh my god why am I covered in blood!? Is this some kind of cult?! Didyou peopledrugmeisitmoneyyouareafterijustwanttogohome----?!"
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Post by: Radical21 on November 21, 2010, 12:29:36 PM
Rolled 3d10 : 5, 7, 3, total 15

Rolled 6d10 : 4, 10, 7, 3, 6, 2, total 32

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Seeing the leftover bloodbags he walks over to the cooler, grabs 7 of them (including the ones on the floor) and starts methodically pouring them down his throat, licking the last drops from the bags, his hands and around his mouth. Doing this seems somehow involontary, judging from the strained movements he makes.

After this is done he stares at the others. "Why did I just do that? It was almost like I was being forced to do it. I wanted to do it but at the same time I didn't. I mean come on, it's blood, why would I just want to drink blood? It was almost as if I heard a voice in my head, saying "Take it, TAKE IT ALL!". So i did."
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A realisation suddenly creeps along the old man's face, that not much of the blood is going to be left, and he quickly walks over to the cooler, grabbing a few more bloodbags (4). he then takes a few steps back to his original position so he wont get in anyone's way, and then begins drinking the bloodbags. Though he seems puzzled by the bloodbags, the moment he puts them to his mouth the worry seems to fade from his face.
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I let my arm drop to my side and give the woman a light shake before letting her go.
"We're not a cult, and WE didn't do anything to you. We're in the same boat as you are, completely confused and scared out of our wits. I have no idea why, but there are two thoughts in my head right now that feel like they aren't my own. First, I'm having an overwhelming urge to put some hurt on other people; and I'm NOT a violent guy normally. Second, there's a strange kind of promise that this voice is making me that if I go over and chug some of the liquid"-- Here I look like I almost say blood, but hold back-- "in that cooler, it's going to make all of those urges go away. So I'm going to listen to it, if only to lessen how fucked up things are right now. But I need to know that you're not going to lose it like that again. Just relax, take a deep breath, and collect yourself, then get up and drink some of this stuff." I point to the two who have just chugged the blood packs.
"Is that voice quieter for you guys? I'm guessing that there's some kind of mildly psychoactive drug in those bags: If we don't take it, we lose our minds. Whatever the reason that we've been fed this stuff, I think it's in our best interest, while we're all locked in a room together, anyway, for us all to have at least some."
I stand up shakily, backing slowly away from the woman.
"I'm sorry I grabbed you. We just need to try to keep it together." I offer my hand to help her up out of the pile of books she is buried in.
If she takes my hand, I help her up and walk with her over to the blood packs, giving her an encouraging nod. If not, I walk away and ignore her, continuing on with my actions.

I walk over to the cooler and grab 5 more blood packs. Trying not to rip into it like an animal this time, I slowly sip this blood pack, gingerly puncturing the pack with one fang and squeezing the contents into my mouth.

As I do so, I walk over to Treble Charger girl and crouch down beside her.
"So why do you think they left a mouse in here with us? These guys seem like smooth operators, I doubt that was an accident." I follow her eyes to the bookshelf, and join her in searching for the little rodent, while I wait for the others to feed and calm down. as I look in, I realize a curious sensation as my body begins mending itself right  before my eyes. I watch the gaping wound seal up, flesh knitting itself together, and with a wince, I watch the cracked rib pop back into place with a wet snap. In moments, my chest is as unmarred as it was before this insanity began, with only a circular hole in my silk shirt and dark, dead blood caked around the outside to show that it was ever there at all.

Drinking the 5 packs bringing me up to 6bp, healing the remaining 2 points of damage, leaving me with 4 bp.

I turn subtly to let Treble Charger girl see that we're able to do this, but I shrug as to how exactly it is possible.
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"Lose it again?! What are you talking about I don't remember---" She stands up with [malavis] taking his hand and walks over, "Y-y-you don't feel normal---I mean are you cold?" and looks at the bloodbags.

"Please tell me thats kool-aid," she says grabbing one and giving it sniff, then pulls off the stopper and takes a swig. Her eyes open wide as she realises the bitter, iron taste is somehow the sweetest and most delightful thing she has ever had. Before she knows it she has downed a few [3] more without even thinking.

+4 BP--- 5 Total Now

"Oh god---What am I doing? Why are these so great?"

She puts her hand on her forehead and leans against the bookshelves in disbelief of what she has just done, trying to gain her composure and thoughts. She walks over to [malavis] and [treble charger] and runs a hand through her hair still unsure what to do.


Adjusting her posture to be more--demure.

"I mean, my name is Gwendolyn."
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Post by: Malavis on November 22, 2010, 02:33:10 AM
I turn my attention away from searching for the mouse and stand up, looking at Gwendolyn, as if deciding whether or not to trust her. I extend a hand.

"Gabriel. Gabriel Burke. Nice to meet you."
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Post by: _username on November 22, 2010, 06:55:35 AM
Getting down on hands and knees, she quietly makes her way to where the tail is poking out.  "There you are" she whispers.  Reaching slowly towards the rodent, she licks her lips and tries not to startle it.  She pauses for a moment to glance at Burke as he introduces himself to somebody else.  She rolls her eyes as if to say "yeah...thought so" before returning her attention to the rat.  Holding her hand motionless just above the tail, she blinks a couple times.  In one smooth gesture, she grasps the rat's tail firmly in the palm of her hand and pulls the surprised rodent out from under the bookcase.

It squeaks loudly in protest and its little claws make a clattering sound against the floor as it tries in vain to pull away from her.  Once she's sure that she isn't going to drop it, she holds it up and turns it around so she can look at it.  It squirms around and squeaks for a moment, but once she has a firm grip on its body and holds it steady, it settles down.  She looks at it for a long moment and muses softly "what are you doing in here, little guy?"

Manipulation + Animal Ken, difficulty 7 (assuming it's a normal rat, per VtM)
Rolled 6d10>6 : 9, 5, 9, 9, 10, 8, total 45
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 22, 2010, 10:19:50 AM
"OK, now that people have settled down a bit, perhaps introductions are in order. My name is Thomas Watson. I am a police officer here in Cavern City. That is... if we still are in Cavern City"

He takes a good look at the people in the room. Trying to look as friendly and non-threatning as possible.

"Does anyone have an idea of whats going on here? Who were those people in the other room?"

"Whats with the rat?"
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Post by: Isador on November 22, 2010, 12:46:10 PM
The old man momentarily releases one of the bloodbags from his mouth, saying "The name is Gary..." he looks like he wants to continue on that sentance, but after a brief pauze looking at the floor, he looks back up at the group and says "Just Gary".

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Post by: Malavis on November 22, 2010, 04:15:04 PM
I shake Gwendolyn's hand, noting that she was right with her comment, that we are both very cold: and nod at the others who have introduced themselves.
"Nice to meet you all. Sadly, I have no clue as to what's happening here, but I'm sure there are clues we can follow to get to where we are now. We just have to make sure we keep it together. Officer Watson, is there anything that you've seen during your time here that seems familiar? Maybe one of the people in the boardroom has a record? Have you been to this building before for any reason? Can you think of anything off the top of your head?"
I crouch down beside Treble Charger girl as she reaches for the rodent. With a nod of encouragement, I wince just a little bit as she snatches the animal.
Seeing her deftly pick up the creature and comfort it, I look at her.
"You're pretty good with animals... I don't think there's any way I could've done that."
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Post by: Radical21 on November 23, 2010, 02:35:40 AM
The Lab Rat seems to calm down in the Woman's grasp and its small arms and long legs go limp as its head seems to pause for a moment as its nose and ears still hyperactivly move, it makes more squeeking sounds as its elongated snout turns to sniff at her hand as if communicating with her somehow..

More in PM

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Post by: _username on November 23, 2010, 05:09:35 AM
As she holds the rat, the rest of the world seems to fall away from her.  Still facing the bookshelf where she found it, she is now propped up on one knee.  She slowly brings the animal closer to her face.  The little rodent's eyes are locked onto hers, and its nose twitches.  Once she has brought it very close to her face, she becomes aware of its scent.  It reminds her of the dark, and wetness.  And...cattails?  Among the other things, the smell reminds her that she is hungry.  The rat is warm in her hands, and as it sits still, she can feel its pulse.  Blood courses through its veins at a rhythm of 5 beats every second.  She licks her lips involuntarily, then pauses.  What's going on?  She clenches her eyes tightly for a moment and moves the rat a little further from her face.  With great effort, she shakes off the craving and opens her eyes.

"What's wrong with us?" she whispers.
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Post by: Malavis on November 23, 2010, 05:20:58 AM
I watch the strange interaction raptly, seeing the connection between the two, and remaining silent.
When she asks the question, I sigh.
"Believe me, I wish I knew. Nothing makes sense anymore."
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Post by: Aydoo on November 23, 2010, 08:06:19 PM
Having shook Gabriel's hand she turns towards Thomas, "Wait did you say Cavern City? Where the hell is that? Last I knew I was in Toronto for an appoi-" She stops herself mid thought and changes direction. "For a visit."

Gwendolyn lets out a sigh and puts a hand on her face to try and think taking in the mess the room has become. She tries to stretch but feels unusually tense and breezey for some reason. She remembers theres still a huge wound on her chest and turns to Gabriel.

"Uh.. how did you do.. the.. um.. closey uppy thingy? Can I do that too?"
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Post by: Malavis on November 23, 2010, 08:15:50 PM
I don't take my eyes off the girl and the rat, seeming enraptured by the interaction, and a curious look is plastered on my face. I seem about to ask a question to the young girl with the rodent, but then respond to Gwendolyn's question. My voice is distant and distracted.
"Yeah. Not sure how I did it. I just relaxed and took a deep breath. It was almost unconscious- I just focused on how to make everything better- how to fix things. I thought about where we were and what we were doing, and how to make it better, and it just.. kinda.. Closed up. I tried before but wasn't able to."
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Post by: Aydoo on November 23, 2010, 09:27:33 PM
Taking in what she said she closes her eyes and tries hard to concentrate, to will herself whole and anew. She tries to think of the world before this horror when things seemed... happier. She feels her flesh begin to crawl towards itself, to reshape and reform where it was broken; yet in doing so she feels empty as if her life was slipping away and a greater feeling of want was urging to take over.

-2BP over the course of 2 turns to fully heal, sitting at 3 now.

She sighs again, feeling a bit more at ease now that her internals are less exposed but no less disturbed by the fact that she has the ability suddenly. Looking around the room she tries to notice if everyone else has done the same, if this is some common trait that they all share now. Turning her glance towards Gary she notices he's gotten some how---uglier since they've first become aware of each other.

"Have you always had that hump there?" she says pointing at his shoulder.

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Post by: Malavis on November 23, 2010, 10:13:31 PM
I glance away from the rat and the girl and do a double-take.
I have a look of genuine concern in my eyes, but it is clear I also want to see what happens with the mouse.

"Yeah gary- you're not looking so good... Maybe you should sit down or something... Are you feeling alright?"
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Post by: Isador on November 24, 2010, 08:28:06 AM
As Gary empties the last bloodbag he grabbed from the cooler, he looks at his shoulder, appearently noticing the lump for the first time. He turns to Gabriel and Gwendolyn, a puzzled look on his face, "I have no idea whats going on with me, and no my skin wasn't falling off before tonight. It doesn't hurt much...except for my stomach which feels like it got a solid hit from a basebal bat....Maybe i can fix it, like you did."

Gary concentrates on his torso, imagining his skin and flesh repairing itself like pieces of a puzzle fitting into eachother. He starts to feel the hole in his chest closing up, but for some reason doesn't feel any improvement elsewhere. (-2 bloodpoints to repair the staking wound.) He concentrates harder, getting visibly frustrated, but still fails to repair his skin, or the lump on his shoulder. "It doesn't work! Why wont it work!" Says Gary as he gets visibly more angry.

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on November 24, 2010, 04:49:03 PM
"Easy, gary.. Calm down... Just have a seat and try to relax..."
I seem to be looking very intently at gary's face for a moment, then try to hide a look of shock.
"Gary, your eyes... They look... Strange."
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Post by: Isador on November 24, 2010, 05:56:01 PM
Gary looks at Gabriel worryingly and asks "Whats wrong with my eyes?". He starts to feel at the skin in the area surrounding his eyes trying to figure out what he's talking about.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on November 24, 2010, 11:57:43 PM
"Ok, so you're saying you guys don't know anything?"

He moves across the room towards the door, when he gets there he starts pounding on it, yelling "Hey, come back here. We want answers." After a while he starts to hit the door with is shoulder, trying to break it.

Rolled 3d10 : 5, 9, 2, total 16
(+ 1 automatic success)
to break open the door
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Post by: Malavis on November 25, 2010, 12:16:58 AM
"I don't know... They just look different from when I first saw you. Might just be my imagination, I guess."

I turn to look at the police officer.

"I just know what I told you. Some asshole in a ski mask jumped me. Then it all gets really blurry. Some yelling and shadowy things- Like I was drugged or something. Then I was frozen in place and had a stick in my chest. They took my phone, or I'd try to figure out where we are." I throw my hands up emphatically as he hits the door. I make mental note of how the whole frame of the door shakes when he hits it.
"Easy, easy officer- Don't break that door down just yet. Let's try to puzzle this out. That guy mentioned a book. The... Testament of something. Look for books with testament in the title. Over where Gwendolyn hit the wall."
I walk quickly over to the pile of books knocked to the floor. I scan the second shelf up for the book and find that most of the books have been knocked to the floor. I let my eyes play over the pile of books, focusing intently for any books with the word "Testament" in the title, or for any book that seems extremely out of place. After a few seconds I grunt with frustration and begin digging around in the pile.
Heightened Senses+ Per+Alertness Roll.
Rolled 5d10 : 5, 4, 1, 8, 4, total 22
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Post by: _username on November 25, 2010, 01:12:10 AM
Distracted by the commotion and the pounding on the door, she stands up and looks around the room.  "Hey, does anybody have anything to eat?"  She looks down at the rat and wonders if her initial perceptions were correct.  "I think she's...hungry" she adds, feeling a little weird as she completes the sentence, as if she's baffled about why she bothered to mess with the rat in the first place.
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Post by: Aydoo on November 25, 2010, 01:18:17 AM
Gwendolyn walks over to Gabriel and stoops down starting to dig.
"Here let me help you."

Perception + Alertness 5d10 : 5, 1, 4, 2, 4, total 16

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Post by: Malavis on November 25, 2010, 05:30:30 AM
Not looking up from my digging through the pile, I chuckle darkly.

"Maybe the rat wants some blood. That's something we have in abundance."
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Post by: Isador on November 25, 2010, 06:10:30 PM
Gary shakes his head as gabriel walks way saying "Jezus dont scare me like that! There's enough shit going on without you making me think that my eyeballs are gonna pop out". Taking a moment to take a deep breath, he walks over to the shelves and starts helping to look for a book with the word "Testament" in the title.
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The Heavy Door doesn't break much but some of its old wooden coating cracks and fall on the floor from the repeated thrashing. the door opens to the interior of the room so in order to actually make it fall common sense is that one would have to do the shoulder charge or kick from outside of the room, still one can see tthe door hinges shake and quiver each time the door is pounded on, had the same been done from the other side the dore would probably be torn down by it.
The Constant pounding probably create noise on the other side, outside of the room.
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She walks towards the pile of books on the floor, still holding the rat.  "Hey...what are you guys looking for?  Did I miss someting?"
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Assuming that standard diff was 6, I achieved one success with heightened senses on- I'm going to assume I found the book, but this entry may be retroactively edited depending on Rad's ST decision. Keep that in mind. Also I wanted to RP gwen's botch as well ;) Aydoo I hope you don't mind me being the instrument of your CONSTANTLY horrible rolls ;)

I spend a good deal of time digging around in the books with very little success. Finally my eyes light up and I snatch a book from the bottom of the pile. as I do so I draw it back and stand up quickly, just as Gwendolyn leans in to help find the book. with a dull *whap* I smack her accidentally across the head with the book.

"Oh shit- I'm so sorry. Didn't see you there."
I grasp the book in both hands and study the outside cover carefully.
I glance up at Gary.
"Sorry about that. Your eyes just look a bit strange. That's all. Didn't mean to freak you out."
I look at the girl approaching with the rodent, and smile thinly.
"Yeah- the guy said to look for this book for some answers when we first walked into the room. It's really the only clue we've been given, unless that rat has a secret message tied to it or something."

This post may be edited or deleted based on whether or not the book is ACTUALLY in the pile, lol. I'm assuming that it is and just trying to move the story forward a little bit more since rad is going to be a few hours, but Rad is the final arbiter on this.
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Realizing his futile attemps isn't workin, he stops. He inspects the door more thoroughly trying to find a weakness and after that he looks for  something to use as a lever to pull it off its hinges.

Rolled 4d10 : 8, 9, 2, 4, total 23
Per+Security to find a weakness
Rolled 5d10 : 4, 6, 7, 6, 8, total 31
Per+Alertness to find a lever

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He seems a bit distracted as he speaks.

"Right a book. Let's see. "Second shelf on the right corner" if my memory serves me right. Or was it the third shelf on the left? Anyway, you keep looking, i'll find a way to break us out of here."

He keeps looking around for something.
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The book is rather thin compared to some of the thick books on the shelves but Gabriel finds it after some searching , it has an old emerald tinted leather cover binding dusty pages, the cover has an imprint of a bloody dark red rose woven into the the leather and a more modren small sticker that says "Testement of Alister" glued on the side of the cover

The Guy pounding on the door notice the Hinges placed on the inside are weaker compared to the robust structure of the door itself , take out the hinges and the door will fall. though easier said than done
There is not much that can be used as leverage, maybe breaking off one of the table's legs?

At that moment the door unlocks with a clicking sound and opened shortly after, The young woman from before
who previously refered to the man as 'sire'
glances in cautiously and opens the door slightly after, brushing her hair back as she looks at the fledgelings, Another unfamiliar face is with her, he's tall, dark brown hair, sunglasses, unshaven wearing Green-Black woven flanel jacket over a stained off white T-Shirt and khaki cargo-pants , his scrawny face and short messed-up hair further add to an overall grungy appearance..

They both look for a moment as they see the toppled table and cooler with blood packs spilling from it and scattered around as well as empty blood packs and stains on the floor.

"They didn't kill eachother eh?"

"And they didn't eat the Rat.."

"I would take rat blood any day over that stale stuff, ungrateful"

"whatever, just watch them, I'll go get Evan"

"Wait, I'm no fucking babysitter..."
But the woman is already gone, the tall guy  moves to lean on the inside of the doorframe casually reaching with his hand to hold the other end and block the rest of the doorframe as he looks grimly at the fledgelings from behind his cheap black rimmed sunglasses.

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Gary looks at the book held by Gabriel, saying "That must be it". He takes a glance back as the door opens and intently watches the man and woman chatting before the woman leaves, leaving the man to watch us from the door opening. He studies the man for a few seconds before  turning back to Gabriel, "I figure that guy isn't going to be very talkative either. What's in the book?"
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Thomas fidgets with the door when it suddenly opens. He takes a step back to see who's opening it. After the woman is gone he adresses the man standing in the doorway.

"Look here sir, I don't know who you are, thinking you can keep us locked in here like prisoners. I know my rights and I demand answers. Who are you? What have you done to us? Speak!"

The "you" here is emphasis on everyone we've met so no far, not just the guy in the doorframe
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Trying to look casual, she turns away from the doorway and walks away from the scruffy guy who just entered.  As she walks away from the door, she whispers something briefly to the rat.
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Holding the book to my chest, I watch the new entrants carefully. Listening to their interaction, I crack the book and look at the inside cover, study the first few pages carefully, then (if there is no immediately mind-blowing details) I flip to a random page in the book and start reading.

I let the officer take care of the situation, but move slightly closer as I read to back him up if things get physical.
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The Man looks towards the Treble Charger woman holding the Rat with her back turned to him his interest seems to be focused on her as he answers Thomas's questions without too much interest. you notice his dilect has a subtle hint of french in it.

"Name's Pierre and the sorry lick who turned you, I am not him. Merde, had to take that blood all the way from a lab in Berrie so some respect would be nice."

Pierre glances back to the hallway impatiently before turning his attention back to the fledgelings.
"You could taste the Rat, its blood taste nice and tasty I promise..." he says as he looks to Treble Charger, he parts the side of his lips slightly and picks at his teeth with his fingernail.
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"Lick?" "Turned us?" "What are you talking about? Turned us into what?"

"And what do you mean the rat tastes better?"
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"So apparently this is a book about vampires. Some very moody and depressed ones. Yknow, despite everything we've seen, I still think there has to be some sort of rational explanation for..."
My eyes flit to a part of the page and my expression grows darker.

"The crux of the matter, really, is that drinking blood not only allows me to perpetuate my existence, but also provides a sensation unlike anything this world has to offer. What is it like? My dear, words cannot describe it. Imagine drinking the finest champagne and the sensation of the most sensual lovemaking you've ever experienced. Overlay that with the rush the opium fiend feels as he takes his first breath on the pipe, and you begin to have some sense..." I mumble as I thumb through a few more pages.
"One of the people out there said 'sire' right? According to this book it means parent vampire. Look. 'In most cases, one receives ones first drink of blood on the night one becomes a vampire. One of the "kindred" as we like to call ourselves. The process is called "the embrace" and has two distinct and rather difficult phases. The first is simple..'" I pause, apparently attempting to summarize a very long sentence:
"So apparently you create a vampire by drinking all of the blood of a person, then feeding them some of yours-  'The parent vampire-- The technical term is "sire"- then returns some of his ill-gotten gains. He bites his lip, or wrist, or whatever, and allows some of his blood to pass the victim's lips.'"

I have a perplexed look on my face as I read, flipping pages and scanning its content.
"I still don't believe that we're really talking about VAMPIRES, here. Like that's really a reasonable explanation. This makes mention of adam and eve, and Cain, the first sinner..." I look sheepish for a moment- "Raised catholic. Sure as hell ain't anymore. Apparently he was the first vampire?"

I flip to a random page in the book- landing on 39.
"The Traditions... 'The six traditions that form the laws of kindred society are believed to have been passed down since the wars that slew the second generation...' I don't understand any of this- But it does seem to be implying a whole society, with rules and social structures codified with laws. Here- Look...
'The first tradition- the Masquerade.' Oooh very official and old testament here:" I take on an authoritative voice with a rather slapstick english accent:
"'Thou shalt not reveal thy true nature to those not of the blood. Doing so shall renounce thy claims of the blood.'"
My smirk fades when I glance at the third tradition, my mind connecting the dots rather quickly:
"Shit..." I read in a deadpan, serious tone. "If any of this is true, and I'm not sure that I believe it is, we may be in serious trouble."
"'The Third tradition- The Progeny. Thou shalt sire another only with the permission of thine elder. If thou createst another without thine elder's leave, both thou and thy progeny shall be slain.' Basically means that if someone makes a vampire without permission, everyone involved gets killed.
Didn't seem like our existence was something that was intentional, or part of the norm... Though I could be wrong- things are a little too fucked up right now for me to try to gauge a 'Norm' for."

I go back to reading, mumbling quietly to myself as I do: looking for any information or anything to tie this book to a concrete event since my awakening.
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Gary follows gabriel's eyes as he reads through the pages, a look of disbelief across his face. As he mentions the 3rd tradition, Gary says nervously "What are you saying?? That we're vampires and that they're gonna kill us cause we didn't fill in the proper paperwork??". Gary fearfully glances back to the man at the door opening, trying to gauge the man's reaction to that question.
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Glancing from the rat, to the books, to Pierre, and finally to the cooler, she scowls in contemplation.  As if mulling over all of the recent developments thoroughly for the first time, she makes up her mind.  Still carrying the rat in one hand, she walks deliberately up to the cooler.  Peering into it, she casts a questioning look at Gary.  She reaches in and pulls out a pouch.  Looking at Pierre for a long moment, she asks flatly "Blood.  What's the deal?"
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After getting smacked by Gabriel but not really noticing it due to frantically searching through the pile to no avail, Gwendolyn turns her attentions to the door opening and the people entering the room. She quietly watches the events unfold huddling next to Gabriel trying to eye the book as he reads it.

After listening to him quote a few passages and trying to absorb some of the information not much stick, except the word "Vampire." Suddenly about the time he finishes she starts giggling to herself covering her face to try to muffle the sound, but eventually continues to a guffaw.

After a short while she sighs and retorts, " Vampires? Are you fucking kidding me? Are we going to sparkle or some shit? OhgodIdon'twannasparkle.. Ahahaha.. Turn into bats and not be able to cross running water? Fuck knows I already disliked crosses but man.. Vampires?! Are there Werewolves, Orcs, and the Toothfairy in that book too?"
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I look for a moment as if I am undecided on whether to join in on the joking or admonish Gwendolyn for not taking this seriously.
"Well- the bible didn't work on you.." A small grin forms on the edge of my mouth.
"This doesn't seem like a sparkly kind of story. No close-ups of mopey teenagers here- This paints a much darker portrait of the myth." I continue flipping pages.
"I'm not sure if this is some kind of a gag, and we're just drinking drug-laced kool-aid, but I do know that the way it felt when I drank from those bags-- Feels oddly similar to the description in the book. I also think we need to start weighing perceived truth versus objective truth before we go jumping to any conclusions and start biting each other."

"Pierre- If what you're saying is true, thank you for getting that for us... I wonder if you can help shed some light on this for us. We know that we either ALL believe, or all really do have healing powers of some sort- We were all irresistibly drawn to the substance in the cooler which you say is blood from Barrie.
Human blood... I know that just a minute ago it felt like my eyes were better than they've been since I can remember- sharper, somehow-- Like I didnt need contacts, even... I know that I haven't lost my temper like that since I was 16, but a minute ago I was ready to tear a total stranger's head off to save myself the anxiety of wondering how she was going to behave.
We're willing to be a little less belligerent if you'd just help us clarify whether all of this is horseshit or whether there's truth here."
I take two steps closer to Pierre, using every bit of businessman charm I have on him. My voice drops to a low and level baritone, a calming and persuasive rumble.

Using Awe- Charisma+Performance at diff 7
Rolled 6d10 : 4, 8, 2, 7, 3, 8, total 32
(with Enchanting voice reducing diff)

"Please, Pierre, help us sort this out.
Ok- Two questions to start.
First, Please Tell us what you know about this book.
Second, What's the deal with the rat?"
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You all find yourselves with your voices catching briefly in your throats as something in Gabriel's voice commands the attention of the room. Although you don't know the answers to his questions any better than he does, you find yourselves with an overwhelming (or more overwhelming) urge to help Gabriel get information out of Pierre, as well as help Gabriel in any way you can.
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Id like point out a distinction between the effects of Awe and Majesty here, there is no catching of throats though you do pay attention to Gabriel's words and have postive sympathy towards his plea and what he says however there is No compulsion or overwhelming desire to help him.
Just an overwhelming desire to think he is really attractive/charismatic and assume that his words are wise sensiable, confidant and all the other stuff you assume about people who you think are attractive/charismatic..

I just thought id point it out because the description Malavis provided sounded closer to Majesty(level 5 presence) when it is actually Awe (level 1 presence)

Pierre looks at  Gabriel and ignore much of anything else, following the quotation of the text from the book and questions he snickers "They told you nothing eh? fine, I dont think much of ones like you but you seem ok so I will tell you, I don't know anything about the book but it sounds like it was written by an arrogant Ventrue ass to explain it all for begginer Vampires like you. But do not  worry the boss, the Prince, he would have killed you by now if he wanted to... and the Rat, nice gift I picked up at the Lab where I got the Blood, good spy for a time too until things got crazy ..."
He mutters something under his breath as he  glaces back over his shoulder again
"I don't know why I'm telling you all this...Most of us are Kindred here , right now the more you accept it and do what the Prince ask the more chance that you will survive."


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"Vampires..." mumbles Gary under his breath. He takes a moment to contemplate the situation, his eyes shifting back and forth between nothing in particulair.  He visibly calms down, now that he's aware that they're not all gonna be killed.  He looks back to gabriel, "If you're done reading that book, can i have a look?"
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Re-reading that, I realize that my wording was a little strong, yes. For Awe, you have a desire to make me happy and side with me, but, unlike Majesty, you're not all climbing over each other to gape at me and do whatever I ask. I did manage to get the whole room with all of those successes, so it's likely there's a bit of reverence going on at the present moment simply by dint of me being the focus of the whole room, but you are in no way obligated to do what I say, simply that my words carry a bit of extra weight. Thanks for clarifying that for me Rad, it's been a while since I've used presence ;) Usually more of a Dominate man myself.

I look momentarily surprised at how forthcoming Pierre has been, and the mask of businesslike decorum that I have adopted almost fades for a moment. I step forward fluidly and compensate for it before it drops, however. Smiling warmly at Gary, I hand him the book, while still moving forward with an air of power.
"Pierre, I can tell that what you are saying comes with risk to you, though I'm unsure exactly what that risk is: So I want to thank you for helping us understand. Don't worry, you can trust us: we're only trying to figure out what has happened here."

I cross the room slowly, making my way toward Pierre with a warm half-smile on my face.

"If you don't mind, I have a few more questions for you. When you think about it, it's in your best interest for us to learn everything we can- The more we learn, the better the chance of us surviving to help your interests down the road.
Now, Call me a cynic- but I'm having a hard time believing that this vampire thing is on the level: So let's focus on people and terms- The devil, as they say, is in the details.
There were 3 people in the boardroom earlier: Two men and a woman. What are their names, and how are they involved in all of this?
Second: What do you think happened to us? Honestly you seem like a guy with an ear to the ground and I respect that. What reason do you think someone would have for doing this to all of us?
Third: Some clarification of terms: Who is the prince? I assume that's a title, but what rights does it assign? Also, you said 'Ventrue' and 'Lick.'- Lastly, What is a 'Sabbat?' Any light you could shed on these questions will likely mean the difference between life and death for us."
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Thomas just stands there with a dropped jaw a few seconds. Then he says. "Are you fucking kidding me? We're not vampires, this is just some funky mind game or something. Now tell me what's going on?"

There is a slight sign of panic in his eyes suggesting that he actually on some level believes what Pierre says, and it freaks him out.
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Gary kindly thanks Gabriel and begins shifting through the pages. He takes keen interrest in the traditions, skipping past most of the history. He'll occasionally mumble something illegible as he takes in the information. After a few minutes of reading, Gary seems satisfied and places the book on a chair.
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I shoot an angry sidelong glance at Thomas, frustration lingering briefly on the edges of my face. My eyes are insistent, with a touch of anger, appealing him to keep calm. My hand raises imperceptibly at my side, urging quiet.

I look back to Pierre and let a slightly apologetic look flit across my features, and then my expression of respectfully insistent interest returns.
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A note on my play style:

I'm going to switch to a third-person voice here- Seems like that is what we have all decided on for the way we are speaking. I am so used to having the players speak in the first person, and the storyteller in the third, but if we'd prefer third person voice all around, that's fine with me :)
Just thought I'd mention it so the switch didn't seem really strange.
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Rolled 3d10 : 1, 1, 6, total 8
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Post by: Aydoo on November 29, 2010, 07:15:56 PM
I prefer 3rd person due to the fact that I am not my character, but like the ST a watcher of the scene. It helps me get into the mode of controlling them and thinking outside my own perceptions of the world. To be able to see what they see, but not react as I would but how they would.

Gwendolyn tries harder to process all the information coming in. Some of it sinks in and some of it doesn't, but in the end all that she can focus on is Gabriel. Already had she noticed him but now.. now he seemed to call to her and she just needed to be closer to him. Quietly and slowly she moves up behind him and to the side seeking to slip her arm through his and her head on his shoulder while smiling softly to herself.

Unseen Presence (Obfusecate 2 {No BP needed}) to move into position, breaking on contact if successful.

Wits + Stealth Base Diff 5 6d10>4 : 7, 4, 4, 7, 2, 7, total 21

If Successful those without proper Auspex/rolls will ignore that she was there and she'll seem to have appeared next to Gabriel.
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Since Gwendolyn is in plain sight I question her ability to Vanish using a level 2 power even if the attention was focused on Gabriel (and Gwen's attention was also focused of Gabriel rather than on making everyone not notice her) but since it seems harmless enough ill just say that whoever thinks their character would not have noticed the disappearance can treat it as unusuall.
Level 2 Obfuscate is not Vanish from the mind's eye
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Everyone's attention is turned towards Pierre or the Rat, she is unnoticed by everyone and left behind them. Only Pierre should be able to have "plain sight on her" and he is being occupied by the conversation. That was my rational for being able to activate it.
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Post by: Malavis on November 29, 2010, 07:48:49 PM
Bah we can just say she took a step back first or something :P I agree that if no one sees her she can poof but we're all arrayed around the room so she's still in SOMEONE's peripheral vision. She could just duck down first. No biggie. It's me she's sneaking up on in the end, and she doesn't need to be invisible to do that :P Focused as Gabriel is on Pierre.
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Gabriel starts when someone touches his arm, and looks down to see Gwendolyn snuggling up to him. Looking perplexed for a moment, he struggles to keep an air of calm, and maintains eye contact with Pierre, despite the woman hanging off of him. If anything, he allows the woman hanging on his arm to add to his strength of purpose. His eyes are insistent, but friendly, attempting to assure Pierre that everyone in the room has his best interests at heart, as well as their own.
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"You picked up on all of that eh? I was not in the boardroom at the time but you probably mean The Prince , Evan but what two others?"
Peirre rubs his unshaven chin as he looks up puzzled or confused, the dark lenses of his shades reflecting the bright light almost perfectly.
"Merde, you ask alot of questions,I don't know where to begin, I told you, you are all kindred now, Vampires all of you. don't know why, I think it was probably thSabbat, the bad guys that wanted you all to rampage on the street with bloodluste, maybe, maybe not,  Politics are not my thing, that book probably explains all of that better than me, The Prince is a title for the guy in charge, don't fuck with him."
He turns his head back "They are coming back..."

The Man from before returns to the room's entrance accompanied by the woman who left to get him apperantly, Pierre seems somewhat relieved "Sire" , The Man who you could probably guess to be Evan whispers something in the Woman's ear and she grabs Pierre's flanel sleeve and drag him away with her leaving Evan facing the fledgelings.

His two hands rest in front of the upper body of his blacksuit the fingers forming a triangular shape as he regard them with a calculated look.
"So , where were we?"
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Post by: Malavis on November 29, 2010, 08:51:10 PM
Before the others come in, Gabriel smiles at Pierre, nodding slowly, to affirm that he has heard, if not completely understood, everything that was said.
"Thank you, Pierre. We all appreciate it."

As two walk in, Gabriel nods to each of them in turn.

"I believe there were apologies being made for the imposition. Forgive the assumption, but I assume you are the prince of the city? My name is Gabriel Burke." Gabriel effects a low nod that borders on a bow.
"I am unaware of many of the protocols that the kindred use, or even if I am using the correct terminology, so forgive me if I offend. I will say that I have come to trust that you are not to blame for what's happened to us. After what I've learned, it would make no sense.
Though I do not fully understand exactly why I do, I have the feeling that I owe you and your comrades my thanks; I don't know the others well enough to extend it on their behalf, but I'm sure, were they to think the situation through, they would thank you as well."

Gabriel slowly lets his eyes sweep over the others in the room, including Gwendolyn as she hangs off his arm. His eyes quietly ask for their agreement. He turns back to Evan and smiles warmly.
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Post by: Aydoo on November 29, 2010, 09:02:41 PM
Gwendolyn continues to elope her arm with Gabriel's and nods, smiling while keeping her eyes closed as he speaks, acting as if she were an ornament or posession of his.
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"Wait just a second. Gabriel was it?. So you're telling me, that we are all vampires? Undead creatures wandering the night looking for babies to eat?"

"yeah right"

After finishing the last words he notices that Evan has entered the room so he turns silent, waiting for Evan to adress them. Arms folded, his demeanor calm and he looks as if he expects to have all his questions answered.
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Post by: Isador on November 30, 2010, 12:46:40 PM
Gary walks up closer to Gabriel, taking a good look at Evan. For a moment Gary seems like he's got something to say, but after glancing at Gabriel who just finished speaking and is waiting for a reply, he remains silent. He looks at Evan curiously, waiting for him to reply to Gabriel
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Post by: Radical21 on November 30, 2010, 01:58:36 PM
Evan pauses as he is about to speak and looks at Gabriel as though something about his words was unexpected to him.
"Yes Mr .Burke, I do hold the title, I know it must be alot to take in, I can understand that much of it may seem unreal and unnatural to you just as it was to me when I was turned all those years ago, before then I was human, much like you all were and in many ways I am still the same man I was back then and  my role as Prince is in part to care for the kine , for the humans and protect them."

His eyes survey the mess in the room. the blood spatter.
"This dangerous chaotic behavior you have withnessed  is the reason you were all brought here, I wish things could have been different, I wish that you could sit comfterably in your office at the Burke Communications Tower or that Officer Watson could go back to patroling the streets but time cannot be reversed, for now all that can be done is protect you and others from this misfortune and perhaps we can help one another to ensure that the same fate does not befall other innocents."

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Post by: Malavis on November 30, 2010, 04:23:15 PM
Gabriel nods slowly, taking it all in.

Rolled 5d10 : 2, 5, 9, 7, 3, total 26
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Post by: Malavis on November 30, 2010, 04:36:03 PM
Int+Politics roll btw, and sorry, forgot to spoilerize it.

Gabriel looks for a moment like he might start pacing, but looks down at the woman attached to him, and Gary flanking him on his other side, and realizes that his stance is more powerful if he just remains still. Gabriel takes a small breath to steady himself.

"You'll have to forgive me if I come off as a bit rude, believe me it is not my intention. As I said, I am very appreciative of the fact that without you, we would all likely be dead or worse. I simply cannot come up with a better way to ask this question:
In my world, the world of business; no one ever does anything without an angle; without it suiting their purpose. We donate to charity because it is a tax dodge. We support our competitors because competition breeds more market share for us to eventually eat, and no one wants to own a monopoly. We don't support rwandan children or mom n' pop's electronics because we CARE about them- we try to look like we care so it will play to our interests. It seems like this world is a little different from my own, but I suspect that it is not so much. Our very being here is indicative of the fact that some other faction of your kind still screws you over, and you would probably screw them, given the chance. That is a business maxim that is, I'm guessing, the same across the board.
I suppose my question is: I have no illusions that you're helping us out of the goodness of your own heart, nor would I expect you to for a group of disparate strangers. I get the sense that you are a fair man, who truly cares about the success of your established power niche, and those who are loyal or potentially loyal to you: but beyond that, I suspect, just like my father, myself, and all successful businessmen- you'd leave everyone else to burn.
So I guess, what I'm getting at with this, and the part that might come off as rude... What exactly is your angle in helping us?"
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Post by: Radical21 on December 01, 2010, 04:34:38 PM
"As opposed to just killing you? The Primogen certinly expected me to do so..." Evan turns his head upward in contemplation before his eyes decend once more to Gabriel and Gwen " I can tell We are very much alike. but wealthy powerful people like your father.. and my father... they don't get embraceded by the kindred. Like you,... " he looks across the chamber at Gary, Burke, Gwen,Sherie and Thomas as he speaks "... Like all of you in fact I couldn't escape such dark fate. I don't have an angle to letting you live but for you to truely understand I would have reveal more about myself than just my title."

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Post by: Malavis on December 01, 2010, 04:48:18 PM
Gabriel nods thoughtfully on the mention of his father, indicating his understanding, and remains respectfully silent.
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Post by: Isador on December 01, 2010, 05:11:54 PM
Gary watches silently as Gabriel and Evan talk, waiting untill the two of them are finished talking before taking a step forward from Gabriel's side and asking "So then, lets just skip the pleasantries and and get an answer to "what now?". I take it you're not going through all this trouble just to have us executed publically. What are you planning to do with us? You're gonna offer us a fine position in some corner office so we're out of your hair?"
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Post by: Malavis on December 01, 2010, 05:21:22 PM
Gabriel tries to conceal a smirk, but fails. He runs his hand over his mouth to cover the expression, then shakes his head imperceptibly.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 01, 2010, 10:14:26 PM
"wait, wait, wait" "Forgive me for interrupting. Did you say I cannot be a policeofficer any more?" "Why not? I can work nights, can't I?"

There is a clear tone of sadness in his voice and a bit agitation.
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Post by: _username on December 02, 2010, 05:44:48 AM
The discourse between Pierre, Gabriel and this "Prince" fellow weigh heavily on her mind.  She blinks very slowly, staring down at the bloated bags inside the cooler.  Shifting her gaze slowly, her eyes follow the spattered traces around the room.  She feels like she should shudder: death, inhuman rage and terror had come and gone only minutes ago.  Yet everybody was still standing.  She feels like she should be dizzy, faint, disgusted, or confused.  But she is none of these things.  She is...hungry.  Without realizing it, she has stopped listening to the conversation.  The sumptuous contents of those bags has drawn her focus once again.  As if in a trance, she reaches into the cooler and lifts a pouch to her lips.  Squeezing it in one hand, she causes its contents to bulge outward.  Closing her eyes, she sinks her teeth into the swollen sack.  A soft, wet popping sound is muffled by the bag, her lips and the fragrant, rapidly escaping fluid.  Following the sudden puncture,  the bag's crushed contents spurt out, a stark mockery of fresh blood from a living artery.


She would shudder, if her body still worked that way.  Forgetting everything else in the world, her other had slowly releases its grip on the rat, and she uses both hands to squeeze the bag's contents into her mouth.  The rodent drops onto the table, landing next to a few crimson droplets that have dribbled off of her chin.  In contrast to the table's surface, the sticky droplets look like used motor oil.  Within moments the bag is empty.  Her fingers clench into fists as they squeeze the plastic, demanding more.

After a frustrating moment, she drops the bag onto the floor.  Unaware of the people, the book, the rat and the world, she reaches back into the cooler for another hit.
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Post by: Malavis on December 03, 2010, 06:54:13 PM
Gabriel sighs, the momentum clearly lost, and lets his shoulders drop a little. Seeing the girl biting into the blood bags keeps drawing his eye, and he seems distracted.
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Post by: Radical21 on December 03, 2010, 09:19:32 PM
Evan quietly Observe as he listens to Gary and then Thomas and Gabriel's reaction.
He looks away and would probably release a sigh if he was still breathing.

"...Even if you work Nights what happens when you get called during the day? What happens when you will undoubtedly lose control and go crazy again? Or when you find a fresh corpse on a homicide scene and feel like drinking its blood? I could see the terror in your eyes when you first seen these fangs, this rage back when we were at the boardroom, would you think other human's reaction would be any different?" he pauses as he turns to look at Thomas. .

"Human ignorance can be both our greatest asset and our greatest enemy ,Keeping regular jobs in the way most humans do is too dangerous the masquerade and endangers you as result..I have already taken a risk merely by allowing you to live, To put in terms you would understand, As Mr.Burke so eloquently put it, my positions can be likened to that of  a CEO and as a CEO in my Corporation I have to contend with Major Shareholders or the Board of Directors , the Primogen. They may accept that I let you live but simply giving you a free pass when you have not even proven yourselves would be perceived as weakness. To them such weakness would merit, even demand action against me and would send the city into turmoil as they all fight each other for dominance."

He pauses as he notices Treble Charger girl helping herself as he looks at the fingers of palm in front of him as if lost in thought as it slowly changes in both hue and shape, carefully contemplating his next words.

"You see , As Prince or CEO it is my duty to keep the relative peace, I assure you that it is more a burden than a luxury , I would have been quite content as Primogen if it wasn't for possibly of the title of Prince being left at the hands of less worthy individuals, and a Clan War that would undoubtedly cost in losses on all sides especially the kine, the humans under my care... I assure you, I am capable of holding my own but a show of weakness would mean the Primogen would lose faith in that fact and all my good intentions would go to waste.. So while this Sarcastic Nosferatu wit you are sporting is charming I think you will understand that outside of this room any such misplaced comments from one as unconnected as you would have unfortunate consequences."
By now the fingers at the ends of the man's palm seem to have extended and gradually darkened and tapered at the fingertips like razor sharp looking talons.

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Post by: Aydoo on December 03, 2010, 09:52:38 PM
"Nosferatu? You mean like that old 1940's movie?" Gwendolyn questions after his speech.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 03, 2010, 09:56:39 PM
Burke instinctively takes a step backwards when he sees the talons extend from the prince's fingertips. A look of concern competes with fear in his features. Catching himself at the last second, he stands his ground and makes his body-language nonthreatening. Trained to respond by instinct after a lifetime of being raised around executives, Burke gestures slowly, calmingly, as he speaks.

"I believe that individual grievances, while important, can also be discussed in a less public forum. Gary, though maybe not practicing as much tact as he could, given the situation, raises a good point. It sounds as though we want to keep the Primogen happy. You'll have to forgive me, as I'm just.. Yknow.. Playing catch up. But at this point, we owe you. So what do we do now? How do we make this transition as individuals, and still help your interests, as thanks for your part in sparing us?"
Gabriel opens his body language a little, and looks around.
"I am well aware of the appearance of weakness in interpersonal relationships, and how contagious it is. It would seem like for us all to be best served by this, we should make it look like the choice to spare us was a calculated move that strengthens his position, not one made from sentimentality or weakness. The primogen wanted us dead. By that logic, the prince's survival is our survival. Rule #1 of good long-term business is to never allow people who hate you to arrive in a position where they can make business decisions."

Turning back to the prince, Burke's stance shifts calculatedly from an appeal to a more questioning, open stance, and locking eyes with Evan.
"The question is: How do we make that happen?"
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 04, 2010, 12:57:27 AM
"You spoke of "Clans". What do you mean by that? Do you mean like diffrent families?" "And as Mr Burke said, how do we continue our lives from now on? I would really like to continue to work in law enforcement but I understand and accept your arguments. Have you any need for a police? I mean, I hardly think you use regular police to enforce your laws."

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Post by: Malavis on December 04, 2010, 02:02:39 AM
Burke shrugs his shoulders as if to say, "Hey, that could work!"
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She blinks slowly, and realizes that she has just consumed the contents of at least 5 or 6 bags.  Glancing down, she seems surprised to find that the open wound in her chest has fully healed.  Suddenly she becomes aware that what she's doing might be somehow improper (aside from the obvious fact that she just gulped down a few liters of blood).  She wipes her mouth quickly and awkwardly crams the empty-ish bags back into the cooler.  Almost as an after thought, she closes the lid and brushes a locke of hair out of her face and tries to look casual.
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Post by: Radical21 on December 04, 2010, 10:39:00 AM
The controversial 1922 film by the same name, yes,"  He turns to glare at Gwen in acknowledgement and a hint of contempt as he speaks about the film..
"Unofficially it was made by a member of the Nosferatu Clan as response to Bram Stoker's Dracula, another example in which the masquerade was tested to its limit, Many Kindred at the time were in disagreement about whether it protects the masquerade or spread enough misinformation, You can only imagine how humans would react if they thought Count Orlok was real. If nowadays some people believe in extraterrestrials back then before the age of information it was worse, we may discuss it more lately but I digress..."
The Prince speaks to the rest of the fledglings as he casually raises the Talon of his finger to eye level as if admiring its predatory form.
".. The Nosferatu are but one of Thirteen Clans, different Lineages of Kindred descended by blood, you could probably read more about it within the books of this library albeit the fact that most of the knowledge about them is Cluttered with Stereotypes and half truths. Every new Kindred belongs to a clan through the blood of the Sire, the Kindred who turned her... The great disadvantage you may have now is that amongst the kindred of the City save for Gary perhaps you are all considered Caitiff, Kindred of unknown lineage which is obviously an obstacle when trying to find allies. Currently as you are you have little value to anyone, the Lack of clues concerning your Sire's identity presents an even more pressing problem as it may be that they are still out there turning innocent humans, spreading chaos which threatens the masquerade. Your best chance to prove your allegiance and value would be to find the ones who sired you and stop them."

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Post by: Isador on December 04, 2010, 12:53:21 PM
Gary swallows audiably as he sees the prince growing talons. "Point taken" he says nervously. Gary lowers his head a little and takes a more submissive stance towards the prince, but speaks up again as curiousity gets the better of him. " ...but how do you know what my "lineage" is, yet not of those of the others?"
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Post by: Aydoo on December 06, 2010, 09:49:54 PM
Gwendolyn scratchs her head and considers the Prince's words on certain Kindred pushing the boundries of the Masquerade through pop culture. She wonders to herself what other areas of culture were affected by Kindred through out history. She seems a bit agitated, as she has been through most of the night; a mix between slightly hyper and being more passionate about everything.

"I wonder what other cultural things have been affected through history by Kindred."

She considers a few more things and continues, seemingly rambling to herself as well as the others in the room pacing in the spot and her hand on her chin as she thinks outloud.

"Are all movies of Vampires affected that way?"
"More over is there any literature that hasn't been twisted by the machinations of eldrich creatures?"

She speaks a little faster the thoughts pouring from her brain.

"Man has all of history been directed by such things?"
"Are all the world leaders Kindred as well?"
"Like, why are there exactly 13 Clans?"
"Kings are above Princes so is there like a Kindred King?"
"Also what about a Kindred Queen?"
"Verily Queen can check the King if one is not careful."
"I wonder do we cast reflections or can we be photographed?"
"Are there any other things we should know about like not being able to cross running water or fearing garlic?"
"Night is the only time we can go outside right, but what about being in the shade, are out of direct sunlight?"
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Post by: Malavis on December 06, 2010, 10:07:03 PM
Gabriel rubs his arm subtly in the area Gwen had been holding on with a death grip a moment before.
Watching her pace, he raises an eyebrow at the seemingly completely unlinked thoughts pouring out.

Sighing a little despite himself while she rambles, he refocuses his attention on the prince, while his hunger slowly draws his eyes to the cooler and the precious liquid within.
Riding on the ebb and flow of political interest, genuine confusion, and hunger, Gabriel seems unsure of which way to go. Slowly he makes his way over to the cooler and nods respectfully to the prince, now engaged in dialog with Gary. withdrawing a blood pack from the cooler, he exchanges a conspiratorial smirk with treble Charger girl, which slowly turns into a warm smile as he brings the blood pack to his lips. Unable to look at anyone while performing the unspeakable act, he stares straight down, his eyes caught momentarily by the red liquid as his fangs breach the seal and the liquid begins squirting into his mouth. Lost in the ambrosia, his eyes slowly roll upward to look at the ceiling, and then finally close.

Picking up another blood pack, and then another, Gabriel seems lost for a moment in a kind of lust, stabilizing himself on the table with one hand, the other holding firm to the bag, viciously trying to keep his neck from twisting and tearing at the plastic, his fangs, his beast, calling out for a fresher kind of prey. Two, then three bags disappear.
Something seems to return to Gabriel's eyes- his usual cool, composed demeanor begins to return to the fore, and his eyes scan the room for any sign that someone has taken offense at his momentary loss of control. Seeing no outward signs of disgust, Gabriel blends into the background, glancing once more at treble charger girl, and sharing her desire to hide the evidence of his uncontrollable desire for the blood in the cooler. He too stuffs the bags into the cooler and quietly closes the lid.

Turning back to the prince, he suddenly notices that the woman has stopped talking.
Burke nods as if he has been following the conversation.

You are now no longer affected by Gabriel's awe (Though I suspect Treble charger girl got a parting blast of it when he smiled warmly at her before/after feeding.)
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Post by: Radical21 on December 06, 2010, 10:27:12 PM
The Prince watches Gary quietly from the corner of his eye. "Of everyone you are the only one that display signs of sickness and cramping pain,these are the first signs and I fear it will only get worse. I wouldn't hold if against you if you'd rather meet the sun. I will say this though,  I have respect for the Nosferatu who manage to use their curse as an advantage, to learn how to survive through it. I know it doesn't make sense now but perhaps in time you may come to understand if you will survive long enough."

Evan doesn't say much more , he turns towards the door as he hears Gwen starting to mutter and ramble to herself.
"It will be Dawn soon, I suggest you spend the rest of the night here, I do not have any extra coffins but since we are underground this place should have suffcient protection from the sun... we will speak more tomorrow!" he adds audiably before leaving the room.

This time the door is left open
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Gabriel watches the Prince leave, and looks sympathetically to Gary (who is likely experiencing at least mild shock)
crossing part of the room to his side in a few quiet strides, Burke places a hand softly on Gary's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Gary. Whatever is happening, we're all facing it together. We're all with you in this, just take a few deep breaths and try to relax, we'll get some answers."

Burke guides Gary over to the cooler with him.
"Have a drink with me. We'll sort all of this out tonight. I think we've got a lot of reading to do."
Making his way with gary (if gary comes with him) over to the cooler, Burke smoothly snatches up the copy of the Chronicles of Alistair and tucks it under his arm, wearing a grave yet comforting face directed to Gary.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 07, 2010, 11:45:17 AM
"He didn't answer my question."

He looks a bit irritated at this but then relaxes.

"Hey Burke, how many bags are left in that thing?"

He moves slowly towards the cooler looking rather anxious that the blood has run out while at the same time he keeps an eye on the book that Burke is holding, not sure if he wants to read it or not. When he arrives at the cooler he looks around for a comfortable place to sleep.
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Post by: Isador on December 07, 2010, 01:11:33 PM
Gary just stares ahead of himself untill Gabriel places his hand on his shoulder. Gary snaps out of his thoughts and puts a hand on his forehead, painfully trying to process what he just got told. "If this gets worse...then yeah, i could use a drink" Gary nods at Gabriel and follows him to the cooler, taking a few bloodbags. His expression softens a bit as he puts the first one to his mouth, but as soon as he releases it his expression returns to worry.
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Post by: Malavis on December 07, 2010, 03:24:30 PM
Burke smiles comfortingly at Gary, and lets him tear into the bags in peace. Carefully sifting through the blood bags, he arrays the remainder out on the table, separating the drained bags and the full ones. He lays the full bags carefully out on the table, like folders in a boardroom, like proposals, like something with a semblance of normalcy. Again he still cannot bring himself to admit that they are human blood.

He takes the torn bags and places them atop the pile of empty bags so they don't run all over the table, and does his best to stand them upright or at least on their sides where they will not leak.
Licking his finger and thumb where a bit of blood has landed, he glances at Thomas then gestures to the pile.

"That's what's left. I think, considering what the prince said, that Gary should get the lion's share. I don't know how much of this stuff we need to survive, but I think Gary needs it more than any of us."

So how many bags are left?
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 07, 2010, 06:15:45 PM
Thomas looks a bit envious and it almost looks like he's gonna ignore Burke's words, but after a millisecond of arguing with himself he changes demeanor and says:

"Of course, it's only fair for Gary"

He continues to look around for a plce to sleep while he casually asks

"Mind if i have a look at that book? It's nice to have a bedtime read."
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Post by: Isador on December 07, 2010, 07:24:00 PM
Gary nods gratefully, his mouth too full to speak, and eagerly continues drinking.

Will continue drinking untill filled up or untill the bloodbags are all gone. Will also spend 1 bloodpoint to heal my remaining bruises.
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Post by: Malavis on December 07, 2010, 07:32:39 PM
"Absolutely. Please share with us though as you're reading- This information pertains to all of us; but first, let's see what we can find on the Nosferatu."

Burke scans pages, looking for mention of the clan.
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Caught somewhat off guard by Burke's smile, she awkwardly begins to smile back.    She catches herself.  Her teeth must be covered in blood, and she reaches up to cover her mouth, suddenly mortified.  She scowls at Gabriel, then Gary, then she grabs one more blood bag.  She turns away, then remembers the rat.  She looks at it for a long moment, then she glances briefly at the two men closest to it.  As if to say "I don't trust any of you" she picks up the rat and hurries away from the table.  She finds a bare section of the wall, sits down against it, sets the rat in her lap and slowly sips the bag.
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Raising his eyes observantly, Gabriel watches treble charger girl make her way to the corner of the room, but manages to mask any more reaction than an extremely mild look of disappointment.

Flipping through the book, Gabriel's eyes light up triumphantly for a moment- but the expression on his face slowly chills and the unnatural paleness that he has adopted becomes even more apparent in his face. He appears to be weighing options in his mind. Suddenly his shoulders set, his expression hardens into quiet determination. He raises his eyes to Gary, pressing home the graveness of his news with a look of sheer intensity. His voice takes on a familiar, calming baritone.

"Are you sure you want to hear this?"

Rolled 6d10>5 : 3, 2, 1, 2, 5, 6, total 6
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Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 02:18:46 AM
Something in Gabriel's voice is very soothing, very commanding, but it fails to take hold of any of you the way that it did earlier when he was questioning Pierre.

Nonetheless, his intensity is clear, and a genuine intent to help is readable on his face.
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Post by: Radical21 on December 08, 2010, 03:43:55 AM
There are 18  Bloodpacks total left in the Cooler and scattered on the floor.
Why 18? I don't , it seemed like a reasonable number given how much everyone already drank or wasted.

Unless someone wants to interrupt the process Gary will consume 11 packs to fill his Bloodpool which means that there will only be 7 packs left
Treble Charger Girl took 1 more so that would leave 6?

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Post by: Aydoo on December 08, 2010, 03:54:51 AM
Gwendolyn saunders over to where Gary is and shudders, perhaps at his grotesqurie finnaly getting to her or perhaps the thought of drinking more of the red liquid. She sighs and runs her hand through her hair and looks down into the cooler.

"Hhnn.. I guess I should," she mumbles under her breath.
"Evan said this was ours I guess."
"Lets see..." She reachs in the cooler and snatches one out.
"Perhaps it wont be to bad."

She carefully pops the top of the bag and drinks it in as if it were a soda or fine wine.

"Meh -- Not too bad." She turns to the nearest grouping of people.
"Everyone else have some?"

Afterword she takes what she can as Gary ravages the cooler.

She manages
Rolled 1d7 : 4, total 4
bags of blood.

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Aydoo on December 08, 2010, 04:01:22 AM
As of my last post (Rolled 7 since I didnt see your edit about Skyra's so) thats another -5 bags so if Gary has his way that would leave 1 bag left.
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Post by: Isador on December 08, 2010, 09:34:45 AM
Gary releases the bloodbag he's currently drinking from his mouth, and looks at gabriel. He doesn't look like he wants to know what Gabriel has to say, then sighs deeply. "Just tell me. I'd like to keep the suprises to a minimum for today."

He sits down at the table where the cooler is, listening carefully to Gabriel.
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Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 04:21:41 PM
Gabriel sits down as well, slumping in his chair and sighing heavily. Whatever he has read in this book weighs very heavily on him.

"I wish there was an easy way to say this."
Burke's voice catches in his throat, likely drawing stares from everyone in the room, as the pregnant pause is deafening.
"According to this book..."
Again, Burke pauses, looking like he wants to throw the book across the room. he covers his face in one hand, rubbing vigorously, and letting out a soft groan.
"'Following the embrace, Nosferatu Childer suffer a... Transformation as, over the subsequent weeks, they warp from humans into...'" Burke sighs again, the act of reading this appears to be physically paining him.
"'From humans into hideous monsters.'" Burke's voice drops at the end, as though he's reading someone's death warrant, none too happy about it, but he is somehow emboldened by finally getting the words out. He continues reading, though for a moment, it is obvious he is skipping a few details; most likely for Gary's sake.
"'No two Nosferatu look precisely alike, but all are hideous. Gaping, fang-filled maws, discolorations, batlike ears, sloping bald heads, claws, wrinkled hides...' Jesus, Gary... I'm sorry.."

Burke tries a few times to say something, anything, to comfort Gary, but his voice loses its calming baritone timbre and falters, words failing him for the first time since you've met him.
His eyes fall back to the page, looking for something that might offer an upside: after a few seconds, his expression shows that he has found very little in the way of comforting information.
Burke catches himself looking at Gary's skin, and the strange sunken quality he noticed around his eyes, but catches himself and quickly looks to the floor.
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Post by: Isador on December 08, 2010, 05:56:24 PM
Gary stares blankly at Gabriel's book, as though what he heard or saw didn't sink in. As realisation sets in, he slowly shuts his eyes and raises a hand to his forehead, his expression contorting to a mixture of disbelief and anger. His breathing becomes more labored and heavy as though he is starting to lose control.  Both his hands start to form fists and are shaking with stress
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Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 06:09:18 PM
Burke's voice retains its quiet baritone, now soothing, with a touch of nervousness. He squares his shoulders a bit, and blinks hard, obviously trying to figure something out.
Rolled 6d10>5 : 9, 8, 5, 2, 8, 2, total 25

"Gary, listen to me. Losing it here won't help anyone. If the prince is to be believed, and I have no reason to believe he was lying, the best thing we can do is find your sire so he can't do this to anyone else. Focus. We're all on the same side here, and we all want to string this asshole up for what he did to you. I think we want to do it to all of those who have put us in this situation."
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Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 06:28:52 PM
Burke's voice reaches you all closely once again- You all felt directionless before, confused, weak (esp Gary)- Something in his voice resonates within you, inspiring unity, strength, purpose. The immediate issues seem a little less important, and the idea of working together to stop a monstrous evil seems like a compelling idea.

"We're with you, Gary. We're going to find this son of a bitch and make him pay."
Burke adresses the room, sweeping his arm wide, his gaze intense once again; as though he'd never faltered by reading the book. Hooking it under his arm, he makes brief eye contact with everyone in the room.

"I think we should all think about what we can bring to the table with regard to locating a group of individuals that are likely making a reasonably large wake in a comparatively small town. Officer Watson, I believe you can be of special help in this regard. My father and I both have an extensive group of contacts here and abroad, and I am willing to bring them to bear to further these goals."

Burke's voice lowers, becomes conspiratorial, but loses none of its power.
"I still don't know if I believe any of this. For the moment though we have to assume that this is on the level. There are things going on here that we simply do not understand, but our captors seem to be sincere with their information-- as they percieve it-- and their desire to help us. I'm not really willing to believe that Vampires exist, let alone that I AM one... but I simply don't have any information that suggests an alternative. The most compelling evidence is that of my own eyes, and what my mind is telling me; and they both lead to an outcome that I am just not sure I want to accept."
As you watch, Burke removes a sleek Tudor sport watch from his wrist. Inverting the clasp, and pressing hard, he rips a small gash in his forearm. He holds it up as it bleeds, much less than one would expect from such a cut, but it runs from the wound nonetheless. Staring at the fresh wound in his flesh, Burke focuses, and the wound knits itself back together, right before everyone's eyes. Burke wipes a bloody stain from the untouched flesh, raises his palm to his lips to salvage the lost Vitae, and then holds his arm up for all to see.

"You guys show me another explanation that makes sense."
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Gabriel's soothing words do not help as Gary doesn't seem to hear them , he looks down at the peeling sick skin of his hand, his fists spasm and contract, his torso and head bend down into a quivering ball, he gets up finally his hands covering the sides of his cowering old face as he stumble slowly in a step forward in apparent pain that seem physical or mental or both, as he thrash his hands violently to the sides and his head lift upward mouth roaring in the powerful but grotesque gesture, ugly bad red skin rash spread around his mouth and his face like a nasty case of Herpes but the most horrifying are his fangs, curling painfully from his blood red gums in his ugly outcry of rage , his eyes seem red flushed with blood just before he trys to leap on top of Gabriel
OOC: For anyone wondering what is going on Isador decided that the bad news may send Gary into Frenzy and his roll scored ultra low with a botch even, so while Gabriel's words may lower the Frenzy check difficulty it was not enough.
 Since its hard to judge the exact difficulty in this case according to the chart I went by 6-2=4 for the record.

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Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 09:13:36 PM
Gabriel begins putting his watch back on and turns back towards Gary, hoping his words have made some sort of an impact, just in time to hear his gurgling cry as he stumbles. Gabriel, against his better judgement, moves in close to help him.

"Gary, Gary! Are you alright?"

When the man cries out, Gabriel stumbles back, trying to get away from the monstrous face that now shrieks at him in blind rage. Realizing that Gary is as beyond words as Gwen was, he cries out "Hold him!" Eyes frantically searching the room for some way to escape, Burke continues retreating backwards towards the bookshelf.

Awe is still active on those of you who aren't drooling, frenzied nossie lunatics ;) So Gabe's suggestion of subduing the monster probably seems a tiny bit less insane, esp since he's moving for Gabriel and you might be able get hold of him from behind.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on December 08, 2010, 09:26:16 PM
For Gary Str+Brawl to grab Gabriel
Rolled 4d10>6 : 6, 10, 4, 4, total 10

Gabriel can try to dodge using dodge+dex etc
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 09:29:01 PM
F that  :suicide:- Thats way more successes than my dodge pool. Can I hit him with Dread Gaze? Preeettty much all I've got at this point.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 08, 2010, 09:31:26 PM
This is the first time i've rolled and didn't BOTCH, be happy for me  :vampsmile:
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 08, 2010, 09:35:00 PM
Thomes rushed towards Gary to grab him and pin him down in a headlock, forcing him to the floor.

Guessing that it takes a turn to reach Gary i spend 2 bp to increase my strength
If thats the case then the roll should be Str+Brawl to grab him
Rolled 7d10 : 9, 5, 2, 9, 5, 5, 8, total 43

If i dont have the time to spend the blood, the roll should be:
Rolled 5d10 : 10, 7, 10, 5, 4, total 36

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 09:36:22 PM
Burke's normally calm and collected countenance twists into a rictus of bestial rage, his eyes burn with a fire to match Gary's, and his voice is transformed into a monstrous shriek as his fangs distend deep and he shrieks at Gary.


Diff will be Gary's Wits+Courage. Here goes....
Rolled 6d10 : 5, 9, 7, 3, 9, 8, total 41

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on December 08, 2010, 09:44:16 PM
You forgot to hiss , Dreadgaze very successful so consider Gary's beast intimidated by it. Ill let Isador roleplay the next post of the reaction, His frenzy can end after he posts.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 09:51:14 PM
Burke, not taking any chances, moves in to take Gary down. Seeing Thomas coming in high for the headlock, Burke rushes low to take Gary out at the midsection, Assisting Thomas with the takedown.

Not sure what kind of roll this is, maybe just reduce diff for Thomas' brawl roll? Not sure. ST's discretion.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 08, 2010, 09:53:36 PM
Thomas grabs hold of Gary and tries to hold him down.

Rolled 7d10 : 4, 10, 7, 3, 3, 9, 3, total 39

how do you determine diff in this script?
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 08, 2010, 09:54:10 PM
Posting Explanation in OOC Thread.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Aydoo on December 09, 2010, 12:17:02 AM
Gwendolyn watching the boys brawl feels irritated by this sudden burst of noise as well as motion breaking her out of her thoughts. After Thomas and Burke start restraining Gary she walks over to Gary and puts her hand on the side of his face looking at him as he struggles. She frowns and sighs.

"Come on Gary ol'boy calm down, Gabriel here is your friend. You don't want to hurt him do you?"

She attempts to lower his rage with empathetic Passion
Charisma+ Empathy Diff his Humanity 4d10 : 2, 6, 9, 2, total 19
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: _username on December 09, 2010, 03:40:13 AM
The sudden comotion catches her by surprise, and she can do nothing but stare.  Wondering again if there's some kind of terrible hallucinogen in these bags, she looks slowly down at the now-empty pouch in her hand.  In a half-hearted gesture of disgust, she tosses it aside and wraps her arms around her knees.  With her forehead resting against her faded jeans, she closes her eyes and wishes she could disappear from this place and wake up from the nightmare of the past few hours.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 09, 2010, 05:06:28 PM
Gary suddenly breaks his charge at Gabriel, frantically attempting to get away from him before Thomas, and then Gabriel, slam into him. Struggling and growling wordlessly at the people holding him down, he claws at the ground and tries to kick his captors off him.

After a short struggle, he suddenly stops struggling. His breathing returns to normal and he goes limp in the arms of his captors, practically sobbing he says "please...just let me go".

Sorry for the delay, cant stay up all night to keep posting  :razz:
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 09, 2010, 05:46:22 PM
Gabriel stays atop Gary as best as he can, trying to keep the man's legs from flailing. When he hears Gary's plea and feels the man go limp, he looks up at Thomas, quietly nodding his thanks.

For a few moments, Gabriel remains atop Gary's bottom half, following Thomas' lead.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 09, 2010, 08:35:37 PM
"You sure Gary?"

After a while, when he's certain that Gary has calmed down, Thomas releases Gary and helps him up on his feet.

"Sorry Gary, just didn't want you to hurt anyone, are you OK?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 09, 2010, 08:39:06 PM
Burke hops off, following Thomas' lead, and assists in helping him to his feet. afterwards, he dusts himself off, and sighs a little at the bloody rip still present in the centre of his shirt.

"I'm sorry for angering you Gary- I just didn't know how else to say it. You deserved to know... YKnow?"

Gabriel's self-control is fraying at the edges, and it's obvious that this whole thing is starting to get to him in a fundamental way. He sighs, shoulders slumped, collects the book from where he dropped it, and shuffles over to the chair he'd been sitting in.

Plopping the book down on the table, Gabriel moves over to the chair, sits, and lays his head in his hands.

Despite his defeated countenance and his exhausted body language, Burke still carries himself with a regality that is difficult to ignore. He likely draws your eye at least once or twice as he crosses the room, and draws faintly reminiscent tones of a defeated monarch, or a disappointed political leader, waiting for the inevitable conclusion which he is powerless to stop.

Gabriel is still unknowingly using Awe and you are all still affected by it.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 09, 2010, 08:50:24 PM
Thomas moves over to the table and grabs the book, flips through the pages an bit them moves over to a comfortable seat and starts to read from page 1. This will continue untill dawn approaches and he falls asleep with the book across his chest.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 09, 2010, 08:55:03 PM
Burke barely notices Thomas, but raises his eyes again, briefly, in thanks for helping him.

He gives a terse nod of respect, and purses his lips slightly. You're not sure why, but this simple compliment has a stronger effect coming from him than it would from others.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 09, 2010, 09:35:25 PM
With still shaking hands, Gary lets Gabriel help him up, then shuffles over to the table and sits down at a chair. He rests his face in one hand, intentionally avoiding eye contact with Gabriel. He tries to speak "I just...i think.." but is at a loss for words at what happend. But something Gabriel says seems to soothe Gary. He shakes his head, "i dont know what to think anymore...but thank you for telling me. I asked for the information....and i dont know why i lost it. I mean, i do know, i was angry, but i couldn't control it".
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 09, 2010, 10:37:03 PM
Burke sighs for a moment and raises his head, avoiding eye contact with Gary as well. He stares at the books on the shelf, absently scanning titles.
"It's all right Gary. Honestly I can understand. We're all... Under a lot of stress right now. I don't know how this whole.. Transformation thing is supposed to go, but just talk to us, we'll do what we can to help."

Burke sighs again, this action seeming to drain the last of his energy. He slumps back in his chair.
"What we need to do now, as I said, is think about the best resources we can bring to the table in this search. Thomas, I know you likely have some connections that can be of use, and I do as well... What about the rest of you? What can you all bring to bear in this situation? If everyone pulls their weight, we can find everyone's sire and try to sort some of this madness out..." His voice trails off at the end, as though distracted by some detail that he had overlooked until this moment.

Burke looks around and appears to be counting. Quickly he stands up, concern evident on his face.
He spots the girl across the room, holding her knees and rocking slowly. Burke seems to debate for a moment with himself, but then strides confidently across the room.

Gabriel crouches slightly to offer the girl a helping hand. A hint of a warm smile forms on the corners of his mouth, and his posture in general is welcoming, safe, and serene. There is also a hint of that inner fire, the drive of a very successful young man with the power to take on the world.

"I'm sorry we frightened you. We're all way out of our element here, but I think the insanity is on the ebb. I hope so, anyway. You're safe with us; I don't think any of us are going to lose it like that again.

I don't believe we've been formally introduced. My name is Gabriel. Gabriel Burke."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 09, 2010, 11:06:29 PM
Thomas gives Burke a grunt when he hears him speaking to him, but he's too immersed in the book to really hear what Burke says.

After a few seconds he looks up at Burke and says:

"Sure, I'll give the sheriff a call tomorrow, just have to find a good explination for my absense. Does anyone have an idea what day it is by the way?"

After which he immerses himself in the book once more.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Aydoo on December 10, 2010, 01:06:23 AM
Gwendolyn glares at Gabriel as he crosses the room to Treble Charger girl then rolls her eyes turning back to Gary and Thomas.

"Tsk." She mutters something and goes sit on the floor next to where Thomas is.

"So if his thing," she points at Gary, "is being less than pleasing to look at once he's been turned what about the rest of us? Does your bedtime story book have anything to say that might clue us in on what we're all in store for or is it russian roulette with fangs?"

She grins slightly to herself at her own comment then remembering vampires have fangs proceeds to play around with hers trying to feel at where they are and how they are shaped with her fingers.

"Heh Tommy are you a vampire or just happy to see me?"

She snorts slightly as she laughs at her own terrible joke.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: _username on December 10, 2010, 05:55:22 AM
She tenses up as soon as she realizes that Gabriel is talking to her, but only slightly.  Without raising her head, she mumbles something.  She had hoped that he would get discouraged and not ask her to repeat herself.  After a moment, she decides that would be inappropriate somehow.  She quikly licks her teeth, trying to somehow clean the blood off of them without opening her lips.  She clears her throat and repeats what she said earlier.  "Sherie."  Her expression and tone is flat, resigned.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 10, 2010, 10:05:28 AM
Burke withdraws his hand when he realizes that she's not going to take it. He continues on, undaunted, his soft smile is still quite charming, and the nagging tug is still there at the back of your mind that this man is safe, trustworthy, and kind.
"Nice to meet you, Sherie. I know it may seem like our behaviour has been a touch... Erratic. I think we're all just very stressed, and expressing it in different ways. I also think it's important that we all stay together through this- because it doesn't seem like we have many allies in this whole mess. At least until we deal with our sires, anyway." Gabriel scoffs, quietly.
"God, part of me is completely unwilling to accept any of this. Whenever I use a word like 'Sire' that part starts to scream at me, remind me of everything I was once so certain about. It keeps telling me that the bags were Kool-aid laced with LSD or something. There's another part of me that is SO convinced that all of this is true... The question is: Which voice is speaking the truth?"

Gabriel sighs, and sits down beside her on the floor, close enough to let her know that he desires continued conversation, but not close enough that her large personal space range is in any way compromised.
His smirk is disarming as he gestures to the rat.

"So have you given him a name yet?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: _username on December 11, 2010, 02:57:13 AM
She seems cold and distant, but she halfway cracks a smile when Gabriel asks about the rat.  "She." Sherie adds, smirking down at the rodent.  "And her name's 'Plague', don't you know."  After staring down at it for a moment, she sighs and leans her head back against the wall behind her.  Closing her eyes for a moment, the half smile slips away.  "This is real."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 11, 2010, 03:11:13 AM
Gabriel chuckles softly, when he hears the rats name, his eyes flashing with some witty retort that disappears in an instant; his smirk slips away in time with hers.

"I think it is. I wish it wasn't... But I think this is really happening."
Gabriel lets his head drop against the base of the bookshelf with a dull thump.

"All we can do is try to make the best of this."
Half-smile returning, Gabriel grins down at the rat.

"Plague, eh? A somehow... Appropriate name. Though really it was fleas that spread it back in the day." He nods to the rat, smiling thinly.
"Nice to meet you, plague."
He chuckles once again.
"Very pretty animal. My dad bought me one when I was a kid. Looked a lot like her, actually. I called him Max- we used to do everything together, yknow, when my dad was away on business and stuff."
For a moment his businesslike bravado cracks, and you see the boy trapped within. The strength of his personality wavers for a moment as he is trapped in nostalgia; just as quickly the wall is back up and the adult has replaced the boy.
He smiles softly at the rat and lets out a sigh. All trace of mirth is gone again.

"Yeah... This is real. Goddammit... This is real..."
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Post by: Radical21 on December 12, 2010, 05:00:10 PM
This night will wrap up as soon as you guys want, though not that much time passed since the characters awakened its around 06:30AM so not that long until sunrise even in Canada(usually around 7AM at the date of the chronicle according to online suncalculator.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: _username on December 12, 2010, 07:55:42 PM
Gabriel's words hang in the air, and Sherie stares off into space through half-closed eyes.  As if remembering something, she looks down at her watch, scowling when she discovers that it's no longer on her wrist.  She wipes her mouth on her sleeve and licks her lips before resting her head on the wall behind her.  Sighing again, she mutters to nobody in particular "What is today?  Tuesday?  Wednesday?"  She looks around the room to see if anybody else is suddenly feeling as drowsy as she is.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 12, 2010, 08:11:50 PM
Since no one has posted a reply in the last few days, I will write out what Gabriel does until he goes to sleep. I will interrupt this if anyone decides to speak to him, but this is just what he WOULD do assuming no one talks to him.
I feel like I am posting a lot more than anyone else is, and perhaps ruling the dialog in this game- For this I apologize; I am just trying to move the story forward, and also play a charismatic, type A character who has a tendancy to talk a lot when he gets nervous.

Gabriel glances over at Sherie, and sighs imperceptibly with the knowledge that even this basic interaction seems to be making her uncomfortable.
"Tuesday, I think? It's all really fuzzy... Between you and me, shit was going downhill for me before all of this happened, and I honestly don't know what day it is." Groaning slightly with the shifting of his weight on the hard floor, he gets up slowly from his seat on the floor and shuffles over to the blood packs on the table. As he did before, he takes the new empties and stacks them up. This time, he picks up the torn blood bags and drains their contents, gaining approximately one blood pack worth from the three remaining ripped bags.
Neatly stacking the empties, he puts these into the cooler and tucks the cooler itself under the table, and hides the remaining blood pack against the chair leg, under the table.
ST Note: Now at 9 BP. (5 to start, -3 to heal, 6 more later, and now 1=9)
Once he has completed his task, he begins to methodically stack the books that Gwen knocked down when she hit the wall.

This likely takes him several minutes. Gabriel finally turns to the others- seeing that most of them have fallen asleep, he walks over to Thomas and waves his hand in front of Thomas' face.
"Officer?" he whispers:
"I'm going to borrow this. You can have it back tomorrow."

Gabriel gently picks up the book on Thomas' chest, and picks up a chair from the table. He smiles cordially to those who still have their eyes open. Moving into the farthest corner of the room, Burke puts the book on his lap, and reads for as long as he is able.
Spending WP point to operate during the day
Gabriel feels the supernatural weight of daylight on him, but in defiance of his new condition, refuses to yield to it until ready to do it on HIS terms. Gabriel reads exhaustively about the clans, and some of the history of Cainites, spends a fair amount of time on the structure of the camarilla, and moves on to powers of the blood. Rubbing his eyes blearily, Gabriel sees all of the sleeping forms before him on the floor, and ponders exploring for a moment.
Completely unable to read anymore, Gabriel gets up and puts the book back down on Thomas' chest, placing it in roughly the same position it had been in. Once more steeling himself against the crushing power of daylight, his movements sluggish, slow, and clumsy, Gabriel walks up to the open doors of the library.

Gabriel then pokes his head slowly out into the hallway, looking both ways.
Willing to spend another WP point at this point if you deem it is necessary.
So what do I see in this hallway?
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 12, 2010, 10:29:58 PM
Rolled 5d10>5 : 4, 8, 8, 2, 6, total 22
+4 Auto

Gabriel peers out into the hallway, seeming satisfied that it is safe, and reluctant to go further alone. He closes the big double doors softly, leaving them open a crack in case it locks automatically. (assuming he is able to do so.) Exhaustion calls out to him, and he finally hears its call. Ever the neat-freak, Gabriel takes the chair he pulled into the corner, tucks all of the chairs in under the desk, and takes a seat close to where Gary is sleeping- Hoping to be able to help if he is in distress through the day.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 12, 2010, 10:49:42 PM
Gabriel attempts to sift through the massive amount of information that his mind was able to process from the Chronicles of Alistair, but as his mind wanders through equal parts folklore and truth, sleep finally claims him and he slumps to the floor like a corpse, dead before he hits the ground.

His last thought before sleep claims him comes like a prophecy: His sire is a Ventrue, sitting in some corner office somewhere in the city, plotting his next mass-embrace victim. Gabriel pictures his fangs sinking into the man's neck, ripping flesh, tearing the man's head from his shoulders- In this vision, his eyes are clouded with rage, hate, raw fury, The frenzy claiming him in a welcome fury of destruction that Gabriel aches to feel. Dripping with blood and ash, the dream-Gabriel saunters outside into a rising sun- In defiance of the pain in his entire body, he runs towards the edge of the lake, standing on a rocky outcropping above the wind-swept waves. Burke throws his arms wide and calls out, the fire finally claiming him in the righteous fury that is his namesake. A quote from his days in school springs to his mind.
"For storms will rage and oceans roar, when Gabriel stands on sea and shore, and as he blows his wondrous horn, old worlds die and new be born."

In this dream, he has never felt more fulfilled.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Aydoo on December 13, 2010, 02:44:24 AM
Gwendolyn scoffs to herself at the lack of attention and finds a place in a far side of the hall ajoining the room after picking up a few books and slipping out. She bunkers down laying with her head on a few books and her arms over her face. She tries to recall the night of the event but it just seems a chaotic blur in her mind. She wonders for awhile if anyone would notice she was gone, and figures probably not. By sun up, she is totally gone and well into sleep having passed out from exhaustion and stress.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 13, 2010, 02:32:30 PM
Gary sits in his chair with his face still buried in one hand, staring at the book about the Nosferatu that lies on the other end of the table through shaking fingers (just assuming Gabriel put it on the table, if not then replace table with the place where he did put it  :razz:) . After a while he cant stop himself anymore and nervously grabs the book and begins reading through it, his attention staying longest by the pages that detail the transformation.

As sunrise draws closer Gary starts feeling more exhausted, both from the pressure of sunrise and the weight of the information that he just absorbed. He wearily puts his head down on the table and before he realises it, he falls asleep. Several times during the day, Gabriel (and anyone else struggling against the urge to sleep) may notice Gary mumbling anxiously in his sleep, obviously suffering from nightmares.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 13, 2010, 02:38:01 PM
Thomas had that book until sunrise when he fell asleep with it on his chest- Gabriel then popped willpower to read it for a scene after Thomas fell asleep during the day. We can say instead if you pop a point of willpower that you read for a scene first, while Gabriel checks the hallway, and then Gabriel takes it for a second scene to read, and you fall asleep. Doesn't really matter since we're going to absorb this info anyway pretty soon.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on December 13, 2010, 10:37:40 PM
Fade to black.
New Night.
The new kindred wake up at the library room , odd enough the Light in the Library never went off but each of you passed out at some point, some maybe faster than others. The ones who wake up may notice the figure of another unfamiliar face standing by the door waiting.
-1 bp to everyone
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 14, 2010, 03:53:58 AM
Burke is passed out beside the table, on the floor beside Gary. It is obvious that he is as close as he deems safe, while still maintaining a bit of distance. his head is leaning up against one of the legs of the table, and he does not stir first (as he was the last to fall asleep.)
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 14, 2010, 02:54:39 PM
Rising from the chair, Thomas quickly scans the room for threats. The book slides down his chest and falls to the floor with a thump. He sees the new individual standing in the doorway, sizing him up to determine if he's a threat or not. He then looks around to see if anyone else is awake.

Not sure how Rad handles it. But we determine order of awakening with humanity, deep sleeper, early riser etc.

Highest humanity wakes up first unless you have Deep Sleeper, then you treat your humanity as three lower on their "wake-up pool". The people who have the same Humanity roll their Humanity and the most successes wakes up first. The people with Early Riser add two dice to their "wake-up pool"
The reason I say this is that im not sure if this is the usuall way to determine it or if we (me and my friends) use house rules.

How do you handle this Rad?

He then walks up to this new individual and says:

"Good evening. My name is Thomas Watson. Whats your name?"

He extends a hand in greeting, trying to look as friendly and inviting as he possibly can.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on December 14, 2010, 05:26:44 PM
Since I couldn't find a place in the rules that defines this so clearly (how long apart)
but since you are so eager to paste toothbrush on eachother the order of awakening is:
Humanity 7= wakes up now
Humanity 6= +15 min
Humanity 5= +30 min
Humanity 4= +1 hr

BTW the Deep Sleeper Flaw deals with Awakening during the Day if you are somehow in danger so it has no effect on how long you sleep. and thats where Humanity really counts

For Paths simply replace humanity with Path rating though again Iv seen no mention of actual rules about it aside from saying that vampires with high humanity wake up earlier.

The Man who is dressed in a cheap suit studies Thomas, his short military haircut , the ear bluetooth give off the impression of a low ranking official, maybe just a security guard.

"The Boss ordered me to instruct all of you not to wander off too far, he told me to say that there is one more thing he needs to show you, If you need I will be out in the hall."

 With that he turns to leave the room.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 14, 2010, 06:49:31 PM
Gabriel groans as he stands and resets his twisted spine and does a few neck rolls to try to straighten himself out. His joints pop, and he is reasonably surprised to hear such a normal mortal function coming from such a patently abnormal body. In a strange way, it is comforting. His hair is a mess, and his 5-o-clock shadow has neither faded nor increased.

He runs his fingers through his hair to straighten it, and winces. Rubbing his eyes vigorously, he seems to be in genuine discomfort. He adjusts his contacts, attempting to keep them from turning to goo against his eyes.

He groans again.
After a few moments, he finally seems to realize that there are other people in the room. He catches only the retreating back of a man he does not recognize.

He turns to Thomas, still wincing slightly-- you get the sense like he is not a morning person-- and motions to the man who just left.

"Everything ok? Who was that?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 14, 2010, 10:32:17 PM
Thomas turns around and looks at Burke

"I don't know, he never introduced himself, just said something about the boss not wanting us to leave just yet. I guess we'll have a visit sometime later tonight."

"How was sleep? You look a bit stiff"

He walks over to the book he read yesterday, sits down in his chair and starts to read, waiting for the "boss" to arrive. He doesn't seem as "into" the book as he was yesterday and will still be aware enough to have a conversatioon if someone wishes it.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 14, 2010, 10:42:37 PM
Gabriel smiles at the first show of concern for his well-being that he has encountered since things went completely insane.

"Yeah, I'm ok. Gotta remember not to fall asleep leaning against table legs."
He chuckles and cracks his back one more time.

"Not comfortable. So you're a police officer, huh?" Gabriels american inflection is quite apparent in his less guarded tone. He seems more comfortable in his surroundings now; willfully less polished and more personable.
"I work in telecommunications myself, but I've always really respected what you folks do. How's the crime rate here in town? I'm reasonably new to Cavern City... Moved out here to get away from all the bullshit that comes with big-city life."
Gabriel's posture forcibly rights, and the maturity sets into his boyish features, the carefree young adult beginning to fade as his polish and education begins to take over once again.
"Are you from here originally?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: _username on December 14, 2010, 10:49:20 PM
Sherie wanders up and down the rows of books, half-heartedly reading the titles.  The ones in English, anyways.  It looks like she has been awake for some time.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 15, 2010, 11:20:10 AM
I have no idea how high the crime rate is. Rad?

"Yeah, I grew up here. My dad was a police officer too, so when it was time for me to choose a career you can guess what he wanted me to do."

Thomas smiles a brief smile before it turns into a look of sadness.

"He died a few years ago. Leukemia."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 15, 2010, 12:31:22 PM
Gary slowly stirs from sleep, raising his head from the table and blinking with his eyes against the harsh light in the library.  He raises a hand to shield his face from the light, standing up from his seat and looking around a little dazed. Then he seems to realise where he is, and that the light is just coming from the lamps. When he notices Gabriel and Thomas are already up, he asks "Does anyone even know what time it is...or what day?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 15, 2010, 04:27:00 PM
Gabriel Chuckles at Thomas' comment.
"Yeah, I think I know how that goes better than most. My dad's been grooming me to take over the company since I was a little kid. I was never really consulted about it."
Pausing uncomfortably, Burke's expression softens.
"I'm sorry about your dad. I can't even imagine what that would be like."

Gabriel looks at the floor sadly, lost in thought, until his reverie is broken by Gary speaking.

Burke eyes Gary up and down, trying to see if there was any change in his condition during the day, then reaches into his pocket. Gabriel suddenly remembers that his iPhone is missing, and lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
Looking at his watch, he checks it to see if it is still ticking, then looks at the date.
"I've lost track of what day it is, but the date is November 10th, according to my watch. Hopefully they didn't change it while I was out to screw with me, but that seems like it's right..."
Gabriel looks at Gary again, studying him.
"How are you feeling? I stayed up for a while, trying to keep watch: you were talking in your sleep."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 15, 2010, 08:15:08 PM
Gary rubs his eyes out "I didn't sleep too well. Stomach still feels like shit"  He walks over to the cooler, peering inside to see if any blood is left. Somewhat dissapointed that there isn't any left, Gary looks back to the door opening "was there someone else here before i woke up?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 15, 2010, 08:28:55 PM
Gabriel motions to Thomas, indicating that the officer has more information than burke does.
"Yeah someone was. Didn't see them though."
Burke reaches around behind the cooler, beside the chair leg, and pulls up the last blood pack that he stashed there. With a small smile, he tosses it to Gary.

"Saved this for you. Cheers."

If you look around, you all probably notice that the room has been tidied meticulously. The blood from the early frenzy is still on the table, but the blood packs have been neatly put away and the cooler has been tucked carefully under the table. Also, the books that were knocked to the floor from Gwen's antics have also been neatly arrayed alphabetically back on the shelf. The Chairs, besides the one Gary was sitting at, are all carefully placed back at the table.

Edit- Gabriel walks over to the table and rubs his eyes, irritation apparent in his features. He blinks hard a few times, and realizes that the tears that his eyes are creating are in fact tinged with blood. Gabriel hides this before anyone can see, and fights down a surge of panic.

as anyone who has worn contacts for 2 days in a row can tell you, it SUCKS.
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Post by: _username on December 15, 2010, 10:35:40 PM
Sherie has been carrying Plague while perusing the bookshelves, then she looks down at the fidgeting rodent.  Remembering the odd sort of understanding that they shared the night before, she looks over at Thomas.

"Does that book say anything about animals?  In the movies, they show vampires controlling wolves and bats, and stuff.  It sounds stupid, but still...I wonder."
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 15, 2010, 10:52:52 PM
Im reading the book

"Yeah, there was a guy here, telling us to wait for "the boss". Guess he means the Prince"

"And to answer your previous question Burke. The crime rate have its ups and downs. Like most cities. The biggest concern as I left was a couple of missing persons."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 15, 2010, 11:21:57 PM
A glint of recollection appears in Burke's eyes for just a moment.
"It's funny you should mention that, actually.."
Burke tries hard to remember details that he absorbed last night.
"I stayed up late... Er... Early... Last night. I got some interesting information from this book. Oddly enough it does mention a vampiric 'art of the blood' as it was put in this book, that provides control over animals. It doesn't say much about the ability itself, only that it provides the ability to communicate with and control animals, and the animalistic side of humans and undead. Apparently, the clans that use this ability are the Gangrel, the.. Uh.. I don't know how to pronounce it. I think it's Zimizee? And the Nosferatu.
According to this book, there are 13 clans in total."
Gabriel begins to list them off one by one, summarizing the rather verbose information provided by Alistair.

"Brujah, idealists and rebels who apparently have their roots in scholarly pursuits,
Gangrel, wanderers and loners who enjoy connecting with their animalistic sides,
Malkavians, madmen and mystics, by the look of it.
Nosferatu..." Gabriel pauses and skips that one, for fear of angering Gary.
"Toreador, artists and high-class folks connected with human society,
Tremere- Some sort of society of sorcerers- the author is REALLY not a fan of these guys...
Ventrue, Apparently the rulers of the Camarilla, the kings of old, and the nobility of kindred. If I had my guess, the author of this is a ventrue or a toreador, since he speaks most highly of those clans.
Those are the clans that are supposedly affiliated with the Camarilla.
Oh. Right- I forget you guys haven't read as much as I have. There's apparently a war going on between Camarilla and Sabbat. The sabbat are, according to this, evil assholes that want to destroy the world.
The parent clans are the lasombra, 'shadowmancers', whatever that means... And these tzim.. Tshimijay guys. According to this book the author grudgingly respects the lasombra but has a massive hard-on for seeing tzims destroyed.
Finally there are the assamites, assassin clan
The followers of set, a crazy death cult of some kind, didn't seem like the author knew much about them:
Giovanni, a family clan of necromancers, if you can believe that...
And Ravnos. Apparently these guys had some huge disaster a few years back and there are hardly any of them left.

Anyway, each of these clans have some sort of special ability, called disciplines. Some can move fast, hit hard, influence the minds of others... It's downright stoker-esque. Some others: Shapeshifting, some sort of invisibility, and the ability to talk to animals."

Gabriel looks around at the startled faces in the room.

"To answer your question in short- yes. There is a discipline that lets you talk to animals. You should see if you can, it might help us narrow down your clan a bit, maybe?"

Gabriel keeps the wheels in his mind turning, trying to remember every possible detail from his fevered reading last night.

"Of course, it also says that there are bloodlines of each of these clans, too many to name- and that there are also vampires without a clan as well; called Caitiff... Which can have any discipline at all, apparently. Quite frankly I don't know how much of this to assume to be true and how much is total bullshit, so don't take any of this as law. After reading a bunch of documents dictated by politicians for a living I've learned to quickly sort the bullshit and fluff out from the real meat. The fact is, this guy writes like he's from the 1800s, and that part creeps me out more than anything else... It means he really could be on the level."
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 16, 2010, 11:12:33 AM
"Thats some freaky shit. Controlling animals, shapeshifting, shadowstuff. Wonder what I can do? I mean, I feel much stronger then I used to. But maybe that's something all "kindred" share. Is there any other definitions of the clans? Except what kind of powers they have? I mean apparently all Nosferatu..."

His voice trails off as he looks at Gary.

"Sorry Gary"
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Post by: Isador on December 16, 2010, 12:16:15 PM
Gary catches the bloodbag from Gabriel "ah, thank you. I woke up thirsty again this morning...for some reason. " He shrugs and thankfully begins to drink from the bloodbag, while listening to Gabriel mentioning the clans and disciplines. When he finishes the bloodbag, his expression turns puzzled, "So i can talk to animals? " He looks over at Sherie, but more specifically at plague. "Do you think i a word with your rat?"
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Post by: _username on December 16, 2010, 03:45:27 PM
For a moment, she looks uncertain.  It's hard to tell if it's because she doesn't trust him, or if it's because she is uncomfortable with his overnight change in appearance.  After a brief pause, she shrugs slowly and says "knock yourself out."  Pulling out a chair, she sits down at the table and lowers Plague from her shoulder down to the surface of the table.
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Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 04:16:44 PM
Burke nods his acknowledgement of the thanks to gary, then turns to Thomas.

"I remember there being descriptions of each clan weakness in their description section... Can't remember which corresponds with what, but I do remember that there are some like casting no reflection, though apparently we don't all have that one despite what folklore says... Some types have extra rage in them, the Ventrue have a particular affinity for one type of blood and can ONLY drink that type. Have a look for yourself, it's on pg. 68 or so; goes into fairly detailed description on the clans. Though I'll admit, I've been wracking my brain about it- I can't figure out what clan I am. I haven't really manifested any abilities-- though neither have any of us, really... I definitely felt rage in me earlier... I'm just not sure.
Maybe we can go through a few of the clan weaknesses and see if we can rule out any to the negative? Anyone got a mirror?"

Gabriel turns and watches the interaction with Gary, Sherie, and Plague. Suddenly, he looks around, confused.

"Also--- Has anyone seen Gwen?"
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 16, 2010, 05:46:23 PM
Thomas takes the book and starts to read. When Burke asks for Gwen he looks up and around the room to see if she's there.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Aydoo on December 16, 2010, 06:04:19 PM
As some may remember Gwendolyn left the room the previous morning with a few books so wouldn't be anywhere in the immediate vicinity. If one were to check outside in the hall there would be a small pile of books and nothing more.

Rest is up to Rad in as far as searching goes if anyone would.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 06:15:03 PM
Gabriel looks around, confused for a moment.

"Hmm.. Maybe she tried to leave?" Gabriel didn't see her go into the hallway, so he doesn't know where she went.
Burke appears perplexed for a moment, but then resumes his search to go through clan weaknesses.
His eyes scan over the bookshelf, the table, the floor, the chairs, and the banisters, looking for something reflective.
I'm assuming diff 5 to spot something shiny? Also I think Burke would unknowingly switch on HS while looking- though I do feel like it's metagaming a bit, so it's ST's call.
Rolling Per+Inv
Rolled 3d10 : 6, 10, 2, total 18
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Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 06:47:02 PM
Burke suddenly realizes that his watch has a high-quality but somewhat reflective crystal face.
whipping it off, he puts it right up to his eye. Seeing his reflection clearly, he tosses the watch to Thomas.

"Two clans down, 11 more to go." He chuckles, grimly.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 16, 2010, 07:46:58 PM
Thomas looks into the glass of the watch, shrieks and drops it to the floor.

"Well, guess we know what clan I am" he says. He looks a bit perplexed and confused. He then scans the room looking for a shadow. Finding one he likes he says "Wonder if I can make that shadow move"

A look of utter concentration is seen in his face as he stares into the shadow.

Spends 1 blood

All of a sudden the shadow begins to twist and turn, seeping down from the wall and glides across the room where is forms into a snake of pure darkness. The shadowsnake glides towards Gabriel. When it reaches Gabriel it starts to move upwards towards his neck, slithering across his body like a snake or worm.

I think you should roll Courage Malavis :P

When he sees that it works he says "This is awesome" and almost looks like he's seen a couple of breasts for the first time (you know, that boyish look of awe and excitement).
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Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 07:56:45 PM
Burke watches the tendril of shadow make its way across the room, and his expression slowly changes from wonder, to unease, to fear as it gets closer.

when it makes contact with his leg, Burke takes a step backwards. It moves forward undaunted, and so Burke stands still, hoping that Thomas knows how to control it.

Unprepared for the feeling of sheer unnatural cold that would accompany the touch of these tendrils, something deep inside of Gabriel cries out to RUN.
Rolled 3d10>7 : 1, 10, 3, total 10
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Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 08:01:14 PM
Gabriel stands firm, but something inside him is shaken to the core by this. His face is ashen when the tendrils recede, and his entire body feels cold.

"That... Was not enjoyable..."

A smirk enters his features, despite himself- Though he looks like someone grinning after just throwing up:

"But... yeah. Pretty freakin' awesome."
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 16, 2010, 08:09:47 PM
Seeing Gabriels reaction he wishes for the tendril to recede from Gabriel and return to where it came from. Happy that it obeys his orders he looks at Gabriel with a smile. "Well, i guess that settles it. I am a Lasombra. Wonder what else I can do except control shadows."

He looks genually happy for a few seconds, then his face turns ashen, as if he realized someting horrible.

"Wait, wasn't my clan part of those evil SoB's? (yes he says SoB's, not Sons of Bitches) Does this mean that I'm evil too?
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 08:14:27 PM
Gabriel raises an eyebrow, still looking weak.

"I honestly don't know... You seem normal, but then I don't know what you were like before. You don't seem to be a raging asshole to me, if that's what you mean. But one of the guys in the board room did let slip that we were embraced by Sabbat, so it would make sense for you to be Lasombra. Have a look for yourself though- what does it say about Lasombra?"

Burke motions to the book still in Thomas' hand.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 16, 2010, 08:31:54 PM
Thomas flips through the book looking for an in-depth description of the Lasombra.

Rad, I need you to give me a description of the Lasombra. A quote from the book.
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Post by: Malavis on December 16, 2010, 10:07:58 PM
Gabriel walks over and picks up his watch, and checks to make sure it isn't damaged in any way.

"Good. At least if you drop fifteen hundred bucks on a watch, you can trust it to not break when people drop it."

He fastens it back to his wrist, and paces the room, trying to remember any other details about clan weaknesses. He turns back to Gary and Plague, hoping that he has met with some success.
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Post by: Isador on December 16, 2010, 10:20:00 PM
Gary jumps at the moving shadows, watching them head to Gabriel. He gets ready to try and jump at one of them but seeing them retreat at thomas' command stop him. He sighs deeply, then sits down at the table in front of Plague and looks at the little creature with curiousity. "lets does this work. Do you understand what i'm saying?"

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on December 17, 2010, 05:43:37 AM
Wow I see alot has been going on while I was off
I will try to ignore the slightly metagamish RP

Malavis , HS may activate intuitively if there is a reason for it to happen, like the character tries to see into darkness or some other thing that would sharpen the senses or has a good reason to believe Gwen may be supernaturally concealed(but she has yet to really do so, so why would he believe she possesses that power as opposed to just wandered off when no one was noticing?).

Cad. your character more than anyone and everyone else present who see the shadow move should roll Courage as this is the first time he sees Obteneberation of his own shadow coming to life and cause right now I'm very tempted to have that shadow spin out of the inexperienced fledgling's control and start strangeling its master in somekind of metagame backfire  :razz:

Either way Ill give the benefit of the doubt but tell me why would Thomas try to activate the Lasombra clan's trademark discipline above all other Disciplines? (say Thaumaturgy , Viccitude, Protean, Animalism etc)

About what the book says of Clan Lasombra: in summery it describes them as keepers, vampires who used to control the church during the Dark Ages with an affinity to darkness and devil worshipping, they are considered as possiably the greatst threat to the masquerade and kindred society as a whole since they lead the human hating Sabbat and are feared for their ruthlessness and terror, A shadow of the proud Ventrue clan. The Author also notes their Clan weakness of showing no reflection in mirrors.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 17, 2010, 10:37:57 AM
Yeah I didn't want to spot gwen even if she was there- I only just recently found out that her Obf beats my Auspex anyway: but I meant that he switched HS on while looking for a reflective surface, not to try to find Gwen. I have just had players who knew OOC that there was someone there and looked for any possible opportunity to have a "reason" to switch on HS; I just know that I've switched it on the last 2 times Gabriel has been actively searching for something, so I didnt want to break the habit. No worries anyway, I decided to use my watch and that worked alright as a means to an end :) Also I did mention the Lasombra's control over shadow when I gave a synopsis of the clans, so while he may not be able to have a good deal of control over it, it may come intuitively if he is rolling a character that is heavy into shadowmancing. Anyway, ST's discretion- There are a few stretches in the last few bits of dialog on both of our parts, admittedly, so if you want us to ret some of those we can. I dont think there's anything TOO over the top though.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on December 17, 2010, 10:45:33 AM
Ok, I'll modify my posts depending on this roll.

Rolled 4d10 : 4, 9, 9, 2, total 24

And it would actually be quite fun for the Shadowplay to backfire and to see my reaction, so if you want to do this i have no complaints what so ever. I'll modify my previous posts depending on your ruling.

Thomas flips through the pages looking for his clan.

"Ah, here it is"

"In summery it describes them as keepers, vampires who used to control the church during the Dark Ages with an affinity to darkness and devil worshipping, they are considered as possiably the greatest threat to the masquerade and kindred society as a whole since they lead the human hating Sabbat and are feared for their ruthlessness and terror, A shadow of the proud Ventrue clan." "Their Clan weakness of showing no reflection in mirrors or other reflecting surfaces."

"Damn, this is dark stuff. Do you guys think Im destined to become this? Or do we all make our own fate in this world?"
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Post by: Malavis on December 17, 2010, 04:55:31 PM
Burke's smile is reassuring, though diminished a bit by the fact that he looks like he's seen a ghost.

"That's really the question, isn't it?
Can we do a better job being unbound by our sires than we were by our own fathers?"

Burke pauses for effect, his voice lowering imperceptibly to that familiar baritone and taking on a slightly hypnotic timbre.

"I think we both followed our fathers in life because we saw a kind of nobility in each respective job. Mine is a wealthy, powerful man who gives back to his community- but can also make or break careers very easily: that kind of thing was appealing to me: The good samaritan who has true respect because he can back up his kindness with power."

He gestures to Thomas.
Rolled 6d10>4 : 9, 1, 7, 9, 8, 2, total 33

"Yours, I suspect, appealed to your desire to change the world, to help people... Our fathers are superheroes in our eyes, and I suspect that the power of that superhero image stems from your desire to make the world a better place than when you came in.
I guess what I'm saying is this: Whatever motivating factors intercede when we move into this life, never forget the values that were taught to you in the last one: Holding on to what we've learned, and never compromising who we are: that's how we make our own fate."
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Post by: Malavis on December 17, 2010, 05:13:04 PM
Burke's words, if they have an impact on you, make an even stronger one- (Awe) His words stir something inside everyone in earshot, a desire to make something important, a lasting legacy, to make an impact on the world in some positive way. Burke's conversational style belies the feeling that you are getting- It is reminiscent of the half-time locker room speeches in movies, without all the cheesy background music.

"Our fate wasn't our own- we were all plucked from a sea of ignorance and lack of meaning, and thrown into this strange world, already indebted to an ancient society that we knew NOTHING about this time yesterday. I say, to do our fathers proud--" Burke's body language unfocuses from Thomas and opens up to the room,
"And to prove that we are going to be leaving this world a better place than when we came in... We need to remember who we are. We can find our sires and make a name for ourselves in this world. If there's one thing I've learned from that book, it's that Vampires are always dicking each other over for power. If we stick together, we stand a better chance of subverting that, and a better chance of survival overall. This is our chance to find the meaning that we were only able to find fleeting glimpses of in life."

Burke's speech would normally teeter on the edge of cheesy, but something in it pulls at you, his words powerful, his voice assured, and each word seems to roll off clearly and distinctly.
This COULD be a chance to change things, to make the world a better place. This COULD be a chance to erase old wrongs.
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Post by: Aydoo on December 18, 2010, 02:45:43 AM
Gwendolyn listens in on the conversations and antics going on in the ajoining room. It doesn't seem important anymore. Nothing was important before last night and nothing may be important ever again. She stoops down slowly against the wall with her back to it and runs her hands through her hair.

"Nothing has changed and nothing will ever change, we are all destined to fade away into obscurity," she thinks.

"Now being cut off from the rest of the world into this new lif---unlife will our families or friends even recognise us anymore? Will they remember us anymore?" She ponders the meaning of this new existance to herself and wonders where the next few bleak nights will lead her.

Obfuscated still :> All dialog was internal.
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Post by: Radical21 on December 18, 2010, 11:49:09 PM
The Rat sniffs at Gary,  nose working in small hyperactive movements, it squeeks back at Gary as it turns to tread back on the table.

Sounds of talk echo in the mostly quiet hallways outside of the liberary room.

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 19, 2010, 12:36:18 AM
Gary focusses on the rat...then raises a suprised eyebrow, like he isn't sure what to make of it...then he sniffs his shoulder and shrugs. "Cant believe i'm saying this but the Rat's right" He gets up, padding the rat on the head gently. He goes over to the door, looking out into the hall he says the man from earlier this morning standing there. "Hey buddy, is there a shower here somewhere?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Radical21 on December 19, 2010, 02:54:12 AM
The man looks at Gary and for a split secound you can might be fear or mild disgust before he recomposes his formal stern posture
"No Sir, I do not believe there is one". He looks around vigilantly at the hallway as if trying his best to distract himself from Gary's presence.

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 19, 2010, 10:56:25 AM
Burke raises an eyebrow at Gary's comment about "The rat's right" and follows him towards the hall. Upon Gary's comment about the shower, Burke pokes his head around the corner into the hallway.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 19, 2010, 03:22:40 PM
Gary narrows his eyes at the man, visibly irritated. He walks back into the room mumbling something under his breath. "When he notices Gabriel behind him, he says "Well it's true, i can speak with animals. Or the rat anyway."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 20, 2010, 08:13:50 AM
Burke nods, clearly impressed.

"Fascinating. That might prove useful. So.. It told you there was someone outside of the room then? Or...?"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 20, 2010, 12:11:23 PM
"You guys woke me up while you were talking to him. Call it eavesdropping if you want but i overheard him saying he would be on the hallway "incase we needed anything" (sarcasm) "  Gary shakes his head. "I'm getting the idea that while we're vampires now we're not yet considered to be "citizens" or whatever you want to call it"
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on December 20, 2010, 04:11:01 PM
Burke nods, taking it in.
"Yeah I missed what he said, I was busy climbing out from under the table." He chuckles, obviously reaching to find a small bit of levity in an otherwise dark situation.
"If I had to guess, I'd say that this is how they're dealing with the tradition called 'The Accounting.' Since our mistakes and successes are usually attributed to our sires when we are first created, we have no one responsible for making sure we respect the traditions and generally avoid making nuisances of ourselves. Since the prince spared us-- At least the way he tells it, anyway-- He's on the hook for our actions. Granted, he can have us killed if we do something out of line, but then he's got egg on his face for sparing us in the first place. As he said in his own words, things are tenuous with the primogen and they are always looking to make him appear weak. This would mean that he needs to appear that we are a smart tactical decision; An 'ace in the hole' for dealing with our own sires; turning the Sabbat's weapon against itself. I also suspect that the Primogen will do everything they can to make us look like fools, in order to weaken the Prince's position and make him seem like his judgement is unsound." Burke sighs, the heavy-hearted sigh of a man too young to bear some of the burdens that he currently carries.
"I had this kind of inter-office political shit going on daily at work, but the stakes weren't nearly as high. Think of the alternative though- in another city, we'd probably be dead."
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Post by: _username on December 20, 2010, 11:39:06 PM
"Pawns" Sherie summarizes in a gloomy tone.  She looks wearily up at the ceiling.  "I'm supposed to pick up my boys tomorrow afternoon.  Ice cream.  Every other week."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Isador on December 21, 2010, 12:37:31 AM
Gary shakes his head, before saying "So death was the alternative huh....would seem like a relief over this political bullshit" He mumbles too himself and runs a hand through his hair. Suddenly something seems to nag at Gary, he turns to Gabriel and asks "Wait, the tradition of accounting was that our sires' are responsible for teaching us? I thought it was that any monetary debts we incur are transferred to our sire"
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Post by: Radical21 on December 21, 2010, 01:23:49 AM
Sorry if you would RP your character differently but as there was no reply I have no choice but to narrate him to move things forward

The echo from the hallway get near.
Burke, Gary and Gwen and anyone else outside of the library at the time can see a young couple, man and woman passionately making out as they move past the corner,  they are oblivious to all until Burke starts speaking again.

"Huh?, who are all these guys?"  Thomaz looks confused as he notices the small gathering.

The Woman sighs ,dropping the act her beautiful features contort in an awkard expression before she grabs Thomaz arms and push him forward onto the floor towards the Guard with suprising force considering her smaller figure

"I brought takeout" she says as she brushes her coloured hair back "I can't  remember his name though" she pauses in mock thoughtfulness.

"What the fuck?" Thomaz tries to get up but she stomps him back down on the floor.

"Cat? wait, who ask you to-" The Guard begins asking

"Ana did ,  just get him inside, I'm not staying"

"uhm" The guard looks puzzled as he looks at the young man questionably but Cat already left.
He moves to take Thomaz inside.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Azrael on December 21, 2010, 07:35:00 AM
I was unaware that a response was required. No harm done.

TOMAZ ((no 'H')) crawls frantically away from the guard as he moves towards him, pulling himself to his feet and immediately slamming into a genuine monster with enough force to knock a tuft of its hair out but not nearly enough to even cause it to step back. Tomaz on the other hand took several steps back.

"What the shit?! Is this Comic Con? Did that bitch bring me to Notre Dame? Am I THAT high?" The monster looked at him almost apologetically, and Tomaz felt a chill run down his spine. He'd seen the best costumes and make-up that Hollywood could produce up close and personal, and this... blew all of that out of the water. This guy was really, truly falling apart. And the smell, fuck. Like dead fish marinading in deer piss and left out in the sun. He turned away in revulsion, and at that moment remembered the guard behind him, who fortunately was content to stand at the door and watch.

Tomaz looked around the rest of the room. It was... well it looked like a private library of sorts. Shepherd has had one in his home not unlike it. Books lined the walls, and a large table sat in the center, with what looked like a drink cooler underneath. The other people in the room seemed normal enough, and just as confused by his presence there as he was. There was a certain ashen grayness to their complexions, though it may have just been the lighting, or the fact that Tomaz was still quite high, sobering though the past few moments had been, and in their eyes he saw what he could only define as... hunger.

"What the batter-dipped-deep-fried-served-on-a-stick fuck is going on here?"
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Post by: Malavis on December 21, 2010, 04:24:09 PM
Rolled 4d10>3 : 5, 3, 10, 6, total 21
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Recognizing the signs that the man is high as a kite, Burke steps forward, putting himself between Gary and the newcomer, his eyes demanding the other man's attention. Burke has become accustomed to the unnatural stillness of his fellows over the last several hours, and the presence of this mortal is both familiar and unsettling. Moving slowly, Burke takes a step towards the man, his posture unthreatening, his voice a strangely calming baritone. His eyes flit to Thomas, standing on the other side of the man, a momentary connection that indicates his deference to Thomas should things come to blows. with his eyes, he motions for the officer to move behind the man. Something about Burke's voice cuts through the haze of the drugs and the confusion, and speaks to a rational part of your brain deep within. His voice is level, calm, as though he has a lot of experience talking down a hostage situation or negotiating a deal. Suddenly the image of the man comes through clearly, a wiry, tall man in his early 20s, pale, with short-cropped hair and a small, bloody rip in his dark blue dress shirt. His clothes are obviously high-quality, but have clearly been worn for a couple of days. Strangely, his slightly disheveled appearance gives him an honest kind of strength.
You are under the effect of his Awe.
"Easy. No one here is going to hurt you. Have a seat at the table, and we'll take care of you. I have NO idea who that woman was, or what she was after, but I'm going to find out for you, alright? Please, have a seat." He motions to the table with a slow sweep of his arm.
Burke turns to Thomas, hesitating a moment, and finally deciding to use a code name for safety's sake.
"Mr. Greene, please make sure no one touches our guest; I still have no idea where Gwen is, so be careful. I am going to talk to the man outside and see about getting him a glass of water. Maybe some coffee. Would you like some coffee?"
His voice is kind, and as he speaks, there is a touch of gentleness that cuts through the anxiety and the drugs and clearly communicates that you are safe as long as you are in his care.
Burke's awe for the rest of the scene is affecting everyone "In the immediate vicinity," so Tomaz is immediately affected by it when Burke begins to speak. He also has the "Enchanting voice" merit, so something about it, even unaided by the power of his blood, is calming and gentle.
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Seeing the new guy's reaction, Gary's expression flares with anger. "Hey, fuck you asshole!" As Gabriel intervenes Gary backs off a bit and tries to calm down, but he appears bitter. He looks away from whats happening, lost in thought untill Gabriel begins to speak. That seems to soothe his nerves.
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Not waiting for a response, Burke briskly walks up to the door guard, getting in close. His voice drops to a low, conspiratorial whisper.

"I know we're not supposed to leave this room until you-know-who comes to get us, and you're probably not supposed to leave your post, but could you take Gary with you to get this man a coffee and maybe some water? Judging by his pupils I'd say he's got a hit of acid at least in there- maybe more, as well as others. It's not too late to protect the masquerade on this one. Please. Take Gary and go get this guy a cup of coffee, and I'll talk him down and try to make him understand. We don't have much time until he sobers up enough to start asking difficult questions." Gabriel moves a bit to walk away but then remembers something and leans in close, his voice even quieter.
"Oh, and leave Gary in the hall if you can-- He's not fully changed, but looks just 'off' enough to pooch the sale."
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"Sure, I'll keep an eye on him"

Thomas looks at the man infront of him, ready to keep him from leaving if necessary. Tomaz can also note a small sign of hunger in Thomas' eyes, almost as if he want to jump him and do something to him.

Not really sure how much blood I have left in my system, so I'm gonna make a Self Control roll. If Rad sees it fit, I will frenzy and attack Tomaz due to hunger if I should fail. But I will not post any attack or frenzy untill Rad tells me that the situation warrents a hungerfrenzy.

Here it goes
Rolled 3d10 : 4, 3, 5, total 12

Btw: Tomaz is mortal yes?
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If there is confusion about it the hallway where the guard is standing is Outside the the library

The Guard's head move  to the side as he obviously avoids looking at Gabriel.

"I know what you are doing sir, please step back now" his eyes looking at the ceiling.

"You can leave now Martin" a calm yet commanding voice comes from the end of the hallway.
"Mr.Burke.." Evan approaches as the guard passes by him in the opposite direction and disappears into the hallway
"Gabriel" he stops and leans close to Burke's shoulder. speaking in a similar conspiratorial low voice Burke used "You are clever to learn this gift without aid , it is powerful, but you should know that many who know of this power will notice if you use it so obviously,and no one takes kindly to being made a fool"

He stands back before going in "some of us have lived too long to feel this way naturally towards ones we have just met you see", Evan Hazel eyes move as he look at Burke's to see if he understands..

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The aura of calm and power surrounding Gabriel shatters as though it was made of glass.
Visibly stunned, Burke shuffles a half-step backward. He recovers, and speaks back softly.
"I... I didn't even know I... But yes, I guess I was, it seems so obvious now; I should have known after reading about it in the chronicles of Alistair.. I'm sorry- it was in no way intentional. I just wanted to help the masquerade, I meant no offense."

Burke seems overcome by the proximity to an individual who has such obvious power. He bows his head, slightly ashamed.

Gabriel also looked VERY genuinely confused when the guard reacted the way he did.
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"None taken, I can see myself in you, you are a natrual leader and it is a useful power to that end but when not around mortals use it wisely, in proper context it may work , even an elder would believe that they are experiencing something real"

The Prince crosses his hands in front as he turns to look into the Library room, his posture towering as he moves towards the juicebag before him.

He stops to look at all of the kindred "Where is the fifth one?"

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"None taken, I can see myself in you, you are a natrual leader and it is a useful power to that end but when not around mortals use it wisely, in proper context it may work , even an elder would believe that they are experiencing something real"
Burke bows his head a little more, this time looking much more self-assured.
"Thank you for the advice, and for the compliment."
Burke follows a respectful distance behind the prince, and enters with him, looking just a tiny bit sheepish.

He stops to look at all of the kindred "Where is the fifth one?"

Burke shifts uncomfortably, a cold realization setting in his features. "I.. Don't know. We haven't seen her since last night... I was quietly assuming that one of your men took her during the day. She just disappeared."
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Since theres alot of people around (I'm counting at least 8) I figure a roll was in order of Obfus. Disreguard if you feel otherwise Rad, or set a diff.
Wits + Stealth 6d10 : 7, 8, 8, 5, 8, 8, total 44

Gwendolyn slinks around the corner of the door frame into the room after the Prince enters, sharply eyeing Gabriel the entire time. She crouchs back down and watches as more of the scene unfolds. Still intent on Gabriel she pushes her feelings onto him so that he can as well know the emptiness of this night.

Passion (Lowering Emotion) Charisma + Empathy (Diff Gabriel's Humanity) 4d10 : 10, 3, 1, 2, total 16
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Gabriel twitches imperceptibly, a small sliver of pain in his neck- A moment of ennui and despair washes over him, and his expression visibly darkens. In moments, the feeling is gone, and Gabriel feels hopeful again.
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Mostly ignored, and resigned to the fact that this must all be some sort of elaborate hallucination, Tomaz rolls up a cigarette (of mostly tobacco) and lights it. He takes a long drag, which he expels from his mouth and breathes into his nostrils. He looks around the room aimlessly, and then exhales.

"There's a rat in here. It smells in here. Its crowded in here. This is the worst hallucination I've ever had. I'M BORED."
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Rolled 4d10 : 9, 7, 10, 7, total 33
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"My men? No, Although I have noticed the stack of Adria's precious books on the floor in the hallway... Tell me mr.Burke is she going to be a problem? "

Evan having picked up on the juicebag's intentions as he talks effortlesslyy swats the lighter out of Tomaz hands before he can light the cigarette.

Btw while I allow instinctual use of powers, As I already explained at this point it seems wrong for characters with no understanding of powers to use them outside of the context of mundane reaction or interaction without having learned about these powers somehow first, and I dont see Gwen having that kind of insight into Dementation that she can use it without a trigger as mentally trying to telepathically channel emotions doesn't seem like something she would do in her mortal life.
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Burke raises his eyebrows in surprise and looks over at the prince when Tomaz tells the room that he's bored.

When asked, Burke stiffens a little.
"I don't know. She seems a touch... Unstable. Plus, out of all of us, she's the only one besides Sherie who didn't spend any time learning from the Chronicles of Alistair. She doesn't seem dangerous, just a bit unpredictable, and she doesn't know about the society she is moving into. Could she have escaped? Or is she using a power of the blood that lets you hide from others? I didn't even think of trying to escape, as I suspect you would have made it impossible for any of our kind. So, in short: Only dangerous to the masquerade at this point."
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"Thats a fair assement considering that the basement, even this room, is wired with Surveillance, even so she could have slipped out  but not without my knowing which means she is still here somewhere but we will deal with that later, our guest is bored and we cannot have that can we.."

The Prince looks down at Tomaz's black sunglasses before moving to close the room's door

"This could be a harsh lesson, You have already the unfortunate reality of kindred nature that compels us to feed on the kine, on the blood of humans like this unfortunate one before you." Evan Gestures towards Tomaz as he looks towards him with cold sympathy or pity in his eyes. "As helpless as he is we must all remember that we were once kine and feel some measure of respect for their lives. Feeding on him may kill him if one were to do so without the restraint, take too much of his vitae, his blood and you take his life.You must try to control your hunger, to feed on him without killing. so who would like to go first?"

For characters to drink they must roll 1d3 to determine how much BP they take per turn(turn= for this context)
And Roll self-control to stop themselves from feeding while failure means that they cant stop and continue to drain BP for another turn
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Thomas eyes the prey, circling it wihout taking his eyes off of him. Then he jumps on him and sinks his fangs into the neck.

Rolling for blood
Rolled 3d10 : 4, 8, 2, total 14

Rolled 3d10 : 7, 9, 6, total 22

Do I instincually lick the wound to seal it? or do I wait for someone to tell me to?
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Burke flinches, shock apparent briefly in his face. Though almost fully sated, he finds his fangs distending slightly, his beast calling out to him to join the coming bacchanal. Burke stands firm, tells the creature uncurling within his heart that he has already fed, and that the fresh blood pumping through another man's veins is not the most enticing thing he has ever desired. A lifetime of drugs, women, fast cars, travel; the drunken revelry that was his night life since the age of 17: All of this paled in comparison to the vitae now trickling down the man's neck, the veins punctured by Thomas' fangs.
He mumbles something incoherently about how Thomas was supposed to be protecting this man.

Steeling his resolve, he tries to beat down the beast in his heart.
Rolled 4d10>5 : 7, 9, 9, 1, total 25
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Silently reprimanding himself, and reminding himself never to underestimate the prince again, Burke paces for a moment as he masters himself.

"Thomas. Thomas, stop."
Burke's voice is soft, reassuring, but gets firmer with his second appeal.
"Thomas? Thomas!"
The man is firmly enthralled in the bliss of feeding, and a secret, strange feeling of wanting to confront a direct evil in this world washes over Gabriel.

"Officer Watson. This is NOT who you are. You are a police officer. Remember that, don't let the beast strengthen its hold. Remember your father, Thomas, and how he'd react if he saw you like this..."
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Hope this answers the question (
pluse when you are a bloodsucking creature there can the greedily scooping oozing leftover blood with the tongue if you RP it as such.
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After one "Turn" of feeding, Thomas lets the man go and licks the would to heal it. When he is finished, he looks up at Gabiel and says:

"It called to me. The blood in this mans veins just screamed out to me: "Take it". I didn't really realize I was at his throat untill you began to speak."

As he speaks he drops the man out of pure surprise.

"Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to drop you like that. Here, let me help you back up."

He extends a hand trying to help Tomaz back up.

Here I'm guessing he won't accept the hand, but instead tries to run away or something

"I'm sorry if I hurt you, it wasn't my intention. I just wanted..."

Thomas is suddenly filled with regret and shame. He walks back into a corner of the room, sits down with is arms wrapped around his knees and stares into the wall infront of him. "Why am I doing this? Gabriel is right: I should protect humans, not feast on them." he says in a low, muttering voice barely hearble to the people around the Prince. He will sit there at least an hour or untill someone talks to him and convinces him to get up.
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Please give time to reply, its too much to assume how Azrael's character reacts to this especially if you did not talk to him about it
, Also please describe the action better because you assume Tomaz fell down he was "jumped?" and then "dropped"? where was he dropped from?

As far as Strength its not too much of a dilema because mortals do not have supernatural strength but they may still be given a chance to dodge or resist such attack through willpower roll and what little strength they possess.

Maybe Azrael's character freaks out and tries to escape, maybe he punches Thomas's  ballsack really hard before Thomas can set the punch in ... its unlikely because Tomaz is high on drugs(- to alertness+wits dicepool) but still its PvP and should not be taken for granted with so little description

Also to be extra nitpicky, I said a fledgeling vampire might lick the wound instinctively but its doubtful that he would realizes that it will seal the wound instinctively(since from a mortal perspective that is pure folklore about Dog Saliva licks) so please try to stay IC when writing and describing these things.
Yes its  challanging to roleplay a new kindred who doesn't know anything but that is part of the reason I decided to do this at the start.
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The show, she goes on, no?

Tomaz hits his knees hard as the mother FUCKER who just tore into his throat drops him in apparent shock.

The afore mentioned mother fucker seems to regret his actions, and says... something Tomaz can't quite make out through the haze of fatigue, drugs, and blood-loss buzzing like a hornet's nest in each and every one of his senses. A hand enters Tomaz's field of vision. Tomaz looks up at his assailant.

"" Tomaz coughs. "You MOTHER FU-"

Before he can finish his thought, he vomits violently all over the guy.

He falls to the ground, coughing and retching. When he is finally able to calm himself down, he rolls limply on to his back to stare at the ceiling.

"I feel like I've just been slipped a Jeffrey..." He slips out of consciousness.

Question: would the drugs in Tomaz's system fuck Thomas up?
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Burke takes a step back in shock, originally having begun to advance on Tomaz to help him up.

He looks to the others in the room, genuinely taken aback, and for the first time all night, completely at a loss for words.

Yes, the drugs in your system would mess Cad's character up. Maybe PM him and the ST saying what drugs were in Tomaz's system. Not sure how many BP he ingested, but he'd definitely be feeling it. Up to the ST how much exactly.
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Upon hearing the commotion nearby, Sherie leaves Plague on the table and rushes towards the doorway.

Unless the ST says otherwise, I expect it would take a few seconds (about 2 combat rounds) for her to make it to the doorway.
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Gary looks at Tomaz as he begins throwing up his stomach content, coughing with appearent disgust. "I just realised i'm not hungry, but dont let me stop you guys". Gary shrugs, before mumbling "I may be a mess but i'm not THAT desperate".
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The Prince stands in front of the closed door looking intently at Sherie who is rushing towards him. He seems unphased by the commotion.

"This is no worse than that which each of you will have to face out there, in the cold darkness of the night when you must drink the vitae of a poor soul unfortunate enough to fall before you and it gets even worse when you have to reach and take it from an innocent who did nothing to deserve such fate. you will drink or I will be forced to end you!"

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Rolled 4d10 : 3, 4, 7, 8, total 22
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Drenched in vomit, Thomas looks ill and disoriented. He opens his mouth to speak but no words can escape his throat. He stares over Gabriels shoulder with an expression of great fear. He studders "Bbbb...Behind you!" He points at a spot just behind Gabriel. Thomas's voice is slurry and he almost stumbles into the Prince as he tries to run away from the group.
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With a look that somehow conveys both nervousness and a frustrated resignation that this whole thing is going to turn into a madhouse despite his best efforts, Burke sighs, turns his head, and looks over his shoulder at whatever is behind him.
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Sherie stops in her tracks.  At first her facial expression reads "are you fucking serious?" but it gradually dissolves into a realization that she can't do anything about whatever is happening, and she should probably be grateful that she isn't involved.  She walks back to the table and sits down.
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Seeing nothing behind him, Burke turns back and eyes Thomas warily.
He glances down at the mortal, still coughing and retching and trying to wipe up his own vomit.

Mind obviously racing, Burke eyes them up and down once more, clearly wondering at how a man who was rock-solid and trustworthy a minute ago could fall to shambles that quickly. Seemingly satisfied that this is genuine and not a ruse, Burke's jaw sets in frustration.
He watches Sherie for any strangeness as she goes and sits down, then turns back to the Prince and takes a small step forward, concern evident on his features.
"Something is... Amiss." Burke cocks his head slightly at the scene, as if his meaning wasn't obvious enough already.
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Evan tries to conceal his smug amusement before turning to Gabriel "This may not be ideal but I expect you to follow through, don't worry the amount of drugs this man consumed will affect you but the dosage and its effect would be dilutted so long as you can help yourself from taking too much of it, all of you could have had it much worse"

The Prince returns to watch Tomaz's unconsious body. "I doubt he passed out of blood loss, so please lets just get on with it"
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Nervously Gary sighs. "Fine, i'll go next" he says, before grabbing the unconcious man by the shoulder and lifting him up into a position that makes the throat more accesible. Gary tries to find a spot on his throat where the man isn't covered in vomit, and bites down taking a single gulp before releasing his mouth from the man's throat.  "Thats it, I'm full. Dont think i can drink more then that".

Drank 1 bloodpoint
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Burke watches Gary bite the man, staring reluctantly, quite obviously weighing the options of going against the prince's wishes. Finally he relents, and a cold well of fear rises in his stomach as he senses the beast laughing triumphantly somewhere within him. he grabs the man by the right arm.

Taking a deep breath, he lets his fangs sit right on the edge of puncturing the flesh for a moment, trying hard to make this on HIS terms, as a rationing being rather than a beast. He lets one of his fangs graze the flesh and tastes the tiny trickle of blood. The taste is complex, full of recognizeable tastes and emotions- it is almost as if he can taste the man's fear and confusion. There is something else there as well, a distilled sense of the drugs awash in the man's bloodstream. With great effort, Burke lets the mans arm drop, still holding it by the wrist. He takes a deep breath and tries to force his fangs back into their normal position.

Everyone in the room hears him mumbling something. At first it seems as though he is praying, but his voice rises at the end, and you can make out the very tail end of what he says.
"'No one who, like me, conjures up the most evil of those half-tamed demons that inhabit the human breast, and seeks to wrestle with them, can expect to come through the struggle unscathed.' Forgive me..."
He looks at the man, as his head lolls back, the vomit soaking the front of his clothes, and tries to see him as less than human, a waste- a useless creature. Eventually, unable to do it as a reasoning being, the beast takes over for him and he sinks his fangs into the man's wrist.

+1Bp. Also, is your character a businessman of any sort? By businessman I mean someone who works in the corporate world in any way.
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Post by: Azrael on January 01, 2011, 09:52:27 AM
I'd rather not give anything away, but no he's not, not in any literalized way anyhow. Still, SOMEONE should probably recognize him.
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As Thomas moves away from the Prince and the others, he looks over his shoulder. He looks confused and disoriented as he stops, turns around and starts to walk back to the group.

"I apoligize, I don't know what happened just now. I could swear that I saw a person standing behind Gabriel. Was I, AM I under the influence of something? Does the drugs in his system translate through the blood and into me?"

This question was directed at Evan.

When he returns to the group, he looks at Tomaz and the person at his throat.

"Maybe you shouldn't drink to much of his blood. You might see some wierd stuff as I did."
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Post by: Radical21 on January 02, 2011, 04:16:25 AM
"There are many things that come with the blood of a person, some say the blood is the vessel of the soul if there is such a thing"
Evan looks thoughtfully as he regard the fledgeling.
"Tell me ,What did that person look like?" The tone of his voice turns serious.

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: cadmiumcadamium on January 02, 2011, 06:07:45 PM
"I'm not sure of what he looked like. Dark and blurry, I couldn't really distinguish any features."
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Post by: Malavis on January 04, 2011, 04:25:09 PM
Burke lingers for a while, trying to control the bloodlust that took place when his fangs pierced the other man's flesh. He sips, as though from a cup of tea that is too hot or a strong drink. After a few moments, he lets the arm drop, leaving deep fang marks in the centre of the man's wrist. Curious, he tries to figure out why he has no markings from his bite. Feeling around on his neck and arms, he concludes that the bites must heal quickly.

At Evan's change in expression and tone, Burke suddenly stiffens and becomes very interested in what is going on.
9bp total currently.
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Post by: Isador on January 04, 2011, 05:14:41 PM
Gary staggers a little but recovers himself easily. "Defenately a bit of a buzz...are there any other side-effects? Cause this aint all that bad" For the first time since all this happend, Gary is smiling...albeit, a little stupidly.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on January 04, 2011, 06:37:03 PM
Thomas looks at Evan and says:

"What about diseases? HIV, hepatitis, influensa, cancer etc. Can they be transfered as well? Can we become infected and affected by these diseases?"

Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on January 04, 2011, 06:50:29 PM
Burke seems transfixed by the man on the floor, staring at his face, trying to recognize the man. When Gary comments on the high, he realizes that an all-too familiar feeling is beginning to set in. The early onset of a pot or possibly hash or opium high begins to wash over him, and he sits back with a small grin forming on his face.
When Thomas mentions the possibility of disease, he looks concerned again.
The onset of the high washing over him, he has a bit of a hard time connecting the dots.
"Yeah, what about that?... What about the dark shape too?"
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Post by: Radical21 on January 04, 2011, 07:42:47 PM
"Hmm? Ah yes you can become a carrier to most blood related diseases even if you are not affected by them. but you can see how it becomes a problem if one of us starts spreading AIDs."

Evan's eyes Narrow as his gaze scan about room "Probably just a drug induced halluciantion" he concludes" there is no telling what drugs this mortal is on, At any rate this ritual is nearly complete, only two more to go" he looks at Sherie in expectation.

Retroactive self-control roll for Burke
Rolled 4d10 : 10, 2, 4, 9, total 25
since I sort of forgot about that aspect
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Sherie stands up again, but her movements are much more calm and deliberate this time.  She walks to within a pace or two of the man everybody keeps biting.  She looks at him for a long moment, then looks at Evan and the others expectantly.
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Post by: Malavis on January 05, 2011, 01:09:59 AM
Burke smiles numbly at Sherie, nodding to the man on the floor with a conciliatory look.

"Seems that this one's a requirement, I'm afraid. A test to see if we can do as we're told. It's like jumping off a high-dive. There's this moment before you do it of 'what the hell am I doing' and then it feels good. Just roll with it."

He points to where his fang marks still mar the man's wrist.
"The right arm is pretty much puke-free, for the record."
Burke gets up and walks over to the table, picking up the Chronicles of Alistair once again. he flips it open on the table, and reads until the prince speaks again, attempting to fade into the background, while nursing his growing high.
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Post by: _username on January 09, 2011, 12:16:42 AM
Taking Burke's advice, she grasps the man's right arm and raises his wrist to her mouth.  Without pausing to let herself doubt that this is happening, she sinks her teeth into the warm flesh.

I don't actually know exactly what her blood pool is right now, but I'll roll just in case.
Rolled 3d10 : 7, 10, 7, total 24

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Post by: _username on January 09, 2011, 12:21:25 AM
Closing her eyes, she savors the new sensation for a few seconds.  The man didn't seem to be in the best shape from the start, so Sherie forces herself to stop before she hurts him too badly.  She swallows hard and then runs her tongue over her lips, careful not to make a mess.  A single drop of blood bubbles from where her teeth pierced his arm, and she instinctually licks them up.

Given her apparent success in controlling her hunger, I'm thinking that she took a single blood point before stopping herself.
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Tomaz floats on a cloud of sunshine and puppies and silvery happiness. As he soars over chocolate oceans and mountains of barbecue pork ribs, he feels a sharp pain in his wrist. Suddenly the clouds are gone, the food as well. He it atop a hill, laying on a wooden plank. A metal spike holds his wrist to the wood, a hammer lays near by. He senses menacing presences all around him. This is Golgotha. He's being crucified.

He wakes up, screaming.
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Burke's chin rests against his hand as he looks at the Chronicles of Alistair absently. His eyes slide down the page, then back up, as Sherie feeds, absorbing very little of the information contained within. His eyes begin to loll downwards, almost as if he is dozing off or having trouble focusing. When Tomaz screams, Burke snaps back to awareness, suprised for a moment that his heart does not race as it normally would. He focuses on the man, eyes lazily taking in the woman and the man curled up on the floor together, and the man's incomprehensible screaming.

"Hey, how did you close those?"
He points a slightly wobbly hand to the now-sealed bite marks that sherie made, and the deep holes that Gabriel's own fangs had made.
He sighs and watches Tomaz ambivalently as he writhes on the floor screaming.

I believe our mortal friend is now at 6bp.
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At first she is confused by Burke's question, but she follows his gaze down to the man's arm.  She raises her eyebrows in surprise, but she is interrupted by the delirious man's shouting.

And FWIW, she isn't Giovanni or any kind of other character with their flaw.  That is, her bite is actually pretty pleasureable to humans...not painful.
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Burke looks groggily at the prince, blinking more often as he attempts to fight down the haze. He taps one finger on the chronicles of Alistair.
"So in your estimation, how much of this book can be taken as gospel, and how much is literary license?"
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The Prince seems troubled at the sight of the screaming youngster
"Gospel, I doubt it though there are definitly some truths in there"

OOC: Skyra is correct about the Vampire's bite when feeding.

Still the effects of pyschotropic drugs like LSD can cause hallucinations and mess up the sensory input the brain which can make one hallucinate of things they would not normally be aware of like life being drained away along the numbing pleasure and other nightmares that can easily scar a person's mind.
Still keep in mind that this rational is not an excuse to needlessly exaggurate and overuse this aspect in the circuimstances
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Something tugs at the edge of Burke's shell-shocked mind, a feeling of being troubled by this man on the floor. Almost as if snapping him out of a spell, Burke suddenly looks down at the man on the floor, seeing him as a person for the first time since he began to feed. Anxiously, he shifts in his chair, looking for cues from the prince as to what to do, some instinctual part of him recognizing the connection that exists there.
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Gary suddenly snaps out of his buzz at the sound of screaming, straightening his pose. He nervously shuffles over to the man thats being fed on, keeping at least 3 steps distance, unwilling to get any closer. He starts pacing back and forth, switching between averting his gaze and staring at the screaming junky. He then switches his gaze to the prince, asking almost desperately "You're not having us kill him, are you??"
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Panic flashes briefly across Burke's face, and he looks as though he might speak. Instead he starts rubbing his temples, as though a sudden headache has overtaken him.
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The Prince keeps an indifferent blank expression as he glares at the mortal. He pauses for a moment as if Gary's question distracts him or was something he has not yet decided.

"And if I did would you kill him?"  his tone is disturbingly calm and casual for one who talks about murder, "Would you trust him to keep our exsistance a secret?" He turns to look coldly at Gary and Burke from the corner of his eye to see their response.
"Of course I would regret if it will have to come to that, I assure you I have no desire to bring harm to this human but what other choice would you see in this situation" his tone and expression returns to be sensible and understanding.

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Burke almost cries out when the prince suggests murder. His expression becomes fearful, even manic.
When the prince finishes his statement, he immediately cries out:
"Embrace him! Embrace him and let the responsibility of the sire lie in the hands of the woman who put him in this situation. The tradition of the accounting would be fulfilled, as would the masquerade. Plus, no one has to die. Also, you get to see that the woman is duly warned for breaching the masquerade in such a way."
Here Burke checks to make sure the man is insensate. Confident that he is, he lowers his voice a bit.
"Lastly, we can use him as fodder or as bait for finding our sires, and we can all be turned to a constructive purpose."

The prince likely feels Burke's personality (awe) begin to pull at him for a half  second, but it is reigned in almost as soon as it comes to the fore. Burke looks as though he is admonishing himself internally over something.
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A hind of amusement can be seen on the prince's lips for a moment as he listens to Gabriel's plea

"Hmm, The Woman? ,you must mean Cat but she has not broken the masquerade. the masquerade was broken in this very room sealed by the indescreet feeding that made this lesson to an unfortunate end for this human.."

Evan's hand clasp his chin in thought as he looks grimly at Burke poundering  "But you drive a compelling argument and You do seem to have a very basic understanding of the traditions ... but know that You alone would be responisable for him ,Gabriel, if you choose to undertake this burden, then you will have to guide him and be subject to the tradition of accounting should he fail." He looks down at the the totally baked human.

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Gwendolyn sitting next to the door lets out a prolonged and audible sigh breaking herself out of the fugue and self-loathing she was feeling a moment ago but unable to be arsed to move from the spot at the moment.

"All this damn noise. Next time you are all going to do something like that just gag him for fuck sakes," she says seeming irate while staring at Tomaz. "And he's made such a mess. Is it always this.. disgusting?"

She rubs her forehead for a moment with the three middle fingers on her right hand trying to ease the annoyance.
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Burke seems to be weighing his options very carefully. he rubs his chin, looking down at the mortal. He turns back to the prince with an evident decision clear in his eyes. A sigh breaks him from his intended course, and suddenly he sees Gwen over by the door and almost jumps straight up in the air. Nervousness, indecision, and frustration war on his features.

"You were hidden this whole time??? We wondered where you'd gone..."
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She closes her eyes then sighs again running her hand through her hair trying to compose herself.

"Hidden? I've been sitting right here while everyone just wandered around and stepped over me for the last... oh three hours?"

She shakes her head, "Nice to see you all too," then grumbles to herself.
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Burke hesitates for a moment, then says:
"We were worried about you."

Not hesitating long enough to let his one opportunity be wasted, Burke turns back to the prince.

"I am aware of the honor that you are giving me, especially since you know very little about me, and since I was basically dropped on your doorstep. I wondered, instead, if you might listen to a counter-proposal that would serve us all better."
Burke (likely) watches the prince's eyebrows lift a little in surprise. Not pausing to hear his reply, Burke continues.
"I don't know this man at all, and I haven't seen him sober. He might be a complete waste of space, or he might be a good addition to the Camarilla of this city. I don't feel confident making that assumption just yet. Either way, he will need to be... Dealt with in some fashion." Burke pauses for effect.

"Let me make him my ghoul. If he proves he has the requisite presence of mind that I feel comfortable taking him on under the traditions, then I will do as you ask and embrace him. If not, I will... Deal with him myself. He will be under my control in the interim- I just don't want to have any more kindred running wild than are absolutely necessary. I will have my answer within the next few days. I just... I just can't, in good conscience, follow a bad decision with another bad decision." Burke's eyes drop, as though he is considering saying something else, but he falls silent and awaits Evan's reply.
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"Uh huh.." She lets out sarcastically and under her breath, "so worried to chow down on that raving fool."

She struggles internally but manages to stand up and walks over looking down at Tomaz. "Ugh.. what a mess."
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Tomaz pisses himself in fear and fury and lack of bowel control due to depressant abuse.


He rolls over onto his stomach and tries to push himself up.

He slips in vomit and piss, bumps his head on the table and, dazed, falls back to the floor. His wounded arm lands in the mess he's created.

"Friggin'... sepsis..." he slurs.

Dazed, exhausted, still high, confused, and covered in offal, Tomaz settles down, looking down at himself for the first time. He begins to laugh.

As he howls in amusement he notices the dropped 'cigarette' on the floor and picks it up, placing it between his lips.  He finds the lighter nearby as well. He struggles to work the flint mechanism but cannot conjure a flame, and so tosses both aside, giving it up as a bad job.

"I need a glass of water... And a shower... and a band-aid... and my mommy... Somebody?"
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Burke glances back and forth from the prince to the man, obviously ready to go help him, but awaiting the prince's decision.
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Startled by the man's outburst, she recoils instictively.  After he tosses she lighter away, she glances at the others.  Scowling briefly at Burke's hesitation, she looks back at the man on the floor.  Something between pity and annoyance comes across her features.


She awkwardly crouches down to help steady him.  "Ssshhh....that's not a good idea, I think."  Looking over his various wounds, she mutters "if he loses much more blood, he might die."
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Burke's features soften when he sees that Sherie is willing to go to the man's aid. He catches her eye when she scowls at him, and despite it, he smiles warmly at her. When she comments about the chance of him dying, he turns back to the prince and nods, calmly awaiting his decision.
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The Prince is not so surprised at Gabriel's proposal,confidant his hands rest at the front of his suit, Evan brows frown a little instead of jumping as he hear the words "counter-proposal" but his expression quickly returns to its calm assertiveness as he listens to Burke's length explanation and seem to pounder it as his eyes wander across the room and land on Gwen.

Evan eyes widen, his face twist into feral rage as the loud rambling tantrum of Tomaz cuts the end of Burke's explanation, for a moment it seems as though he wants to tear the mortal apart.

Rolled 4d10 : 3, 4, 9, 5, total 21
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Burke jumps back a little, despite himself, when he sees the prince's face change so drastically. He takes one big step back towards the table and stands back, letting events run their course, surprise evident on his face.
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The Prince manages to control himself, the rage that was eched on his face a moment ago is restraind and gone , his hands remained clenched in fists as he pauses looking at the mortal for a moment longer before recomposing himself.

"Do what you will with him but know that the tradition of accounting still applies even to ghouls" Evan's voice is cold and you may notice he still hides that unexplained rage behind the mask of his blank expression.
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Burke nods.
"I understand. And thank you."
His voice is respectful, calming, and has a softness to it that it does not usually have. Burke is eager to stop being the focus of the prince's attention when he is like this.

He walks over to the man who now lies on the floor with a bruise growing on his head, and bite marks still apparent on his wrist, and crouches down.

Rolled 6d10>5 : 1, 5, 8, 9, 5, 10, total 27
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Tomaz and Sherie are now both under the effect of his awe.

"Sir. Sir... Can you hear me?"
His voice cuts through the haze, clearly, distinctly, making you feel as though you want to answer. The compulsion is strong, but not irresistibly so.
"Look, I want to help you, but I need you to focus for me. Can you do that? Some weird shit is going down here, and I want to help you make some sense of it."

If you choose to look, a young, tall, wiry man who exudes confidence is crouched over you. His expression is concerned, and his face is kind, willing to help, trustworthy. His voice is a soothing baritone that you suspect has charmed many a woman in his day, and it even has a calming effect on you. Something about his personality, or maybe just the strange supernatural draw you feel towards him makes you feel like the two of you are alike in many ways, except he is all confidence, all suave, whereas you happen to be lying in a pool of your own bodily discharges. Still, he gently touches your shoulder and helps you roll over onto your side so you can't swallow your tongue, just in case.
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Burke turns to Sherie, sighing quietly and speaking in a hushed tone, so that only Sherie can hear him, and possibly gary can make out a tiny bit.
"When I give you the signal, bite him again. His shoulder is clear of vomit still, though if we keep this up we'll run out of clean parts." A smile flutters on the edge of his mouth, but is quickly weighed down by the immensity of the responsibility he is about to undertake.
"It's the only way to save this man's life. You don't have to drink any of his blood, just keep him in a haze while I make him drink some of mine."

He turns back to the man, and in an almost fatherly way, Burke lets his hand rest on the prostrate man's shoulder, sighing softly once again.
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Sherie cocks her head, listening to Burke, but she keeps her eyes on the pathetic creature before them.  She wrestles for a moment about whether or not this is really in anybody's best interest.  After an almost imperceptible delay, she makes up her mind to help Burke.  She reaches out to Thomaz...

Unless Az wants to relent, this will probably lead to a combat round or two.  What do you want to do, Az?
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Burke nods his sincere thanks to Sherie, the aura of his personality washing over her with his gratitude. With a flash of white hot agony that causes his beast to rattle against its cage somewhere deep within him, burke slashes the base of his wrist with his fang, letting the blood pool in his cupped hand.
Leaving room for Sherie to bite down, he holds his cupped hand down over the man's face.
"Listen to me. You're really high right now, and this trip is starting to go really fuckin' badly for you. If you want it to turn around, drink this. I'm serious man, best sobering-up drink known to man. May smell a little funny, But trust me, that's just the high talking. It's an old herbal remedy. Here, drink this."

"Yeah, that seems like it could make sense"- something inside you says-- Burke's personality helps wash away any of the doubts you might have, makes your drugged mind more amicable to the idea of drinking from another man's cupped hand.

Burke holds his hand out, hoping that the man chooses the easy way, instead of the hard way. This time he focuses the strength of his personality in the way he had been doing inadvertently earlier. Though no one else in the room feels drastically affected by it, the power coming off of him is suprising.
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Reminder to all PCs that they can spend a Point of Willpower and  succeed on a Willpower roll(Difficulty 8) to temporarly resist the effects of Awe or any other Presence Discipline power for a turn(1 post) should they choose to.(P.170=171)

I know Azrael is new so I thought I'd point it out so it doesn't seem like there are no options in face of that particular discipline

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Don't believe him- disregard that past statement because it is simply untrue. When I switch awe on, you all become my puppets and must dance for me. Dance puppets, dance! Lol. Just kidding. He's right. I'm using awe a bit heavy-handedly on purpose, by the way- for two reasons. One, to show his natural aptitude for it, and two, to show that he is undisciplined in its proper use. I promise I wont keep bludgeoning people with it as the story goes on, since I can see it getting a bit old :P For now though I'm just hoping it expedites the scene a bit.
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Tomaz feels.... crowded. Everyone is in his face. This guy is talking to him. He seems nice. Or he's a complete tool. Tomaz has never been the best judge of character. There's this girl too. She's sort of cute, in a 'sexually abused by an alcoholic uncle in her youth' sort of way. Hooray for emotionally damaged women!

Now they want him to drink something.... he mumbles something even HE isn't sure as to the meaning of, and he feels hot liquid on his lips. They're trying to drown him! He can't breathe!!!

He struggles against the supposed imaginary Draculas all up in his personal space. The liquid goes everywhere. Like it matters at this point. He sputters and tries to speak, licking his lips.... and abruptly all the fight in him is redirected towards the liquid.

FIRE. SWEETNESS. Like liquid sex. Like heroin cut with pixie sticks. Like a warm blanket and a cuddle. All consuming. Everything. LIGHT.

He is blind. He must have more.
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Lol I was just being funny  :vampwink: . you can totally resist awe with a willpower roll. I did however think that there was a difference in difficulty with kindred vs. Mortals. Oh well :)

Burke smiles at Sherie, thankful that they didn't have to do it the hard way. He lets the man drink up all of the vitae in his cupped hand, then lets him follow the trail of blood up to his slashed wrist. He lets the man draw blood directly from his veins, and for the first time, he is aware of the unsettling feeling of the fact that his blood is not naturally moving through his veins. it is stagnant, and it moves only by his will. Now he feels it, sluggish and thick, as it is drawn out of his body by this man. His beast cries out.
"NO!" It screams, "That Vitae is mine by right! We took it! It is ours, don't give it to this random person! He has done nothing to deserve it!"
Burke grits his teeth and lets the man drink his fill, silently listening to the beast rage inside him. Burke feels light-headed, and he shakes his head to clear it, but still, he looks down at the man who sucks greedily on his arm and sighs. "If I can protect you, I will. You have my word on that."
I will allow Tomaz to drink up to 3 BP from me. Your call as to how much you want.
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She stares intently at the man as he sputters.  Afew stray droplets of blood fly from his mouth, and a tiny speck strikes her cheek.  It feels cold.  It's hard to say if she's purposefully avoiding Burke's gaze, or if she's distracted by the blood.
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The still nervous Gary watches as Burke draws blood from his wrist, he looks like he wants to say something but tries to hold himself back. As Burke begins to feed the man his blood, he blurts out, slightly desperately "Are you sure about this? This guy looks like a liability and if he fucks up they're gonna kill you for it"
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Burke turns to Gary, At first a tiny glint of rage apparent in his eyes, his expression a mix between masked pleasure and agony.
The angry look softens into one of concern after a moment, and then finally gratitude for his advice.

"It's the only way to save his life. If he fucks up, I'll kill him myself. He deserves the chance we got, at least. He deserves better than that, but this is the only way he gets out of here in one piece."

After a few moments longer, Burke forcefully pulls his arm away, willing the wound on his arm to heal. with the opposite sleeve of his shirt, he wipes up the remaining blood, and sighs. Somehow he appears older than he was, a little more haggard, pale, and jaded.

"I hope I can confide in you guys.." He pauses for a moment, as if debating whether to say anything. Finally he purses his lips. "There've been days when I've been just as messed up as this poor bastard. I came out of it in one piece, as far as any of us can say that; but I've learned that you can't judge a man by what a drug makes him, only by how he beats the drug."
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Burke looks deeply introspective for a moment, then turns to the man on the floor, his expression softening.

"Hey- You alright?"
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His consciousness descends back to earth. The clouds part to reveal... the same fucking room full of monster weirdos.

Tomaz sits up, leaning against one of the table's legs. He feels... clear. Awake. Alive. His other highs had vanished in the face of that... whatever that was. Tomas felt GOOD. He felt strength and vitality in his limbs. The wounds in his arm had closed. The fatigue of his week long bender had vanished. More than that, he felt euphoric. Blissful. So strange. and his SENSES. He could see so clearly in the dim room. His fingers could pick out the feel of individual carpet fibers beneath them. He could hear the breathing of the rodent. His sense of smell was increased as well... unfortunately. He was still covered in offal. His clothes were ruined. Nothing for it. Oh well.

"Am I alright?" he responded to the man in his face.... his saviour. "I'm fuckin' terrific!"

He looked at the man as if seeing him for the first time. He was...well he seemed like a swell guy.

"You seem like a swell guy." He said. He wondered if this swell guy had any more of that stuff.

"Got any more of that stuff?"
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Sherie takes a few steps away from Thomaz, then turns to face the Prince.  "I want to leave.  When can we leave?"  Her voice is calm, if a little weary, but her body language is impatient.  She crosses her arms and waits.
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Post by: Malavis on January 16, 2011, 01:28:06 AM
Burke rises to his feet and turns to Tomaz, a half-smile forming on his lips now that the man is behaving somewhat sensibly.

"Yes, there's much more where that came from. All in good time. Too much at once will go straight to your head. I can hook you up with more, but first, you and I need to have a talk about a few things." He is now quite accepting of the man in both his stance and body language, and something in his tone seems almost fatherly, in a strange sort of way.

Burke turns slowly to the Prince as Sherie asks her question, and nods his agreement.
"Yes, I think a few of us are in need of a hot shower- not to mention a change of shirt..." -At this he gestures to his ruined clothes and generally wrinkled attire-
"and a night to process all of this. Would that be acceptable?"

Burke keeps his eyes respectfully on the prince, and takes a few steps over to the table, sliding the Chronicles of Alistair over to his side and allowing his fingers to wander slowly, almost reverently, along the spine of the book.

Also, how many BP did Tomaz take? As I said, Burke will allow up to 3. Your call.
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Having been pushed aside and ignored again (she was standing over Tomaz when everyone decided to crowd him for the ghouling:>) Gwendolyn falls back to sitting at the table and slumps her head down while Gabriel works on making Tomaz his first of perhaps many members of Team Cannon Fodder. She sighs heavily again and tries to contemplate the consequences of having another hanger on but eventually gets lost in a myriad of other thoughts. One particularly sticks out int he back of her brain and she looks up at Evan.

"Um.. What happened to the stuff we might have had on our person before we were brought here? I mean.. I had this shoulder bag and well.. I haven't seen it around since we uh.. woke up."
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Suddenly, out of the blue, Thomas utters these words: "A Shower, man that would be wonderful"

Thomas has been real quiet since the incident with Tomaz and the shadowy figure, but now he seems to come to his senses. "What have you done to him?" Thomas flicks a thumb at Tomaz.
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Post by: Malavis on January 16, 2011, 08:10:29 AM
Burke smiles thinly at the irony, picking up the book in one fluid motion.
"Let's call it... A necessary precaution."
He turns back to the prince, awaiting a response to the mutual request.
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on January 16, 2011, 11:36:42 AM
"What do you mean "a necessary precaution?"

"Hey, miss." Thomas looks at Gwen
"Where have you been? See anything intresting?"
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Gwendolyn shifts her gaze to Thomas and glares at him pretty hard -- if looks could kill -- then rolls her eyes and puts her head back down in defeat. She then proceeds to point to the wall where she had been sitting this whole time though no one had noticed. She mutters something but it is mostly muffled between her arms and the desk but were someone perceptive enough it might sound like "cunt-fuckery."
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"You may leave if you wish" Evan tries placing his hand gently on Sherie's nervous shoulder to calm her as he gaze into her eyes in sympathy "I am not holding you or anyone else prisoner here"  He looks to the others as he speaks "I have taken the liberty to arrange for transport and make reservations at the Everette Motel in the downtown area where all of you may stay for now if you wish."
To prevent future misunderstandings in the last part he was speaking to all the characters in the room.

"Ah yes, your Possessions, seems you were not found with much save for your wallets and cellphones so there is little that can be done about your bag, wherever it may be. However , I do have your Badge, Officer Watson, but I think you can understand if it stays here for safekeeping for the time being.. The rest is inside the closet next to the entrance and you may take it on your way out.

Keep in mind that drinking Vampire blood is not the same as drinking "V" in True Blood , most noteably because different vampires have different powers and drinking one time does not immidiatly turn someone into a ghoul(unless Burke did Ghoul him).
For this scene which is ending soon, we will assume that Tomaz is experiencing a disorinting version of Burke's hightened sense power but only very temporarly because it doesn't matter much at this point.

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With the prince saying that they're not prisoners, and the guy that got fed Burke's blood seeming a lot better, Gary calms down. "A motel huh? Sounds good...(Gary trails off mumbling to himself, those who pay attention may notice the words "shower" and "fresh clothes" coming up a lot)" He seems a lot more cheerful, though suddenly his mood drops. He turns to the prince, humbling himself by bowing his head and back a little as he speaks. "How exacly will will i deal condition. I figure i'm a mess right now, and it's just gonna get worse. I take it, it would be a long shot for me to pass as a...healthy individual." Something belies his last words. Anger perhaps, or something similair. *
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Thomas looks at Evan, then at Gary, then at Evan again.

"Surely there must be other, Nosferatu was it?, in the city. Maybe they can help him come to terms with his new contition"

"Can't we go back to our homes? I miss my appartment."

Thomas ponders his own question for a second and then says:

"Or perhaps its for the best, having a missing person showing up like that isn't perhaps the best idea"
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Post by: Malavis on January 16, 2011, 08:37:30 PM
A momentary flash of fear changes Burke's stance from relaxed to slightly anxious.

"Now that you mention it- There may be a missing persons report out on me... Not sure. My family and I had a bit of an argument before I left that night. I do know that if my father is trying to find me, it might present a definite risk to the masquerade. Better I go convince everyone that all is well first, then I will return to the suite at the hotel. And... Once I find wherever they towed my car to."

Burke looks as though he might leave it at that, but then reconsiders. He turns to the prince again. He looks a touch uncomfortable, as though he is not used to this kind of thing.
"I know the way this could've gone, had you made a different decision. I just wanted to say... I appreciate your hospitality. I'm sure we all do."

Tomaz is already my ghoul, with one level of blood bond to me. According to the VTM Rulebook: "All ghouls learn Potence 1 within minutes of ingesting blood for the first time, and can also learn Fortitude. Most ghouls can progress no farther than the first level in a Discipline, but some can learn higher levels of Disciplines; the upper limit of a ghoul’s Discipline levels is usually decreed by his domitor’s generation."- You are able to soak lethal damage as long as you have some of my blood in your system, as well as retain your 1 dot of potence (though it is likely only JUST beginning to manifest.) Should you receive the embrace, you lose that one free dot of potence, but you retain any other disciplines you learned. All the same, XP costs are higher for ghouls to learn disciplines, so I would recommend waiting.

Also, I'm not sure how familiar you are with WoD in general, so I'll post the core rulebook's summary on ghouls so you know how to RP them:
"A vampire’s blood has great power, power that can be passed on. Long ago, the Kindred discovered that mortals who drank vampiric blood would become possessed of supernatural abilities and dark appetites. Soon it became common practice for vampires to keep certain favored servants, battening them on vitae -and blood bonding them in the process - all the better to have undying, hellishly loyal servitors - ghouls.
Most ghouls exist at the whim of their domitors (masters), serving loyally in exchange for vitae. As they are as susceptible to the blood bond as anyone, ghouls are almost without exception unfailingly devoted to their masters - and if the domitor has more than one ghoul servant, the result may be a jealous struggle between them for the domitor’s favor. A ghoul’s emo- tions run to extremes with the heady drug of vitae in his veins." 

Oh, also, as long as I feed you Blood, you don't age. Though I doubt that will be a problem though since Burke has made the promise to embrace Tomaz if he proves himself to be alright.

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Post by: _username on January 16, 2011, 08:54:00 PM
Rolled 5d10 : 8, 3, 10, 10, 9, total 40

Rolled 6d10 : 10, 8, 5, 8, 6, 9, total 46

Rolled 7d10 : 7, 8, 2, 4, 2, 6, 10, total 39
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Post by: _username on January 16, 2011, 09:03:33 PM
As the Prince's hand rests on her shoulder, she fights the urge to cringe away.  Holding her breath, she manages to stay more or less the same as she was before.  After a few seconds, she nods and half smiles at him politely.  Walking back over to the table, she picks up Plague.  Without so much as a glance at the others, she makes her way to the closet by the entrance.

Here I'm assuming that the closet is easy to find, and that she can find it without help.  If this is incorrect, I'll cut/paste the following segment into a later post.

Opening the closet door, she looks around for her belongings.  She retrives her phone, her keys and her wallet.  Noticing that her jacket is nowhere to be found, she scowls and walks a safe distance from the closet and everybody else.  She stands with her back to a wall, careful to make sure that nobody can see the screen on her phone.

Is her phone still working?  She plans to check her messages and make two calls.  Please let me know if she is able/allowed to do so.
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Post by: Aydoo on January 17, 2011, 01:53:03 AM
After noticing Sherie grab her things she waits awhile and follows suit, heading to the closet and taking her things. Things being all of a small Green Lantern wallet, a few peices of jewelry that look a bit tarnished, and a small cloth case with a DS within. :> Afterwords she slumps back at the desk proping her feet up on it and checks to see if the battery, which is most asuridly dead is actually dead.

"Fuck.. there goes that," she grumbles, pockets the game system, and place her arm over her face to try to blank out the room.
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Post by: Radical21 on January 17, 2011, 01:55:04 PM
All of the Cellphones's Batteries have been dismantled and their thin plaque like batteries duct-taped to the the back cover of each cellphone, if put back together the cellphone will work but there seems to be no signal reception in their current location, could be its because they are underground or something else.

"Noseferatu," The Prince takes out his cellphone looking at it as he Answers Gary's question "There are rumors about their dwelling habitats in the sewers or abandoned warehouses but to be honest I never really concerned myself with such, As a favor I can ask the Nosferatu Primogen to find you and give you some advice but that would probably mean that you will owe him for that if that is what you wish, regardless I suggest you get some cloths, scarfs, hats, long raincoat to hide in and try not to avoid being seen in public.. " He frown slightly and his gaze falls upon Thomas " And you Mr.Watson, I hope I can count on you to stay off the police radar for a while, for the time being I had your police status stripped away and wiped from their database, much in the same way that Mr.Burkes Missing Person's Report does not recieve the full attention it deserves."
Evan  looks at his cellphone again as its screen lights up.
"There is a plan to assit you in faking your own deaths but for the time being as far as all of you are concerned it is best to avoid contact with your previous life, tell your friends and relative you are feeling ill or taking a vacation if anyone asks. that is no joke because anyone who finds the truth becomes Collateral damage or worse other Kindred can find them and use them against you."
In turn He looks briefly at Gary, Thomas and Gabrlel "I hope I can trust all of you to hold one another in line on this matter"

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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on January 17, 2011, 04:42:20 PM
"Of course" Thomas agrees with Evan. "I will not go back to my former life, though it will be tuff. I'll let them think I'm missing."

"I think it will be the best way to maintain the masquerade at this point."

But before we leave, let me see if I got this straight.

1: Do not show our new nature to humans.
2: No killing our own
3: Take care of any children you make
4: Respect peoples stuff.

Have I missinterpred anything or forgotten anything?"

Thomas notices that the wound in his chest hasn't fully healed yet.

Spends a bp to heal the last of it.

"There we go, good as new"
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Post by: Malavis on January 17, 2011, 05:48:54 PM
"I don't know if I'd be able to simply fake my own death. I get stopped in supermarkets by people, or on the train, even here in a town where I'd hoped to hide from it. I mean, I'm not getting mobbed like a rock star, but people recognize my face. Also, I don't know if faking my own death would be the best use of my resources. After all, I am well-connected, even here in town. I could be of use to the Masquerade and to the interests of the Camarilla. If my father knows I am alive, he will stay in Texas and leave me be, and let me run the Canadian division. I figure I can move to part-time, work from home and do the bare minimum to not set off alarms. If he thinks I'm dead, he and lots of people you probably DONT want in town will show up and start digging. That's just the kind of guy he is. He has zero faith in law enforcement in general." Burke winces slightly and turns to Thomas. "No offense. I don't share his feelings."
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Post by: _username on January 17, 2011, 06:02:12 PM
After looking her phone over for a moment, she isn't sure what to make of the duct tape and the dismantled battery.  She sighs and looks at her watch.  "I was supposed to pick up..." she trails off, glancing distrustfully around the room "...somebody.  A few hours ago, I think.  I understand the part about keeping our distance from people who know us, and all that.  But I need to make a few phone calls now.  If I'm going to keep a lid on it, I need to tell people 'don't worry' sooner, not later.  Know what I mean?"
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Post by: Malavis on January 17, 2011, 06:10:13 PM
Burke's eyes flash over to Sherie sympathetically, and his expression softens a bit.
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Post by: Isador on January 17, 2011, 07:28:26 PM
Gary considers heavily for a few seconds with his gaze turned away, his hands running over eachother as he thinks. Eventually they stop, and Gary returns his gaze to the prince. "Very well, i'd like to meet the Nosferatu primogen. I need to know how they deal with...this."
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Post by: Radical21 on January 20, 2011, 01:54:20 AM
"There should be cellphone reception if you go outside of the basement" Evan crosses his arms as he tilts his head to look up before his eyes return to meet Sherie's "I believe it is time for all of you to leave this place,  The Primogen and I infrequently use it for meetings every now and then but staying here for long is not safe"

Gary considers heavily for a few seconds with his gaze turned away, his hands running over eachother as he thinks. Eventually they stop, and Gary returns his gaze to the prince. "Very well, i'd like to meet the Nosferatu primogen. I need to know how they deal with...this."

"You must understand that I cannot promise anything, I will contact him, However you should know Larson usually does not care much for new blood and he may not take on the offer if he believes he can gain nothing for it."
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Post by: Malavis on January 20, 2011, 04:41:37 PM
Burke lingers in the doorway to the library, watching the others collect their things, showing no apparent interest in following suit. His eyes are cast downward, his expression pensive.
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Post by: Isador on January 20, 2011, 05:40:24 PM
Gary nods nervously at Evan's answer, then hurridly heads out into the hallway. As he passes Burke, he nods respectfully, before continouing to look for his belongings. Upon finding the place where they're kept, he is dissapointed to see none of his belongings are there. He sighs deeply.
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Post by: Malavis on January 20, 2011, 06:21:53 PM
Burke returns the nod as Gary goes by. His smile is genuine, but it darkens quickly. his eyes flash momentarily with thought, Burke turns to face the prince with a question in his eyes, waiting patiently for everyone else to leave.
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Set to Coldplay's Cemetaries in London -

Coldplay - Cemeteries of London ( FULL VIDEO) (

At night they would go walking till the breaking of the day
The morning is for sleeping
Through the dark streets they go searching to see God in their own way
Save the night time for your weeping, your weeping

Singing la la la, la la la eh
And the night over London, hey

So we rode down to the river where the toiling ghosts spring
For the curses to be broken
We go underneath the arches where the witches are in the saying
There are ghost towns in the ocean, the ocean

Singing la la la, la la la eh
And the night over London, hey

God is in the houses and God is in my head
And all the cemeteries in London
I see God come in my garden but I don't know what He said
For my heart it wasn't open, not open

Singing la la la, la la la eh
And the night over London, hey
Singing la la la, la la la eh
There's no light over London today

Gwendolyn springs into action grabbing the group and urging them out. On their way out the Prince tries to resist them but they manage to destroy him and his entourage freeing the city from the grip of the Cammarilla. Using Gabriel Burke's funding they manage to set up and underground base with lots of cool gadgets and computers. Thomas using military and police connections, is able to find advanced weaponry and arm the coterie with laser rifles and plasma cannons. Gary becomes an expert at intelligence gathering, his info on the local gangs, kindred, and anything else becomes crutial in the years to come. Sherie is drafted and dies in Vietnam. Plague becomes the group's most fearsome fighter, always going for the eyes -- FOR THE EYES. Tomaz works as the group's mascot and delicious cake procuror. Together they form the League of Incredibly Persistant Savers and battle evil by night. Righting the wrongs and saving humanity from themselves. Eventually they gain such villians as the Horrible Bannana and the Rosemary the Drunken Moose but nothing can stand in their way of JUSTICE, SYRUP, and THE CANADIAN WAY.

Gwendolyn moves her arm from her face and opens her eyes rubbing them. Sighing she shakes her head and stretches putting her DS in a pocket. She looks around to see everyone gathering their things and she stands up, trying to shake off the odd day dream she had moments ago. When everyone is ushered out she follows and travels to wherever Evan has setup for the group.
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Post by: _username on January 23, 2011, 04:18:53 AM
Terrible.  But good choice of music, by which to illustrate that little tangent.  Also, you have inspired me to change my title.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on January 23, 2011, 06:15:38 AM
I am actually laughing my ass off right now. Also- you americans cannot truly comprehend the meaning of the pursuit of syrup and the Canadian way. Not unless you put on a toque, go oot and aboot in a boot, get drunk on Canadian, and give up the guns.
I am very sleepy, but I read that thread and thought that was your actual action until the "Sherie gets killed in 'nam" thing, lol--- The whole thing made me laugh my ass off. Also Sherie had better ghoul plague now- we'll send him for the eyes- FOR THE EYES!!!!
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Post by: cadmiumcadamium on January 23, 2011, 11:01:22 AM
Thomas looks down at his sweatpants and hoodie, both probably covered in blood and puke and has a big hole in the chest.

"Is there someway that I could get some fresh clothes? If we are going to leave for this Motel, I'd rather have some fresh clothes."

He looks at Evan

"Is it possible I could go back to my apartment just to pick up some stuff? or could you send someone to do it for me? I would greatly appriciate it and I would consider it a personal favor."
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on January 23, 2011, 11:03:24 AM
Burke's eyes widen a bit at the words "A personal favor," and his eyebrows knot a tiny bit as he regards Thomas.
his expression returns to thoughtful once again, and he returns to politely waiting, staring pensively at the floor.
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Post by: Radical21 on January 24, 2011, 04:29:47 AM
The Prince turns to look at Thomas , the fake sunlight illuminating from the window lights half of his face while the other contrast by shadow seem dark in the poorly lit library, he remains silent as he regards thomas.

"You are indebted to me by far already, of that there is no questioning , However past this threshhold you may do as you will and be held responsiable, My only is request is that you will consider what I have said in this room. I will be watching but you would understand if politically I cannot do much to protect you or your friends from the others, you would be wise to sieze on the opportunity to prove your usefulness to the Primogen by stopping your makers"
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Post by: Azrael on January 26, 2011, 08:46:17 AM
Tomaz drag-asses himself to his feet, managing not to slip in the mess.

He looks to Burke hopefully. "So...what is it...2am? I'm thinking... Pancakes? Maybe a shower first. I'm staying at the Hotel Marqui downtown. Don't suppose we could stop off over there? "

He looks at everyone else. "See you other draculas later." He spares a special glance for Gary. "I'll try to remember to bring you a baby ruth next time Sloth."
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Post by: Radical21 on January 26, 2011, 03:48:55 PM


Scene ends here:
Characters can tie loose ends unofficially but any life altering (or any other) descisions wont carry over to the next scenes past this point


Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on January 26, 2011, 04:14:40 PM
Burke chuckles softly, trying to glaze over his slight directed to Gary.
"Pancakes sound like a good idea."

Burke collects his things, still carrying the chronicles of Alistair under his arm.

"As soon as we sort out pancakes, our things, and my car, we'll come find you guys back at the hotel."
Burke holds up a hand for Tomaz to wait in the hall for just a moment, and courteously holds the door for the others.
He motions for Tomaz to wait in the hall, and steps back into the hall with the prince, allowing the door to close.
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Post by: Isador on January 26, 2011, 07:30:19 PM
Gary glares at Tomaz,appearently not interrested in a baby ruth and looking like he's going to get all worked up again. Then he just shakes his head and sighs deeply. He awaits the rest before moving out with the group.
Title: Re: IC -Post Intro-
Post by: Malavis on January 26, 2011, 07:33:02 PM
Burke gives Gary an apologetic look as he holds the door, flashing a look to him (and only to him) that suggests that Gabriel regrets his clemency towards Tomaz at least a little bit...
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